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									                       AXIS Networked Office
                          Axis Network Document Servers
                        Sales Presentation Sepember 2002

Rev 1.04 September 2

 Market situation
 Market data
 User scenarios
 Axis Network Document Servers
    AXIS 70
    AXIS 70U
    AXIS 7000
 Traditional distribution methods
 10 second training
Market situation

 Use of paper increasing
 Paper distribution costly and slow
   Fax, courier, mail
 Events last year triggers demands
  for safer document distribution
  without manual handling
Market data

 25 Million scanners sold yearly
    Mass-market is over 95%, i.e document
     scanners and other scanners above $300 is
     approx 1 Million scanners InfoTrend
 Document scanners are:
    Office (Workgroup and Departmental)
    Production (Low, mid and high)
 Market leaders in the office segment are:
    Epson
    Fujitsu
    HP
Paper documents distributed by e-mail?
User scenario

 You're standing in the corridor at
  work with a four-page document
 Must distribute the document to 15
  people in different cities a.s.a.p.
 In 5 minutes you are going into a
  potentially long department meeting
 What are your options?
Option 1, Rewrite

 Rewrite the document as
  you don’t have the original
  and send it by e-mail?
 NO, it takes a lot of time
  and you will miss the
Option 2, Fax

 Fax it to all 15?

 NO, it takes a lot of time
  and you will miss the
  meeting and probably some
  pages will be missing
Option 3, Copy and send by mail

 Take 4 x 15 copies and
  send by regular mail?
 NO, it will not arrive until
  tomorrow at the earliest
Option 4, Courier

   Take 4 x 15 copies and
    send by courier?
   NO, faster than mail, but
    not fast enough and
    expensive and who will
Option 5, Scan and send by e-mail

 Use the Axis Network
  Document Server down the
 YES, scan and send by e-mail
  with PDF attachment
 Will arrive within seconds to
  all 15
 You will make the meeting!
Axis Network Document Server Family

 Instant digitized document
  distribution over IP-networks
                                         AXIS 70
   Faster, cheaper and safer than
    fax, traditional mail and couriers
   Better image quality than fax and
    even in color
                                         AXIS 70U
   Favorable total cost of ownership
   Plugs directly into your network
   5 years experience in market
    innovation for networked
    document distribution                AXIS 7000
AXIS 70/70U Network Document Server


 The easy solution for digitized
  document distribution over IP-networks
   Transforms your paper documents into a
    digital format and sends them as an e-mail
AXIS 70/70U Users

 Anyone regularly using a fax
 Paper intensive users in the office
 Particular office personnel with an
  assisting role like:
   Executive assistants, Secretaries, Legal
    assistants, Shipping and Human
    Resource departments
Key features AXIS 70/70U

 Connects and networks popular office scanners
    HP, Epson and Fujitsu up to €1500/15 ppm
    Supported AXIS 70 models listed on:
    Supported AXIS 70U models listed on:

 Supports standard paper formats, Photo, A5, B5,
  A4, Letter and Legal
 Sends document as e-mail with PDF attachment
 Confirmation of successful delivery as a receipt
  via e-mail to the sender
AXIS 7000 Network Document Server

 Versatile document management over
   Enables document archiving and
    managing as well as document distribution
AXIS 7000 Users

 The AXIS 7000 adds user groups with:
   Higher scanning demands
      Up to 50 ppm
      Duplex
      Specific and larger paper sizes
   Application integration like:
      Databases
      Remote scanning into central archives
Key features AXIS 7000

 Connects and networks a broad range of
  office and production scanners
 Any paper format up to A3/11x17”, double
  side and high speed scanning up to 50
 Sends documents to e-mail, file server,
  URL, printer and web browser in PDF,
  TIFF, JPEG or PCL formats
 XML-support for application integration
  into databases etc.
 Confirmation of successful delivery as a
  receipt via e-mail to the sender
Special features Axis Document Server Family

 Optional keyboard for easy
  search and entering of e-mail
 PDF support, industry
  standard that can be read by
 Automatic e-mail address
  book load from corporate
  mail server
Special features Axis Document Servers

 Delivery confirmation via         MDN/DSN
 Application integration              XML
 (AXIS 7000)

 Wide range of supported
  scanning devices for any
                              AXIS Network Document
                              Server with a typical
                              office scanner
Quick comparison
Compared to traditional distribution methods

       …beats faxing
          Higher quality at a lower cost.
       …beats using regular mail
          Much faster and no envelop or
       …beats courier services
          Faster and cheaper
What do you get?

 Time and cost savings for your
 Low maintenance/high reliability
  from a dedicated device
 Greater speed/reduced effort for
  document distribution
10 second training

 Place document
  in the scanning
10 second training

 Select an e-mail
  address from a
  distribution list


 Type a new
 address on the
 attached keyboard.
10 second training

                      Press “Send”
                      A PDF attachment
                       is automatically
                       generated and
                       sent as an e-mail.
                       It will arrive,
                       seconds later at
                       the recipient’s
                       e-mail Inbox

 AXIS 70
    Shipping since May-2002
 AXIS 70U
    Shipping November-2002
 AXIS 7000
    Shipping now
Why document distribution with E-mail?

       The User          The IT-Manager             The Receiver

  An easy, rapid, safe    Uses the already          Documents goes
  and cost effective      existing IP-network       without delay
  way to distribute       infrastructure for fast   directly to the
  paper documents         document distribution     e-mail Inbox

It beats faxing, mail and courier delivery for speed, cost and safety

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