One have support with suggestion there is nothing special in it, but to get implementing
the suggested scheme is expectable this we should know. It also sad to write here that
due to jealous and for by mis-understanding between each other some one could able to
destroy the valuable suggestion and it’s support schemes at any time by invoking leg
spinning attack or the brain washing methods ! It needless to say here that it affects
disabled persons always in trouble while achieving their support schemes to be motivated
in society. It also point here that climbing like a ladder support schemes will shine it’s
metal in bright but attack by leg spinning whole achievements are turned in to down
warding from the ladder too ! It also reflects a word ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT
GOLD’ hence disabled persons perhaps be live in drams and not in reality ?

Hence there have a lot of responsibilities with us in getting target level for the
implementing disabled person and their expectation at an amicable movement. One who
forgive their attitude behavior like leg-spinning/jealous etc, we are in truth and
confidence that there have no any hidden agenda in get implementing ideas on disabled
persons development in welfare activities etc.

Therefore let us know give encouragement and be inspiration to the movements well
planned by disabled welfare activities with regard to developed ideas so that we have
nothing to left to the world. Following are the feed back for get in to satisfaction to the
scheme to be implemented in future:-

[1] Some one mis-using disabled people for gaining sympathy and thereby for fund
raising etc. It also reported that raised funds by disabled support was not properly
utilized the welfare of the disabled but was used towards one who’s own propriety, so
that disabled persons were treat as beggars in different corners if this persists again and
again. To maintain dignity among disabled people it’s better to abandon the middle man
hands ie. brokers who suspected to utilize disabled people for unlawful gaining’s,
sympathy and property making etc.

[2] Some disabled people would like to rise in this society, but some one would like to
miss-lead them towards downward at whole corners. Due to this mis-leading attitude
several disabled people always facing financial loss and thereby their own confidence,
human harmony etc. However by good circumstances some disabled persons are dare to
face these unbelievable attacks on different category of people and was succeeded in
getting implementing several benefits to the people with disability.

[3] Treating by ill attitude with disabled people is not a new one, but awareness them
about such ill treat like mis-leading, confusion etc is now we expect on society and it’s
endeavours. However some on would like to set up NGO or forum for unity and hope to
achieve diversity for developing disability issue. But unfortunately due to mis-leading
disabled people there by mis-managing the institution affected in fall down the whole
round development with regard to disability issue thereby dividing NGOs for pettitious
gain. It needless to wrote here that attitude towards a disabled or a disabled running
NGO always affect the disabled person’s movements towards welfare of the community.

Therefore we should try to maintain peace and harmony among disabled people, so that
we always get united in setting up goals or welfare activities with regard to disability
issue. We should remember an ancient sentence that WHERE THERE IS A WAY
THERE IS A WAY ! However truth and confidence should be the winner of these
entitlement towards disability issues. To fighting for truth, it’s realized that we could able
to face any dare sequences at a later date also !

Disabled persons never expect anything except truth, reality & confidence towards
them, we must know this. Mostly they should not like to hire their benefits to any person
other than disabled welfare activities, so that we can gain some unity among us.
Therefore we think first about the unity among us without a hassles free from politics etc.
It could reflects about one who having his interest for the time being with disability

[4] To build an affirmative family atmosphere, it’s suggested for maintaining close
relationship with each other at open system, so that we solve whole grievances with
amicable that we are facing by day to day affairs. However some disabled people not
willing to discuss their problems by open systems, so that they were automatically get in
to down trodden for their hidden agenda. However with open discussion some one could
relax from their un-necessary mental torches like failure in sociability’s, hidden disputes
with colleagues and family members etc. Therefore we should encourage each disabled
for COM forward with an open mind to resolve this amicable.

Some on dare to fight their grievances at legal corner, instead for an amicable settlement,
then they always facing trouble in work spot, family corner etc. Therefore we re-think
for getting success in solving their grievances with out of legal issues so that getting
success in solving their grievances with amicable.

But present situation and behavior towards disabled people failed to maintain harmony
among each other and thereby a shine for the failure in settling the matter amicable at an
dispute raised between the institution /family with disabled people. However to get in to
the reality we can gain the whole round success by out of court which we should manage
how to get it !

Written by : Kodakkal Shivaprasad,
Address: ‘Shivanaga’ Ist Cross, Ist B Parrellel,
Gundappashed, Opp: Sri Sharada Girls High School,
SHIMOGA – 577 201 [Karnataka-India]
Cell Phone: 9243314402

e-mail : kodakkal.s@rediffmail.com

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