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A04-MO2404 Super Mini Optical Wireless Mouse INPUT DEVICES by cuiliqing


									Eggly      Super Mini Optical Wireless Mouse


                       Resolution 800 dpi
                       Frequency 27 Mhz
                       2048 ID code
                       On/Off switch
                       75 gr. Batteries included

                WHY TO BUY IT
                  Technology at work for creativity: a fascinating and refined design
                  for a no-compromise product.
                  Ideal accessory: perfect for notebooks, absolutely light weight,
                  reduced dimensions and lighting button.
                  High resolution: minimal movements for moving round the whole
                  Compatible with Mac OS X
      Eggly                       Super Mini Optical Wireless Mouse

                                                   On/Off Switch                      USB Receiver                 The batteries
                                                   and the Connect button

                                       TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
                                       Optical sensor
                                       Resolution 800 dpi
                                       Transmission frequency: 27 MHz
                                       Covering: 1 Meter
                                       2048 ID Codes
                                       Feeding: 2*AAA Alkaline
                                       Weight: 75 gr
                                       Dimensions: 86x45,5x21 mm (LxWxH)
                                       Receiver USB
                                       Operative systems:                Package contents:
                                          Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000            Optical Mini Mouse
                                          Mac OS X                          USB receiver
        WARRANTY                                                            Extension cable
Atlantis Land S.p.A.                                                        Short guide
via De Gasperi, 122
Mazzo di Rho - MI - Italy
                                                                            Cd Installation                                                      Travel case
         SERVICE                                                            2 AAA Alkaline batteries
Atlantis Land Technology L.t.d.
3rd. Floor, Jonsim Palace
228 Queen's Road East.
Wanchai, Honk Kong                     WARRANTY 3 YEARS “ON SITE”!                This ATLANTIS LAND® product is warranted for 36 months.               ATLANTIS LAND® will substitute the defective product with a new one directly to the final client.
                                         For defect we mean any kind of non functioning with the exclusion of natural phenomena and clear
INTERNATIONAL SALES                      fraud.
FRANCE                                   The costumer , only after authorization ,will have to send the detective product to ATLANTIS LAND®
Atlantis Land France                     that will substitute it.
Centre Amsterdam                         The instructions for obtaining the substitution are wrote down in the hand book attached to the
57, Rue d’Amsterdam                      ATLANTIS LAND® product and on the web site
Paris - France               PRODUCT: Super Mini Optical Wireless Mouse
FAR EAST & USA SALES:                    CODE: A04-MO2404
Atlantis Land                            EAN CODE EAN: 8026974007182
International Sales Office
N°. 249 Hsining South Rd.                Changes can be made without a forewarning.
Taipei - Taiwan                          ATLANTIS LAND S.p.A. via De Gasperi 122 - 20017 Mazzo di Rho (MI)
                                         Tel. 02 9390.6085 - Fax 02 9390.6161 - -
                                         Company crtified ISO 9001:2000

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