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                       NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER
                                                                 12 March 2009

SUBJECT: Minutes, Executive Committee (EXCO) Meeting, 12 March 2009

At 1130 hrs, 12 March 2009, the executive committee met at the Keg Restaurant in
Las Colinas
               Kermit Gable, 1st VP
               Bill Jimenez, Past President
               JP Hogan, VP/Membership
               Woody Alexander, President
               Wes Geary, Regional President
               Tom Russell, North Texas AAAA Chapter representative
               Morris Paulk, Treasurer
               TL Holden, ILW Symposium Coordinator
               Josh Galloway, Secretary
               Larry Thompson, VP/Programs
               Four additional Chapter Members attended, fourteen members present
       Not Present:
               Jim Blunk, JROTC Coordinator (Business Conflict)
               Rich Kaniss, Incoming VP- Corporate Relations (Business Conflict)

Chaplain (COL) Ralph Smith gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The following topics were covered:

District 5810’s Rotary Conference & AUSA in Frisco, TX:
JP Hogan led a discussion regarding District 5810’s Conference on Friday, 17 April at
the Embassy Suites in Frisco. Rotary’s Annual Conference brings in about 500
participants from 63 clubs in North Texas. In the past, it has been held in resorts in
Mexico, but this year it is being held closer to home. It is almost mandatory as it will
supplant the weekly club meetings. Bob Epstein (a member of our AUSA Chapter) is
responsible for presentations in a track called Homeland Security and Veterans Support.
The three groups making introductory are CAP, the Plano Police and us. JP Hogan will
give a short talk focusing on ESGR but mentioning AUSA as well. We decided that the
Rotary demographic is small business and that ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard
and Reserve) is our proper message. JP will invite the participants to come by our AUSA
and ESGR tables to find out more about us. We will set up together just as we did at the
Sr NCO Conference and do mutual support in the same manner, which was quite
successful under Kermit’s guidance. Our goal is to increase participation in ESGR and
tell AUSA’s story – “Voice for the Army, Support for the Soldier” and maybe pick up
some Corporate Members. At $150 a year, AUSA membership is affordable to small
business owners that want demonstrate support for the military. The Chapter is working
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to have uniformed soldiers from the local recruiting command join us for the lunch.
Please contact Kermit if you would like to volunteer for booth duty.

AUSA Christmas Cards Campaign
Woody Alexander led a discussion regarding the success of the Christmas Cards
campaign from 2008. Woody received on behalf of the Chapter an American flag that
flew over the Military Intelligence Brigade HQ at Camp Cropper near Baghdad
International Airport. Last year the Chapter sent Christmas cards to CPT Titus Brown to
disseminate to the troops for morale and welfare.

50th National Guard Association of Texas Conference
Kermit Gable led a discussion on AUSA’s participation in the 50th NGAT Conference on
27 March and 28 March at the Renaissance Austin Hotel on 9721 Arboretum Blvd., in
Austin. JP Hogan, Kermit Gable and Larry Thompson will attend as ESGR members and
concurrently work the AUSA booth at the conference. This will be a large conference
with many Army National Guard Soldiers and family members in attendance. COL
Stanley E. Crow AUS (Ret.), Assistant Director for Army National Guard Affairs
believes it will be a very worthwhile event to attend, show the AUSA flag, and recruit
new members. Kermit Gable is the POC for the event.

AUSA Fourth Region Meeting
Wes Geary led a discussion on the upcoming AUSA Regional Meeting from 26 March
through 28 March at Fort Hood. Wes and Woody Alexander will be attending for the
Chapter and working to obtain a letter of recommendation for Kermit Gable’s reserve
commission into the Army.

2009 Army Birthday at DFW International Airport
Wes Geary and Woody Alexander led a discussion on AUSA’s participation in the Army
Birthday on Sunday, 14 June 2009 at DFW International Airport. The celebration is open
for all service groups including AUSA. The Chapter is coordinating a troop greet for
arriving soldiers at DFW. This function will be scheduled in addition to the usual
monthly EXCO meeting.

Operation Once in a Lifetime
Guest speaker Patrick Sowers, Co-Founder and VP of Operation Once in a Lifetime gave
a presentation regarding his organization and the $200 donation the Chapter made for the
Linens for Troops Campaign. Individual members contributed another $100. The first
batch of linens the Chapter purchased went to the 1st Brigade and the second batch went
to Aviation Brigade at Fort Hood. Sower’s organization raised over $37,000 for linens
for 4ID at Fort Hood. Operation Once in a Lifetime’s mission is to make the dreams of
soldiers and their families come true by providing free financial and moral support.
Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to make the
dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. Every contribution goes to help a soldier and their
families, whether paying a soldiers electric bill, car payment or flying a soldier home, we
will be there when soldiers need us most, because they are there when we need them
most. Operation Once in a Lifetime is not a war time organization; they are a soldier’s
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organization. An organization created to last, as long as soldiers are in need. Their
promise to our Soldiers, is regardless of wartime or peacetime we will be here fighting
for you as you fight for us. They maintain a resell store in Plano, Texas, that gives items
not sold as well as proceeds to soldiers in need

2009 Military Ball
The 2009 Military Ball is scheduled for April 18, 2009 at the Intercontinental Hotel in
Addison. Host service is the Navy. Guest of Honor and speak is Admiral Michael G.
Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff. Woody is on the planning staff for the
2010 Ball, which will be hosted by the Army.

Woody Alexander led a discussion on the Chapter’s contribution to AUSA HQ for
JROTC/ROTC awards this year. The Chapter has spent $705 on awards this year. Jim
Blunk is still seeking volunteers to present JROTC cadets with awards and ribbons. He
stated in February’s meeting that the majority of award ceremonies will be held in April
and May. Please email Jim if you would like to volunteer to participate. Josh Galloway
will present the AUSA Army saber to ROTC BN CDR CDT Jennifer Baggs at Texas
Christian University on 17 April 2009.

Your Soldier, Your Army
Woody Alexander led a discussion regarding the book by Vicky Cody, Your Soldier,
Your Army. The Chapter ordered about 100 copies of the book to distribute to local
recruiting stations in the area. The book’s purpose is to set expectations for parents of
recruits and help them better understand On Boarding, Basic Training, AIT and what
their future soldier’s life will be like. Josh Galloway agreed to distribute the books to the
recruiters in Frisco, TX. Bill Jiminez will distribute them in the Plano area.

Financial Status
Morris Paulk distributed the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the last month. We
have $ 4,022.73 in checking and $3,960.96 in savings. Our most recent expenditures were
$30.00 for guest speakers lunch in January, $100 for the 416 TEC NCO Summit
reimbursed to Woody Alexander, $12.99 to Office Depot for faxing the AUSA Financial
Report, $705 for the Chapter’s contribution to AUSA HQ for 47 ROTC medals and $450
for Canyon Creek Country Club Quarterly meeting. Woody distributed a report on
FY2009 Plan versus Actual Results.

ILW Fires Symposium
TL Holden led a discussion to on the AUSA Fires Symposium to be held at the Fairmont
on 17-19 March 2009. Members willing to work at the AUSA Information Desk should
submit their names and time preference to TL.

New Public Affairs Contact
Kermit Gable led a discussion on the Chapter’s new USAREC Public Affairs contact.
AUSA has a new public affairs contact at the US Army Recruiting Battalion in Dallas.
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Kim Hanson, who has held the position over the last five years, has transferred to U.S.
Army 2nd Recruiting Brigade, located at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL, and
covering the Southeast region. The Chapter’s new contact is LaShonda Walker. Kermit
Gable attended the Going Away Party for Kim Hanson.


Next Meeting
       The next quarterly meeting will be 9 April at the Canyon Creek Country Club in
Richardson from 1830-2100. Jon Antal will give a report on the fighting in Gaza.

       The Committee adjourned at 1300 hours.

Josh Galloway

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