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									                                                                                                          What’s Inside:
                                                                                                    - Gas on
                                                                                                    - PDE (track days)
                                                                                                    - Witch Way to Salem
                                                                                                    - Millville Airshow
                                                                                                    - Solo 2 Schedule
                                                                                                    - BoD Minutes March/April

The Official Newsletter of the South Jersey Region SCCA                                                     April/May 2005

  Editor’s Notes - Gas on
                                                                                                    - Written by: David Hess

                         “I’m not getting     able to successfully complete the         Saturday’s race was most excellent
                         At Speed late-       novice requirements by completing         and I witnessed some pretty good,
                         ly”... is a state-   both races with various degrees of        close racing with friends I met at the
                         ment I recently      success. Getting there was months         track. At one point I was third in
                         heard from a         of preparation, with sprinklings of       class, then I threw it away on Turn
                         South      Jersey    work done to the car performed in         one on the second lap trying to com-
                         member at VIR        harmony by willing and unsuspecting       plete a pass. Inches separated a me
                         earlier       this   helpers. Matt Wotjkowiak Sr., JD          from a successful pass... As I got the
                         month. “No, it’s     King, Sam Resnick, and Steve              rear wheel off the course I watched
   not you, it’s me... I’m the editor and     Burger (bro-in-law) all pitched in to     the car I tried to pass slip away, plus
   I’ve slacked off on my responsi-           get the car into good-racing shape.       the two drivers who wound up 3rd
   bilites”. It was however pretty cool to                                              and 5th in class pass me by.
   meet a SJR member that I hadn’t met        Good thing too, because over the
   previously. He was a great help to         course of four days, I drove the car in   During the last lap on the last turn I
   this newbie racer and set me off with      racing conditions 2.5 hours on            got a great run on the 5th place RX-
   my novice permit to the tech shed          Thursday, 1 hour on Friday and 1/2        7 and was along side him at the fin-
   with a more comfortable feeling.           hour on both Saturday and Sunday.         ish. Total run time for my race was
                                                                                        36.587, Michael Liggett just eeked
   What have I been so busy with?             I was able to learn the 4.2 mile          me out with a 36.433.
   Welp as you may have guessed from          course well enough on Thursday to
   the above paragraph, I made it to my       qualify mid-pack for the Saturday         The second race on Sunday was a
   first and second races this year at        race, however novice mistakes, like       bit anti-climatic in conparison, how-
   VIRginia International Raceway for         not having enough fuel in the car,        ever I did manage to avoid metal-to-
   the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series        would only allow me to place 8th          metal contact. I finished both races
   (MARRS) events #2 and #3. I was            place for the final race on Sunday.       and have been “signed off”.

   Gas on newbie                              Peter Doane’s ITA MR2 For Sale.           Rally Program is Back!
                                                                                        Special thanks to Jim Wakemen
   A brief discription of the VIR races       Visit the Classified section of this      who is in large part responsible for
   on May 6th - 8th from the perspec-         publication for more details. p.7.        the revitalization of Rally in SJ.
   tive of a novice. p.1. (above)                                                       p.3 & p.6.
Board of Directors
Regional Executive                   Asst. Regional Executive          Secretary                      Treasurer
J. D. King                           Jim Tornetta                      Sue King                       John Borden
954 Stanton Ave                      13 S. Carolina Tr.                1643 Bluebell Rd.              62 Riverbank Rd.
Franklinville, NJ                    Browns Mills,                     Williamstown,                  Beverly, NJ 08010
08322                                NJ 08015                          NJ 08094                       856-779-8521
856-694-5012                         609-893-5701                      856-629-4966                   jborden3@verizon.net
king@snip.net                        jptornetta@hotmail.com            1arunit@snip.net

At Large                     At Large                      At Large                At Large                  At Large
Jack Oliver                  Meg Meyer                     David Hess              Grace Huntzinger          Jim Wakemen
7 Old Salem Rd               10 Normandy Lane              296 Orchard St. West    172 Glover Road           23 Silver Birch Road
Cherry Hill,                 Willingboro, NJ               Hammonton, NJ           Mullica Hill, NJ          Turnersville, NJ
NJ 08034                     08046                         08037                   08062                     08012
856-667-2858                 609-835-4450                  609-704-1996            856-478-6295              856-228-9249
jackoliver@juno.com          megmeyer@comcast.net          cill_wavey@yahoo.com    huntg@sinbadco.com        jim@wakemen.com

Chairpersons & Specialties:
Competition - Meg Meyer ..........................609-835-4450           At Speed is published monthly as the official publication
Membership- Meg Meyer ..........................609-835-4450             of the South Jersey Region, SCCA, Inc. The subscrip-
Merchandise- Jim Tornetta ........................609-893-5701           tion price is $12.00 per year and is included in the
Race- Maryann Worrell .............................856-779-9548          membership dues with non-member subscriptions
Rally- Jim Wakemen ..................................856-228-9249        available at $15.00. The opinions expressed herein are
                                                                         those of the editor or authors and not necessarily those
Scrutineer - open to volunteers ................xxx-xxx-xxxx             of the South Jersey Region. Acceptance of any adver-
Solo II - John Borden ................................856-387-0576       tising does not constitute endorsement of the products
          Grace Huntzinger..............................856-478-6295     or services being advertised. Permission to reprint
Mini GP- Mike Sokalsky ............................609-822-8417          material in other SCCA publications is granted providing
Flag & Comm - David Teal .......................610-566-4795             credit is give to the author and At Speed. A copy of the
Starter - David Teal ...................................610-566-4795     publication should be sent to the At Speed editor.
Grid - Open to Volunteers ..........................xxx-xxx-xxxx         Please send change of address information to the
Pit, Paddock & Sound- Alex Collins ..........856-753-9660                membership chairperson.
Registration - Open to Volunteers ...............xxx-xxx-xxxx
Timing & Scoring - Jack Oliver .................856-667-2858             Editorial copy and ad contacts should be submitted to
Activities - David Hess ..............................609-704-1996       the editor, David Paul Hess 296 West Orchard St. West,
At Speed - David Hess ..............................609-704-1996         Hammonton, NJ 08037, or emwavey@yahoo.com - by
                                                                         the twentieth of the month prior to the next issue. It is
Tri-Region Reps                                                          preferred that all editorial copy be submitted in an IBM
        David Teal, Ed Jenks, JD King                                    compatible format (ASCII, Word, Word Perfect, etc), on
                                                                         any size/density diskette. See classified section for
Alternates                                                               advertising rates/policies.
        Terry Hanushek, Fay Teal, Jack Oliver
                                                                         The South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of
Pennsylvania Hillclimb Assn. (PHA) Reps:                                 America, Inc. meets at 8 PM on the second Wednesday
       Sue Salsberg, Dave Arron, Dan Cassino                             of each month at a new place, the Whistler’s Inn, 901
                                                                         Rt. 130 South, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077. 856-786-7427.
Solo I: Fred Thum
                                                                         Board of Directors (BoD) meetings are held on the first
Anthracite Race Assn (ARA): Terry Hanushek                               Wed. of the month. Locations vary each month, so feel
                                                                         free to contact any of the above members of the board
                                                                         to find out details regarding the next meeting.

2    At Speed - April / May 2005
Events & Announcements

Performance Drivers Experience                         2005 SJR Solo II Schedule                   www.NESCCA.com
                                                                                                   Reserve your car number for the 2005
SCCA Tri-Region is hosting a (PDE)                     3/20/05 event #1
                                                                                                   Racing Season. Northeast Division
on Friday and Saturday, June 17 &                      4/16/05 Novice/Test & Tune                  Sports Car Club of America’s webmas-
18th. This is your chance to drive                     4/17/05Points #2                            ters are requesting your articles and
your car at Pocono Raceway’s Long                      6/12/05 Points #3                           photos. Also visit this site for informa-
Course which features part of the                      7/23/05 Points #4                           tion regarding SCCA racing events.
infield section plus large sections of                 9/3/05 Points #5
what the NASCAR “boys” run on.                         11/13/05 Points #6
                                                                                                   Don’t Forget to Register:
                                                       11/20/05Points #7
Questions can be directed to Ed                                                                    http://www.users.fast.net/~nescca/sche
Jenks ed.tri-region@prodigy.net or                     All events listed are held at Atco
Judy Bloeser macmassie@aol.com                         Raceway, 1000 Jackson Rd, Atco,             or
                                                       NJ 08004                                    http://www.users.fast.net/~nescca/sche
For more information and for online                                                                dule.pdf
Registration visit:                                    For direction, logistics and preregis-
h t t p : / / w w w. e d j e n k s . c o m / t r i -   tration, visit:                             SJR On-line (meeting minutes)
region_pde_entry_form.htm                              http://www.sjr-scca.org/soloii.html
                                                                                                   ... and they can also be found start-
New South Jersey Forums                                                                            ing on page one of this publication.
                                                       Witch Way To Salem?
Got a story to tell, an advertisment to                                                            South Jersey’s Website
list, or a bone to pick, here’s your                   ROAD RALLY, Sunday June 5, 2005
chance to use a new, to our region                     Presented by: South Jersey Region –         http://www.sjr-scca.org/
anyway, way to communicate with all                    Sports Car Club of America.
your automotive buds.                                                                              Visit the S. Jersey AutoX Forum:
                                                       Have you ever thought about running
Visit: www.sjr-scca.org and click on                   a rally, but said “They’re too hard, I’ll   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sjr_autox/

the “Forums” link located at the top,                  just get lost.” Well then Witch Way to
right-hand side of the page.                           Salem? may be the event for you. You        Autocross / Solo2 info:
                                                       will be provided a mileage to every
                                                       turn. Or, did you say “I don’t like doing
Millville Airshow                                      a lot of calculations.” Again, Witch
                                                       Way to Salem? may be the event for
                                                                                                   Free Photo and Video Hosting:
May 20-22 - SJR will be at the                         you.
Millville Airshow on Friday May 20.
There will be a vintage race, and fire-                Rally Headquarters: Registration,
works, and fun for all. Gates open at                  Start and Finish will be held at: J G
5pm. The Canadian Snowbirds will                       Cook’s Bar and Grill, 692 Lambs Rd.,
be the only jet demonstration show                     Pitman, NJ 08071
at night in the US in 2005. The fire-
works are supposed to be one the                       Registration form and more details on       Online store:
highest rated in the US this year, too.                p.6. and at this website:
Contact any of the board members                       http://www.phillyscca.com/roadrally/fl      Looking      to
for information.                                       yers/2005/RR060505.PDF                      grab      some
                                                                                                   most excellent
If you’re interested in watching the                   We are in need of volunteers to help        SJR “Swag”,
Vintage race for free, you can if                      run this rally. If you’re interested        then visit:
you’re willing and able to volunteer                   please contact Jim Wakemen:
your time “working” the course.                        856-228-9249 / jim@wakemen.com              http://www.cafeshops.com/sjr_scca
Contact JD King for more info.

                                                                                                                 April / May 2005 - At Speed 3
Board of Directors Minutes
March 2005

                                                                                      - Submitted by: Sue King

The March 2005 meeting of the          - Grace made a motion to charge       next membership meeting to be
Board of Directors for the South       $35.00 for non-members and            held there on Wednesday
Jersey Region of the Sports Car        $25.00 for members of the             evening, March 16th. This restau-
Club of America, Inc. was held at      Region. Second by David. Motion       rant is across from Bayard's
the home of Sue King on                carried. Meg suggested that we        Chocolate House.
Wednesday, March 2, 2005. The          revive our brochure to show this
meeting was called to order by         year's dates and continue with        New Business - Jim T. had some
Asst. R.E., Jim Tornetta at 8:15       the $5.00 off coupon. Grace           news about Ft. Dix. He had
PM.                                    raised a question about this com-     recently spoken with General
                                       ing year's magnetic trophies in       Walker who is the logistics officer
Present were: John Borden, Jim         that we do not put the date on        there. If McGuire's air show goes
Wakeman, Meg Meyer, Sue King,          them. David volunteered to get        off without a hitch, we should get
Jim Tornetta, Grace Huntzinger,        the trophies together. Sue asked      in contact with him or his office to
and David Hess.                        about sponsorship for the series.     talk about using the site.
                                       Jim will check with J.D. about        Apparently they are in the
Solo II - Jim reported that J.D.       this. Grace suggested that the        process of resurfacing some
had gotten dates for ATCO which        PAX series should bear the spon-      areas. Sue reported that at the
will be published in At Speed.         sors name - if we have a sponsor.     Millville air show to be held in
Grace reported that Brian is look-     Ideas were tossed around about        May, they are going to stage a
ing a possible sites at Rowan          gathering sponsors from local         Vintage race as part of the festivi-
University in Glassboro and also       businesses in the Atco area.          ties. Jim W. needs some help in
the Washington Township High                                                 locating people who would be
School in Turnersville. She will       Treasury - John reported that         interested in bringing back a rally
report further as soon as she gets     there is a balance in the operat-     series. Sue gave a brief report on
information from Brian. John felt      ing account of $6,292.32. John        the Vintage Gran Prix that is to be
that we should have a test and         then went over the balance sheet      held on the Camden waterfront
tune/novice day (tentatively           to date. He then went over the        Mothers Day weekend.
scheduled for April 16th).             unpaid bills (approximately
Discussion centered on when            $3,100.00). Motion by Jim             There being no further business,
best to put this on. John reported     Tornetta to pay these bills, sec-     meeting was adjourned at 9:20
that there will be a Solo II organi-   ond by Meg. Motion carried. John      PM.
zational meeting scheduled for         went over the proposed budget
Tuesday, March 15th to identify        for this year. As it stands we will   Respectfully submitted,
the format for the test and tune       just about break even. The pro-
and instructors. John felt we          posed budget was put on the           Sue King
should have as many instructors        floor for approval. Sue made a        Secretary
as possible. Discussion on how         motion to accept the budget as
best to list the test and              presented, second by John.
tune/novice day information on         Motion carried.
our web site. John reported that
the track fee for ATCO is now          Old Business - Jim W. suggest-
$1,000.00. Jim reported that J.D.      ed that we try the Whistler's Inn
has finally been in contact with       located on Rt. 130 in
the folks at Camden. He will have      Cinnaminson. This restaurant is
further information on this at a       handicapped accessible. All were
later date. Solo II registration fee   in agreement and planned our

4   At Speed - April / May 2005
Board of Directors Minutes
April 2005

                                                                                         - Submitted by: Sue King

The April 2005 meeting of the          current assets, the $2,000.00            brought up as a possibility but
Board of Directors for the South       Dave Rose scholarship fund is            J.D. stated that they want $3,000
Jersey Region of the Sports Car        not reflected. He did note that the      for rent. Grace reported that she
Club of America, Inc. was held at      reason it is not on the balance          has an uncle who has some con-
the home of John Borden on             sheet is because it is not the           nections for the parking lots at the
Wednesday evening, April 6,            Region's money - it was a dona-          Philadelphia stadiums. John vol-
2005. The meeting was called to        tion to the club from the Rose           unteered to look over these lots
order by R.E., J.D. King at 8:30       family to honor the memory of            to see if they would fit our needs.
PM.                                    Dave Rose.
                                                                                New Business - Jim Wakeman
Present were: John Borden, Jim         Membership - Meg reported that           reported that the trophies have
Tornetta, Grace Huntzinger, Jim        as of the March mailing from             been ordered for the Oldies but
Wakeman, Meg Meyer, J.D. King,         National we have 208 paid mem-           Goodies 2005 TSD road rally to
David Hess and Sue King.               bers.                                    be held on May 15th. The start
                                                                                and finish for this event is at J.G.
Solo II - Jill Canuso (Monster         Tri Region - JD reported that the        Cook's Bar and Grill in Pitman.
Plates) not only has been gra-         PDE is coming together and the           Look on the region web site for
cious enough to provide her trail-     most recent report is that there         news about this event and the
er for our timing crew at our Atco     are six pre-entries for this June        entry form. Jim stated that he has
events but has been able to find       event. J.D. felt that we should          received two pre-registrations and
us a sponsor through Lexus of          promote this performance driving         he needs a total of 14 more
Cherry Hill. This has happened         experience at our solo events.           entrants to break even. Jim
since our March membership             Meg stated that Tri Region has a         announced that Clyde Heckler is
meeting and J.D. reported that         webmaster and they have not              putting on a rally in June - Which
Lexus has put the check in the         approached Meg to promote this           Way to Salem.
mail as of today. Grace will be        event on the web site. Sue asked
hosting software training on           David to put together an                 There being no further business,
Thursday, April 14th at her home.      announcement for the PDE so we           meeting was adjourned at 9:15
Grace reported that with the new       can hand it out at our solos. J.D.       PM.
software, registration can be done     felt that most of the entrants will
directly. Grace, also, reported that   be coming from our Solo II group.        Respectfully submitted,
there are 28 pre-registered for the    J.D. recruited instructors at this
AM session and 24 pre-registered       meeting. It appears Meg and              Sue King
for the PM session of the test and     David volunteered to be instruc-         Secretary
tune/novice school day at Atco on      tors. There will be another meet-
April 16th. Grace feels that there     ing of Tri Region within the next
will be enough instructors for this    couple of weeks.
                                       Old Business - Discussion cen-
Treasury - John reported that          tered on finding additional venues
there is a balance of $2,061.82 in     for Solo II. Camden County
the operating account. John went       College came up and Grace will
over the income statement for the      try to get Andre to look over a
first quarter 2005. He then went       parking lot at this facility to see if
over the balance sheet and             it could be utilized. The lot at
reminded the BOD that, under           Sovereign Bank in Trenton was

                                                                                            April / May 2005 - At Speed 5
                                              Witch Way To Salem?
                                                             ROAD RALLY
                                                           Sunday June 5, 2005
                                                                       Presented by
                               South Jersey Region – Sports Car Club of America
Have you ever thought about running a rally, but said “They’re too hard, I’ll just get lost.” Well then Witch
Way to Salem? may be the event for you. You will be provided a mileage to every turn. Or, did you say “I
don’t like doing a lot of calculations.” Again, Witch Way to Salem? may be the event for you. We’ll give you
the perfect time to each checkpoint, all you have to do is be there at that time. Witch Way to Salem? is a Monte
Carlo style rally whose competitive portion is approximately 100 miles long. Only paved roads will be used.
“Sounds too simple, what’s the catch?” you say. Not really a catch, but you can’t stop in sight of a checkpoint.
What many people do is run to a point a half mile before the next checkpoint, then leave a minute early and run
in at 30 mph. The general instructions will provide some other helpful hints including a way to arrive
approximately on time with almost no calculation. Along the way we’ll also point out some historical sites and
other points of interest, so if you don’t feel in a competitive mood and would just like to take a Sunday drive,
you are welcome as well. The rally is part of the 2005 SCCA Mid-Atlantic Rally Championship Series.

 Rally Headquarters: Registration, Start and Finish will be held at                 J G Cook’s Bar and Grill
 Registration Opens 9:30 am First car off 11:01 am                                 692 Lambs Rd
 Directions can be found at www.mapquest.com or in the General                     Pitman, NJ 08071
 Instructions or via e-mail to clyde.heckler@towersperrin.com
Classes and awards: The classes of Equipped (E), Limited (L), Stock (S) and Novice (N) as defined for the
Equipped – Unlimited equipment
Limited -       Any mileage measuring equipment and calculating equipment without direct odometer input.
Stock -         Stock odometer and any single memory calculation equipment.
Novice -        Same equipment as Stock. Total rallies run by driver and navigator combined not to exceed ten
                One set of trophies in E and L, two sets in S and three sets in N class will be awarded.
                Dash Plaques to the first 25 cars.
Rallymaster/Registrar: Clyde Heckler                    215-246-6622(O), 856-228-3319 (H)
                        36 Madison Drive
                        Glen Oaks                         e-mail: clyde.heckler@towersperrin.com
                        Laurel Springs, NJ, 08021
To enter the event, mail completed form (below) and a check for $25.00 to the Registrar. Please make the check payable to SJR-
SCCA. Generals will be sent to all prepaid entries received by May 30, 2005. Pre-registration is highly recommended. All vehicles
must have exactly two people in the car. All minors (less than 18 years old) must have a Minor Release Waiver signed by both
parents/guardians. Please request the Minor Release Waiver in advance. Day of Rally fee is $30.00. Save $5 by prepaying and help
secure a dash plaque for both crew members.

Driver                                                                      Navigator
Address                                                                     Address

Phone                                                                       Phone
E-Mail                                                                      E-Mail
           Send GIs by E-mail____or Postal_______         Send GIs by E-mail____or Postal_____
Class: Equipped_________Limited________ Stock____________Novice_________

I hereby warrant that the entered vehicle is on the road legally, is being used by the entrant with the owner’s permission
and is covered by liability insurance of not less than $20,000/$40,000/$15,000 or the minimum requirements of the State
of registry, whichever is higher.

Driver’s Signature___________________________                           Navigator’s Signature_____________________________
Classified                   Ads will run for three months and can be renewed by contacting the editor Classified ads for non-members
                             are $3.00 per month, 25 words or less additional word a are $ 0.10 each. Name, address, and telephone
                             number do not count in the word total. All ads must be prepaid. Classified ads for members are free.

For Sale:                                        Hoosiers. 1 set fresh Dirt Stocker rain        Wanted:
                                                 tires. 1.5 cars worth of spares. Very clean
1986 Mazda RX7 ITS, 1990 factory motor,          and well maintained. All new wheel bear-       Workers for Road Racing events! A great
aluminum hood, custom roll cage, with            ings installed late in 2004. Minor bodywork    way to see racing... for FREE! Contact
NASCAR door for us big guys, Coil over,          damage on the driver's side but replace-       JD King @ 856-694-5012
camber plates, urethane bushings, Butler         ment panels are included. Choice of 2
seat, removable steering wheel, self-            motors available (or both). Asking $3000       As we receive more ads, those who have
bleeders, Spare Trans (just rebuilt), 1 set      as a roller. Motor #1, Fresh (only 3           “rippened” will be removed after 2-3
new Kumho DOT racing tires , 1 set               races/2.5 hours) maxed out TED motor.          months.
Hoosiers rains, 1 set Yokohama interme-          Registered 108 RWHP on a chassis dyno
diates, 2 sets Hoosiers DOT racing tires.        this fall. More than $7K invested in this
one time Glen long course record holder          motor. Asking $4000 as a separate item
(faster driver), 2003 NESCCA ITS Enduro          and $8000 in/with the car. Motor #2, Last
champ (current driver). A well balanced          rebuilt in late 1998/early 1999.
car that is easy to drive fast. Needs a little   Compression and leakdown still good.
body work (but what IT car doesn’t).             Asking $1000 as a separate item and
$3500. Trailer with big storage box and          $4000 in/with the car...
tire rack $1500. Contact Ed Jenks at             1992 23' Winnebago Brave Class A                Ad. Space For Sale:
ed.jenks@prodigy or 484-919-1905                 motorhome. Chevy based w/454 V8 gas
                                                 motor. Just under 60k miles. Heavy duty         Display Ad Space in At Speed:
                                                 air springs front & rear. Well maintained.
1985 Toyota MR2 ITA car, custom                  Custom/heavy duty receiver hitch. Trailer       Full Page         $250/yr
rollcage (w/rear strut tower tubes thru the      brake controller. Bathroom w/shower.            Half Page         $175/yr
rear window, knee bar below the dash,            Fixed queen size bed and 2 drop down            Quarter Page      $100/yr
and driver's door bars). Coilovers, camber       beds                 (sleeps             5).    Business Card     $60/yr
plates, and adjustable sway bar end links        Microwave/fridge/oven/stove/furnace/hot
front & rear. Front ST sway bar. Urethane        water heater all in good order. Asking          Call for info 609.704.1996 or send elec-
bushings. Phantom Grip LSD. 2 sets 14X7          $18,000, email: peter.e.doane@lmco.com          tronic ad to emwavey@yahoo.com
alloys and 2 sets 14X6 alloys. 2 sets dry



                                                                                                              April / May 2005 - At Speed 7
    New SJR Forums has been

          2005 Solo 2 Schedule on p. 3.       http://www.monsterplates.com

                                              There is much more to motorsports than
                                                what you see on television, and video
                                               games are a far cry from reality. Let the
                                              SCCA make motorsports be a real part of
                                                         your life...TODAY!

            The Official Newsletter                      Visit: www.scca.com
     Of The South Jersey Region S.C.C.A.

                   SOUTH JERSEY REGION SCCA
                   C/O JD KING
                   954 STANTON AVE.
                   FRANKLINVILLE, NJ 08322

8   At Speed - April / May 2005

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