ADVENTURE PRINCESSES 2011-2012 by xiangpeng


									                     NEW SKY TERRITORY


                               RUNNING WATERS:

Publication was printed at the Expense of the Ridgewood YMCA
                                Why You Should Join The Frontier

        Parents Please read this page before looking at the rest of the Packet

The Adventure Princess program (originally known as the Indian Princesses) was founded under the idea that
fathers and daughters would spend time together and make great memories. The Adventure Princesses fully
understand that in today’s times, the family structure has changed. Throughout this packet, feel free to
exchange the words, dad and father, with grandfather, uncle, or stepfather. The organization currently has
several grandfathers in the program with their granddaughters, uncles with their nieces and stepfathers who
have joined with their stepdaughters.

The RIDGEWOOD YMCA Adventure programs involve about 500 families in and around the Parma, North
Royalton, Seven hills and surrounding communities. These programs include the Adventure Princesses as well
as the Adventure Guides (a Father and Son Organization).

These programs have been so successful in the past that they have also spawned off additional programs. The
Pioneer (originally the Papoose) program for pre-1sts graders as well as the Senior Princess and Trailblazers
programs designed to allow the kids to continue on after their 4th year has ended with the Adventure Princess
and Adventure Guides programs.

With the support of the YMCA these programs continue to grow and prosper while maintaining the YMCA’s
high standards for Family values and Community involvement.
Daughters Bring your Dads, Uncles or Grandpas
  To one of the 2 scheduled recruiting rallies

      Sept 11th & 18th 6:00 pm - 9:00pm
            The Ridgewood YMCA
           6840 Ridge Road Parma
            Across from Michael’s
                        Trail Boss Letter:
Yetta Hey!!!!!!!!!!

Yetta Hey (native american greeting) Dads and Daughters,

My name is Mark Ruda and I am the 2012 Trail Boss. Last year I sat in my living room doing
the same thing you’re doing now. Reading about this program and trying to decide if I wanted
to be a part of it. I can remember sitting, trying to find every excuse not to. “I’m too busy. I
don’t have time…” things that ran through my head. So I pretty much let my daughter Ashley
decide. I went to one of the recruiting rallies, asked questions and listened then talked it over
with Ashley and my wife. Ashley was so exicted about this program I gave it a chance. And
after going to a few events with Ashley, we were hooked. She had so much fun at everything
we did, and the smile on her face after every event made it all worth it. The things we’ve done
this passed year have been so much fun. Together we’ve been camping, sled riding, built and
raced pine wood derby cars and sail boats, walked on the field at an Indians game, horse back
riding, bon fires, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, marching in parades and parties for
the different holidays, just to name a few. And the best part is we did EVERYTHING together.
When our kids play sports or join other clubs, we usually just drop them off, maybe watch a
game, then take them home. But with the Adventure Princess Program, I get to do all those
things with Ashley. We have, in one short year, done so many great thing together that we’ve
really built some awesome memories that will last a life time. In that same short year, Ashley
and I have made some great new friends and I know if you decide to join, you’ll make some
great memories and a few good friends along the way. Last year I couldn’t decide if we should
join, and this year I’m the Trail Boss. I’m so glad we joined. And you will be too

Mark and Ashley Ruda
Friends Always!!
2012 Adventure Princess Trail Boss

Welcome NEW SKY Territory – Princesses and Dad’s!
Dear Moms,
        My name is Elizabeth Ruda, and I am the Trail Bosses wife. I wanted to tell you all a
little about this wonderful organization. My daughter Ashley never wanted to get involved
in any sports, or dance, or even gymnastics even though I tried to find something she
would enjoy. One day she brought an adventure princess packet home from school and
she was very excited about it, I read about all the fun events they do throughout the year
and told my husband it might b worth looking into. He went to a few meetings, met with the
other dads and he decided to give it a shot. The first event they went to was the car rally
and they were both hooked. Since that time my daughter looks forward to every event and
I have never seen her so happy. She'll go on and on for days about all the cool stuff
they've done. After seeing her and her dad spend so much time together, making so many
special memories, I know we all made the right decision. Your daughter will love it and
she'll love to to able to say that she is a real princess.

Dear Daughters,

My name is Ashley Ruda and my dad is the trail boss. I love being an adventure princess
because I get to spend a lot of time with my dad. We have done lots of cool things like camping,
and riding horses and fishing and staying up all night swimming and watching movies and
marching in parades. I have made a lot of cool friends. We get to do fun things with our dads. I
get to wear a cool headress and do things I would never do if I wasn’t a princess. I got to
decorate and race a boat, (I didn’t win the race but I did win best decorated!) and got to see a
town and people made out of ballons and march in a big parade. The big fire at camp and the
silly songs are awesome too. But the best part of being an adventure princess is spending so
much time with my dad. I’m so happy we joined
Ashley Ruda
Dad, When is the next Adventure Princess Event?

       I hear this every time we are on our way home from a Princess event or on the way to school. My name
is Greg Noeth; I am the 2011Trailboss and have two daughters. My youngest daughter, Marlena, is currently in
her fourth year of the program and my oldest, Greta was a member from 2006 - 2009.

        We started in the Adventure Princess program about six years ago when Greta brought home from
school an Adventure Princess folder with information on a Sunday recruiting rally. Like many of you Dads
now, I did not know what to expect – what kind of events do they do? Who are these people? – We decided to
join - and our lives changed from there. Greta became a part of a wonderful outpost and we both have so many
wonderful memories. Racing Pinewood Derby Cars – the Boat Race at Hinckley Spillway – Camping out on a
WWII Navy Battleship (Buffalo Overnighter) – riding horses, etc…. I believe I have developed a stronger
relationship with both of my daughters doing these events then I would have had if we did not join.

       My daughters and I would like to welcome ALL of you to our program and are always available for any
questions you and your daughters may have. Like anything in life, the more you involve yourself the greater
reward. The next four years will be rewarding to your daughter having opportunities to spend precious time
with their Dads!

Welcome ALL - Marlena, Greta and Greg Noeth - Elder 2012
2012 Calendar of Events:

   JAN                                Jul
     8          Induction Ceremony     4        July 4th Parade
    13              SledFest 1        22          Boat Race
    29                Bowling          8           Putt-Putt
    20              SledFest 2        Aug
   Feb                                18      Breakfast in the Park
     4             Mardi Gras         10     Mid-summer Fluff Raid
  17-19            Winter Camp        19     North Royalton Parade
   Mar                                Sep
    11          Father-Daughter 1      9       Recruiting Rally 1
   Apr                                16       Recruiting Rally 2
     1           Easter Egg Hunt      30          Car Rally
    22              Car Race          Oct
   May                               12-14      Fall Camp 1
    28         Memorial Day Parade           Camp 1 - Ghost March
   Jun                               19-21      Fall Camp 2
   1-3            Spring Camp                Camp 2 - Ghost March
    10            Fishing Derby      Nov
    16            Father's Day       9-10           Kalahari
                                      11         Family Skate
                                      17         Overnighter
                                      25       Christmas Parade
                                       9       Christmas Party
                                      21       Festival Of Fluffs
         Once upon a time in the Great Western Frontier, there lived a family. One night, the father was returning from a hard
day of hunting, fishing and trapping. When he got to the front porch, he took a seat in his favorite chair to watch the sunset
before dinner. His young daughter ran out to the porch to greet him. She climbed up, wrapped her arms around his neck and
nestled into his lap. Looking at the sunset together, the daughter asked her father a question.
         “Daddy, how do you know what it takes to survive out here in the frontier?”
         Her father thought for a moment, and then begin his reply. “In order to survive in the frontier you must realize that
we are not the first people to walk these lands. Long before we came, the Indians learned the ways of the wild. I learned how
to live here by following their example. When I go out into the wild, I depend on the knowledge of the Trackers, Scouts and
[insert new Navigator title here].”
         “And what do they say?”
         “They say that all life must respect the four territories of nature.”
         “What territories?”
         The father looked out at the sunset and pointed to the sun. “The first territory is the Sun. We need the sun to live. It
gives us daylight, warms us and helps our crops to grow. It helps us keep track of our day and lets us know which direction
we are traveling. We couldn’t survive out here without respect for all the Sun does for us.”
         “I respect the sun,” replied the daughter. “It always shows me a bright shining face to make my day happy. When it
shines on me, I feel like it is a warm hug from God. When the sun rises it chases away the dark of night, and tells me it is
time to get up and start a new day. When it sets like this, it paints the sky with glorious colors. When it’s set, I know it’s time
for bed. I love the Sun!”
         At that point, the mother called for father to stoke the fire for the night. Dad and daughter walked to the side of the
cabin to where the firewood was stacked.
         “This is another territory of nature we must respect,” said the father. “This wood comes from the Forest. We need
the Forest to live. It provides the wood we need to build our home, feed our fire and make our tools. It is home to the animals
we need for food. It provides us with shade when the sun is to hot. We couldn’t survive out here without respect for all the
Forest does for us.”
         “I respect the Forest,” replied the daughter. “It is where the trees show their pretty blossoms. It is the home of the
bunnies and deer. It is where the birds build their nest and sign their songs. I love to walk its trails and listen to the wind as it
sings its song in the branches of the trees. I love the Forest!”
         After collecting the firewood, the pair went inside to stoke the cooking fire. The father looked at his daughter and
smiled. “This is another territory of nature we must respect,” he said. “We need Fire to live. Fire keeps the cabin warm at
night and during the winter months. Fire provides us with light when the sun is down. We use fire to cook our meals. Fire
can also protect us from the predators of the frontier. We use fire to heat water to clean our clothes and wash our bodies. We
couldn’t survive out here without respect for all that Fire does for us.”
         “I respect Fire,” replied the daughter. “I like how it causes the smell of dinner to fill the whole cabin. I like the smell
of the different wood as it burns. I like to sit and watch the flames. I pretend they are dancers and the logs are their stage.
Sometimes I just stare at the fire and dream about things and places I’ve never seen. I love the fire!”
         After dinner, the father took his daughter up to bed. As he tucked her in, he pointed out the window to the stars in the
sky. “There is the fourth territory of nature we must respect, the Sky,” he said. “We must respect the Sky to live. It is
nature’s roof over our heads. It is the source of rain for our crops and the cool breeze on a hot summer day. At night, its stars
show us direction, record our stories and tell us of the passing seasons. Most importantly, the sky’s God’s home, and we
could not survive without God! We could never survive in the frontier without respect for all that the Sky represents.”
         “I respect the Sky,” said the daughter. “I love to watch the clouds during the day. It is such a pretty painting of blue
and white and it is always changing. At night I see proof that God and his angels are watching over us. The stars in the sky
are faces of the angels peering down on all of us. I love the Sky!”
         At that point the father hugged and kissed the daughter. “I love you,” he said. “Thank you for sharing your thoughts
and dreams with me. I love when we spend time together.”
         And the daughter replied: “Thanks for telling me about the frontier Daddy. I love when you take the time to teach me
about the world and spend time with me. I’m glad that you are my friend.” Then her face changed. A look of worry came
across her face.
         “What’s the matter sweetie?” asked the father.
         “Daddy, will we always be friends like this?”
         And the father replied: “Friends Always.”
         The daughter smiled and drifted off to sleep.

       And so it has been for many generations. By sharing their activities, thoughts and dreams, Dads and Daughters grow
to know and love each other more. It is upon such a foundation that life-long respect and friendship are built.
                            SKY TERRITORY

  Hello, We are Sky Territory scouts. My name is Tim Organiscak (aka Big foot) and my daughter name is Hailey
Alexis ( aka little foot), and we would like to welcome you the Adventure Princesses! You just

 joined the Greatest father/daughter group around. My daughter Hailey and I have been in the Princesses for almost
4 years and have had allot of fun and even more important made some great memories to last

a lifetime. One of the first things you will be doing will be going to the car rally and ghost march in September and
October. These two events are a must for the newbie princess and her Dad. I know you will

enjoy your time as an Adventure Princess as much as Hailey and I enjoyed our time together over the past years.
You can count on staying up late at camp, doing little skits with your outpost for other outposts,

going Horse back riding, Parade's, sled riding, playing kick ball, going fishing, shooting 22's, bows and arrows,
bike rides, making projects at the craft barns, sitting around the campfire telling stories of days gone

by or days to come. all this stuff is here for you to do with your Dad. Some of the events are to include your whole
family ( your mom too) Hope to see you around please stop me to say Yetta Hey.

Timothy Organiscak
Time starts "NOW"
Welcome and thanks
Tim and Hailey Organiscak
2010 Sky Territory Scouts
                                    Forest Territory Scout:

Yetta Hey New Fire ,

Welcome my name is Rick or they call me Elbows you will see why at the camps that we attend and my daughter
name is Mia . I am the Forest Scout for the 2011 year and have been serving as a Forest Territory Scout for 3 years
and love every moment of it . My outpost is the Tigerlillies and we have 12 Dad’s and 13 daughters.

I encourage you to make every event as possible plus the campout are awesome. You see a lot of participation and a
lot of fun. At the campouts is where I got my nickname thanks to a few officers. I won't say their names but hey it’s
all in fun. My favorite event is the boat race because of the participation and families are there and the dads and
daughters work and create a boat in which we race in the river in one year my daughter and I made a boat and
dedicate it to my son and the boat won over all. These dads and daughters supported me and visit me when I was in
the hospital and I was battling cancer. Still have it I am in remission and hopefully stay that way. I personally want
to thank all who help me you guys are my second family and you know what it’s well worth having you all in my
life it make me feel good even though i was sick. My gratitude and many thanks to you who have been there for

All in all I personally welcome you to a nice dads and daughter program in which you will make memories of a life
time. Just be patience there will be a lot of info thrown at you but it will come together and in the end it will be all
worth it. I will do my best to serve you and if you have any questions i will get those answers for you. I leave you
with a couple of things to remember. Be involved and share each moment with your daughter. Because the time you
share, your time with your daughter, is the time you will remember forever.

Territory Scout Rick Elbows

Rick and Mia Budzinski
                  SUN TERRITORY REPORT:
                   SUN TERRITORY REPORT:

I’m Scott Smith, the 2011 Sun Territory Scout. This is my first year as an Officer but 2nd overall
year in the Princesses. My Daughter Madison has just absolutely loved being in the Princesses and
being an officers daughter. Not sure I could think of how awesome it is to spend this time with my
daughter. I lost my father when I was 12 years old and never wanted to miss a chance to spend it
with my kids. We have had so much fun making memories to last a life time.

        Not only has Madison developed many new friends, “Friends Always”, so have I. The dads
take so much pride in making sure all girls are involved and having a good time. We include girls
even when the dads are not available to participate in the activities. Madison’s best memories are
bowling and the many camping activities. We created a video for all the girls and dads after the
first camp out. Looking back on it we will see what a difference 4 years can make. Madison has
watched this countless times.

      I can’t tell you how much fun and memories you will make by becoming an Adventure
Princess. We have done so many things from parades, camp outs, car rallies, fluff raids, shooting
guns, canoeing, fishing, father daughter dances, overnighters or just relaxing and watch a movie
with your dad.

       I would encourage you to see what this program can do for you and your daughter. I can say
with certainty that you will not be disappointed by what you get out of it for both you and your
future princess.

Scott and Madison Smith
2011 Sun Scout
         A Fathers perspective of 14 years in the Adventure Princess Program
I started the Princess Organization with my oldest daughter Castanza. She has graduated from high school and is
now attending Cuyahoga Community College. My fondest memory we share happened at our first campout. It is
tradition for the council fire to be started by all of us asking “Great Spirit light our fire”. She yelled “Great Spirit
light our fire” and it started. She looked at me and said Dad he listened to me. The fire was large and hot. She said
“Great Spirit not so hot”. And the fire was cut in half. I will never forget the look in her eye when she said to me
“Dad he really listened to me”.

My second daughter Francesca couldn’t wait to start the program. She was so jealous seeing us go off for a
weekend all by ourselves. She is in her sophomore year in high school. She was so excited when it was her turn to
go to camp. At the council fire I looked past her glasses and found a tear coming down her cheek. On the last day of
camp she always wanted to stay longer. We would go to the Archery range where she would shoot arrows until it
was time to go home. Her tribe still holds an annual campout at one of the family’s farm.

My third daughter Carmella now starting in junior high school was also excited to spend time with me at camp. We
were at camp Y-Noah playing field hockey in the barn. It was her and I playing against two dads and their
daughters. I kept passing her the ball and she kept scoring. We won by a large margin. The year we started the
program the name changed to Adventure Princesses. It is still the same, spending quality time with your daughters
building life long memories.

My last daughter Angelina and I are in our 2nd year. So far we have not made it to a camp because I had back
surgery last year. Our first Father Daughter Dinner is one that I will never forget. The DJ played Butterfly Kisses.
All of the other dads picked up their girls and danced with them. I looked down at her and asked do you want me to
pick you up? She said yes, so I did. I had tears coming from my eyes. Yes I was in major pain but the look on her
face of total joy got me through the dance. Truth is it wasn’t only my back hurting. It was my heart. I knew we had
only 3 more dances left. I had been through this three times with my other daughters and I know how fast it goes.

The time goes fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend quality time with your Daughters!!!

         Castanza                    Francesca                   Carmella                   Angelina

                                           Rick DiCola Fire Territory Scout
  Events throughout the Year:

   Confidence and Strength!
   Once the Wall is

                                All Aboard!
                                For the The Boat Race

Play Ball!!
Tribe Game is always Fun!
                            More Events:

                          The crazy dances around
                          Council Fire...Wishy washy

HorseBack Riding @ Camp

A letter from an outgoing Princess:
In this past four years I have learned so much in Adventure Princesses. One of the best parts of Adventure Princesses is
spending it all with your dad. You get to do so much at camp like camping, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing making
fires, watching the huge bomb fire Saturday night, making friends and all that other fun stuff too. It is cool when you go
to the events the dads set up like the Easter party, Father Daughter Dances, Christmas party, car rally, boat races and
more… One of the fun things we do at camp is go on the ghost march and watch all the funny and scary skits. I’m sure
you will love it as much as my dad and I do. I know it has brought us closer together.
Hailey Organiscak, 4th year princess

A letter from a former Princess:

        Hi! My name is Heather Thorne. I am a former Adventure Princess, and am now in the senior princesses.
I had a lot of fun with my daddy and I made a lot of new friends! Being in the Adventure Princesses allowed me to
experience a lot of new and fun things that I never would have done. From horseback riding to shooting bow `n`
arrows and trying to climb to the top of the rock wall (though I personally never got their) and those are just a
few examples of the fun times I had. This adventure allowed the relationship between my dad and I to grow. I
love him a lot. The Adventure Princesses helped me make some of my best friends. My memories from the
adventure princesses will last forever. Thank You Dad ~ Big Bear
                                      Adventure Princesses! Friends Always!
                             Heather Thorne ~ Little Bear of The Wild Bears Outpost

A letter from a third year Princess:
Dear New Princesses,
    My name is Cassidy. I am nine years old. I have been in princesses two and a half years. I like to camp because you get to go
horseback riding, do archery, shoot BB guns, sit by camp fires, and sleep in a cozy cabin with snoring dads.
       Some other events I like are the parties and parades. My big dog, Duncan, marches in the parade too. There are races like the
boat race and car race. You get to make your own boat and car! Your dad can become an officer like my dad.
       Best of all, you can spend time with your dad too. You sit by a big fire together and sing silly songs. You eat with your dad
and friends (make sure you keep your elbows off the table). My dad even does arts and crafts with me. I hope you like it in
Adventure Princesses.

Friends always,
Cassidy Payne
A Letter from a Dad:
Yetta Hey New Princesses & Dads –

When I was asked to write about Adventure Princesses I jumped at the chance. I wanted the opportunity to tell
dads and their daughters about what an incredible opportunity this organization offers. Adventure Princesses is
truly unique in the way that it allows your daughter to grow and allows you to be right next to her as she does.

In 2008 my daughter Cassidy came home with a folder, probably something like the one you are holding now, very
excited about an organization I had never heard of. However, after looking into it I realized it was the same
organization I had been in with my dad as a child, it was called Indian Guides (Princesses for girls) then. When I
asked my neighbor about it he raved about all the fun he and his daughter had in the organization. He talked about
all night parties, camping, horseback riding, Christmas and Easter parties, car and boat races, and of course
marching in parades.

The more Cassidy and I looked at all the things she could do the more excited that she became. We went to a rally
where they showed all of the pictures from the previous year’s events and members spoke to us about all of the fun
we could have together. It was then that I really realized how quickly she was growing up and how I had to take
these opportunities to spend time with her to create memories that both of us will remember forever.

Over the past 3 years we have done as many events as we could through Adventure Princesses. We have the cars,
boats, trophies, T-shirts, vests, and fluffs to prove it! The best part is that we have always done it together, dad and
daughter. It has helped her to gain more confidence then I could have ever given her alone. Beyond this, I have
spent time with her alone and made her realize how special she really is.

It seems so long ago that we decided to join. When I look back, so many of the memories I have are because of
Adventure Princesses. We never would have had the chance to ride horses or swim until 2AM without Adventure
Princesses. We never would have built and decorated cars and boats for races without Adventure Princesses. We
never would have met girls and dads just like us who would become such great friends without Adventure

As fathers, we all adore our daughters and want them to succeed. I have never been part of an organization more
dedicated to giving fathers and daughters the chance to spend time and create memories together. I encourage you
to take the first step and go to a rally, find out more about Adventure Princesses. Give your daughter these unique

I promise that you both will get more back than you ever put in.

Friends Always,

Doug “Patches” Payne
Chippequois Outpost
Forest Territory
A Letter from a Princess Mom:
Dear Moms and Princesses,

I am writing this letter from a mother’s perspective, so I am addressing this to all the moms out there. At first the
thought of a father / daughter organization can sound off-putting to a mom. You might think, “They are going to
make so many memories without me” or “When do I get to have fun with my daughter?” Through Adventure
Princesses (AP), your daughter will make lots of memories with her father and yes, you too will still get to have lots
of fun.

Life seems automatically set up for father / son events but not father / daughter. AP is set up for father / daughter
events, which is what makes the organization so special. Nowhere else, will your daughter get to spend so much
time and build great memories with her father. Some of you may be thinking this organization does not apply to
your daughter because her father is not around. AP goes out of the way to make uncles, grandfathers, etc. feel
welcome. AP allows your daughter to develop a special relationship with a father figure.

My husband, Doug, and daughter, Cassidy, joined Adventure Princesses over three year ago. They have had the
time of their lives together. Doug has made lifelong friends, and Cassidy has blossomed into a fine young lady.
She can be as tough as anybody else, like when she is sledding or riding a horse, yet be refined like at the father /
daughter dance. They do a wide variety of activities together, no matter the season, no matter the weather. They
come home chatting about the event and even closer than before they left.

My favorite events are the camping trips. They always come home dirty, exhausted, and smelly, and yes, you get to
do all the gross laundry. Then I quickly learn about something new that Cassidy tried like a giant swing and hear
all about the great camp fire the dads built. Those weekends are special for me as well because I get to spend them
with our son, Ben. He enjoys having those two out of the house and spending time with just me. Ben and I also go
to the family events, where Ben always has plenty of friends to play with.

Though AP is billed as a father / daughter organization, AP is really an organization for the entire family. I am
often helping out at events like the boat race and the Mardi Gras party. I enjoy seeing the girls playing together and
the dads “playing” together too. Cassidy and Doug have grown much closer thanks to Adventure Princesses, and
for that I am eternally grateful.

Friends Always,

Kathy Payne
Mother / Wife
Chippequois Outpost
Forest Territory
Extra Extra
Read all about
it...Trail Boss
Sign is hi-
jacked again...
                            2011 ADVENTURE PRINCESS
                                       CAR RALLY
                                      Games, Food, and Prizes!

When:        Sunday, September 25th, 2011 – 11 to 4:30pm
             11AM – Sun, 11:20AM Fire, 11:40AM Forest, 12:00 Sky
Where:       Starting off @ Ridgewood YMCA Parking Lot.
             Follow directions to end point. Destination unknown.
Who:         All Adventure Princesses & Families (FAMILY EVENT)
What:        Car Rally ( A long or short ride in your car where your passenger          will need to give you
turn by turn directions to no specific place – aka a Scavenger Hunt…

Things to help you prepare: Gas, Rain Gear, Hats & Mittens if its cold.
What to Expect: Great food, Good Games, Skit Contestwhich includes Mom and Outpost for each territory, Lip
Synching, and a fun adventure!

                            WELCOME NEW SKY TERRITORY
                   This event is free to all New SKY Territory families!

             OIC: Tim Organiscak 440-503-1486 0r
                      OIC: Mark Nelson
             Ghost March Tour
              If You Dare !!!

       When: October 14th at 7pm
    Where: Camp Cheerful Mess Hall
       Who: All New Fire Members
       Dress: Halloween Costumes
                 Cost : Free
Candy for the girls will be passed out along
                 each stop.
                                              Girl's make your Dad stay up all night!

                                       Adventure Princess Overnighter
Where:          Avon YMCA
When:           Saturday November 12th 2012

Swimming, Crafts, Movies, Food, and Snacks.
Bring your sleeping bags and swimsuits
(sorry no girls in the Hot Tub or Saunas)

Dodgeball Tournament with prizes for girls!
Tug of War Tournament for Dads with Trophies and bragging rights!


Bring a plate of goodies to share!!!!!!!!! (Be creative Dads & Girls)

OIC - Mark Nelson
OIC - Tim Organiscak

                                WELCOME NEW SKY TERRITORY
                      This event is free to all New SKY Territory families!
           2011 Festival of Fluffs
       What: Festival of Fluffs

                Your big chance to do a great deal of fluffing
                (collecting feathers for a fluff trail/headdress)
                with your outpost and maybe even sing a few songs
                along the way.

       When: Friday, December 16, 2011

   Start Time: Any time between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Start Location: TBD

       Notes:  Your outpost will want to plan “Fluffing Song*”

                 You will need a bag to collect your fluffs

                 A sharp mind and a strong stomach are always
                  very handy to bring along

         OIC: Roger Bundy

          *A “Fluffing Song” is an old song with new words about fluffing
                             or Adventure Princesses
                    Happy Holiday’s

     !!!!!!!! HERE COMES SANTA CLAUSE !!!!!!!

             HE’LL BE MAKING HIS BIG

Come and join your fellow Adventure Princesses and Santa
                 Clause in the Parade.

The meeting time and location will be in the next Running
     Adventure Princesses’
    Family Christmas Party!
       Date: Sunday, December 11th,2011
             Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM
                   Place: Tri-C
  11000 Pleasant Valley Rd Parma, Ohio 44129
 Parking: Park in rear lot and use rear entrance

                 Admission: Free

Christmas Fun for the Whole Family
 at the Biggest Event of the Year!



          OIC: Todd Althouse 440-668-1155
               Mark Ruda 440-886-1946
 The Big Creek Frontier would like to welcome the New Sky Territory and say
                      goodbye to the Outgoing Sky Territory

             Wear your Princess vests and headdresses
Sunday, January 8th 2012                          Where: Valley Forge
Starts promptly at 1 pm.                         High School Auditorium

New Fire Territory members:                     Bring 2 sticks, one marked

“PATIENCE” and one marked                            “OBEDIENCE”.

Bring Mom and Dad,                                     bring Grandma and

Sun, Forest and Sky                                       will receive their 2nd,
3rd, and 4th year                                       patches.

New Fire will receive                                    their headbands and
                                 YMCA patches

       2012 Officers will be inducted too!
       Come see the slide show and some Great performances!!!!!

                      Please bring some goodies to share

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