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Drama Club


									                                WVHS Drama Club
Welcome to the Walton-Verona High School Drama Club. This club is designed to give
students an opportunity to learn more about theater through hand-on experience. As a member of the
WVHS Drama Club you are expected to be responsible and dependable. Your full participation is
expected in all projects (be it collecting cookies for the concession stand or performing for an
audience.) It is understood, however, that schedule conflicts may arise with sports and family events
and we will do our best to come up with appropriate compromises when necessary.

  Our schedule of events is posted on the website. Be sure to bring any schedule conflicts to my
                            attention as soon as you know about them!

During our Activity Periods we will do acting exercises and we may spend time rehearsing for
upcoming performances. Occasionally we may need to meet more often. I will do my best to schedule
extra meetings and rehearsals times early to give you plenty of notice. Please listen carefully to the
announcements and check our web page for more information.

Our projects may include a performance for the middle school or elementary school, giving
improv performances at school events, and running the concession stand for the school play in March.

For the school play, members are in charge of providing food for the concession stand, setting it up
and running the concession stand. These are very important activities and the concession stand is a
major fundraiser for the Drama Club.

Other Opportunities this year will include the possibility for individual members to work with the
middle school Drama Club as well as stage management responsibilities for events on the stage. For
example, we could use two or three people to take care of the lights, sound and set up up and tear
down of chairs for Band and Choir concerts or other similar events on the stage.

If you are interested in being a cast or crew member of the school musical being a member
of Drama Club is a great place to start. You are not required to be a member of Drama Club in order to
be part of our school productions and joining Drama Club does not guarantee you a spot in the
company of the school musical. However, being a member does give you the opportunity to develop
your skills. Audition information is always posted on the website and available from Mrs. Core-Stine a
week before auditions.

I am very pleased that you have decided to join Drama Club and I am looking forward to
working with you this year!

Mrs. Core-Stine
485-7721 ext. 1338
Homework Hotline ext.1100

  Remember – Dues ($10) are to be paid and your signature paper (with parent signature and
   teacher recommendation) is to be returned to me before our club meeting in September.
I understand that I am an important member of the WVHS Drama Club and that the other members of
this group rely on me to be a responsible and dependable person. I will do my best to make a positive
contribution to this club.

Student’s Signature__________________________________________ Date____________________

Grade in School__________________             Phone Number_______________________

Parent’s Signature___________________________________________ Date____________________

Teacher Recommendation

This student has a positive attitude, is hard-working, and responsible and I believe that they will be a
great addition to the WVHS Drama Club.

Teacher Signature___________________________________________________


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