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									50 Roads to Marital Bliss

I’m sure you’re thinking of something romantic, something peaceful, and
something where you’re both going to have fun, something for more loving,
dining, and wining. Honeymoons are not only the perfect time to start a
life of marital bliss with your loved one and enjoy each other’s company.
It is also the best time to explore a different place to relax and enjoy.

Every bride must have at least a 100 or so ideal honeymoon destinations
listed in their wedding planners. And every place is as romantic, as fun
and as unique as the next name on the list. So what are the world’s top
50 get-away destinations of honeymooners? Modern Bride reveals the names.

The sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii maintain its spot in the top ten for ten
straight years. There’s also Tahiti, Bermuda, Bali, the Caribbean waters
of Jamaica, Maldives and Barbados. Other seaside get-aways include the
British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Seychelles, the Bahamas,
Florida and Cayman Islands. With the beaches, the white sand, the sun and
the fresh breeze, these destinations offer perfect water activities for
you and your honey – from swimming to diving, to snorkeling to getting
that tan. Sip a refreshing drink and go island hopping. Of course,
European attractions made it to the top 50. Go exploring in Italy,
Greece, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Scandinavia, England, Iceland,
Switzerland and Scotland. With their splendid architecture, museums and
art galleries, not to mention the European cuisine, honeymooners would
get the perfect romantic mood exploring France and the Eiffel Tower or
dining in one of the five-star restaurants in Italy.

There are also the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland and Iceland for
winter honeymooners. Go to South America and bask in some sexy, steamy
Latin American honeymoon experience in Mexico, Costa Rica, Antigua,
Aruba, Poconos, Argentina and Puerto Rico. Eat Tacos, take photos of the
adobe houses, shop in unique, native shops, and join in the merry and
sexy music and dancing and live street performances. And of course, live
the American dream in some of these USA honeymoon destinations – St.
Barths, St. Lucia, Las Vegas, New York, New Mexico, St. Martin, and
Alaska. Other honeymoon toppers include: Fiji, Aguilla. Turks and Caicos,
Australia, Belize, South Africa, Thailand, Ecuador, Kenya, Dominican
Republic, Canada, Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

For the honeymooner wanting to save, affordable destinations include
Mexico, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Florida. Water
activities especially snorkeling and diving are best at the Cayman
Islands, Turks and Caicos and Tahiti. For winter honeymooners, there’s
Colorado, Switzerland, Canada, Utah and Austria. And for the couple who’d
like to party on gourmet food, don’t forget Italy, France, New York,
California and Las Vegas. For some privacy, a Tahiti honeymoon provides
the perfect seclusion for you and your loved one. Go exploring culture in
England and enjoy the nightlife in Las Vegas. Costa Rica is perfect for
the adventurous couple with its rich and diverse scenery and landscapes.

Other recommended honeymoon destinations are Chile, India, Turkey and
Cook Islands.
Whether it’s a secluded island or beach front in Hawaii or the Bahamas, a
romantic cultural experience in the streets of Florence and France, or an
exploration of exotic culture and cuisine in South America, the important
thing in a honeymoon is the company. With romance, the perfect food, the
perfect setting, and the perfect company, a new life ahead with your
loved one may prove to be a honeymoon in itself.

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