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					                                       Chino Valley Council # 10234
                                   St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church
                                    St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
                                       General Meeting, July 6th, 2006

    Call To Order – 19:40
    Warden’s Report on Membership Cards – Koji Takemura - Complete
    Opening Prayer – Lord’s Prayer
    Pledge of Allegiance - Complete

    Roll Call of Officers – Mark Fregoso: Complete

    Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting –Passed as read
    Report of Admission Committee/Reading of Applications - Steve has called Richard Kleeberg
    Balloting for Membership: No new ballots.
    Reading of Receipts: available upon request

    Reading of Bills and Communications – All bills are approved.

    Grand Knight‘s Report – Steve Gomez:
      Steve gave notes from state convention. Death penalty was a subject that was mentioned and

    Financial Secretary’s Report: Jeff Runtz – No report.
    Chancellor’s Report on Vocations: Tom Callahan: No report
    Report of Service Program Committees;
      Community Director – Ramiro Caro- Absent
      Council Director – Joe Bok- Absent
      Youth Director – Ramiro Caro- Absent
      Church Director – Tom Callahan- Nothing new.
      Family Director – Art Kirby - Absent
      Pro Life - Jeff Runtz – This Saturday is hour of power at abortion clinic (9 to 10am). Please help if
      Membership Director – Absent
      Advocate- Mike Leeming
    Report of Auditor’s and Trustees – Manny Padilla: Bills approved.

Unfinished Business:
 Knights received letter from Trinity Equestrian Ranch. John Palmowski is asking for a donation to the
   ranch. Donation requested is equestrian center
                   Motion made to pass.
                   Motion was seconded and voted upon. Motion passed.
 Chino Hills is asking for sponsorship for
                   Motion was made
                   Motion was passed for $50 for Chino Hills Essay Contest
 Mike Leeming will chair the Simon Event at the Brea Mall.
   Tootsie Roll Drive is in need of a chair person.
   As a group of the Church, Knights are required to be fingerprinted and have a workshop.

New Business:
 French Toast Breakfast is Sunday the 9th. 6:30 to 11:00. Need volunteers.
 Sunday, July 16th is Blood Drive. Knights need volunteers.
 Wednesday, July 19th is Chino Hills Concerts in the Park
 Officer’s Installation: Sunday, July 23rd. 2PM followed by dinner at Tropical Mexico.
 Calendar for Church is set. Knights have no dates available for month of August.
 Art requested the Knights to provide donation to church member who is becoming a Nun in the Dominican

   Report of the Fourth Degree: N/A
   Field Agent’s Report - N/A
   District Deputy’s Report - Joe Bok: Absent
   Prayer for Sick and Distressed:

   Chaplain’s Summation: N/A
   Closing Prayer and Close of the General Meeting –
   Sick and Distressed: Brother Knights PGK Jim LaPolla, Paul Taylor, Chuck Kosky, Doris Cartwright, Lupe
    Montoya, Diane Grancich, Hector Franco, Helen Gonzalez, Eva Varoz, Bob Santos, Damian Padilla-
    Ravega, Henry Hernandez, Lillian Kirby, Anita Fitzpatrick, Nick Randazzo.