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united state honeymoon destinations


									The American Dream: Check out United States Honeymoon Destinations

Whether you’re an American wanting to re-discover your own country, or a
foreigner wanting to see the sights and sounds of the beautiful, red-
striped USA and experience the ultimate American dream, a USA honeymoon
with your loved one could prove to be one good way to a life of marital

From Maine to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida, you get to enjoy an
assortment of activities – surfing and swimming for the couple who like
the waters, snowboarding and skiing for a winter honeymoon, rock climbing
and hiking for the outdoor couple, windsurfing for the more adventurous
type and many others you can choose from.

Looking for some sun? Explore Florida on your honeymoon. Visit the
Caladesi Island State Park and go traipsing in its white sand shores and
the boat ride. The Blue Spring State Park in Florida offers fishing
activities, scuba diving and swimming and a look at the Manatees. There’s
also the Bok Sanctuary, popular for the singing Tower and the Coral
Castle Gallery with the Three Bears’ Grotto.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more action, you can put
California as your honeymoon destination. Walk down the streets and take
snapshots of the famous statues of Auburn, like the naked man wrestling
with the chains, the coolie and the Amazon Archers. Explore folk art at
the Salvation Mountain or go have your temperatures’ checked by the Baker
Thermometer, the world’s largest thermometer. Of course, don’t; ever
forget to visit Hollywood and get a chance to get up close and personal
with the Hollywood celebrities. Who knows the two of you may star in one
of the movies being filmed there?

For those who’d like to go on the wilder side, go north with an Alaskan
honeymoon. Go bear-sighting at the Anan Wildlife Observatory and at Pack
Creek. Don’t definitely miss the Alaskan Native Heritage Center and the
Anchorage Museum of History and Art for a glimpse of Alaska’s culture and
local history. Climb Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in the North American
region at the Denali National Park and discover the local flora and fauna
at the Alaska Sea Life Center, which, by the way, also houses many bird
species and sea mammals.

Other things to watch out for in your USA honeymoon destinations are the
country’s string of national parks – the Yellowstone National Park,
famous for the throngs and the sparring bull elks, the Joshua Tree
National Park with its yucca tree, and the Texas’s Guadalupe Mountains
National Park for a winter, snow-filled honeymoon.

Check out Chinatown and see a different culture in San Francisco. Don’t
forget to visit New Mexico and have a taste of their spicy, tasty Tacos
and take photos of the adobe constructions. Go crazy over the sights and
sounds of Las Vegas – the casinos, the cabarets, the clubs.

Of course check out local American delicacies like the American pie, go
shopping at Fifth Avenue and walk holding hands at Central Park – a
natural refuge in the middle of the busy city.
Whether it’s a spring or a winter honeymoon you’re planning with your
loved one, USA offers you more than just the sights, the sounds, the
smell and the taste of American beauty. It offers variety, color, and the
idyllic start to a future filled with marital bliss.

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