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Coventry Health Care of Kansas_ Inc

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					                                              Preferred Health Systems
                                             A Coventry Health Care Plan
                                        (Contact List Effective January 1, 2011)

         Customer Service                          Referrals and                                    Web Sites
                                                Prior Authorizations
         HMO, POS, PPO, PBA                                                                Preferred Health Systems
    Benefits & Eligibility                                                          
    316.609.2390 or 800.660.8114
                                              Local Number       316.609.2359             Log in to PreferredCONNECT
                                              Toll Free          800.424.0345
                                              Prior Auth. Fax    316.609.2380           American Health Care Alliance
    Claims Questions
    Eligibility                                                                              (for PHC rental business only)
    Network Participation                                                              
                                                  Mental Health Services
    Claim Reconsiderations                    Local Number       316.609.2566
    Coordination of Benefits                  Toll Free          800.335.9014              Coventry National Network
                                                                                       1) Visit
    Overpayments & Refunds                    Prior Auth. Fax    316.609.2380
                                                                                       2) Select “Search Network” from left menu
    316.609.2467 or 877.609.2467
                                                                                       3) Click “Coventry National Network” link
                                                                                          located under “Nationwide Network”
                                           Pharmacy RX Prior Authorization
Provider Relations/Allowable Fee          Call Customer Service, Provider Relations,
       Schedule Request                   or Prior Auth and press “3”                            Fax Notifications
                                                                                          Tax ID Change
                                          For PBA Plans:                                  Add/Delete Provider
                                          Bombardier (Caremark) 800.966.5772              Demographic changes, etc.
                                          State of KS (Caremark) 800.864.6331                          Fax to:
     Holli Herndon 316-609-2362           Via Christi (Walgreens) 877.665.6609                      316.609.2392
      Tish Dukes 316-609-2562

                                                                                           Preferred Health Systems*
 Claims Mailing/Electronic Filing                   Provider Appeals                                       st
                                                                                               8535 E. 21 Street North
          For all PHS Plans, mail to:             Preferred Health Systems                       Wichita, KS 67206
               P.O. Box 47210                 Provider Payer Appeals Committee         *Mail records and documents other than claim
           Wichita, KS 67201-7210                    8535 E. 21 Street N                           forms to this address.
                                                      Wichita, KS 67206
 HMO/POS/PPO Groups 5#####, 6#####,
   7#####, EDI Submission #60110            See Attachment 16 located in Provider
    PBA Plan Group 2##### or 3#####:
        EDI Submission#: 61665

Data Classification: Public Domain                                                                                         7/1/2011