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					                                                  Assessment Conversations Day
                                                “Tethering Assessment to Analytics”
                                                   November 24, 2008 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
                                               Wells Fargo Place – 4th Floor, St. Paul, Minnesota
      Location          Time                                   Topic of Presentation                                                      Presenter(s)
Wells Fargo Place   9:00 – 9:20     Coffee & Networking
Board Room A & B    9:20 – 9:30     Welcome & Introductions
4th Floor (Tower)   9:30 – 11:00        Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance that Matters                    Session Speaker:
                                                                                                                              Sr. Vice Chancellor Linda Baer
                                    Action analytics requires leadership to take a new approach to the institution’s
                                    technology ecology. The focus is on leveraging technology, information, and
                                    analytics to improve performance and demonstrate value. Leadership’s role is to
                                    mobilize champions to participate in progressively building the elements of
                                    organizational capacity (technology, information, analytics, and innovation),
                                    incenting innovation, changing organizational culture, and modeling action-oriented

                                    Using the new generation of tools, services, and solutions for assessment of student
                                    learning and co-curricular development, we can claim the leading indicators for
                                    success through powerful predictive models within action analytics. This
                                    presentation will link data to assessment for accountability then leapfrog to the next
                                    level, which is action, supported by action analytics solutions. We also address the
                                    critical issues of building organizational capacity, nurturing a culture of performance
                                    and measurement, and fostering action-oriented behavior.
                    11:00 – 12:00   Continuing Conversations on Assessment & Analytics: Join leaders as they will             Michael Berndt, Normandale College
                                    engage the audience in a Q & A session designed to move from the “theory of               Al Essa, Office of the Chancellor
                                    analytics” to the “practice of analytics”                                                 Jan Doebbert, Alex Tech College
                                                                                                                              Lisa Foss, St. Cloud State University
                    12:00 – 12:45   Lunch                                                                                                 Presenter(s)
Conference Room      1:00 – 1:45    Using the Electronic Portfolio for Accreditation: This presentation describes how         Caryl Martin, St Cloud State Univ
A – 4th Floor                       Programs can build their electronic portfolios to track program successes and issues.
                                    It provides a general guide to building the process of creating a workable
                                    departmental portfolio along with utilizing the portfolio for accreditation submission.

Conference Room      1:00 – 1:45    Building a higher education learning science with a fully-embedded assessment             Jeff Grann, Assessment Manager,
B – 4th Floor                       model: The National Research Council calls for educational assessments to be              Capella
                                    founded on three interrelated elements: a developmental model for outcome
                                    acquisition, designed assessments that sufficiently measure across this continuum,
                                    and meaningful reports with respect to the developmental model. Higher education
                                    administrators and faculty need new collaboration models, technical tools, and
                                      design methodologies to begin to work toward this vision of educational assessment.
                                      This session will present innovative methods and findings from Capella University's
                                      pilot test of a fully-embedded assessment model in which all outcome assessments
                                      are aggregated across a program's curricular model. Discussion will focus on course-
                                      level assessments, faculty engagement, and collaboration opportunities.

World Trade Room       1:00 – 1:45    Using eFolio in a New Assessment Process for Liberal Arts and Sciences:                    Brian Fors, Dean of Liberal Arts
– 4th Floor                           This session will discuss what has been done at South Central College in                   Division, South Central College &
                                      using eFolio in a new assessment process being developed for Liberal Arts                  Lynne Groves, eFolio New Strategies
                                      and Sciences. The session not only discusses how Efolio is being used                      Director, Office of the Chancellor
                                      and how it is intended to be used in the future, but discusses how the
                                      college is developing the assessment itself, mainly by taking the first
                                      steps in the process while developing subsequent steps as they are needed. There are
                                      learning moments and fits and starts, but the process
                                      is being created while it is being simultaneously implemented
Conference Room        2:00 – 2:45    Standards without Standardization: Alternative Ways of Assessing for                       Lois Bollman and Michael Seward,
A – 4th Floor                         Accountability - Despite pressure to use standardized tests, other assessment models       Minneapolis Community &
                                      allow institutions to measure learning in ways meaningful to local                         Technical College
                                      Stakeholders. This session focuses on helping institutions develop and implement
                                      general education assessments. From practical examples (rubrics, assignments,
                                      reporting mechanisms), attendees will gain ideas for assessing learning at the
                                      institutional level.
Conference Room        2:00 – 2:45    College Assessment Jigsaw - Putting the Pieces Together: This session provides             Jan Waller, Riverland College
B – 4th Floor                         information on HLC’s Assessment Academy and how it fits into the framework of              Heidi Haagenson, Ridgewater
                                      assessment on their campuses.                                                              College
World Trade Room       2:00 – 2:45    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! A Reflective e-Folio Documents Artifacts in a                  Lorraine Boyle, DLiTE Program,
– 4th Floor                           Standards Driven, Performance Assessed Program: This session provides                      FasTrack Initiative Bemidji State
                                      concrete examples of using an e-folio to systematically collect authentic artifacts and    University
                                      reflections in a reflective, standards based curriculum. Persons interested in authentic
                                      assessment, standards driven curriculum and a systematic, electronic approach to
                                      data collection will find specific ideas and strategies in this session.
Board Room A & B      3:00 – 3:30     Action Report Out & Wrap Up Discussions                                                    Lynette Olson, Office of the
                                                                                                                                 Chancellor and Lynne Groves, Office
                                                                                                                                 of the Chancellor

Please register at:
Lynette Olson, Academic Innovations, Office of the Chancellor or call (651) 649-5957