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									                      ASME SAGINAW VALLEY SECTION
         Executive Committee Meeting – Kettering University, March 23, 2007

Present: Raghu Echempati, Enayat Mahajerin, Anca Sala, Yaomin Dong, Quamrul

Meeting minutes:

FE/PE Review Courses
The Saginaw Valley Section is exploring possibilities to organize FE and PE review
courses for its student and senior members. Quamrul update: an awareness presentation
can be given first, for which he has the materials. Tentative date for an FE review course
is August 2007, in time for the FE exam in October. A second FE review session could
be offered in October.

Student Section activities
1. The University of Michigan Flint ASME Student Section (advisor Dr. Quamrul
Mazumder) was approved in January 2007. It has 25 members. The ASME student
section is already involved in activities. It is currently helping organize the Super Science
Friday to be held on May 4th at UM Flint, where it will be in charge with the Engineering
presentation geared towards middle school students in the Genesee County School

2. The Kettering University Student Section of ASME (advisors Dr. Yaomin Dong and
Dr. Echempati) held a design competition at Kettering on March 10, 2007. Ten teams
participated in the competition. Here is the coverage of the event in the KU newsletter:

“ASME design contest winners

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Kettering A-Section Chapter held a
design contest March 10 in which student teams build a trebuchet capable of launching a
ping-pong ball as far as possible.

According to contest rules, devices were required to use elastic bands instead of weights
to achieve distance. Student teams also had two hours to build and test their devices.
Each team took three attempts at launching the ball and judges based the winning device
on the average of all three attempts.

The first place team was Kevin Langston, Dan Kuntz and Terry Wendt. They received
$25 gift cards from Best Buy. The average distance for their device was 17.5 feet, or
more than seven feet beyond the second place team.”

Speaker presentations
1. Yaomin update: the presentation on the use of lightweight materials in the automotive
industry by Dr. Rama Koganti from Ford Motor Company Truck Division has been
rescheduled for September, 2007.
2. On January 31, 2007 David Bruder, chief engineer for BorgWarner Torq Transfer
Systems, gave a presentation titled “Opportunities and Challenges for Today’s Engineer”
at Kettering University.

3. A speaker from the Naval Space Warfare System is tentatively scheduled to give a
presentation to ASME members of the Saginaw Valley Section in September 2007. More
details will follow. This is jointly organized by the student section of ASME at U of M –

4. More details to follow on an event that will take place on April 27, 2007, hosted by the
Design and Manufacturing Alliance (DMA).

5. Enayat update: Chris Schilling, endowed chair at Saginaw Valley State University will
give a presentation on Energy Alternatives in April 2007 at SVSU. Details upcoming.

ASME Leadership Training Conference 2007
Anca, Secretary of ASME Saginaw Valley Section, update: she participated in the
LTC’07 conference held in Houston, TX on March 2-4, 2007 as a representative of the
Saginaw Valley Section. Attendees were representatives of local sections, districts, and
technical divisions of ASME. Anca gave a brief summary of the sessions attended and
things learned at LTC’07 to the executive committee. Discussion took place on how to
increase the involvement and participation of more ASME local section members in
various activities. The executive committee drafted a short survey to be given to all
members of the Saginaw Valley section, in order to gather information on potential
activities of current interest to all members.

Review of Section Merit Based Funding Form for 2006-07
The executive committee reviewed the section activities that took place/are planned for
the 2006-07 year, and related those to the criteria on the Merit Based Funding Form.
Compared to the 2005-06 year the Saginaw Valley Section has been more active in the
current year, and is looking at a busy schedule of events until the end of the fiscal year on
June 30, 2007.

Anca Sala, Secretary, ASME Saginaw Valley Section

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