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									                                                                                                                              JULY 2011

                                                                              NONE OF US ARE HOME UNTIL ALL OF US ARE HOME

                                      LIVING TRUTHFULLY
      In May, our co-founders Sister Mary Scullion and Joan          proven themselves for many years; and the reality of a community
Dawson McConnon traveled to the University of Notre Dame,            of persons from all walks of life who come together with a common
where they were honored with the 2011 Laetare Medal, the most        vision of justice and compassion. That community is a source of
prestigious honor given to American Catholics. Here is an excerpt    tremendous power.
of their speech at the commencement ceremony.                              But that community must grow if we are to make greater
                                                                     progress. We invite you to bring your profound resources of faith
      WE LIVE IN CO M P L E X and                                                                      and intellect to the work of ending
deeply challenging times. Our soci-                                                                    homelessness, of building what
ety, we believe, is one that most                                                                      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., called
often measures the value of a person                                                                   “the Beloved Community.”
by his or her productivity alone and                                                                         The Latin on the Laetare
discards the unproductive along the                                                                    Medal translates, “Truth is mighty,
way.                                                                                                   and it shall prevail.” This speaks to
      We live in a society so mes-                                                                     the greatest need in our world
merized by its view of success that it                                                                 today: We need persons committed
considers only that real which can                                                                     to living truthfully. We need men
be touched and weighed, measured                                                                       and women with the intellectual
and counted, a culture in which                                                                        and spiritual gifts that equip them
human and spiritual values have                                                                        to pierce through the falsehoods,
almost vanished from its conscious-           We need people who believe that                          deceits, and cover-ups that mark so
ness.                                                                                                  much of our society and even our
                                            everyone matters; that there are no                        Church today.
      We could share so many
stories with you, including that of a                   throw away people.                                   Such as our ability to find
seven-year-old boy whom we visit-                                                                      over $150 billion dollars in a few
ed in foster care where he has been placed because of the neglect of short weeks to bail out financial institutions, but at the same time
his drug-addicted parents who have so lost track of time that they   we can’t find the money to house our people and educate our
fail to visit him on those few precious days allotted each month,    children. Or when cities across the country pass laws to arrest
days to which he looks forward eagerly and innocently – yet days     panhandlers and people living on the streets while Wall Street exec-
on which he is invariably disappointed.                              utives face no justice for their corrupt decisions that led to millions
      Or the story of the homeless man, a veteran of four-and-a-half of Americans losing their homes and their savings.
years of the war in Vietnam who was honorably discharged, and              We need people who can see through hypocrisy and stand up
lived on the streets of Philadelphia, a shell of his former person,  for America’s promise of justice and liberty for all. We need
hating the streets and his hopeless future, screaming out at those   people to stand squarely on the side of the poor and those who are
who pass him by without knowing or caring or even seeing him, the    struggling on the margins of our society. We need people who
invisible man.                                                       believe that everyone matters; that there are no throw away people.
      Try to picture these two: the innocent, broken-hearted boy or        We must refuse to be blinded by the false values of excessive
the despairing, non-productive, invisible man of the streets. What   individualism and phony materialism. We must instead reignite the
is our response to them?                                             quest for the common good. As Project H.O.M.E.’s co-founder
      Our faith does not give us answers; it gives us courage. Our   Joan McConnon often reminds us, “Strive to live a life you admire,
faith does not allow us to accept homelessness as an inevitable part rather than one you envy.”
of our urban landscape. Indifference to the plight of those who are        We don’t get involved simply out of a sense of moral duty or
poor is not an option.                                               to fulfill any obligations. We are drawn toward mercy, compassion,
                                                                     and justice because we recognize that our common humanity is at
      IN OUR WORK AT Project H.O.M.E., we dare to make the           stake. We enter into the experience of human suffering because it
hopeful assertion that we can end homelessness. This hope is         teaches us the deepest truths of who we are as humans.
grounded in reality: the reality of concrete solutions that have                                                     (Continued on page 2)

The beautiful hand-painted mural above honors the philanthropic legacy of John and Josephine Connelly and the resilience and strength
  of our residents. It was designed by renowned artist Meg Saligman and adorns the lobby of our newest residence, Connelly House.

          Dwelling Place                                                                                                                 Page 2
Living Truthfully
(Continued from page 1)
      This is what we have found in over thirty years of working with      who believe – believe in the essential dignity of the human person.
those who have experienced homelessness, mental illness, and addic-        If the spirit within us withers, so too will all the world we built
tion. We become most fully human when we enter the mystery of              around it.
suffering and, with God’s grace, tap into the miracles of healing and             We must begin to take the first steps, however small, on that
transformation. And we see those miracles occurring daily at Project       long journey to where the wasteland ends and human wholeness and
H.O.M.E.: A man who has refused twenty times to come off of the            fulfillment begin.
streets comes in the 21st time... a young woman who spent the first               As the biblical prophet Isaiah said, “If you spend yourselves on
ten years homeless, came to Project H.O.M.E. with her recovering           behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your
mother, and ten years later she is a junior at Albright College and her    light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the
mother works full time and is a leader in our community... a fifty-        noonday.” We need your light and the Truth to shine brightly in our
year-old mentally disabled person is completing his college degree         cities, our country, our churches, and our world.
while working at the H.O.M.E. Page Café.
                                                                           You can view this speech in its entirety on Project H.O.M.E.’s
     WE ARE CONVINCED we must be people who see beyond what                YouTube channel. Go to
we can touch and weigh and measure and count. We must be people

                                       News from H.O.M.E.
A HEART FOR YOUTH                                                                                       which is a collaboration between
      Former Secretary of State Colin                                                                   Project H.O.M.E. and other agencies,
Powell was honored with Project                                                                         including Women Against Abuse, is
H.O.M.E.’s 2011 Golden Heart Award                                                                      beginning this month. This new
at a special breakfast on May 20.                                                                       program is a vital part of our
Funds raised from the breakfast will go                                                                 comprehensive vision of health for the
toward the newly established Alma and                                                                   community, which will eventually be
Colin Powell Education Fund at the                                                                      housed in the comprehensive Wellness
Honickman Learning Center and                                                                           Center (see Dwelling Place, October
Comcast Technology Labs. This fund
will help provide scholarship                                                                           FRESH AND HEALTHY
opportunities and college access                                                                              Speaking of health, Project
support for youth in our community to                                                                    H.O.M.E. has teamed up with Temple
move forward with their post-                                                                            University's School of Hospitality and
                                             General Colin Powell stands with students and alumnae
secondary education, as well as to           of Project H.O.M.E.’s College Access Program.
                                                                                                         Tourism and Fresh Grocer to foster a
make sure they are able to remain in                                                                     healthier diet in our North Philadelphia
post-secondary programs. Currently,               months of paid work internships where                  neighborhood. Six residents of our
22 students from our neighborhood are in          they held down jobs, learned important             Rowan Homes residence, along with their
college, with 10 recent graduates planning        lessons about life and work, and acquired          children, are overseeing a stand selling
to enroll this fall. To read General Powell’s     marketable skills that can help secure             affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to
remarks at the breakfast, go to the               employment. We are starting a second               neighbors every Saturday morning. Thanks
H.O.M.E. Word blog,                               round of the internship, which will include        to Steve and Jennifer Korman for helping                   additional community partners as                   to make this project possible.
                                                  placement sites for the interns and will
SERVING OUR VETS                                  allow us to increase the number of                 SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP
      Project H.O.M.E.’s Veterans Training        participants.                                           We were saddened by the recent
and Employment Program is helping                                                                    passing of Reverend Monsignor James J.
formerly homeless military veterans find          AN EXPANDING VISIOIN                               Foley. For many years, Monsignor Foley
jobs and remake their lives using a model             Project H.O.M.E.’s health clinic,              served as pastor of Saints Peter and Paul
based upon the restorative power of work,         located at our St. Elizabeth’s community           Parish in West Chester, which has faithfully
education, and community. With support            center in North Philadelphia, is expanding         supported Project H.O.M.E. for two
from the Exelon Foundation and PECO,              the services it provides to residents and          decades. He was a great spiritual leader
eight veterans successfully completed nine        neighbors. A new behavioral health project,        and man of deep compassion.

                                                     W W W. P RO J E C T H O M E . O RG
 Page 3                                                                                                             Dwelling Place

       PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS in Philadelphia, along with their advocates and con-
 cerned citizens, won a significant victory. In May, Councilman Frank DiCicco proposed
 a bill to amend the City's Sidewalk Behavior regulations, which could have potentially
 criminalized homelessness. Project H.O.M.E. spearheaded a coalition called Solutions
 Not Citations, sponsored by over sixty groups, which reached out to City Council and the
 general public about keeping the focus on effective solutions. In the end, a legislative
 compromise was reached, through which the City of Philadelphia maintained its commit-
                                                                                           Hundreds of homeless persons and advocates
 ment to services and solutions as a primary approach to the needs of persons on our       gathered outside City Hall on June 2 to call for
 streets. We are thankful to all our partners and supporters who helped us win this impor- “Solutions Not Citations.”
 tant victory. And we are grateful for the political leadership of Councilwoman Jannie
 Blackwell and others who helped achieve this victory. Now we need to keep working to end chronic homelessness in Philadelphia.

 MAKING HOPE REAL…                                                                                  OUR WISH LIST
      OUR WORK WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE were it not for the amazing community of sup-
 porters from all walks of life who help us bring our vision and hope to life on a daily             YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT of the
 basis. Here are some of our recent donors who made special gifts:                              Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Program is
                                                                                                vital to the work we do at Project
• Gary and Kathy Z. Anderson                  • Robert M. McAlaine                              H.O.M.E. As we continue to make strides
• Bank of America                             • Joseph J. and Susan B. Miller                   in advancing our programs, our needs for
• Barra Foundation                            • John P. Moran                                   items and assistance are also changing. To
• Citizens Bank                               • Ronald J. and Suzanne Naples                    donate or volunteer, please schedule with
• Coles House Fund of The Philadelphia        • Neubauer Family Foundation                      Carly Ianuzzi at 215-232-7272 x3015 or
  Foundation                                  • Oak Philanthropy (UK) Limited         
• EFM Foundation                              • Pew Charitable Trusts
• David J. and Jaimie S. Field                • Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
• Robert A. and Esther G. Fox                 • PNC Financial Services Group                    Residential Wish List: digital cameras
• Jim and Mignon Groch                        • Daniel H. and Margo B. Polett                   for photography class • blender for nutri-
• Halloran Philanthropies                     • Joseph L. Reilly                                tion class • washcloths and towels
• Hamilton Family Foundation                  • Robert M. and Barbara S. Ryan                   (NEW only) • twin sheet sets (NEW
• Haverford Trust Company                     • Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic                   only) • blankets and comforters (NEW
• Homeless Assistance Fund                      Community                                       only) • pillows (NEW only) • men and
• Paul J. and Margaret Hondros                • United Way of Southeastern                      women’s underwear (NEW only) • short-
• Ira M. Lubert and Pam Estadt                  Pennsylvania                                    sleeve shirts • personal care items (men’s
• James J. and Frances M. Maguire             • van Ameringen Foundation                        and women’s soap, shampoo, lotion,
• James J. and Lisa Maguire                   • Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation                 toothbrushes, deodorant, toothpaste, shav-
                                                                                                ing cream, razors) • move-in kits (show-
                                                                                                er curtains, curtain liners, silverware, dish
                                                             Crystal Lincoln, a resident of     sets, pots and pans, bath rugs) • yarn for
                                                             Rowan Homes, participates in       knitting • cleaning supplies • flash
                                                             the fashion show at the 2011
                                                             Women Empowering Women
                                                             benefit for Project H.O.M.E.       Volunteer Wish List: computer tutors •
                                                             The event brings together          GED tutors • volunteers with experi-
                                                             women from all walks of life for   ence working with Special Education
                                                             an evening of fashion and          adults to teach life skills, math and educa-
                                                             compassion. This year's high-      tional workshops • volunteers with expe-
                                                             lights included Emme as the        rience working with elementary and mid-
                                                             MC and music from Eddie
                                                                                                dle school campers • K-8 volunteers to
                                                             Bruce. Thank you to the
                                                                                                lead activities for the summer program,
                                                             Phoenix Salon and Spa for
                                                             hosting the event, and for their
                                                                                                including robotics, dance, zumba, arts
                                                             continued support, and thanks      and crafts, exercise and sports, martial
                                                             to everyone who participated.      arts, yoga, and drama.

                                                    W W W. P RO J E C T H O M E . O RG
                                                                                                                         NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
                  PROJECT H.O.M.E.                                                                                      PHILADELPHIA, PA
                  1515 Fairmount Avenue                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 01219
                  Philadelphia, PA 19130

       PROJECT H.O.M.E.
     (Housing, Opportunities for
Employment, Medical Care, Education)
empowers people to break the cycle of home-
lessness, address the structural causes of
poverty, and attain their fullest potential as
members of society. Our work is rooted in our
conviction of the dignity of each person and
our belief that all are entitled to decent, afford-
able housing and quality education, employ-
ment, and health care. We achieve this through
street outreach; supportive housing; compre-
hensive services; community development;
employment training and opportunities; adult
and youth education; health care; environmen-
tal enhancement; and political advocacy.
1515 and 1523 Fairmount Avenue
Hope Haven I/II, 2827-28 Diamond St.
Connelly House, 1212 Ludlow St.
Kairos House, 1440 N. Broad St.
Kate’s Place, 1929 Sansom St.
Rowan I, 2729-A W. Diamond St.
Rowan II, 1901 N. Judson St.                                                                             Free Library of Philadelphia
St. Columba, 4133 Chestnut St.                                                                        Parkway Branch – 1901 Vine Street
St. Elizabeth’s Recovery, 1850 N. Croskey St.
Women of Change, 2042 Arch St.                                                                        Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
SUPPORT SERVICES & PROGRAMS                                                                               Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Adult Education, Employment & Arts
Community Development Corporation
Education and Advocacy                                     This innovative partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia and
Healthcare Services                                         Project H.O.M.E. provides jobs in a lovely and comfortable setting.
Honickman Learning Center and                                  Featuring freshly-brewed Starbucks coffee, baked goods from
  Comcast Technology Labs                                        Metropolitan Bakery, fine sandwiches, salads, and soups.
Outreach Coordination Center
Volunteer Program
BUSINESSES                                             Stay Connected!                     Project H.O.M.E.’s Resident Advisory Council,
                                                                                           which plays an important role in giving our
Our Daily Threads, 215-232-6322
                                                                residents voice in our mission and program, uses
H.O.M.E. Page Café, 215-320-6191
                                                                  projectHOME              as its motto the following quote from Dr. Martin
                                                                                           Luther King, Jr.:
          215-232-7272                                           “As long as there is poverty in the world I can
  HOMELESS OUTREACH HOTLINE                                       projectHOME              never be rich, even if I have a billion dollars.
          215-232-1984                                                                     As long as diseases are rampant and millions of
   HUMAN RESOURCES HOTLINE                                                                 people in this world cannot expect to live more
                                                                 than twenty-eight or thirty years, I can never be
       215-232-7219 x5200                                       projecthomephilly
                                                                                           totally healthy ... I can never be what I ought to
                                                                                           be until you are what you ought to be. This is
                                                      And don’t miss the great stuff on
                                                                                           the way our world is made. No individual or                             the Project H.O.M.E. Blog –
                                                                                           nation can stand out boasting of being
                                                          independent. We are interdependent.”

                        A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State
                                  by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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