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honeymoon destination canada


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									Honeymooning in the Canada

After the stressful preparations for the dream wedding, any newly wed
couple deserves a relaxing honeymoon break that will release them from
all the worries collected from making their wedding as perfect as
possible. Now, left on their own, they are free to relax and throw off
the formalities that might have stressed them during the wedding.
Honeymoons should allow couples to let their hair down before actually
venturing into the realities of married life.

If you and your better half is not a big fan of the tropics and would
rather opt for some place where the climate is cool and will sort of
force the two of you to keep each other cozy, then Canada is a great
place to spend your honeymoon. Canada is reach with vacation spots where
newlyweds can enjoy their honeymoon without suffering from the usual
sunburns that one might experience during a trip to the tropics.

Canada, that other country in Northern America, is very much like the
United States except that it has a lower population density, the
environment is calmer, and it has more natural parks and scenic
landscapes. Although the country is also considered as multicultural,
French and English influences are still very much felt even today.

This northern American country attracts tourists who   love outdoor
activities like hiking and skiing. Canada is rich in   wildlife, too. So,
animal lover couples will be delighted of the arctic   wildlife in this
country’s national parks. Moreover, even though this   country is dotted
with cities as well, the calm urbanity of the cities   is what attracts
tourists from other parts of the globe.

In the northern central part of Canada is where the provinces of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon lie.
The main tourist attraction in these places is the rich wildlife and a
number of out-of-doors activities that will excite any active newlyweds
who have a taste for nature adventures. Activities depend upon the
season, winter sports during the winter and hiking during summers. An
additional treat is the beautiful landscape.

The central part of the country is where the province of Ontario is
located. Ontario is famous for the city of Toronto and Ottawa, which is
the country’s capital. Ottawa is famous for its Winterlude Festival which
will be very interesting to newlyweds. Moreover, who could leave out the
Niagara Falls? Romantic movies were made in the name of this enchanting

Going to the west side of Canada, couples can visit the provinces of
Alberta and British Columbia. These two provinces are well known for the
cities of Victoria and Vancouver, the Jasper and Banff national parks,
and the Rocky Mountains. Couples can also enjoy the activity of whale
watching on these parts together with the gentle urban life of Vancouver.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and New Foundland provinces are located in
the Far East side of the country. This is the part of Canada which is
dotted with charming small villages and pleasant hiking roads rich with
wildlife and rough but exciting coastal areas.

On the French east side lays the province of Quebec. Here palatable
cuisine can be experienced which will definitely gratify any couple’s
appetite. God cuisine plus an excellent scenery all around, and let’s not
forget the French speaking locals, you would think that you’re already in
Paris. Paris in the Northern American continent, that is.

Just remember to forget all the post wedding worries and have a relaxing
good time and do your honeymoon in the Canadian way.

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