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									                                                                          Providing Children
                                                                          with Help and Hope

Mission Statement
The Second Mile challenges young people to achieve
                                                          THE SECOND MILE ANNUAL REPORT 2007
their potential as individuals and community members
by providing opportunities for them to develop positive
life skills and self-esteem as well as by providing
education and support for parents and professionals
addressing the needs of youth.
ENSURING TOMORROW’S DREAMS                                                                           Board Chairman Bob Poole and
                                                                                                     President/CEO Dr. Jack Raykovitz

Again in 2007, we served more children than         spent with mentors and with the extended            Mile programs, they become part of The
ever before. For children whose lives include       Second Mile family that children develop            Second Mile family.
many obstacles and much chaos, The Second           their own vision of a life of excellence.
Mile is a source of constancy, thanks to your    •	 Youth are empowered through a call to            That’s why your annual support is so critical to
ongoing support. Your donations enable us           community service. Many Second Mile              this organization and the children we serve.
to provide programs in which participants’          youth once believed that they had nothing        Many Second Mile children have experienced
actions determine the outcomes and where            to offer others. Through their participation     lives	filled	with	the	broken	promises	of	adults.	
mentors and role models teach skills and guide      in Second Mile programs, they learn instead      You have made it possible for us to extend a
actions. Through this powerful combination          that,	just	as	they	have	benefited	from	the	      hand and say, “No broken promises ever again.”
of opportunities with teachers, Second Mile         generosity of Second Mile donors, they, too,
children learn that they can create bright          can make valuable contributions to their         As we embark on ensuring The Second Mile’s
futures for themselves and that they have           communities. Second Mile programs teach,         future by building the facilities and endowment
something positive to offer others. That’s          preach, recognize, and reward a commitment       we desperately need to support our current
because all of our programs are built on these      to school, neighborhood, town, and country.      programs	and	to	make	certain	that	we	can	fulfill	
central tenets:                                  •	 Kids recognize that The Second Mile is           tomorrow’s dreams, we thank you for your
                                                    always there for them. Our year-round            ongoing commitment to provide help and hope
•	 Young people learn the power of self-            encouragement comes in many forms—               every day.
   determination. Children who previously           letters, cards, phone calls, meetings, visits,
   learned hopelessness, that their actions         and special activities—offered by a network      Sincerely,
   didn’t make a difference in their lives,         of caring volunteers, staff, and community
   now learn that they can shape their own          professionals and through The Second Mile’s
   destinies. In Second Mile programs, it is        collaborations with parents, schools, and
   their choices and actions that determine         other agencies.
   what recognition, rewards, and additional     •	 Children learn that adults keep their            Bob Poole
   opportunities they’ll receive.                   promises. When the doors to a Second Mile        Chairman of the Board
•	 Children are blessed with mentors and            program are opened, they remain open as
   models. Volunteers and staff care deeply         long as children are in need. The Second Mile
   about Second Mile children. They provide         has chosen to rely on private support so that
   guidance, direction, discipline…an example.      we can maintain our commitment to children
   They help children set and achieve goals         and families based upon the circumstances
   in a supportive environment. They make           of their lives, rather than on governmental      Jack Raykovitz, Ph.D.
   memories. It is through memories of times        funding streams. Once children enter Second      President and Chief Executive Officer
  Revenue                                                                         Statement of Revenues, Expenses,
                                                                                  & Changes in Fund Restrictions
           Net Assets Released
             from Restrictions

         Other Revenues                     Individuals

Special Projects                                                                  REVENUES
                                                                                    Individuals                                               $ 365,606
                                                                                    Corporations                                                686,892
                                                          Corporations              Foundations                                                 210,952
  Special Events
                                                                                    Organizations                                                70,236
                                                                                    Special Events            Income          $ 1,228,589
                                           Foundations                                                        Expenses        $   404,092       824,497
                   Organizations                                                    Special Projects                                            107,011
                                                                                    Other Revenues                                              259,284

                                                                                    Net Assets Released from Restrictions                        60,000
                                                                                    Total Revenues                                          $ 2,584,478
  Operating Expenses
                                                                                    Community Education                                       $ 291,114
                                   Management and General
                                                                                    Foster Care                                                 208,704
                                                Nittany Lion Tips
                                                                                    Friend/Friend Fitness                                       318,322
                                                                                    Fundraising                                                 360,163
   Leadership Institute                                   Challenge                 General Programs                                            251,049
                                                                                    Leadership Institute                                        184,085
   General Programs                                                                 Management and General                                      260,297
                                                                                    Nittany Lion Tips                                           124,906
                                                            Community Education
                                                                                    Prevention: Education & Awareness for Kids (PEAK)            46,720
                                                                                    Challenge                                                   429,112
                                                          Foster Care
                                          Friend/Friend Fitness
                                                                                    Total Expenses                                          $ 2,474,472

                                                                                  FUND RESTRICTION CHANGES
                                                                                    Contributions                           $ 389,824
                                                                                    Net Assets Released from Restriction      (60,000)        $ 329,824

                                                                                  INCREASE IN NET ASSETS                                     $ 439,830
                                                                                  NET ASSETS, BEGINNING                                     $ 5,812,461
                                                                                  NET ASSETS, ENDING                                        $ 6,252,291
               Programs and Services 2007
                                               Number of Individuals Served
                                               (Nittany Lion Tips, PEAK, Sovereign Bank Second Mile Leadership Institute, and Challenge included on map)

                                                WARREN                                                                                                                                     BRADFORD
                                                                                     MCKEAN                          POTTER                                                                                               SUSQUEHANNA
                                       1,980                                     2,000
                                                                                                                                                        TIOGA                              2,779                             2,484
       CRAWFORD                                                                                                    1,393                              1,135                                                                                              WAYNE
       3,165              Northwest Region                                                                                                                                                                                                              3,006
                                                     FOREST                                                                                                                                                        WYOMING
                                                     115                        ELK                  CAMERON
                                                                                                                                                                                            SULLIVAN                615              LACKAWANNA
                                                                             1,737                                                                                                           580                                      3,429
    MERCER                 1,943                                                                         250                                                    LYCOMING                                                                                                PIKE
                                                                                                                                 CLINTON                        7,191                                                                                                  1,026
                                           CLARION                                                                             4,088                                                                                              Northeast Region
                                           2,005              JEFFERSON
                                                               846                                                                                                                 MONTOUR COLUMBIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   5,024                              MONROE
  LAWRENCE                                                                              CLEARFIELD
                                                                                                                                                                     UNION          1,636 4,008                                                      2,118
  1,750              BUTLER                                                             7,803                                                                        2,955                                                         CARBON
                   3,662                 ARMSTRONG                                                                                                                                                                                3,811
                                                                                                                                                                     SNYDER       NORTHUMBERLAND
                                         2,046                                                                                                                       3,295        8,815                  SCHUYLKILL
                                                                                                  Central Region                         MIFFLIN                                                                                                      5,590
 4,374                   Southwest Region
                                                          INDIANA                                                                                                                                        5,155                             LEHIGH
                                                         2,077                                                                   3,856             JUNIATA                                                                                10,279
               ALLEGHENY                                                   CAMBRIA             BLAIR                                          236
                                                                                                                                                                               DAUPHIN                                    BERKS
               18,921                                                     9,138               9,047                                                          PERRY
                                                                                                                                                                              17,207                                                                           BUCKS
                                                                                                                                                         1,829                               LEBANON                  18,895
                                     WESTMORELAND                                                              HUNTINGDON                                                                    6,533                                                        12,651
                                         9,549                                                                 4,376                                                                                                                            15,865
                                                                                                                                                   CUMBERLAND        Southcentral Region
   1,891                                                                                                                                           12,312                                              LANCASTER                            Southeast Region
                                                              SOMERSET                  BEDFORD                                                                                                        25,156
                               FAYETTE                        2,024                    2,270              FULTON              FRANKLIN
                                                                                                                                                                                   YORK                                    19,915                   DELAWARE
                                                                                                          635                 6,619                          ADAMS
                                                                                                                                                                                19,672                                                                             7,729
       885                    2,710                                                                                                                     4,777                                                                                       4,836

Regional Program Services                                                 (not included on map)

Central Region                                                                         Southwest Region                                                                                   Northeast/Northwest Region
     299 Participated in Friend                                                               1 Received Children’s Fund awards                                                                 19 Received Children’s Fund awards
      52 Participated in Friend Fitness                                                     250 Attended Foster Family activities                                                              779 Participated in Foster
	     76	 Attended	the	Clearfield	Day	                                                 Southeast Region                                                                                             Family activities
          Enrichment Program                                                                164 Participated in Friend                                                                    Southcentral Region
     266 Received Children’s Fund awards                                                     67 Participated in Friend Fitness                                                                  79 Participated in Friend
     731 Participated in Foster                                                              36 Received Children’s Fund awards                                                                 35 Received Children’s Fund awards
          Family activities                                                                 659 Participated in Foster                                                                       1,770 Participated in Foster
      71 Attended 533 Counseling Sessions                                                        Family activities                                                                                 Family activities
                                                                                       Statewide Program Service Totals
                        “In the 2006 Annual Report, I introduced our                     181,470    Addressed important issues through the Nittany Lion Tips Program*
                         campaign to build The Second Mile Center                        203,445    Learned new skills through PEAK Videos I or II or Play Kit I*
                         for Excellence, and in each of this year’s
                         Milestones, I’ve tried to provide additional
                                                                                             542    Participated in safe activities with caring mentors through the Friend Program
                         information—the need for the facility, an                           119    Built outer strength and inner character through the Friend Fitness Program
                         introduction to its components, and what                            746    Developed key skills and set goals through the Challenge Program
                         the facility will mean for kids. I thought I’d
                                                                                              76    Attended the Clearfield Day Enrichment Program
                         recap since you are key to what we do for
                         children—today and tomorrow.                                        283    Learned leadership skills to heal communities through the Leadership Institute
While The Second Mile has been successfully programming for
                                                                                             357    Received critical support through the Children’s Scholarship Fund
kids, we have outgrown much of our donated and rented space.                               4,189    Enjoyed recreation and received recognition through 54 Foster Family activities
Not only do these borrowed facilities lack what’s needed to meet                       	      71	   Benefited	from	533	Counseling sessions
requests for service, they are frequently unavailable when our
                                                                                             224    Received Guidance and Referral information
kids	and	families	need	them	most,	and	we	can’t	modify	them	to	fit	
our program needs. This lack of dedicated space also hampers our                             413    Participated in Professional Training through 69 different sessions
ability to train volunteers and professionals so that they can make                       18,655    Attended 139 Community Education presentations
our programs available to even more children across Pennsylvania.
                                                                                       *estimated number based upon counselor reports
That’s why we are committed to building The Second Mile’s Center
for Excellence—the physical facilities necessary to maintain our
current commitments to children and to enhance and expand
the programs of The Second Mile long after I’m gone. Like you, I                                     The Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society
want to make certain that the opportunities that we are providing
                                                                                                     The Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society          the beneficiary of a retirement plan, a charitable
children today will be available tomorrow. Key components in
the Center for Excellence are an Outdoor Athletic/Recreational                                       recognizes those individuals who have made an         remainder trust, the gift of a life insurance policy
Complex,	with	fields,	courts,	a	pool,	picnic	facilities,	and	challenge	                              estate provision for, or a planned or deferred        naming The Second Mile as beneficiary, and/or the
courses; and an Education/Recreation Building, with a gym/                                           gift commitment to, The Second Mile. These gift       execution of an estate note. We wish to thank the
auditorium, dorm space, and a multi-purpose room.                                                    commitments could include a bequest in a will or      members of this society for providing a foundation
                                                                                                     living trust, the designation of The Second Mile as   for the future of our organization.
And what will The Second Mile Center for Excellence mean to kids…
          For children who have learned to distrust adults—               Anonymous                        Sophie W. Penney                   “Ellen and I have
                                                                          John Barry*                      Carol Pioli
                         an honored promise,                                                                                                   included the Arthur C.
                                                                          Daniel and Kimberly Del Bright   Alec Pringle
            For those youngsters who lack permanence—                     Wendell and Linette Courtney     John R. Raykovitz and               and Evelyn M. Sandusky
                         a sense of stability,                            Kenneth and Susan Ewing             Katherine Genovese
                                                                          Robert Forbes                    Neal and Linda Rhoads              Society fund as an
             For those who live in squalor and poverty—                                                    Dan and Nancy Ring
                                                                          Frank Franco                                                         important part of our
                  a place of cleanliness and beauty,                      Blake and Linda Gall             Jerry and Dottie Sandusky
                                                                          Drew Garban                      DrueAnne Schreyer                   estate planning. We are
                 For youth who experience danger—
                                                                          Ben and Robin Heim               The Schreyer Foundation —
                                                                                                                                               both strong supporters
                      an atmosphere of safety,                            Bruce and Susan Heim                William Schreyer

            For kids who live with limits and in isolation—               Robert* and Carol Herrmann       Steve and Amy Seltzer               of The Second Mile and
                                                                          Jack	Infield                     Lance and Ellen Shaner
             the opportunity for wonderful experiences,                                                    Harold and Eileen Shaub*
                                                                                                                                              the positive influence
                                                                          Robert and Jean Kistler
             For the child standing outside of our gates—                 Sanford and Kathryn Kranich*     Jack Shaub                         that this organization has had on thousands of children
                                                                          Ronald and Deanne Lewis          Harry Sickler
                          an open door, and                                                                J. Lawrence and Molly P Snavely
                                                                                                                                   .          throughout Pennsylvania. We have chosen a cash bequest
                                                                          Ralph Licastro and Laura Reidy
              As a member of The Second Mile family—                      Brad and Susan Lunsford          Don Stripling                       and assignment of life insurance to The Second Mile as a
                                                                          Bill and Amy Sue Martin          Fred Strouse
                        a place to call home.                                                                                                 very gratifying way of supporting this organization and
                                                                          Bob and Marilyn Mayer            Mike and Lynda Sullivan
                                                                          Fred and Joyce Nicholas          Peter and Karen Weiler             its continued ability to serve our youth.”
                                                                          Kim Ortenzio-Nielsen             Verne Willaman
                                                                                                           David and Hollie Woodle            —Lance T. and Ellen R. Shaner
                                                                          Mike Patrick
 Prevention Programs                                                                                                          “I received my shipment of Nittany Lion Tips the other day. I love them. Our

 Nittany Lion Tips                                                                                                              school	guidance	counselor	teaches	a	Peacemaker	unit	with	all	of	the	first	grade	
 •	 Nittany	Lion	Tips	cards	feature	Penn	State	athletes	offering	short	educational	or	                                                                     students, and several of the Nittany Lion Tips cards will
    motivational messages about personal or social development. The accompanying
                                                                                                                                                          tie in very well with the lessons. I’ll use the rest of the
    facilitators’ guides offer further ideas and activities that address and expand on the
    ideas found on the cards. Two editions of Nittany Lion Tips are issued each school year                                                               cards	during	my	calendar	openings.	I	gave	out	the	first	
    and feature 50 student-athletes. In the past year, more than 1,500 school counselors and                                                              card yesterday, and the kids loved it.”
    other youth-serving professionals used these cards to deal with behavioral issues and offer
                                                                                                                                                         —School Counselor from Lancaster County
    incentives for learning. They then completed surveys in which they rated the program as
    “effective to highly effective.”
                                                                                                                                                          “During the Leadership Institute, I really learned how to
 Leadership Institute
 •	 The	Sovereign	Bank	Second	Mile	Leadership	Institute	teaches	leadership	skills	and	
                                                                                                                                                           deal with diversity issues. My school is very small, and
    promotes youth voice. The overarching Institute goal is for students to use their new                                                                  I have never been exposed to diversity. What I learned
    skills to impact schools and communities by leading other students to take action on an                                                                here changed my perspective, and I met a lot of people
    issue of common concern. Our 8th annual conference hosted a record 46 high school
    teams representing the diversity of their high school communities. Teams were composed                                                                                                            who I would not have
    of	five	sophomore	students	and	a	faculty	mentor.	More	than	80	presenters	shared	their	                                                                                                            met otherwise.”
    knowledge and experiences in presentations ranging in scope from fundraising and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     —Student Participant
    publicity to group function and communication styles. Six medalist teams were recognized
                                                                                                                          A Leadership team learns
    from the 2006 conference for outstanding work. Currently, the teams from the 2007                                     to work together through                                                    from Elk County
    Leadership Institute are leading fellow students in the implementation of their projects,                             team-building exercises.
    which include mentoring, providing orientation for incoming students, promoting school
    pride,	and	working	on	school	beautification.	
                                                                                    continued below

The Angel Society                                                                                   Frito-Lay                              Texas Roadhouse                          Electric Factory Concerts, Inc.
With this Annual Report, The Second Mile recognizes and thanks the members of The                   Peter and Joan Fuller and              Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers             Elite Group LLC
Angel Society—those individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations that                     Willowbook                          Three Rivers Marine and Rail Terminals   ELS Marketing
have made annual contributions to The Second Mile equal to or greater than $2,000                   Fulton Bank                            United Concordia Companies, Inc.         Emerald Advisors, Inc.
during The Second Mile fiscal year, September 1, 2006, through August 31, 2007.                     FWG Real Estate                        United States Steel Corporation          DH Evans Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                    The Gamber Foundation                  Utz Quality Foods, Inc.                  Ned and Christine Faust
“Years ago, a young man wrote to me thanking The Second Mile for being the ‘wind beneath
 his wings.’ His letter served as an inspiration in naming our annual giving society ‘The           Gateway Financial Group, Inc.          Varischetti & Sons, Inc.                 Fine Line Homes, Inc.
 Angel	Society,’	our	way	of	recognizing	the	significance	of	our	donors,	who	lift	children	up,	      Gilbane Building Company               David and Hollie Woodle                  First	Affiliated	Insurance	Group
 show them new horizons, and provide them with the skills they need to soar.”                       Giorgio Foods, Inc.                                                             First Commonwealth Bank
                                                                          Jerry Sandusky, Founder   Graystone Bank                         $2,000–$4,999                            Pete and Sue Forster
            $50,000 and Above                         Goldman Sachs                                 Gurley Leep Automotive                 AAUW State College                       Freas Foundation
            Bank of America                           The Hall Foundation                           Guthy-Renker                           A.D. Starr                               Freedom Forge Foundation
            Bank of America Charitable                Heritage Hills Golf Resort and                The Hamer Foundation                   A.P Construction, Inc.
                                                                                                                                              .                                     Drew Garban
              Foundation                                 Conference Center                          The Hershey Company                    Marion C. Alexander                      Geisinger Medical Group
            Cleveland Brothers Equipment              Johnson Controls                              Daniel Holland                         American Eagle Paper Mills               Giant Food Stores, Inc.
              Company                                 Keystone Real Estate Group                    Lloyd and Dottie Huck                  American Family Coalition of             David and Virginia Glickman
            Community Banks Foundation                KMPG LLP                                      Hydroworx International, Inc.            Pennsylvania                           Karl and Mary Ann Glocker
            Bruce and Susan Heim                      Kohl Building Products                        Dick and Sandy Kile                    Apartment Gallery                        The Graham Group
            Bob and Marilyn Mayer                     Edwin and Lillian Krane*                      L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.   BC Sports Collectibles                   Griffin	Financial	Group	LLC
            Petroleum Products, Inc.                  Pepsi Bottling Group-Altoona                  Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline          Todd and Cherie Blackledge               The Hankin Group
            S&A Custom Built Homes and Bob and        Prudential Financial                             Foundation, Inc.                    The Blair Companies                      Robert Harbison
              Sandy Poole
                                                      Rite Aid Foundation                           Knight Foundation                      Blue White Illustrated
            Lance and Ellen Shaner                                                                                                                                                  Harristown Development Corporation
                                                      SEI Investments                               Dallas and Di Krapf                    Stephen and Joan Bogner
            The Schreyer Foundation                                                                                                                                                 The HDH Group
                                                      Sheetz, Inc.                                  KVF Associates                         Ronald and JoAnn Bowes
            Sovereign Bank                                                                                                                                                          Health America & Health Assurance
                                                      SSM Industries                                M&T Bank                               bmc
            State Farm Companies Foundation                                                                                                                                         Ben and Robin Heim
         The Struthers Family Foundation     Universal Media                   Massaro Corporation                  Russell and Sheri Brierley           Heinz, North America
         Turner Construction                 Waste Management                  Mike McCloskey                       BT Group, L.L.P.                     Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.
         Verne Willaman                      Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel         McCormick Family Foundation          Willard E. Campbell Enterprises      Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
                                               Corporation                     Morgan Stanley                       Capital Group Companies Charitable   High Industries
          $20,000–$49,999                    Charles Wilcox                    National City Bank                      Foundation                        The Hite Company
          Brian’s Run Charities                                                National Penn Bancshares, Inc.       Donald and Heather Carlino           HOK Sport + Venue + Event
          Citigroup Foundation               $5,000–$9,999                     Robert and Kimberly Ortenzio-        Chad and Jennifer Carlson            Michael and Elizabeth Huegel
          Ferguson Foundation                Aflac,	Inc                           Nielsen                           Cephalon, Inc.                       Ifft & Palmer Associates
          Highmark Blue Shield               ALL4 Inc.                         Northwest Savings Bank               Citizens Bank                        Interstate Circulation Managers Association
          Sanford and Kathryn Kranich        Aestique Medical Center           Omni Plastics, Inc.                  Martin Cohen                         JLG Industries
             Charitable Trust                Ameriserv Financial               Michael Packer                       The Caritas Foundation               O.J. Johnston
          Anthony and Noreen Salvaggio and   Babst, Calland, Clements and      David Pacitti                        The Coliseum Entertainment Group     KS Tooling
             Computer Aid, Inc.                 Zomnir, P.C.                   Paris Business Products              Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania         John C.R. Kelly Realty Inc.
          Nancy and Clyde Shuman and         Dennis and Michele Baltzley       Alec Pringle                         Cornell Abraxas
             Precision Medical, Inc.                                                                                                                     Thomas and Phoebe Knepley
                                             Kyle and Kristi Brady             James Swistock and Penncarra         Curves of State College              Edward and Susan Lauth
                                             Clinton County Community             Energy, L.P.                      Lloyd Dahlem
          $10,000–$19,999                       Foundation                                                                                               Leitzinger Imports and Mercedes Benz State College
                                                                               Respironics                          William and Ranea Daugherty
          Anonymous                          Colonial Oaks Foundation                                                                                    Hank and Karen Lesch
                                                                               Rider Auto, Inc.                     D&E Communications, Inc.
          Peter and Marsha Carlino           Conemaugh Health Systems                                                                                    M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
                                                                               Martin and Laura Riehl               Derry Presbyterian Church
          Chambers Environmental Group       DeAngelo Brothers, Inc.                                                                                     William Martin and David Becker
                                                                               Jerry and Dottie Sandusky            D.J. Sportwear
          Community Banks, Inc.              JoAnn DeRose                                                                                                Guy McDonald and TeaMac
                                                                               Shaner Hotel Group                   Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
          D.C. Goodman and Sons, Inc.        Disaster Restoration Services                                                                               Edward McNeill
                                                                               Phil and Judy Sieg                   Gary and Julie Dubler
          Davis Vision                       DNB First                                                                                                   McQuaide Blasko
                                                                               Louis Silvi Foundation               Greg Dubois
          Deloitte & Touche                  Dominion Foundation                                                                                         Merck & Company, Inc.
                                                                               Carl and Kathy Smith                 Duron Paints & Wallcoverings
          Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc.        The Family Clothesline                                                                                      Merrill Lynch
                                                                               Super Bakery, Inc.                   Eddie and Connie Dunklebarger
          Blake and Linda Gall               Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.                                                                                      D.W. Miller, Inc.

PEAK (Prevention: Education and Awareness for Kids)                                                                                                      “I was impressed with how my students
•	 Counselors	across	the	Commonwealth	continue	to	utilize	all	modules	of	the	PEAK	                                                                       took to the No Bullying Allowed!
   Program. Since their release, more than 1,100 school counselors have used the two
   PEAK video modules, Choice of Champions and Flow: The River Within, to help                                                                           program. I could not have anticipated
   students learn to respond proactively to negative peer pressure and improve their                                                                     how this program has impacted the
   self-esteem. The No Bullying Allowed! Play Kit, which involves a play that students
                                                                                                                                                         way students deal with bullying.”
   act out in order to learn about preventing bullying, has been shared with elementary
   and middle school students by almost 400 counselors. Facilitators’ guides accompany                                                                   —School Counselor in Lehigh County
   each module and provide multiple opportunities for faculty and students to put
   the information from the modules into practice. Counselors using the No Bullying
   Allowed! Kit reported increases in student awareness of and reporting of bullying and                                                                 “My kids were not only excited about
   a decrease in bullying behaviors.                                                                                                                     acting out the play provided, but they
                                                                                                                                                         also made up their own plays and
Early Intervention Programs                                                                                                                              acted them out in front of the class.
Challenge Program                                                                                                                                        To my surprise, they expanded on the
•	 The	Challenge	Program	begins	with	10	one-week	residential	sessions	in	which	                                                                          ideas of bullying prevention in order to
   youngsters work on setting behavioral and academic goals as well as deciding on
                                                                                                                                                         address other areas of classroom life.
   community service projects for the upcoming school year. During our 2007 residential                We continue distribution of the third
   weeks, we served 746 youngsters from across the Commonwealth. The positive                          PEAK (Prevention: Education and                   It really opened up a great dialogue in
   environment and the encouragement given by collegiate counselors, professional                      Awareness for Kids) module, our first
                                                                                                       play kit, to many students throughout
                                                                                                                                                         our classroom!”
   staff, and volunteers allow youngsters to work on such areas as developing better self-
                                                                                                       the Commonwealth.                                 —School Counselor in Dauphin County
   awareness and learning to understand others.
              “I just wanted to thanks everyone who is
               involved with my son’s participation in                                                       •	 The	Challenge	Program	continues	throughout	the	year	as	The	Second	Mile	staff	
               the Challenge Progam.The kickoff week in                                                         members provide additional support through written, phone, and in-person
                                                                                                                contact. During the 2006-2007 school year, Second Mile staff made over 10,000
               residence changed him. I was so impressed.                                                       contacts to participants and 4,000 to their school counselors and organized 28
               He came home with a positive attitude,                                                           mid-year events to help youth stay connected to the program and focused on
                                                                                                                their goals. With this support and contact, youngsters worked to meet their
               and I am so glad that he was given the
                                                                                                                goals, thereby earning return trips to the residential weeks. School counselors
               opportunity to attend your program!”                                                             nominated	404	participants	for	achievement	certificates,	and	120	young	people	
              —Challenge Program Participant’s Mother from                                                      completed	service	projects.	From	facing	obstacles	to	fulfilling	their	promise,	
                                                                                                                young	people	in	the	Challenge	Program	find	the	right	path.
               Franklin County

                                                                         Challenge Program participants
                                        “Since joining The               work together to achieve a          Friend Fitness
                                                                         goal during an initiative.          •	 In	2007,	the	Friend	Fitness	Program	provided	opportunities	for	greater	self-
                                         Second Mile Friend
                                                                                                                awareness and personal improvement to 119 teenagers in four locations in
                                          Fitness Program, I have seen a dramatic change in                     Clinton County, Chester County, and the Centre Region. During twice-weekly
                                          my life, especially in my physical appearance. The                    sessions, 87 adult mentors assisted students in working on their personal goals.
                                                                                                                Additionally, students and mentors participated in a number of social and
                                          program	has	also	benefited	me	socially	by	giving	                     team-building activities such as picnics, group workouts, and luncheons. Many
This Friend Fitness mentor works          me	more	self-confidence.	This	increased	self-                         of	these	youngsters	begin	this	program	with	little	confidence	in	themselves	or	
with his mentee on building                                                                                     in their ability to build themselves a brighter future. Thanks to the support of
                                          confidence	has	allowed	me	to	be	more	outgoing	in	
strength—in his arms and shoulders,                                                                             their mentors, virtually all our Friend Fitness “graduates” are heading off to
as well as strength of character.         school, my work, and my family.”                                      colleges and universities armed with a faith in themselves and their future and
                                         —Friend Fitness Mentee                                                 a commitment to serving others.
                                                                                                                                                                                     continued below

         $2,000-4,999 continued               Mike and Lynda Sullivan               William and Cathleen Christopher    I. Louise Helman                   Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corporation
         Millersburg Bicentennial Committee   Sunrise Homes, Inc.                   Charles and Patricia Chubb          Paul C. Helsel                     Millersville Lions Club
         Charles Navasky and Company          Robert and Tricia Super               Checkers Bistro, LLC                Carol Herrmann                     D. Scott and Karen Mitchell
         Nittany Beverage                     Sweetland Engineers, Inc.             Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania       Steve and Ricki Hevner             Charles and Margaret Mogish
         Novinger Group, Inc.                 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company        Concannon, Miller & Company, PC     Burt, Hill                         JP Morgan Chase Foundation
         Omega Bank                           Stuckeman Charitable Trust            Conrad Siegel Actuaries             Tee to Green                       National Philanthropic Trust
         PCI Insurance                        UGI Utilities, Inc.                   Richard Conway                      John Iannantuono                   Donald Nichter
         PNC Bank                             Urish Popeck & Company, Inc.          Wendell and Linette Courtney        Industrial Properties Group        Tim and Nancy Niemann
                                              Village Realty                        Robert and Lois Cowan                  at NAI/CIR                      NRG Energy, Harrisburg
         Parker Agle Enterprises, Inc.
                                              Wachovia Bank                         C-P Flexible Packaging              Integrity Bank                     The Timothy F. Pasch Family Foundation
         Charles and Virginia Pearson
                                              C. Alan and Judith Walker             John and Ann Curley                 Janney, Montgomery, Scott, LLC     The Patrick Organization
         Pennfield	Corporation
                                              Wal-Mart # 2230                       Doris Daniels                       Jeiven Pharmaceutical              PennCat Critical Power Systems
         Penn National Insurance
                                                                                                                           Consulting, Inc.
         Pennsylvania Builders Association    Wienken and Associates                Richard Derr                                                           Pennoni Associates
                                                                                                                        Jersey Shore State Bank
         Penske Truck Leasing Company         White Rose Foundation                 Diehl Motor Company                                                    Penn State Great Valley
                                                                                                                        Brad Johnson
         Pinnacle Health System               Wolf Furniture Enterprises            Dominion Foundation Matching                                           Penn State Professional Management Association
                                                                                       Gift Program                     Albert and Leigh Jones
         PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP           York Area Sports Night, Inc.                                                                                 Penn State Alumni Association, Scranton
                                                                                    Albert and Lisa Drobka              Martha Jordan
         Property Management, Inc.            Ronald Zimmerman                                                                                             Eric and Debra Peterson
                                                                                    Mark and Deborah DuMars             Robert Jordan
         Dennis and Jenny Pyers                                                                                                                            Richard and Lois Peterson
                                                                                    Merle and Wendy Dunkelberger        William and Susan Justice
         Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.             Other Benefactors                                                                                            John and Karen Pfeiffer
                                                                                    ECA Foundation                      Rick and Cindy Karcher
         Quandel Enterprises, Inc             $1,000–$1,999                                                                                                A. Bud and Edna Bennett Pierce
                                                                                    EJB Paving and Materials Company    Katherman, Heim and Perry
         Joseph Queen                         The Allen Group/Brian and Anne                                                                               The Priority Mortgage Group, Inc.
                                                 Marie Allen                        Robert and Judith Ecker             James and Jody Keller
         Scott and Christine Radecic                                                                                                                       Thomas and Betsy Quigley
                                              Allied Cleaning Technologies          Buddy Ellis                         Delores Kerlin
         Frederic and Maria Ragucci                                                                                                                        Razor’s Edge, Inc.
                                              The Altoona Mirror and EZ to Use      The Ellis Group                     William and Sharon Kennedy
         Vinnie Raineri Memorial Fund                                                                                                                      Frank Recupero
                                                 Directories                        Robert Emert                        Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust
                                                                                                                                                           Reflection’s	Restaurant	and	Jim	Garland
         Suren and Barbara Rao                Joseph and Mary Amendola            Todd and Julia Erdley                   Michael and Nancy-Ellen Kiernan       John Reidell
         Gary Raykovitz                       American Sign Company               Richard and Cheryl Evans                Tom and Staci Kirchhoff               Resnick, Amsterdam & Leshner, PC
         Jack Raykovitz and Katherine         Anastos Brothers Auto Sales         Kenneth and Susan Ewing                 Alan Kirk and Patricia Roenigk        Rex Energy
           Genovese                           Anonymous                           John and Jennifer Farrell               Brian and Chloe Kissinger             The Richards Group of KBB Realtors
         Reliance Bank                        Apple Ford                          Andrew and Tesia Fartuch                Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP          Robert Ricketts
         Restek Corporation                   Ralph Ayers                         Michael Fiaschetti                      Scott and Deneen Knisely              Ridgeview Limited Partners
         Neal and Linda Rhoads                Baldrige Asset Management           First Energy Foundation                 Kohl’s Department Store               Dan and Nancy Ring
         Rhoads & Sinon LLP                   Barton Associates                   First National Bank of Chester County   Joseph LaFlamme                       Ernie and Susan Romanini
         Charles and Mary Rost                George Bieber                       Rodger and Linda Fitzgerald             Leber Financial Group, Inc.           Rotary Club of York, North
         Dick and Carol Rostmeyer             Berks County Chapter of PSAA        Frampton Kimmel Group                   Leesa Mack                            Lester and Carol Rowell
         Rotary Club of Altoona               David and Mary Bernitt              Frost & Conn, Inc.                      Lehigh Valley Racquet & Fitness       Search and Settlement Solutions
         Christy Salvaggio                    Mark and Paula Bigatel              Lois Gable                              Lock Haven Hospital                   Mickey and Susan Shuler
         DrueAnne Schreyer and Rodney         Boyer & Ritter                      Garfield’s	Restaurant	and	Pub           Lutron Foundation                     The Sides Group at Smith Barney
                                              Dan and Del Bright                  GES                                     Paul Lyons Memorial Bike Ride         Glenn and Marilyn Smith
         Jeff Seaman
                                              Michael and Barbara Brodsky         Daniel and Joyce Gifford                Richard Maquire                       Rick and Carol Smith
         Steve and Amy Seltzer
                                              Thomas and Jonna Bryan              Gladfelter Insurance                    Kurt and Lynn Malick                  J. Lawrence and Molly Snavely
         Shipley Energy
                                              The Bryn Mawr Trust Company         Roger and Valerie Grimes                Malady & Wooten Public Affairs        Edgar Snyder
         Harry K. Sickler Associates
                                              Buckno, Lisicky and Company         Stephen and Kathy Groves                Donald and Renee Marks                Jan and Kathy Sockel
         L.B. Smith Automotive Group
                                              Central PA Auto Auction, Inc.       C.F. Grubmeyer                          William and Amy Sue Martin            William and Cheryl Speakman
         Michael Smith
                                              Centre County Community             Harriet	Hafler                          Marc and Denise McCann                Stern Properties, Inc.
         Sunburst Properties                     Foundation                       James and Carol Hanna                   McClarin Plastics                     Edward and Janice Stewart
         John Frederick Steinman Foundation   Century 21, Heritage Realty         The Hanover Shoe Farms                           .
                                                                                                                          Jeffrey P McKee Foundation            Brent and Theresa Stoltzfus
         Sterling Financial Corporation       Thomas and Kate Cestone                Foundation, Inc.                     Craig Miller and Stuart Hall          Doug and Andrea Strang
         Robert and Jerilinn Stewart          CET Engineering                     Harrisburg Kiwanis Youth                Joseph Miller and Rachel Wood         Suburban Stores, Inc.
         Brent and Theresa Stoltzfus          CFMA                                   Foundation Inc.
                                                                                                                          Miller Brothers Auto Sales, Inc.      Fred Strouse

•	 The	Friend	Program	provides	a	supportive	environment	in	which	elementary	students	
   have the opportunity to participate in healthy and educational activities with collegiate               “Thank you for letting me come to the Friend Program. It
   mentors. During the past year, 542 Young Friends from across the Commonwealth
   participated in the Friend Program at six sites: Blair County, Centre Region, Clinton                    was so much fun. I want to be in the program until I go
   County, Lancaster County, Lehigh Valley, and the Southeast Region. College Friends from                  to college so I can help out, too. I liked the ‘Magic and
   Penn State-University Park, Penn State-Altoona, Millersville, Lock Haven, and Villanova                  Science Day’ the best.”
   Universities, as well as from Cedar Crest and Muhlenberg Colleges, acted as mentors and
   friends to their younger counterparts. Friend Events included activities such as Healthy                —Young Friend in Blair County
   Adventures Days, Science and Technology Days, and Award Picnics. School counselors and                                                                A Young Friend enjoys
   parents nominate elementary school children who need adult support for this program,                                                                  arts and crafts time
   and thanks to their collegiate mentors, youngsters in need of positive activities, a                                                                  during a Blair County
   helping	hand,	and	adult	encouragement	find	what	they	need.	                                                                                           Friend Event.

Community-Based Programs
Children’s Scholarship Fund—Grants, Recognition, and Scholarships                                          “This scholarship has been of enormous help to me. I am grateful to have your
•	 The	Children’s	Scholarship	Fund	provides	grants	to	help	young	people,	birth	to	18,	meet	                 support as I prepare myself for a career in human services. I feel like I owe a lot
   needs not covered by other agencies or government programs. Over the past year, the
   Children’s Scholarship Fund helped young people afford such items as clothing, school                    to The Second Mile, and I hope I can repay this program for all that it has done
   supplies, registrations fees for extra-curricular activities, and replacements of items lost             for me by being a good human being and spending my lifetime brightening the
   in	fires.	Hundreds	of	children	also	received	non-monetary	grants	through	the	distribution	
                                                                                                            lives of those around me.”
                                                                                                           —Former Friend Fitness participant
                                                                        continued next page
   of in-kind donations such as clothing. In addition, The Second
   Mile awarded 46 higher education scholarships through the                                                  Foster Family members from Blair             “Thank you so much for the wonderful day
   Children’s Scholarship Fund last year, including 32 to Second                                              County take in a fun day of sun and
   Mile “graduates” heading to college, and recognized 71                                                     water at the Foster Family Day at             our family had yesterday at Idlewild Park!
   seniors for exemplary community service.                                                                   Lakemont Park.                                Our children range in age from 3 years to
                                                                                                                                                            22 years old, and everyone had a great
Foster Family Support
•	 The	Second	Mile’s	Foster	Family	Support	Program	assists	Children	and	Youth	Agencies	                                                                     time. We stayed until the rides closed, and
   in Pennsylvania in recruiting and retaining foster parents by offering recreational                                                                      after	a	fun-filled	day,	took	our	exhausted	
   activities for families and also by providing tools for attracting new foster parents.
   In the past year, families in 28 counties took part in 54 recreational events, all at no                                                                 group	home	filled	with	happy	memories	
   cost to the families. These activities included multi-county activities held at sites that                                                               of a perfect summer excursion. Thanks for
   included HersheyPark, Idlewild, Lakemont Park, Knoebels, and Allenberry Playhouse.
                                                                                                                                                            the special opportunity that we would not
   For children who have been placed with foster families after experiencing abuse
   and neglect, these activities offer the joy of new experiences while also offering an                                                                    have been able to experience but for your
   opportunity for sharing among foster parents.                                                                                                            gracious generosity.”

Counseling and Referral                                                                                                                                    —Westmoreland County Foster Family Parent
•	 The	Counseling	and	Referral	service	assists	children	and	families	in	resolving	problems	
   or concerns in the early stages of their development. In 2007, The Second Mile was able
   to	provide	533	counseling	sessions	from	the	State	office,	as	well	as	refer	71	families	
   throughout the Commonwealth to needed services.

         Susquehanna Health                      Josh and Patricia Bennett           Michael and Bree Gillespie               Ralph Licastro and Laura Reidy        Richard and Jeane Singer
         Susquehanna Transit                     R. Clifford Berg                    Glatfelter Insurance Group               Lobar, Inc. Construction Services     Jacqueline Smith
         Sysco Food Services                     Frederick and Polly Beste           Glen-Gery Corporation                    David and Mary Luckner                Snyder’s of Hanover, Inc.
         Thompson Masonry Contracting            Bon-Ton Stores Foundation           Paul Graf                                Bradley and Susan Lunsford            Jan and Kathy Sockel
            Company                              Albert Boscov                       Grand Street Boys Foundation             M&R Contracting, Inc.                 Jack and Linda Sommer
         Mark and Anne Toniatti                  Boscov’s Department Store           Darren Goltz                             William MacAvoy                       David and Jodi Sprenkle
         Rodney and Jill Troutman                Terry Bowling                       Hampson Mower Kreitz Insurance           Richard Maguire                       The Stanley-Laman Group
         Tray-Pak Corporation                    Terrance Bowman                     Brian and Nina Hand                      Joseph and Catherine Makoid           Stauffers of Kissel Hill
         Turkey Hill Dairy                       The Boyd Foundation                 Richard Hann                             Mark and Peggy McMullin               Lewis and Susan Steinberg
         William and Estelle Turney              Ron and Jacque Boyles               Howard Hanna Real Estate Services        Jerome McVeigh                        Stephen Watchorn Foundation, Inc.
         David Udovich                           Bradford Coal Company               Anthony and Celeste Hartlaub             MEPAC Match Program                   E G Stoltzfus
         VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.          James and Suzanne Broadhurst        Leo and Joni Hauck                       Meghan McElrone                       Timothy and Grace Sullivan
         Valley Preferred                        Linda Brown                         Haven Homes, Inc.                        Mid-Atlantic Fire & Air, Inc.         F.H. Swisher Plumbing and Heating
         Vantage Point Retirement Living, Inc.   Bret and Marie Buterbaugh           Dan and Suzie Hawbaker                   Mind Over Matter                      Ray Tarasi
         Vermeil Enterprises, Inc.               Forrest and Colleen Campman         Samuel and Janice Hawbaker               Jamie Modge                           Techquip Group
         Viasys HealthCare Systems               Richard and Beth Caputo             Hayes, Seay, Mattern and Mattern, Inc.   Melissa Mogle                         Ten Cent Corporation and Ten Fold Vending
         Villanova University                    Kelly Carinci                       John Heim                                Mountville Lions Club                 Stephanie Terrell
         Vinart Dealerships                      Michael Casey                       Hershey Rotary Club                      C.S.Myers & Sons, Inc.                Torron Group
         Wachovia Bank                           Jeremiah Clark                      Jay Himes                                Keith Newkam                          Dominic Toscani
         Walker and Associates                   Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation   John and Maria Hoffer                    Matthew Nichols                       Mick and Cheryl Trombley
         Wal-Mart Distribution Center # 6047     Karl Colyer                         Holiday Lights on the Lake at            Helen Nielsen                         Terry and Judie Troupe
         N. Daniel and Trudy Waltersdorff        James Connelly                         Lakemont Park                         Nittany Bank                          Tube City IMS
         Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen      John Conomikes                      T. Jerome and Carolyn Holleran           Chuck and Kathy Noll                  Turnbridge Group at Smith Barney
            & Tennis, P.C.                                                           Martha Hostetter
                                                 Steven Crawford                                                              NuTec Design Associates, Inc.         Jack Udell
         Water World                                                                 HRI, Inc.
           Michael and Julie Wheeler                Matt Cuddy                              Chyi-Hung Hsu                          John O’Dea                                WAM Associates
           Richard and Onalise Witty                Lonnie and Victoria Dawes               J. Robert Hummer                       William and Donna Oliver                  Wal-Mart # 5470
           WPMT TV FOX 43                           Anthony and Lynne DeLuca                Phil and Wendy Hunt                    Orrstown Bank                             Wal-Mart # 1640
           Ruth Wodock                              Desert Rug Company LLP                  J.E.B. Environmental                   PAC Industries                            Gary and Valerie Werkheiser
           Quentin and Louise Wood                  Douglas and Helen Didyoung                 Technologies, Inc.                  Penn State Alumni Association,            Jack and Dorothy White
           Alan and Kathryn Woolslare               Die-Tech                                Jack	Infield                              Erie County                            Vance Wright Adams & Associates
           William and Doris Yoder                  John and Kimberly Dodds                 Dan and Nancy Jones                    Penn State Circle K Club                  Raymond and Joann Vautour
           William and Joanne Yoder                 Leo and Lois Doriguzzi                  Eddie Johnson and Rich Rosa            Mark Penzak and Karen Taphorn             Ward Trucking
           York Container Company                   Mark Drucker                            John Judge                             Phoenix Contact, Inc.                     Wayne	Township	Landfill
           York Mail Service                        Suzanne Edwards                         K Specialities                         Carol Pioli                               Ben and Shelley Williams
                                                    Tom and Katie Ellis                     Kampel Enterprises, Inc.               Jeffery and Carolyn Power                 James and Andrea Williams
           $500–$999                                Fasnacht Family Foundation              Thomas Kaplan                          Phi Mu Fraternity                         Hollie Wise Insurance
           Aggregates Equipment                     Jeremy Fegert                           Peter and Kristen Kearney              RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc.                   Wolfington	Body	Company,	Inc.
           Crystal Allen                            George and Mona Ferris                  Anthony Kerlavage and                  Robert and Shirley Rissinger              Mark and Kimberly Woolley
                                                                                               Barbara Harner                      John and Margaret Rosselli
           Douglas and Patricia Allen               Kenneth Fiorelli                                                                                                         Paul and Karen Yarrish
                                                                                            William and Jean Kirchhoff             Rotary Club of Colonial Park
           Kurt Allerman                            Anson and Kathryn Flake                                                                                                  Timothy and Susan Yoder
                                                                                            Alice Kirchner                         John and Janice Sain
           Alexander Building Construction          Mark Fleisner                                                                                                            James and Paula Young
                                                                                            Kitko Wood Products, Inc.              Betty Lou Sampsell
           Jay Alexander                            Zachary Flynn                                                                                                            Karen Zawitkowski
                                                                                            David and Colleen Klock                Beverly Sarduy
           Alpha Sigma Phi Upsilon Penn State       Jim and Jackie Ford                                                                                                      Andrew and Laura Zimmerman
                                                                                            Robert and Karen Klock                 Seligman, Friedman & Company
           Louis Anastos                            Foundation for Enhancing
                                                       Communities                          Andrew and Christine Kohlhepp          Shaner Energy
           Brad and Kelly Barter
                                                    Richard Fry                             Cathy	Kornfield                        Lauren Shank
           Dick Barton
                                                    Fulton Financial Advisors               Dan Kravetz                            Jeff and Marsha Sharp
           John Beiter
                                                    Sam and Alicia Gash                     Mark Letner                            Grace Shatto
           Jon and Melissa Belinski
                                                    Lee and Alison Geib                     Lezzer Lumber                          Steve and Nancy Sheetz
           Steve and Dorothy Belinski
                                                    Louis and Judy Geschwindner             Dean and Carol Leib                    Michael Sikorskas

Our Honor Roll of In-Kind Partners
In-kind support is vital to the success of The Second Mile. Some in-      Advanced Colored Graphics           Domino’s Pizza                       Lakemont Park and The                  Quaker Steak and Lube
kind donations, such as theater and sports tickets, awards given out      Allenberry Resort Inn               First Book                             Island Waterpark                     Reading Phillies
during program activities, and transportation to events, go directly      American Music Theatre              First Book/Farrar, Straus            Lock Haven University                  Saint Paul’s United
to the children and families served by The Second Mile. Other in-kind                                            and Giroux                        Mike’s Video, TV & Appliances             Methodist Church
                                                                          Automated Records Services
donations, like mailing support, printing, and equipment storage                                              graphtech                            Millersville University                Sheetz, Inc.
space, make an impact by helping to offset operating costs and            Bank of America
                                                                          Bishop McDevitt Christian           Heritage Hills Golf Resort           Rob and Cathy Moir                     Shaner Hotel Group
allowing a larger percentage of money raised to go directly to Second
                                                                             Service Club                       and Conference Center              Muhlenberg College                     Snavely Associates, Ltd
Mile services. Thus, in-kind donations help The Second Mile provide
more opportunities for Pennsylvania children and families than would      Blue Banana Designs, Inc.           HERSHEYPARK                          Nextel Partners, Inc.                  Super 8 Motel – State College
otherwise be possible. Special events in-kind sponsors are recognized     Blue White Illustrated/Phil Grosz   Hoss’s Steak and Sea House           Nick Pantages*                         Susquehanna Transit
at the special events to which they provide support. The following list   Body Works/Fred Sahakian            Idlewild Park and SoakZone           North American Communications          Taco Bell
represents the non-special event donors who supplied The Second Mile                                          Jay Depner/Frank Parsons Paper
                                                                          Boston Culinary                                                          Outback Steakhouse                     Water World
with a portion of the total of $364,741 in donations this year through
                                                                          The Coad Group                      Keystone Real Estate Group           Penn State Altoona                     Villanova University
in-kind contributions valued at $1,000 or more.
                                                                          Cedar Crest College                 Kohl’s Department Store              Penn State ROTC                        YMCA of Lock Haven
                                                                          Conestoga High School               Knoebels Amusement Resort            Pepsi Bottling Group – Altoona         YMCA of the Upper Main Line
                                                                          Damon’s Restaurant                  Krapf Bus Companies                  Alec Pringle
                                           State Board                    Board of                    Board of
                                           of Directors                   Directors,                  Directors,
                                           Gerald A. Sandusky             Southcentral                Southeast
                                           Founder                        Region                      Region
                                           Robert Poole
                                           Chairman of the Board          Michael Fiaschetti          Don Carlino
                                           Jack Raykovitz, Ph.D.          President                   President
                                           President,	Ex-Officio          Eddie L. Dunklebarger       Lauren Shank
                                           Linda Gall                     Vice President              Vice President
                                           Vice Chairperson of            Daniel A. Gifford, CLU      Terrance Bowman
For more information about The Second      Administration                 Secretary                   Treasurer
Mile or to volunteer or make a donation,   DrueAnne Schreyer                                          James McCoy
                                                                          James O. Young
please contact us at:                      Vice Chairperson of Programs   Treasurer                   Secretary
                                           Michael Sullivan                                           John Z. Amoroso, Ph.D.
Main Office                                                               Marion Alexander
                                           Vice-Chairperson of            Kasey Angstadt              John Andress
1402 S. Atherton Street                                                                               Gregory Elinsky
                                           Development                    Joseph Baird
State College, PA 16801                                                                               Julia Emig
                                           Steven Seltzer                 Dr. Joshua Bennett
(814) 237-1719                             Secretary                      JoAnn DeRose                Linda Fields
FAX: (814) 237-4605                                                       Matthew Dobbie              Rick Girone
                                           Nancy Ring                                                 Barb Harbison
                                           Assistant Secretary            Douglas C. Dyer
Southcentral Regional Office                                                                          Carolin Irvin
                                                                          Mark Everest
3607 Rosemont Avenue, Suite 501            Ralph Licastro
                                                                          Kenneth Ewing               John Judge
Camp Hill, PA 17011                        Treasurer                                                  Tom Knepley
                                                                          Anne Deeter Gallaher
(717) 763-4614                             Bill Martin                    Michael Gillespie           Michael Kuntz
                                           Assistant Treasurer            Gary Groff                  Marc Kuster
FAX: (717) 763-4616                                                                                   Tom Law
                                           Dan Bright, Esq.               James Hare
Southeast Regional Office                                                 Kermit Harry, Jr.           Ira Lubert
                                           Linette Courtney
                                                                                                      David R. Luckner, CPA
588 North Gulph Road                       Kenneth Ewing                  Steven Hevner
                                                                          Michael Huegel              Sheri Pudlosky-Brierley
Suite B109                                 Drew Garban
                                                                                                      Beasley Reece
King of Prussia, PA 19406                  John Greene                    Patricia Husic
                                                                          Tom Kirchhoff               Doug Strang
                                           Ben Heim, Esq.
(610) 491-9440                                                            John O’Dea                  Jenell Witkowski
                                           Carol Herrmann
FAX: (610) 491-9441                        Dorothy Huck                   Kimberly Ortenzio-Nielsen
                                           Jack	Infield                   Kelly Pallis
                                           Rick Karcher                   Eric Peterson                                                  Dennis Pyers
                                           Laurene Keck
                                           Alan Kirk, Esq.                Neal Rhoads
                                           Tom Knepley                    Robert Scott, Ph.D.
The	official	registration	and	financial	   Michael Kuntz                  Michael Smith
information of The Second Mile may         Edward Lauth                   Mark Snyder
be obtained from the PA Department         Brad Lunsford, Esq.            Jan Sockel
of State by calling toll-free within PA,   Renee Marks                    Jack Sommer
                                           Heidi Nicholas                 Lorin Stough
1-800-732-0999. Registration does not
                                           Kim Ortenzio-Nielsen           Kenneth E. Sweigart
imply endorsement.                         Alec Pringle                   Karen Creasia Yarrish
                                           Neal Rhoads                    Richard Conway
                                           John Sheridan, Ed.D.           Director Emeritus
                                           Harry K. Sickler
                                                                          John Riggle
                                           Larry Snavely
                                                                          Director Emeritus
                                           Lewis G. Steinberg, Esq.
                                           Fred A. Strouse                William Rothman
                                           Richard Struthers              Director Emeritus
Printed by Advanced Color Graphics         James Swistock                 Charles Telfer
                                           Michael Trombley, Esq.         Director Emeritus
                                           Peter Weiler
                                           David Woodle
                                           Bruce Heim,
                                           Director Emeritus

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