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					Honeymoon Thrills at Cheaper Deals

Let’s admit it, wedding costs are no joke. There’s the whole wedding
hullabaloo, not to mention the honeymoon. And of course, you definitely
want to enjoy the honeymoon where it’s just the two of you together. And
more than just being a time spent with your loved one, your honeymoon is
the perfect way to relax yourselves after a busy wedding ceremony, and be
treated like royalties and enjoy all the amenities of luxury. Although it
is always good to be frugal, settle for anything less than what you and
your loved one deserve. While some may have the money to enjoy an all-
expense luxurious honeymoon get-away, it’s also easy to create the
romantic ambience and enjoy the perfect honeymoon vacation without
busting your pockets.

First, get familiar with off-peak seasons and the perfect times to visit
places. If you’re planning a January wedding, it’s also the perfect time
to go visiting New York, San Francisco and Washington. February is the
cheapest time to go honeymooning in Celtic Ireland, the snow-capped
mountains of Netherlands and Dallas. March is perfect for honeymoons in
Los Angeles; go sight-seeing in Italy and Spain, while April is perfect
for a Caribbean honeymoon in Jamaica. Hawaii is cheapest on May while
June brides can always choose to go to Phoenix and Albuquerque for some
Mexican exploration. July offers at best at Tucson and Memphis, while a
honeymoon in August is perfect at Las Vegas. September is the perfect
time to go abroad and explore Asian culture in Japan. In October, you can
head off to Costa Rica and in November, go kayaking at Lake Tahoe or
enjoy the flavor of Dominican Republic. December brides can go to sunny,
tropical, Mediterranean Greece.

Here are five travel destinations you can explore on your honeymoon,
offering you the perfect romantic thrills, without the worries of an
empty pocket.

London. There are many available flights to choose from, and if you pick
a remote location, it costs cheaper. While it may seem more expensive
than any other European destination, there are an endless choice in
hotels, restaurants, transportation and tour services that you can choose
from. And there’s definitely something offering you and your loved one a
London experience within your budget.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Accommodation is easy – you can choose from
luxury resorts to quaint but clean hotels in the downtown area.
Honeymooners can visit Tulum or take the ferry to the island of Cozumel
for some snorkeling experience.

Tioman Island. For some Asian experience, go to Tioman Island in
Malaysia. It boasts of sandy beaches, verdant jungles and mountains. You
and your honey can bask in the sun, go snorkeling and diving. A $100
already assures you of a two-night stay at a suite in an Oceanside
resort. The island can be reached via ferry from the mainland; a good two
hours ride perfect for dolphin-sightings.

Buenos Aires. For some Latin American color, Buenos Aires provides a
variety of cultural events, nightlife, shopping, local sports and
excursions to choose from. Explore La Boca, its street performers, shops
and architecture. Airfare costs an average of $500 for a round trip.

Las Vegas. The ultimate gaming experience, not to mention the color
lights and sounds make Vegas the whirlwind wedding and honeymoon setting.
There are many cheap vacation packages offered by many hotels and
resorts, with discount rates from lodging, meals and entertainment.

And because the honeymoon is all about just being the two of you
together, you need not even go out of town or out of the country. Scout
your local area for some place you can explore. Or with just candles and
champagne and the two of you together, your honeymoon can be perfect –
and cheap – in just the comforts of your new house.

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