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Under Graduate IT Support Officer Job Description


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									                                         Job Description

Job Title                         ICT Support Administrator (2nd Line)

Responsible to:                   ICT Manager

Responsible to post holder:       None

Overall purpose:                  To assist the ICT Department in the support and maintenance of the
                                  Information and Communications Technology within the organisation.

Principal Activities

    1. To ensure provision of a responsive, high quality service delivery of ICT support.

    2. To investigate and repair ICT Departments applications and desktop Operating Systems.

    3. Provide support for Client PC’s and Thin Clients within the organisation, referring unsolvable
       problems the organisation’s IT maintenance suppliers or other third parties for rectification if
       required; the initial response to the user, where practical, will be immediate but must be within the
       agreed Service Level Agreements.

    4. Provide support and guidance on the effective use of ICT Hardware, including Thin Clients,
       Laptops, Personal Computers and Mobile Devices (Blackberry’s and Personal Data Assistant’s)

    5. Ensure that all support calls are answered within the appropriate timescales and either dealt with
       or passed through to the appropriate team member.
    6. To provide support, technical guidance and training to the 1 line ICT support officers

    7. To assist the Housing and Support Systems Manager in providing support and assistance to the
       ICT end user.

    8. To ensure that support calls are logged on the organisations Support Desk Software.

    9. Ensure that ICT department’s procedures are followed and adhered to.

    10. Assist with the organisation’s ICT maintenance suppliers.

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Secondary Activities
    1. To provide administration of the organisations Active Directory and Email systems.
    2. To provide 1 line support on a rotating basis.

    3. Create, and deploy desktop operating systems and applications using Symantec Ghost.

    4. Maintain and Deploy Sophos Anti-Virus Software on Desktops.

    5. Investigate and remedy any computer viruses and malware attacks on IT equipment.

    6. To assist in the maintenance of the hardware and software inventories.

    7. To assist in the administration, maintenance and provision of the organisations mobile and
       telephone services.

    8. To assist the ICT trainer in the providing training and knowledge to the ICT end user.

    9. Occasional travel to support ICT in other Advance offices.

    10. Undertake such other tasks within the scope of the role as directed from time to time.

Revision: 3.0

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