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Cloud Computing Initiative
Vision and Strategy Document

February 2010

           Federal Cloud Computing
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           Vision and Mission
   Cloud Computing Vision Statement
         Establish secure, easy to use, rapidly provisioned IT services for
         the Federal Government, including:
                 • Agile and simple acquisition and certification processes;
                 • Elastic, usage-based delivery of pooled computing resources;
                 • Portable, reusable and interoperable business-driven tools;
                 • Browser-based ubiquitous internet access to services; and
                 • Always on and available, utility-like solutions.

   Cloud Computing Mission Statement
         Drive the government-wide adoption of cost effective, green and
         sustainable Federal cloud computing solutions.

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      Government’s Unique Needs

                                                                     Federal Government
                                                              Considerations for Cloud Computing
             Cloud Computing
                                                                Security &      Delivery &         Interoperability
                 Services                                      Data Privacy     Operations          & Integration

Software as a Service (SaaS)                                  Offer different   Enable             Develop
                                                              levels of         adoption of        interoperability
 •   Citizen Engagement (Wikis, Blogs,              security and      Cloud              standards in
 •   Government Productivity (Cloud based tools)
                                                              data privacy      Computing          conjunction
 •   Business Enablement (
 •   Enterprise Applications (Core Mission & Business Svcs)   based on the      services in        with the
                                                              application and   different Cloud    industry to
Platform as a Service (PaaS)                                  nature of the     models             provide
                                                              services          including          interoperability
                                                              provided.         Public, Private,   at the data
 •   Database and Database Management Systems
                                                                                Hybrid and         infrastructure,
 •   Developer / Testing Tools
 •   Virtual Environments                                     Potential         Community          platform and
                                                              standardize       models.            application
                                                              Low, Med and                         levels.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)                            High categories
                                                              for Simplicity.
 •   Computing
 •   Storage
 •   Application hosting

                                       The NIST edit Master title style Delivery Models
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                                       for Cloud Computing
                                      Outsourced                                          Cloud Sourcing Models                                              Government

High                                    Private Cloud Commercially Hosted:                                                     Private Government Cloud :
                                        Publically available Cloud Computing services                                          The cloud infrastructure is operated solely for an
                                        offered through commercial sources that are                                            organization. It may be managed by the
  Trust (Security and Data Privacy)

                                        dedicated and separate from the Public both                                            organization or a third party and may exist on
                                        physically and logically and must to remain                                            premise or off premise.
                                        within the U.S. borders to support heighted
                                        data security and privacy requirements.
                                        Access to these services are provided
                                        through a dedicated Government Intranet and     Private
                                        is not accessible from the Public Internet.
                                                                                        Commercially        Dedicated             Private
                                                                                        Hosted              Intranet              Government
                                                                                        Cloud                                     Cloud

                                                                                                                                            Community Cloud: The cloud infrastructure
                                                                                                                                            is shared by several organizations and
                                                                                                                                            supports a specific community that has
                                         Public Cloud:                                                                                      shared concerns (e.g., mission, security
                                         The cloud infrastructure is                                                                        requirements, policy, and compliance
                                         made available to the general                                                                      considerations). It may be managed by the
                                         public or a large industry group                                                Community          organizations or a third party and may exist
                                         and is owned by an                                                              Cloud              on premise or off premise.
                                         organization selling cloud
                                         services.                            Public                                                        Hybrid Cloud: The cloud infrastructure is a
                                                                                               Public Internet                              composition of two or more clouds (private,
                                                                                                                                            community, or public) that remain unique
                                                                                                                                            entities but are bound together by
                                                                                                                                            standardized or proprietary technology that
Low                                                                                             Hybrid Government Cloud                     enables data and application portability (e.g.,
                                                                                                                                            cloud bursting).

             Federal Cloud Computing
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             Goals and Objectives
     Establish and Manage Governance                                     Enable Implementation and Adoption
         Manage Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee                 Assist and Guide Agencies to Implement and Roll out Cloud Solutions (e.g.
          and Cloud Computing Agency Advisory Council                          Service Provisioning)
         Establish and Manage Communities of Practice and                    Facilitate Identification of Agency Partners for Pilot Activities
          Working Groups                                                      Develop Methodologies to Effectively Assess and Implement Services
         Coordinate Policy and Strategy Development and                      Develop and Disseminate Cloud Services Operating and Business Models
          Participation in other Governance bodies related to Cloud
          Computing activities (e.g. Security, Records Management,        Enable Sustainable & Cost-Effective
         Establish a Federal C&A Process                                  Computing (Green IT, TCO)
                                                                              Develop and Manage Business Case Templates
     Provide Procurement Leadership                                          Identify Core Evaluative Criteria
         Develop Acquisition Vehicles to Ease Agency Procurement             Identify Cloud Computing Performance Metrics (Enterprise and Technical)
          of Cloud Computing Solutions
                                                                              Develop Case Studies, Best Practices/Lessons Learned to Specifically
         Coordinate across the Federal Acquisition community to               Demonstrate Support of Sustainability and Cost Effective Computing
          ensure adoption and implementation of cloud-related
          procurement policies and processes                              Operate as a Service Provider
         Facilitate Adoption of the Cloud Computing Storefront
                                                                              Identify and Offer Government Wide Services (e-mail, instant messaging,
                                                                               Web 2.0 tools, etc)
     Drive Cloud Technology Innovation                                       Assist Agencies in Determining Their Role in Developing/Hosting Services
         Identify Common Cloud Services and Foster Standards
          Development and Security Policies                                   Facilitate Common Interfaces to Integrate Existing Federal Cloud service
         Develop Architectures that Allow Agencies to More
          Effectively Implement and Leverage Cloud Computing              Conduct Outreach Activities
                                                                              Develop the Cloud Services Communications Plan
         Establish, Manage and Coordinate Cloud Computing
          Developer Communities and Application Libraries                     Design and Implement a Central Information Portal for Federal Cloud
         Enable the Reuse, Modularity and Interoperability of Cloud
          Computing Services                                                  Develop and Manage Content for Communications
                                                                              Manage Cloud-related Wikis, Blogs, Portal, and other collaborative media
                                                                              Develop and present Training

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           Federal Cloud Computing
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           Goals and Primary Objectives and Initiatives
                                           Goal Area             Primary Objective              Primary Initiative

                                                                                                Establish Security Initiative
   Create Federal                       Establish and Manage        Establish a Security
                                                                                                and Implement and Manage
                                             Governance               Working Group
   policies on

                                                                                                  a Federal C&A Process

   security,                                                      Identify Common Cloud
   standards, and                       Drive Cloud Technology       Services & Foster          Develop Requirements for
                                               Innovation        Standards Development &          Portability Standards
   governance                                                        Security Policies

                                                                    Develop Acquisition
                                         Provide Procurement      Vehicles to Ease Agency           Develop Acquisition
                                              Leadership           Procurement of Cloud                 Roadmap
   Provide cloud                                                   Computing Solutions

   computing                                  Facilitate
                                                                 Assist & Guide Agencies to
                                                                                                Identify and Facilitate Cloud
                                                                 Implement Cloud Solutions
   solutions in                            Implementation
                                                                  (e.g. Service Provisioning)
                                                                                                 Computing Agency Pilots
   support of
   Federal agency                       Operate as a Solutions   Develop the Cloud Services
                                              Provider                                          Develop Services Roadmap
   missions                                                           Business Model

                                                                   Design and Implement a
                                          Conduct Outreach        Central Information Portal     Establish Communications
                                              Activities              for Federal Cloud         Initiative and Develop Portal
   Provide strategic                                                      Computing

   roadmaps, best
                                                                  Identify Cloud Computing        Establish Performance
   practices, and                                                   Performance Metrics              Metrics Initiative
                                         Enable Sustainable &
   acquisition                               Cost-Effective
   guidance                                   Computing
                                            (Green IT, TCO)          Define Data Center            Develop Data Center
                                                                    Optimization Strategy       Analysis and Agency Goals

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             Federal Cloud Computing
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             Transition Plan
     Workstream                                          2010                                                            2011                                        …
                                                                            Manage ESC, CCAC and Working Groups (ongoing)

    Program Management/         Finalize Communications Plan                        Conduct Outreach Activities (Summits, Online Discussions, Training, etc.)
         Governance/            Develop Portal                       Coordinate w ith Working Groups and Agencies to Collect Content for Portal (ongoing)
       Communications                                  Coordinate Policy and Strategy Development (eDiscovery, Records Management, Privacy, etc.)
                                                 Identify Integration and Coordination Points between Working Groups and other Government Fora (ongoing)

                                Develop Standards Roadmap                                         Work w ith Industry Standards Bodies (ongoing)
                                Validate Standards Use Cases
                                   Identify Security Standards Requirements                     Work w ith Agencies on Enabling Standards Adoption (ongoing)
                                                     Identify Interoperability and Portability Standards Requirements         Identify Manageability Standards Requirements

                                 Stand Up Federal C&A Process                      Work w ith Agencies and Industry to Facilitate Use of the Federal C&A (ongoing)
                                 Fully Inventory Security Challenges (e.g. identify FISMA gaps)
                                   Identify Pilots or Other Projects that can Test Security Issues                           Im plement and Manage Pilots
                                    Identify Security Policy Issues, Coordinate Feedback and Determine Recommendations

                                 Develop Acquisition Roadmap               Coordinate Across the Federal Acquisition Community to Implement Procurement Policies

         Acquisition/                   Develop Services Roadmap                    Establish, Manage and Coordinate Developer Communities and Application Libraries
        Procurement/            Aw ard IaaS      Release PaaS RFI      Develop Guidelines for Leveraging Contract Vehicles                   Develop Draft SOWs
          Services                                      Facilitate Adoption of Apps.Gov
                                                                                     Maintenance of Apps.Gov (ongoing)

                                 Identify Technology Center Initiatives and Agency Pilots       Im plement, Manage Pilots and Capture Best Practices and Lessons Learned
        Adoption and             Develop Cloud Computing Maturity Model                        Develop Cloud Computing Implementation Guide for Agencies
                                        Establish Performance Metrics Initiative             Identify Cloud Computing Performance Metrics

    (Sustainable and Cost-              Develop Cloud Segment Architectures                       Assist Agencies in Im plementing/Providing Cloud Solutions and Services
   Effective Computing and       Develop Analytic Framework           Develop Data Center Recommendations for Agencies                  Develop and Manage Templates
   Data Center Consolidation
                                 Conduct Data Center Analysis       Develop Data Center Assessment Guide and Maturity Model
       and Optimization)
                                                            Identify Data Center Pilots and Develop Tools            Assist Agencies in Data Center Optimization Strategies

This plan is currently under consideration and should be considered Notional/Draft.                                                                                           77
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         Click Computing Initiative:
         Governance Model
 The Cloud Computing PMO is the nucleus of Cloud Computing Initiative for the Federal Government,
       setting direction, establishing guidelines and defining the future vision and architecture

                                                                      •   Cloud Computing Vision / Mission
        • Data Call
                                                                      •   Information Portal
        • Requirements
                                                                      •   Market Research / Use Cases
        • Interests & Feedback
                                                                      •   Policies and Guidelines
                                                                      •   Enterprise Architecture
                                                                      • / Procurement Support
                                                                      •   Information Dissemination
                                                                      •   Virtual Online Summits
• Definitions
• Security
                                       CC                                            •   Standards Requirements
  Requirements                        PMO                                            •   Security Processes
• Standards                                                                          •   Procurement Approaches
  Requirements                                                                       •   Best Practices
• SLAs                                                                               •   Gov-wide Communications

        Vendors                                                       CCESC/                     Security
                                                                                                             Cloud Computing
                                                                                                             Working Groups
 • Compliant Services and Offerings     • Direction and Guidance
 • Input to Standards                   • Facilitation
 • Collaboration on Developing          • Schedule and Coordination
   Standards & Best Practices
                                                                             Comm          Excellence

        Working Groups Provide Support
        Click to edit Master title style Across All of
        the Goal Areas and are Driven by the CCPMO
    Goal Area              Cloud Computing Program Management Office
                              Security Working Group
 Establish and Manage
                                  Identify Functional Leader and Membership
                                  Develop Objectives for Cloud Computing Advisory Council Security Working Group (e.g.
                                   Establish a Federal C&A Process)
                                  Define Intended Deliverables
                                                                                             Each Working Group
 Provide Procurement              Develop Security Roadmap
                                                                                           will ultimately establish
      Leadership              Standards Working Group                                      its own objectives and
                                  Identify Functional Leader and Membership                 plan of action – items
                                  Develop Objectives for Group                            referenced here are just
  Enable Adoption and             Define Intended Deliverables
                                  Develop Standards Roadmap
                                                                                                    a sample
                              Operational Excellence Working Group
                                  Identify Functional Leader and Membership
  Operate as a Service            Develop Objectives for Group
       Provider                   Define Intended Deliverables
                                  Develop Operational Excellence Roadmap
                                  Assist and Guide Agencies to Implement and Roll out Cloud Solutions
                                  Develop Case Studies, Best Practices/Lessons Learned
   Conduct Outreach
                                  Facilitate Identification of Agency Partners for Pilot Activities
                                  Develop Methodologies to Effectively Assess and Implement Services
                                  Develop and Disseminate Operating Models and Business Processes

Drive Cloud Technology        Communications Working Group
       Innovation                 Identify Functional Leader and Membership
                                  Develop Objectives for Group
                                  Define Intended Deliverables
                                  Develop the Cloud Services Communications Plan
  Enable Sustainable &
Cost-Effective Computing          Design and Implement a Central Information Portal for Federal Cloud Computing
     (Green IT, TCO)              Develop and Manage Content for Communications
                                  Develop and Conduct Training

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Online User Interface

          Federal Cloud Computing
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          Cloud Program Services Model
To deliver the Online User                                    Components                           Description
Interface, the government                               1   Customizable         • One stop shop/ single view for Users to
                                                            User Page              manage interactions with Cloud Services
must address the following
                                                                                 • Applications and content made available to
Service Components…                                     2   Application
                                                            Library                Users through a simple GUI. These
                                                                                   applications / content can be downloaded
                                                                                   easily from the Library.

                                                        3   Online User          • Online storage for Users to maintain and
                                                            Storage                manage individual User files, data and objects

           Customizable      Application                4   Collaboration        • Widgets that allow Users to collaborate and
            User Page          Library                                             generate content. These widgets may include
                                                                                   Wikis, Blogs, and IM
7                                                   3       Access /             • Network connectivity and devices to access
    Provisioning /                    Online User       5
    Admin Tools       Cloud            Storage              Connectivity           Cloud services
                                                        6   Cloud Standards      • Cloud standards allowing the integration and
    Cloud Standards /
                                                            / Interoperability     interoperability of services from multiple
     Interoperability                                                              Clouds
                      Access /
                                                        7   Provisioning /       • Provisioning and administrative tools to
                                                            Admin Tools            provide control of User profiles, access
                          5                                                        technical support, and manage privilege,
                      Security /                                                   authorization to applications and content
                     Data Privacy
                                                        8   Security /           • Applying security framework and data privacy
                                                            Data Privacy           standards for Federal Cloud Computing

   Government Master title style
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   Cloud Relationship View
                                  Private Clouds
                                                                             Commercially Hosted
  Behind the scenes are the                 Government                       Private Clouds
                                            Private Clouds                               DMZ
   core cloud services that
support the daily functions for
   Government employees                                                      Government
                                                                            Hybrid Clouds
                                  Single        Security   Provisioning   Procurement     Reporting
                                  Sign on         C&A       Integration    Financials    Management

                                                                                        Cloud Vendors

                                                           Internet                        Cloud Vendors

                              Federal Cloud Computing
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                              Draft Services Framework
                                                                                                                                                                  User Tools

                             Software as a Service (SaaS) / Applications                                                                        Application       User/ Admin     Reporting &
                                                                                                                                                Integration          Portal        Analytics
                               Citizen Engagement               Gov Productivity                      Gov Enterprise Apps
                                                                                                            Business Svcs
                                   Wikis / Blogs                       Email / IM                                                                                  Customer /
                                                                                                              Core Mission                                          Account
                                 Social Netw orking                  Virtual Desktop                                                                                 Mgmt           Analytic
                                                                                                                 Apps                              API’s
                                 Agency Website                                                              Legacy Apps
                                                                 Office Automation                                                                                 User Profile
                                    Hosting                                                                  (Mainframes)
            Cloud Services

                                                                                                                                                 Workflow            Mgmt          Data Mgmt
                             Platform as a
                             Service (PaaS)                                         Testing           Developer                                                    Order Mgmt       Reporting
                                                                                     Tools              Tools                                       EAI
                                                                                    Directory                                                                                      Know ledge
                                                               DBMS                                                                                                 Trouble
                                                                                    Services                                                        Mobile                           Mgmt
                                                                                                                                                   Device            Mgmt
                                                                                                                                                                     Billing /
                             Infrastructure as a                                                                                                   Data             Invoice
                             Service (IaaS)                                         Storage
                                                                                                                                                 Migration          Tracking
                                                                CDN             Web Servers        Server Hosting
                                                                                                                                                    ETL             Catalog

                             Service Mgmt &             Service                                 Inventory         CoS/QoS         Utilization        App Perf         DR /        Operations
                             Provisioning                                  SLA Mgmt
                                                      Provisioning                                Mgmt              Mgmt          Monitoring         Monitoring      Backup         Mgmt
Core Foundational

                             Security &
                                                          Data/Netw ork                               Certification &    Authentication &        Auditing &
                             Data Privacy                   Security
                                                                                Data Privacy
                                                                                                       Compliance         Authorization         Accounting

                             Data Center                                   Routers /                              Internet        Hosting
                             Facilities                                                         LAN/WAN
                                                                           Firew alls                             Access          Centers


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