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Binary Systems and Solutions cc was founded by C.A. van der Merwe and L.L. Sanders and registered in South Africa according to the Close
    Corporations Act of 1984 on the 7th of August 1998 (CK98/45556/23).

The objective of the undertaking is to render a professional and cost effective solution to small and medium businesses with regards to client
    administration, payment recovery, internet facilities and general network and pc support functions. We strive to provide a complete and
    comprehensive solution as a whole, that addresses all the needs of the client, in one combined computerised business solution.

The vision of Binary Systems and Solutions is to form a close, long term relationship with our clients. We derive and find meaning in what we
    do through the success that our clients experience. We acknowledge the fact that any form of computerization is expensive and therefore
    requires an absolute, effective and goal orientated implementation and utilization.

Since its inception in 1998, Binary Systems and Solutions develops and operates various segments of IT systems deployment and support in
    the small business environment. The corporation's approach is not one of "technology first" which seems to be the view of many namely
    that "information technology is a solution in search of problems " - but rather "information based solutions categories that have the
    potential to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and transform a business as a whole".

The developed business scene is littered with expensive systems influenced by computer mania where managers invested in technology
    without thinking through their business needs first. Relevant and useful business information has more than ever became a central and
    primary resource in addressing business problems. It is the key to identifying competitive threats and opportunities. It is also critical for
    implementing business strategies and tactics for deciding what to do and for monitoring, evaluating and adjusting actions in mid-course.

Binary Systems and Solutions perceived a need for especially SMME firms to adapt to the full potential of the IT-revolution in order to manage
    and act in new innovative ways. The value of a business lies in the judicious use of information technology, in prudently adapting existing
    hardware or off-the-shelf software and networking applications to fit the goals and culture of the organisation and its people. Uses of the
    technology that are not driven by business goals and are not adapted to organisational culture provide little if any competitive value.
iWap is a client administration and debiting system that allows for the day-to-day administration of your clients, the collection of their
payments and the maintenance of client account and payment histories as a combined one stop business solution.
System features
      Client administration and debiting systems                       User accounts and workstation lockouts

      All major debiting systems incorporated                          All drop-down list are predefined by the systems
                                                                       administrator and assures fast and faultless data capturing
      Secure and stable database platform
                                                                       Client accounts are managed through a stop-start method in
      No limitations to size and functionality                         order to maintain a detailed product history on each client

      Password protected - 128 bit encryption                          Detailed client payment history

      Easy to install and operate                                      Batch driven payment recovery : Batches are built per
                                                                       payment method and date range for upload to the various
      Multiple/corporative database management                         bureaus and payrolls

      Online program updates                                           Daily unpaid payment results

      Stand alone / network / internet connectivity                    Automated arrear collection / management

      Audible/transaction driven data capturing                        Redirection of closed bank accounts

      Backup and synchronization facilities                            Bank account check digit verification

System features
   Payroll client verification                         The report builder is used for creating custom made reports
                                                       and database queries
   Branch name and code lookup tables
                                                       Client notes are shared amongst all users, can be marked as
   Premiums are broken down into their various         reminders or send as an SMS messages to the client himself
   components and allows for detailed balance sheets
   and product splits                                  Help desk and fault report center

   Management information and graphs
Log on

                     Access to the system is gained through a
                     central log on screen with a valid user name
                     and password

                     User has access to multiple databases.

                     User accounts are locked out after 7 failed
                     attempts and can only be reset by the
                     system administrator
Main interface


                            Fast and easy navigation and searches

                            The active client list allows for alphabetical
                            and pattern searches on all key data fields

                            Hilighted client list for quick identification of
                            payment defaulters

                            Many filter options of client list including by
                            product, by capture date and many others

                            Partial search ability for the quick location of
                            common surnames

                            Debit order account search function to
                            locate multiple client deductions

                            Transaction driven with complete history and
                            audit trail
Main member's personal information


                                                Client information in one place

                                                Predefined drop down lists

                                                Fast, easy and controlled data capturing

                                                Quick calendar selecting for all dates

                                                Client linking to another client

                                                Easy copying of addresses between pages

                                                Full employment and family information

                                                Complete relation list including children,
                                                extended family members, doctors and
                                                many other relations to member
Main member's account information


                                               Stop / start transaction driven for full history
                                               of products

                                               Sort and filter options for quick account

                                               Hilighed transactions indicating status of

                                               Full account information with product splits
                                               and sale agent information below

                                               Automatic arrear generation of unpaid

                                               Yearly account escalation via control panel

                                               Print client account sheet
Adding account to main member


                                           Fast, easy and controlled data capturing

                                           Predefined drop down lists

                                           Multiple checks on captured data

                                           Automatic policy number generation

                                           Multiple sales agent selection

                                           Region and marketing tracking

                                           Monthly and yearly deductions
Main member's payment history


                                           Full payment history with detailed
                                           information below

                                           Sort and filter options for quick payment

                                           Hilighed transactions indicating transaction

                                           Print client pay sheet
Main member's notes


                                 Full note history

                                 Simple text notes

                                 RTF notes for basic letter with general

                                 Multiple file attachments can be imported for
                                 safe storage of documentation within the
General and Specialized Reports and Exports


                                                          Reports are sorted by category for easy

                                                          Import and export facility to enable report to
                                                          be shared or designed off site

                                                          Export your data in exel, csv for further

                                                          Add a personal touch to your reports by
                                                          adding logos etc

                                                          Specialized reports can be added to meet
                                                          your needs
Claim Administration


                                  Central claim administration

                                  Claims are sorted by status for easy

                                  Quick search functions to locate claim based
                                  on captured fields

                                  Name list and summary reports for statistics

                                  Built in fraud detection

                                  Built in claim payout and pastel functions

                                  Store all documentation with claim for future

                                  Ability to add custom reports

                                  Built in “bad book”
Claim Capture


                           Automatic claim number allocation

                           Status Tracking

                           Claim capture time tracking

                           Built in check list

                           Built in premium waiver

                           Fraud checking on Main Member, Claimant
                           and Deceased

                           Check on death certificate for possible
                           fraudulent documents

                           Claim is checked against all other claims to
                           find similar information on claimant and

Workstation Installation                     Server Installation                                           Internet Access

    Windows 95 / 98 / 98SE                       NT4 / 2000 – 2008 / XP                                        Remote server

    2GB Hard disk drive                              80GB Hard disk drive                                          ADSL 512 +
                                                     (160GB recommended)
    32Mb Ram                                                                                                       Fixed IP address or dyndns
                                                     1 GB Ram (2GB recommended)
    800x600 Screen resolution                                                                                      NAT to server port 3050
                                                     800x600 Screen resolution
* if client workstation is utilized as the                                                                         VPN to Binary Systems
server additional hard disk space and Ram
will be required for databases
                                                                                                                   Available 24/7
                                                 Linux (Fedora / Redhat / RPM based)

                                                     20GB Hard disk drive
                                                                                                               Client to Main server
                                                     256 MB Ram
                                                                                                                   ADSL 512 + / G3
                                                     800x600 Screen resolution
                                                                                                           * Remote Server (at Client) is required if client
                                             * Server will require additional hard disk space as size of   captures most information and Main server
                                             database expands.                                             requires minimal read only access.

                                             * 10 years information with +-100 000 clients with +-5        * Client to Main Server is where the database is at
                                             products will produce +- 5GB database                         Main Server offices where they capture
                                                                                                           information and client requires read only or
                                             * Recommend Raid 1 or greater with scheduled archiving        minimal write access. Recommended for laptop
                                                                                                           with 3g access for roaming access

iWap Software/Update                               Free of Charge

Software installation                 R 2,000.00 per Server (once off)

Bureau Services                                    R 0.60 – R 1.00 per

iWap Support Functions                R 250.00 per computer (optional)

Off Site Archive                                   R 150.00 per month
                                                   R 50.00 per 100MB over

SMS Messages                                       R 0.55 per sms

Reports                                            R 150.00 per report

Website & Email Hosting               R 150.00 (no database)
                                              R 500.00 (mysql, firebird,
           * all prices exclude VAT and are subject to change
Binary Systems and Solutions

         Thank you