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									                           the                                            M AY 2 0 1 1

                                    BEACON            S t . P e t e r ’s B y - t h e - S e a
                                                          Presbyterian Church

     Vo l u m e 1 7 , I s s u e 5

                                        4         4
                                                                    4                       4
For as through the one man’s                           4
                                                             4               4          4

disobedience the many were made

sinners, even so through the

obedience of the One the many

will be made righteous.
                                    Romans 5:19

                                       4                                          4
      from the
                                                                                                                 4           4
                                                                                        Inside      this Issue:

       [ Bridge ]
                                                                                           Experience St. Peter’s   Page 3
                                                                                           Mission Focus            Page 3
                                                                                           Children Ministries      Page 4
                                                                                           Finance Committee        Page 4
                                                                                           Calendar                 Page 5
                                                                                           Student Ministries       Page 6
                                                                                           Worship & Music          Page 7
                                                                                           Health Ministries        Page 7
                                                                                           Women Ministries         Page 8
                                                                                           Church Life              Page 8

                                              4                                4                                     4
                         By Pastor Chris Grange                         4                       4              4
                        With this writing I find it necessary to address recent developments within our denomination. You
                        may remember a time last summer when during our worship services I reported on the actions of
                       the General Assembly. Of particular concern were decisions made that would change the ordination
                      standards of the church; specifically, changes related to sexual behavior, by removing from our Book of
                     Order the requirement to “live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a
                   woman, or chastity in singleness.”

       At that time I explained that those decisions would need to be ratified by a majority of our denomination’s 173 pres-
       byteries, and that previous attempts to make such changes to the ordination standards have been voted down. I also
       reassured you at that time that the leadership of our church has long held, and will continue to hold the Scriptures of
       both the Old and New Testament to be our authoritative guide and standard for life, and the practice of our faith. That
       has not changed.

       What has changed is the voting pattern of the presbyteries. Voting within the presbyteries has been taking place over
       the past several months. While the voting is not complete, the trend of the voting suggests the very real possibility that
       those changes to the ordination standards may be approved. In that eventuality, I do not want you to be surprised by
       what you may soon be reading or hearing in the news.

       While I am personally grieved by the potential outcome of this voting process, I want to reassure you that St. Peter’s
       By-the-Sea will continue to uphold and abide by God’s standards as clearly articulated in God’s Word. That is a posi-
       tion previously stated by the elders of our church, and you should soon be receiving from them a reaffirmation of the

       I also want to reassure you that our position is shared by a very large percentage of churches within our denomination.
       In fact, I am making plans to attend a meeting of concerned pastors, elders, and other lay leaders from across the nation
       in August in Minneapolis. The goal of that gathering is to find a way to move forward within our denomination without
       compromising our biblical standards. Please hold that critical meeting up in prayer.

       I and the leadership team of St. Peter’s will do our best to keep you informed of any changes and the impact on our
       church. Please feel free to communicate with me personally with any questions or concerns you may have.

       Meanwhile, let us remain committed to faithfully seeking and serving the Lord.

[ Page 2 ]                                                                                            [ May 2011 ]
[ Experience St. Peter’s ]
   Adult Spiritual Growth Opportunities
                                                                                                                  Teach me your way, O Lord, and I
                                                                                                                  will walk in your truth. Psalm 86:11

  GROWTH GROUPS                                                                            Growth groups are a great way to get into the
  Monday    7:00pm                Anne Graham Lotz’ Bible                                 Word and establish long-lasting friendships. These
                                  Devotionals Leader Jim Philp                          groups normally meet in an informal setting at group
                      7:00pm      Jim Cymbala’s When God’s People                         participants’ homes. For more information on the
                                  Pray                                                 groups listed below, or if you are interested in starting
                                  Leader Bob Terrill (2nd/4th Monday)                  your own small group, please contact the church office.

  Wednesday           7:00pm     The Apostles’ Creed Leader Leroy Bell
                                 (Study on Hebrews begins 5/11)

  Thursday            7:00pm     The Apostles’ Creed Leader Leroy Bell              CLASSES FOR MAY
                                 (Study on Hebrews begins 5/12)                     Sunday     10:30am Romans Leader Matt Allan (begins 5/8)
                                                                                               see description below
  Thursday            7:00pm      Jesus’ Final Week Leader Randy Alltizer
                                                                                    Tuesday            9:30am Learning to Live Wisely Leader Liz
  Saturday            9:00am      Study on John Leadership shared                                      Allan (Women’s Study)

                                                                                    Wednesday          9:30am Romans Leader Matt Allan (begins 5/8)

                                              DR. CREASEY STUDY �
                                                                                                       see description below

  Come join us on Mondays at10am, for The Gospel of John – a series                                               PAUL’S BOOK TO THE ROMANS
  on the Gospel of John led by the gifted and engrossing Bible teacher,                                      A study on the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans.
  Dr. Bill Creasy. Class meets from 10am to noon in the Family Worship                                       Handouts are from John Stott’s commentary on
  Center. Register at the door or drop in any Monday to try it for a “test                                   the epistle. Each week the study includes a DVD
  run.” This is a special opportunity – don’t miss it! $75/quarter                                           tour of some of the ancient Roman sites to help
                                                                                                             focus on that week’s study. There is no materials
                                                                                                             cost. See Matt Allan for an advance copy of the
[ Mission Focus ]                                                               A Time For Giving...
                                                                                                    So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not
 Diaper Drive                                                                                   grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.
                                                                                                                                          1 Corinthians 9:7
Remember St. Peter’s diaper drive May 1 and 8. Simply bring a package of child or
adult diapers with you to church and drop them off at the mission table on the patio
where we’re collecting them. These are a much needed item for distribution with the         4
ministries we partner with in assisting those in need.
                                                                                                         4               ...and
Beach Cities Interfaith Services                                                           4
This is where our donated diapers will go!!! As St. Peter’s partners with this local                 A special thank you to all who aprticipated
Huntington Beach ministry, they provide hope to those in need by assisting with food                     in the One Great Hour of Sharing.
and clothing; they also provide assistance with filling out and applying for driver’s
licenses and passports. Beach Cities may be small in size, but they serve a large number
of people; approximately 300 receive food weekly through them which is provided                  Information on our partnering ministries is at the
from the O.C. Food Bank and they distribute bag lunches as well for the homeless.             mission table on the patio most Sundays~ stop by and
                                                                                              check out our brochures that are available at the patio
Free Wheelchair Mission                                                                                                kiosk.
Although this is a relatively new ministry of 10 years, they have accomplished much
so far in providing wheelchairs in 78 countries to over half a million disabled people.                 May is going to be a mission-packed
Mobility not only is life changing for the recipient, but for the entire family and the                   month with much going on!!!
village or community; plus these are specially designed & built wheelchairs that are
compact to withstand the rugged terrain in most third-world countries. Each chair
costs a mere $59.20.

   [ May 2011 ]                                                                                                                   [ Page 3 ]
[ Children Ministries ] 4                                                                  4
             He Said          to them,
                                                                                                                         QuickTime™ and a
                                                                                                                    Photo - JPEG decompressor

                                                                                                                  are needed to see this picture.

                                              “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for
                                              the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14
 Vacation Bible School                                              Are YOU ready to start “cooking” up some VBS fun? There is
                                                                   a job for everyone at the Shake It Up Café!

                                                                   In this kid-friendly café full of chef’s hats and aprons, pots and

                                                                   pans, checkered tablecloths and chalkboard menus, our kids
                                                                   explore the Bible as a cookbook filled with recipes for
                                                                   living out God’s word. Through interactive lessons,
                                                                   that are easy for kids to apply to their lives today,

B.                                                                 boys and girls will celebrate biblical festivals that reveal
                                                                   ingredients for being a follower of God:

                                                                   Be ready for God
                                                                   Give happily to God
                                                                   Believe fully in Jesus
                                                                   Remember Jesus often

                                                                   The Shake it Up Café will soon be open for business and we
                       4                                           want YOU to join our volunteer staff! We are looking for
                                                                   small group leaders, storytellers, recreation leaders, music

4                  After nineteen months
            (yes, 19! I can’t believe it either!) of
                                                        4          leaders, snack leaders and a decorating crew. Sign up on the
                                                                   patio after services or contact Scott Marvin, Beth Lampley or
                                                                   Jan Harvey for more information. We are waiting for YOU!
      providing Kids Night Out, it continues to be
   a popular event! We average about eighteen children             The Shake it Up Café (VBS) will be open July 11-15, from 9:00-
                                                                   11:30am. Children entering Kindergarten through 5th Grade
   each month and we never get tired of pizza! The next
                                                                   are eligible to attend. The cost is $30.00 for the week. See you
       Kids Night Out is scheduled for May 13, 6:00                there!
         – 9:00pm. Hope we see your kids there!
                                                                   Jan Harvey, Director of Children’s Ministry
                                            4             4
[ Finance Committee]                                                               Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure,
                                                                                   pressed down, shaken together and running

                        Continuing the Journey...
                                                                                   over, will be poured into your lap. For with the
                                                                                   measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
                                                                                   Luke 3:38

  March Ministry & Missions income was $47,982. Operating expenses were $52,549, a difference of ($4,567). Nearly
  all line items were under budget for the month, excepting Facilities, Worship, and Student Ministries.

  Building Fund receipts for March were $7,229. Planning for the next campaign is under way. There will be news
  soon. Meanwhile, please prayerfully consider continuing your building fund contributions to reduce our mortgage.

  The 2011 Budget as presented at the Congregational Meeting in January included a pie chart with projected
  expenses allocated to the five aspects of our St. Peter’s Mission Statement: Glorify, Gather, Grow, Give, and Go.
  A schedule of the categories with percentages is available in the new kiosk.

[ Page 4 ]                                                                                          [ May 2011 ]
                                     at a glance...           [ May 2011 ]                                           4
                                                                                                                            4     4
   SUNDAY         MONDAY                 TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY               FRIDAY              SATURDAY
            1                    2                   3                     4                     5                   6                  7
         Holy     Dr. Creasy Bible       Women’s Study          Prayer Group    College Fellowship                          Youth Service
    Communion       study on John              9:30am                 8:15am                  7pm                           Day for Loose
                            10am                                                                                               Change to
 Blood Pressure                              CFD Mtg.             Adult Study          Stephen                              Loosen Chains
Screening 10am                                 5:45pm                 9:30am      Ministry Mtg.                                      8am
    Church Life                       ReWind Fellowship     ReNew Fellowship
         Noon                           (Jr. High) 6:30pm      (H.S.) 7:00pm

                                                                Choir 7:00pm
              8                  9                    10                  11                   12                   13                  14

                  Dr. Creasy Bible       Women’s Study          Prayer Group    College Fellowship   Kids’ Night Out        Annual Spring
                    study on John              9:30am                 8:15am                  7pm               6pm             Tea 2pm
                                      ReWind Fellowship           Adult Study
                                        (Jr. High) 6:30pm             9:30am

                                       Deacons’ Mtg.         Property/Fin.
                                            7:00pm                5:30pm

                                                            ReNew Fellowship
                                                               (H.S.) 7:00pm

                                                                Choir 7:00pm
             15                16                     17                   18                  19                   20                  21

Congregational    Dr. Creasy Bible       Women’s Study          Prayer Group    College Fellowship                            Coffee with
          Mtg.      study on John              9:30am                 8:15am                  7pm                              Mick 10am
      10:10am               10am
                                      ReWind Fellowship           Adult Study
      Missions                          (Jr. High) 6:30pm             9:30am
Outreach Team
         Noon                         Session 7:00pm        ReNew Fellowship
                                                               (H.S.) 7:00pm
                                  Health MInistry
                                          7:30pm                Choir 7:00pm
             22                23              24                          25                  26                   27                  28

   Baja Mission   Dr. Creasy Bible       Women’s Study          Prayer Group    College Fellowship
    Team Mtg.       study on John              9:30am                 8:15am                  7pm
           1pm              10am
                                             Small Groups         Adult Study
                                        (Jr. High) 6:30pm             9:30am

                                                            ReNew Fellowship
                                                               (H.S.) 7:00pm

                                                                Choir 7:00pm

             29                30                     31

                                         Women’s Study

                                             Small Groups
                                        (Jr. High) 6:30pm
                                                                            Sunday Worship Service — 9:00/10:45am

                                                                                Youth Sunday School — 9:00am
                                              4                                     Adult Class — 10:30am

                   4                                                  Children’s & Preschool Sunday School — 9:00/10:45am
                                           4                                                                                       4
                                                      [ May 2011 ]
                                                                   [ Page 5 ]
[ Student Ministries ]                                 Jr. High ... High School... College...
                                                                                                                                                  4         4
   Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. I Timothy 4:12

                                                                                        Student Ministries Weekly Program
                                            We need you!
                                                                                     [ Tuesdays ]                                                     Adam Reyes
When: Saturday, May 7 (8am- 12pm)
Who:       Junior High and H.S. Students
                                                                                     Re W i n d (Jr. High) 6:30 – 8:30pm                       Student Ministries
                                                                                     We have extended our evening to accommodate               Wk: 714.846.6641
Cost:       Free
                                                                                     Growth Groups. Please contact Adam for more info.         Cell: 714.785.5603
The first Saturday of every month the Students of St. Peter’s will have the op-
portunity to serve the community of HB. Students will be helping the com-                                                       
munity and the church family with any project necessary. During this service         [ Wednesdays ]
project, the students will explain that any donation of loose change would           Re N u (H.S.) 6:45-9pm
go directly to LC2LC, not the church or student ministries. The hope is this         (Please note the time change) We have extended our evening to accommodate
will bring the community into a project greater than any denomination, open          Growth Groups. Please contact Adam for more info.
the eyes of community members to the serving hand of Christ and develop

                                                           to com
better community relations with the church.                                          [ Sundays ]

                                                     events th!
                                                                                     R E A L (Jr. High, H.S. & College) 9am

                                                more t mon
  C amp                                             nex
                                                                                     We meet every Sunday morning at 9am. Join us for a REAL refreshing time of
                                                                                     worship and fellowship, as we grow together searching God’s Word.

  S p otlight                                     Jr. High Summer Camp (July 17 – 22)
                                                  Forest Home — Creekside — $440                SIGN UP NOW! $220 camp deposit due May 8. Deadline is May 22.

                                                  Every great movie has a twist—that moment in a film when something unexpected changes everything. You
                                                  think you have the story figured out, but slowly signs emerge and it becomes clear something else is happening.
                                                  God’s story is breathtaking, mind-blowing and mysterious, like the twist in a great movie. This summer Creek-
                                                  side becomes Stage 11, a movie studio back lot where things are not always what they seem. Explore with us
                                                  God’s plot twists and see what this means for our lives.

                                                  High School Summer Camp (July 17 - 22) SIGN UP NOW! $220 camp deposit due May 8. Deadline is May 22.
                                                  Forest Home — Lakeview — $440
                                                  Come this summer to take an up close look at a portrait of David, a man after God’s own heart. Examine the
                                                  individual events or pixels of David’s story comprising the larger picture of his life. Discover the dark pixels of
                                                  his humanity along with the steady, vibrant pixels of God’s presence and calling throughout his life. Reflect on
                                                  the picture of your life as you examine the individual pixels making up who you are and how you live.

 June Dates to Remember!
                                                                                                                                          Jr. High Welcomes 6th Grade
                                               6Senior Retreat 6H.S. Senior Banquet 6H.S.Welcomes Freshman 6 June 21 (4-9pm)
                                                June 3-4        June 10 (6:30-9pm)   June 22 (4-9pm)

College Briefing at Forest Home
September 2-5/Cost: $150
                                                                                                                                          Join us for our college
                                                                                                                                          group gatherings Thurs-
                                                                                                                                          day nights on campus at
                                                                                                                                          7:30pm! We are kicking off
                                                                                                                                          a new series called “Who
                                                                                                                                          Am I?” in which we will an-
                                                                                                                                          swer the questions “What
     To sign up contact Chelsea Danei                                                                                                     is our spiritual identity?”
     and visit to learn more!                                                                                          and “How can we freely
                                                                                                                                          live in that identity?”
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                   Contact Chelsea Danei
When it comes to college-age ministry, we try to do fewer programs and develop more                                                       for more information on
relationships. If you have a heart for college-age students and want to invest in their lives                                             this series.
while allowing them to invest in yours, we’d love to have you on our leadership team!

Chelsea Danei (College-Age Ministries Leader)
(714) 846-6641 or

     [ May 2011 ]                                                                                                                         [ Page 6 ]
[ Worship & Music ]                                                                 I will sing to the Lord all my life... Psalm 104:33

          Notes From the Choir Loft                                                                                          4       44
 For more information about the
 Music Ministries at St. Peter’s by             According to the Bible there are many reasons to sing. We are to sing to praise our God (1
 the Sea please contact the church              Chronicles 16:9); we are to sing of God’s nature - His love and strength in times of trouble
 office at 714-846-6641 or e-mail                (Psalm 59:16). We are to sing of God’s glory (Psalm 66:2). The Bible goes on to say that “we
 us at                      that are upright in heart” are to sing (Psalm 32:11). We are to sing for joy (Psalm 95:1) and
                                                we are to sing to simply make music (Psalm 57:7).

                                                We are to sing. It is another way to communicate with God. It is a way to bring us, his people,
                                                together. On Sunday mornings whether you are sitting in the congregation, or perhaps you
                                                are thinking about moving your seat to the choir loft, we will all sing to the Lord a new song,
                                                we will sing his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.(Psalm 149.1)

  4           the body is a temple...
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the
                                                               [ Health Ministries ]
Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received                           “ A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries
from God? You are not your own; you were bought at                                            up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22
a price. Therefore honor God with your body. I Corin-
thians 6:19-20
                                                                        Though physical exercise has been proven to lessen your stress, we can

                       How to Relax...                                  also benefit from relaxation. Expensive spas aren’t needed to relax because
                                                                        relaxation is a state of mind and a lifestye. Here’s what to do when you get
                                                                        frustrated, short tempered and/or irritable.

                                                                        l. Avoid some of the things and people that upset you. Don’t purposely put
                                                                        yourself in stressful situations.

                                                                        2. Tell yourself a joke or create absurd situations so you can have a good
                                                                        laugh. If it’s traffic, imagine what it would be like to be stuck there for the
                                                                        next ten years. If you’re lucky, you might miss your kids’ teenage years

                                                                        3. Sigh a lot and take deep breaths, holding them as long as possible, then
                                                                        let go very slowly.

                                                                        4. Listen to music you enjoy.

                                                                        5. Take a 15 minute walk, moving your arms and pretend a helium balloon
                 Health ministries wants to thank all the caring        is holding up your head.
                people who helped with the Red Cross Blood
                Drive in April, the faithful donors and team            6. Talk or write to a trusted friend, or just write out your problems. (My

 4              volunteers. Without you, it can’t happen!               father frequently told me when I was fuming over some great injustice to
                                                                        write it down, read it over, including all the recriminations I would like to
                                                                        hurl at the offenders. Then toss it!)

                                     4                                  7. Take a hot shower or bath, then follow that with a cold shower for a
                                                                        really quick fix.
                                                                        Whatever you opt for--move muscle! Play a game, run, skip and get into
                                                                        the fresh air. Alcohol and drugs tend only to make things worse.

                                                                        SPBTS HEALTH MINISTRIES
                                                                          Fran Pike, HM Nurse

[ Page 7 ]                                                                                                      [ May 2011]

    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but

                                                                [ Women’s Ministries ]
    a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
    Proverbs 31:30



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             ����������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������




     Let us not give up meeting together,                                                         [ Church Life ]
       as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—
                                                                                          4                         4
       and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25
      (Take This Job And...Love It!)

      What does the Bible say about work? You’ll spend about 40% of your waking hours working. The average
      American will spend about 150,000 of their precious fleeting hours at work. Since that is true...obviously God

      would have something to say about your work. So I simply want to ask one question. It’s the same question
      that was asked by Solomon about 3000 years ago in...Ecc 3:9...what does the worker gain from his toil? Why
      do you work? I think it’s a good question. Today the government will pay you not to�����������������������������������
                                                                                            work. So why not just
      stay home and lay in bed and collect checks? Why do you work? Today, many people would say...I haven’t the
      foggiest idea.

      How does being a Christian impact our attitude towards work? – Dr. Mick Ukleja
                                                                                                 ����������������������������� Mick
                                                                                                                Coffee with
                                                                                                                           Saturday, May 21 (10am)
    On Saturday, May 21st, Dr. Mick Ukleja, a frequent visitor at St. Peter’s and a well-known author, speaker and leader, will be our special guest at 10:00 AM in the
    Family Worship Center. Mick Ukleja is founder and president of LeadershipTraQ, a leadership-consulting firm based in California. He hosted Leadership TraQ
    Televised, an interview-format talk show in Southern California that profiled outstanding leaders. He helped found the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership

    at California State University, Long Beach. His book, Who Are You? What Do You Want? Four Questions that Will Change Your Life, has been praised by legendary

    coach John Wooden. Mick holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a master’s degree in Semitic Languages, and a Ph.D. in theology. He received the Presidents
    Distinguished Service Award from Cal State Long Beach in 2001 and in 2006 was named Distinguished Alumni from the College of Liberal Arts. Everyone is
    invited to have “Coffee with Mick”. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear a world renowned speaker.

       [ May 2011 ]                                                                                                                       [ Page 8 ]
                                                                                                                                                                   NON-PROFIT ORG.

   S t . Pe t e r ’s B y - t h e - S e a                                                                                                                              US POSTAGE
    16911 Bolsa Chica St.
   Huntington Beach, CA                                                                                                                                                  PAID
                 92649                                                                                                                                          HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA

                                                                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 130

                                                                                                  S t. Peter’s By-the-Sea                      S unday Worship Services
The Beacon Beacon Deadline: 15th of the month. Submit all articles to elders. Elders
           submit by email to In an emergency, materials may

                                                                                                   Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                                                                         9:00 am
                                                                                                 16911 Bolsa Chica St.                         Traditional/Blended Service
                                                                                              Huntington Beach, CA 92649                       Nursery/Childcare available
                                                                                                 Phone 714.846.6641
                                                                                                  FAX 714.846.5901                                      10:45 am
                                                                                                                                                 Contemporary Service
                                                                                                                    Nursery/Childcare available

                                                                                                  Happy Birthday to the Following Members:
           be dictated to the church secretary.

                                                                                       5/1   Carol Clear             5/8    Tom Cross                   5/16    Jack Devine
                                                                                       5/2   Jim MacBeth                    Shayna Wilson                       Amy Gasso
                                                                                       5/3   Elisa Roddy                    Fay Wright                          Paul Mangone
                                                                                       5/4   Joan Bennett            5/9    Karen Sheffield              5/17    James Townsend
                                                                                             Phyllis Standley               David Valazza               5/18    Karla Alltizer
                                                                                             Nancy Turner            5/10   Kathy Rizzo                 5/21    Phyllis Reeser
                                                                                       5/5   Catherine Masila        5/13   Ulises Araujo               5/22    Arthur Gomé
                                                                                             Barbara Raymond                Jim Budd                    5/25    Marie Loo
                                                                                       5/6   Dolores Crooks                 Kristi Hunt                 5/27    Ed Herro
                                                                                             JoAnn Pfaff             5/15   Maynard Axvig               5/28    Kelley Cross
                                                                                             Rebecca Sheffield               Larry Kasper                        Kathy Fuller
                                                                                       5/7   Dennis McNulty                 Christina Twaite            5/30    Bonnie Shepstone
                                                                                             Zach Smith                     Dave Weigel                 5/31    Bob Cogan

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