CITY MANAGER REPORT

The Honorable Mayor and                                        Council Letter No. 09-122
Members of the City Council
City of Warrensburg, Missouri                                  July 24, 2009

Dear Mayor and Council Members:

SUBJECT: City Manager Report for the July 27, 2009 City Council Meeting.

                               "The best executive is the one who has sense
                               enough to pick good men to do what he wants
                               done, and self-restraint enough to keep from
                                   meddling with them while they do it."

                                                      --Theodore Roosevelt

                                       Inspire a Shared Vision
                                        Challenge the Process
                                         Enable Others to Act
                                         Encourage the Heart
                                           Model the Way

         The quotation for this City Manager Report centers on the leadership concept of
                                      "Enable Others to Act.”

          City Council Meetings, Study Sessions, and Executive Sessions

The second July City Council Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Monday, July 27, 2009, at
the City Hall Annex, 607 Burkarth Road. We plan to have a Study Session at 6:00 p.m. just
prior to the regular City Council Meeting to briefly discuss the City Council’s 2009-2010 City
Strategic Plan (Goals, Objectives and Action Steps) and the 2009-2014 Five-Year Capital
Improvements Program. In addition, we plan to discuss the process for reviewing a potential
City Smoking Ban Ordinance. We anticipate that the Agenda for the 7:00 p.m. City Council
Meeting will include the following:

Agenda Items anticipated for the July 27, 2009 City Council Agenda include:
   • Presentation, Public Comment on the 2009-2010 City Strategic Plan (Goals, Objectives
      and Action Steps);
   • Traffic Study Presentation for Gay Street, Burkarth Road and Mitchell Street Corridor by
      George Butler Associates;
   • Resolution Setting the Fees for the Animal Shelter;
   • Ordinance Clarifying the Application of Gross Receipts Tax;

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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    •    Ordinance Authorizing a Contract for Iron Horse Development Phase II.

Special City Council Meeting sometime during the week of August 3, 2009:

Preliminary Items for the August 10 City Council Meeting include:
   • Presentation and Public Comment on the Proposed 2009-2014 Five-Year Capital
       Improvement Plan;
   • Fire Department Report on Statistics and Procedure Changes;
   • Approval of the 2009-2010 City Strategic Plan (Goals, Objectives and Action Steps);
   • Ordinance Amending a Development Contract with Hawthorne, LLC;
   • Ordinance Approving Neighborhood Improvement Notes for the Hawthorne
       Neighborhood District.
   • Ordinance Authorizing a Contract for Engineering for Hamilton Street;
   • Discussion on a City Smoking Ban Ordinance;
   • Submittal of the 2009-2010 Budget.

Preliminary Items for the August 24 City Council Meeting include:
    • Presentation of Nancy Anderson Scholarship;
    • Presentation of the City Trail Plan;
    • Public Hearing on an Ordinance Fixing the Annual Rate of Levy for Taxes by the City of
        Warrensburg, County of Johnson, Missouri for the General Revenue Fund Purposes for
        the Year 2009 and Levying Said Taxes; and
    • Public Hearing on an Ordinance Fixing the Annual Rate of Levy for Taxes by the City of
       Warrensburg, County of Johnson, Missouri, for Park Fund Purposes for the Year 2009
       and Levying Said Taxes;
    • Public Hearing on an Ordinance of the Council of the City of Warrensburg, Missouri,
       Changing a Schedule of Volume Charges for Sanitary Sewer Service Provided by the
       City of Warrensburg,
   • Adoption of the 2009-2014 Five-Year Capital Improvements Program;
   • First Reading of an Ordinance Revising the 2008-09 Budget and Approving the 2009-
       2010 budget;

Another Reminder - City of Warrensburg will Participate in Back to School
Sales Tax Holiday August 7 through 9, 2009

Census Information
An estimate was recently provided by the U.S. Census Bureau that indicates that the
estimated population for the City of Warrensburg as of 2008 was 19,034. That is 2,623
more or a 16% increase from the 2000 census population of 16,411. 2008 reports on
surrounding communities indicate the following:

                               2000                    2008

         Clinton                9,356                   9,381
         Harrisonville          8.993                   9,749
         Higginsville          4,694                    4,571
         Lee’s Summit          71,223                  84,208
         Marshall              12,703                  12,118
         Pleasant Hill          5,633                   7,178
         Sedalia               20,329                  20,990
         Warsaw                 2,097                   2,222

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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County population comparison estimates are as follows:

                               2000                    2008

         Johnson               48,475                  52,016
         Henry                 22,089                  22,179
         Lafayette             33,013                  32,913
         Pettis                39,434                  41,006
         Saline                23,746                  22,505

Missouri Local Government Retirement System (LAGERS) Information
The Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) is a non-profit
public pension system that provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to our local
government employees. Recently we received word that (due to market return decreases) their
actuarial study indicated that our rates, while going down for this upcoming budget year, will
increase in the 2010-2011 budget 1% for each employee group classification: Here is a
summary of past and the most recent rates:

        Fiscal Year               2007-08     2008-09     2009-10 2010-11
        General                     7.70%       7.60%       7.30%   8.3%
        Police                      8.20       7.70        7.00     8.0
        Fire                        7.20       6.10        5.40     6.4

City to Establish a New Debt Service Fund
With the large number of capital improvement projects that the City is managing and the
corresponding debt, we are moving ahead to establish a separate debt service fund to more
easily keep track and better communicate to you and the public our capital improvement
projects and the associated debt with these projects. This is common with larger cities and will
correspond with better accounting and make it easier to meet our future financial statement

Steve Mohler, Citizens for Environmental Action, Future Events
I met with Steve Mohler of the local Citizens for Environmental Action and he informed me that
they were scheduling a kickoff the week of August 23 through September 9 to communicate the
environmental events and actions that have been taken. They are now pretty firm on holding
the "Kick-off" announcement on August 28 at 11 a.m. and their present location choice is the
Johnson County Courthouse. The City might want to communicate the energy and
environmental new building items that have occurred at that event. Mr. Mohler also submitted
the attached copy of a possible City Resolution on along with the wording that they will
be using on their petition. He also provided the attached "information about" piece for
your review. Please contact Steve or me if you would like any other information, or if you have
any questions.

Annual Review of Existing Fees and Rates
As reported in the last City Manager Report and as called upon in your adopted financial
management policies, City staff has reviewed all user fees and rates. The following are the
rates and fees that we will recommend to be modified:
    • Animal Shelter Fees
    • Sewer Rates
    • Building Permit Fee Modifier

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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At the last City Council meeting, we provided you with a report from the Animal Shelter on
proposed fee modifications. We plan to seek a resolution changing these fees at this City
Council meeting and will report on the other fee modifications as we move closer to the 2009-
2010 budget presentation.

I have also enclosed a letter for your review from HDR/Archer concerning this year’s annual
sewer rate review. This information will be discussed in more detail within the City budget
submittal presentation on August 10, 2009.

Concerning, building permit fee modifications, I have directed staff to review other cities and
their building permit fees. Generally we review these fees and make permit modifications
through an expense/revenue analysis each year in January however, with the state of the
economy this review and a discussion with the City Council may be incorporated within this
year’s 2009-2010 budget approval process.

Economic Indicators for Johnson County and the City of Warrensburg
The latest unemployment figures for Johnson County for May 2009 that are not seasonally
adjusted are as follows:

         January 2009 =                7.4%
         February 2009 =               8.2%
         March 2009 =                  8.4%
         April 2009=                   6.3%
         Most Current – May 2009 =     7.5 %

Enclosed is a recent portion of an article that was included in the July 2009 Site Selection
Magazine that I thought you might find interesting. In addition, we are enclosing the Whiteman
Area Leadership Council report.

Council Communication and Projects
You have communicated to City staff, as a group or individually, requests for information on
certain issues. The following are some of those items:

         Process for Reviewing a Potential City Smoking Ban Ordinance
         Attached is a possible outline that we have prepared with topics for discussion by
         Council prior to City staff working on a draft ordinance. We plan to briefly discuss this
         outline at your upcoming Study Session at 6:00 p.m., just prior to the upcoming July 27
         City Council meeting. A more formal City Council discussion with direction to City staff
         could occur at your August 10 City Council Meeting. Prior to that anticipated
         discussion, we plan to provide you copies of the Kansas City ordinance, the model
         ordinance, the Lee's Summit ordinance and the Columbia ordinance for you during your
         deliberations on possible options.

         Citywide Trails Plan Ready for Consideration by Parks Board and City
         City Staff have made their final comments on BWR’s citywide trails plan and the Parks
         Director has indicated that he is planning on the Park Board reviewing and adopting the
         plan at the August 26 Board meeting. Because this plan has City Policy issues for
         future direction on the City’s Trails System, the City Council should also review the plan
         and, if it meets with your approval, adopt said document. We would anticipate that the
         City Council will be able to consider the plan at either your first or second Council
         meeting in September.

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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         New Convention Center Possibilities Continue
         Recent news articles have indicated that the City is reviewing with a local developer the
         possibility of a public/private partnership of a new convention center. Before any
         financial private/public considerations take place, the first step will be an examination of
         the traffic considerations at proposed location at the northeast intersection of Russell
         and Maguire. We have required the developer to provide a traffic study and this is
         being reviewed by our traffic consultants. A first meeting with both the developers and
         the City’s engineers took place on Wednesday, July 22. We will keep the City Council
         informed as we move through the process.

         Wildlife Management Action Plan Report
         Both this year’s and the proposed City Strategic Plan contains within it an Action Step
         for the City to “Develop a wildlife management ordinance.” The priority for this Action
         Step was ranked “medium” and the time frame to accomplish this task was “Medium
         Term” within 3 to 5 years. Under a separate cover I have provided to the City Council
         for review a Wildlife Management Action Plan that was prepared and submitted to me
         on July 22 by Assistant City Manager Chris Lowe on his last day with the City.

         Missouri Municipal League (MML) Annual Conference October 4 – 7
         The 2009 MML Annual Conference will be held at Tan-Tar-A Resort on October 4-7.
         The City Council will receive registration material in the July Newsletter, but be sure to
         mark those dates on your calendar and plan to attend. The MML room block will open
         on July 10 and City has made reservations that could be changed if you decide not to
         attend. This will be the MML’s 75th Anniversary celebration!

                  Recent City Manager Activities, Meetings and Events

Since our last City Council meeting on July 13, 2009, I attended a Census Committee
Breakfast to seek funding for our census marketing campaign, attended an easement signing
meeting, met on capital improvement projects, attended a Warrensburg Economic Coordinating
Board Meeting, met with the Department Directors to hear an ICMA Audio Conference on cost
cutting measures. In addition, I attended the Carmike Cinema Grand Opening and a ribbon
cutting for the Italian Gardens, the new restaurant in Warrensburg. I also met with a
representative of the local Citizens for Environmental Action, Mr. Steve Mohler.

During the week of July 20, I participated in our monthly KOKO radio discussion with Marion
Woods, met with our Emergency Preparedness Director, attended a Regional Planning
Commission Board Meeting, met with engineers, Mike Batie, Jerry Franklin, and Barbara
Carroll to review and discuss traffic studies for a potential convention, hotel, and retail site, and
attended a Tourism and Visitors Advisory Committee Meeting.

               Upcoming City Manager Activities, Meetings and Events

During the upcoming weeks I will be continuing to work on the 2009-2010 City operating
budget. Next week however, I will plan to attend another ICMA Audio Conference on cost
cutting measures and meet with University representatives.

During the week of August 3, I plan to meet with our Emergency Preparedness Director, attend
a Base Community Luncheon, and meet with Department Directors.

As always, if there are any questions on any matter, or if you need additional information on
this report, please contact either myself or any of the Department Directors noted in this report.

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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                                      PUBLIC WORKS
                               Mike Batie, Director of Public Works

Street Department Activities
The crew continues to work on patching of City streets and working on storm drainage projects
along with doing some minor moving into the new building as time permits.

Street Maintenance Program
Asphalt overlay was completed last week throughout the community. Rain hindered startup on
some mornings but work proceeded at a fast pace. The crew was able to get the new
Cemetery Building parking lot paved by the contractor while they were in town. With the crew
doing the grading and gravel base work on the lot to prepare it for asphalt, the lot was
constructed for 1/3 the cost. Many thanks go out to the motoring public for their patience and
cooperation during the process.

Curb and Sidewalk Program
The contractor continues to work this week and hopes to be completed by the end of this week.

Wastewater Plant Expansion Project
The reed beds are under construction at both East and West Wastewater Plants. Concrete
containment structures are being poured and work is progressing very well.

Highway 13 Intersection Project
North Street and Maguire Street Intersections are under construction at this time. J.C. Myers
Construction is planning to have the Grover Street intersection completed by August 1.

Fire Station No. 2 Parking Lot
The contractor has completed pouring concrete for the parking lot.

Johnson County Historical Courthouse
MoDOT is working on approval for the ADA alternative methods required for this project and
will address the issue during final approval.

Public Works Maintenance Building
Staff is preparing for an Open House, Friday the 24, from 10 a.m. to Noon. This will give
members of the community an opportunity to view the new building and meet our new Public
Works Director, Mike Batie.

Police Building
The building construction is underway with Madison Street and parking in front of City Hall

City Hall Renovation
Nothing at this time

Animal Shelter
Bidding information is currently available for the construction of the new Animal Shelter.

Cemetery Maintenance Building
The building is nearing completion.

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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Activities and Meetings of the Director of Public Works
Mike Batie joined Richard Pember and Slim Coleman in the weekly building projects update

Mike Batie and Slim Coleman represented Warrensburg at the Transportation Technical
Advisory Committee in Concordia, MO.

Mike Batie and Kory Alfred met to begin further action on Lions Lake. Troy Bowers of Bowers
Engineering, Inc. presented previous studies and project costs.

Jeff, Barbara and Mike met with the waste haulers and wood waste haulers to discuss Solid
Waste Collection. Jeff explained that it was projected that the City would bid-out areas of the
City to individual firms or group of firms, or the entire City to a single firm or consortium of firms.
The waste haulers would be responsible for residential, commercial, recycling, and possible
composting and/or yard waste.

                               PARKS and RECREATION
                                     Kory Alfred, Director

Recreation Trails Plan
Staff is working with consultants from BWR on the final draft of the Recreation Trails Plan. I
anticipate presenting the plan to the Parks and Recreation Board in July and have it adopted by
the Board no later than the end of August.

Lions Lake Update
Terra Technologies has completed the study on the basin west of Lions Lake and determined
that it is not spring fed. It is now possible to use the basin to hold dredge material from Lions
Lake. Staff is still investigating renting hydraulic dredging equipment and completing the
project in-house. This would significantly reduce the cost of the project.

Nassif Aquatic Center
As of July 19, 2009, Nassif Aquatic Center had 28,632 patrons visit the facility. I am happy to
report this generated $163,728 in revenue. Staff is planning to use zip codes for a week to
determine how many visitors are coming from outside Warrensburg. I will pass this information
on to the Mayor and Council after the data is collected.

                                POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                 Bruce Howey, Police Chief

New City Logo and Proposed City Hall Building on Procurement Card
I have been working with Lonna Mayes of our City Finance Department to design a new City of
Warrensburg procurement card that utilizes our brand and has a picture of the proposed City
Hall remodel in the background. This card will replace the older silver background with the
former “W” logo. I will bring a copy of the new prototype to the July 27 City Council Meeting.

Impala Police Cars Not as Fuel Efficient as Originally Thought, Other
Challenges Remain
The three Chevrolet Impala police packaged cars we purchased this past year are not proving
to be as energy efficient as originally believed. We are running fuel comparisons on them
compared to the Ford Crown Victoria’s. All three of them have had brake replacements at

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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close to the 8,000 mile mark; two of the three cost right at $300 to replace rotors and brake
shoes. On the Crown Victoria’s we usually do not replace the first set of brakes until 12,000 to
15,000 miles and at a cost of approximately $130. If a Crown Victoria needs brakes before
12,000 it is covered under Ford’s warranty. The Chevrolet Impala’s warranty does not cover
brake repair. Our officers indicate with the smaller passenger compartment and having Mobile
Data Terminals it is impossible to have two officers in the front seat for an extended period of
time. We are strongly considering returning to the Crown Victoria for as long as they are
available. More information will come in the near future on this issue.

Traffic Fatality Proves Our Agencies Work Well Together
This past Wednesday, we had a traffic fatality at Russell and Maguire. Both Lt. Asher Snook
and Sgt. Scott Munsterman were out of town at Traffic Training. They are our two most senior
accident re-constructionists. Due to their absence, the extremely high-speed impact, extensive
damage, large debris field and the quick availability of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s
Major Crash Team, I asked that the MOSHP’s Crash Team work the accident scene. We as a
community can be proud at how all emergency services worked so closely together to bring this
situation under control and bring the scene back to normalcy quickly.

Animal Shelter

Kitten Season is Here!
Kitten season has flooded the Animal Shelter with many wonderful kittens needing homes. In
an effort to adopt them into homes quickly, the shelter has reduced the adoption fee on cats
and kittens to $20 and is offering select kittens for free with the paid adoption of a second

Donations to the Animal Shelter
The shelter received a donation of 11 cases of Pet Quenchers Portable Drinking Water for Pets
from Allen Ranch Products. We will be distributing the Pet Quenchers with our adoption
package while supplies last. We also received a donation of dog food and treats from Ace
Hardware this week, which we will be using for the shelter animals.

Pre-bid Meeting Held for New Animal Shelter Construction
The pre-bid meeting for the new Animal Shelter was held at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday July 21 at
the West Side Community Center Building. We have tentatively set groundbreaking for August

                                      CITY CLERK
                                       Cindy Gabel

    •    Monday, July 27 is a City Council meeting with an executive session beginning at 6:00
    •    Wednesday, July 29 is a FREE Sunshine Law Workshop at the Johnson County
         Fairgrounds beginning at 2:00 p.m.;
    •    Thursday, August 6 is a Base Community Council luncheon;
    •    Monday, August 10 is a regular City Council meeting;
    •    Monday, August 17 is Jeff and Cindy’s quarterly evaluations beginning at 11:30 a.m.;
    •    Thursday, August 27 is the United Way Kickoff;
    •    Thursday, September 24 is a reception to honor members of the various boards and
         commissions. It will be held at Players from 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.;

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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    •    Sunday, October 4 thru Wednesday, October 7 is the MML Annual Conference to be
         held at Tan-Tar-A.

         Monday, July 27 the Old Drum Bus will offer bus rides for one half
         the normal charge. We are hoping to make this “Customer
         Appreciation Day” an annual event!

                                COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
                          Barbara Carroll, Director of Community Development

Director Attends DREAM Training on Retail Recruitment
I attended a DREAM training opportunity in Jefferson City on July 15 that was very useful. The
DREAM consultants presented a day-long training on retail recruitment strategies, window
displays, product placement and store displays, and general downtown concerns. It was well
attended by DREAM communities throughout the state.

Census Breakfast held
The 2010 Census Committee hosted a partnership breakfast on July 13 for business leaders to
learn more about the 2010 Census, its importance to Warrensburg, and how they can help
support the local efforts. Eighteen people were in attendance. Committee members will also
be passing out information about the Census in the City’s suite at the Chamber Cruise Night on
July 24.

Carmike Theater Grand Opening
The Community Development staff congratulates Carmike Theater for their grand opening on
July 16. The theater is a great addition to the community and the opening was well attended by
the public. Between August 20, 2008 and the opening on July 16, 2009, the building division
staff completed 42 separate inspections at the site, representing over 1,470 man hours of staff

                                   FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                    Phil Johnston, Fire Chief

Portable Fire Trainer
The portable fire trainer has been ordered and should arrive by August 30. Once it is in place,
our personnel will be trained on its use. Then, we will begin using it to provide realistic training
to all Fire Department personnel. Even experienced firefighters will benefit from the training
opportunities that we will have. The unit will be installed at the rear of Fire Station 2.

Fire Station 1 Asphalt Paving and Ramp Project Completed
The new asphalt paving and concrete ramp at Fire Station 1 are big improvements for the Fire
Department. The paving was completed on Friday, July 17. Our concerns about damaging fire
apparatus tires are behind us, now that the cracked and broken concrete ramp has been
replaced. We are thankful that funding for the new Police Department HQ included money to
replace the ramp and paving in front of the fire station.

Fire Department Review of Juvenile Justice Center
Fire and Emergency Prevention Officer Justin O’Neal and I evaluated the fire safety and
emergency planning aspects of the Johnson County Juvenile Justice Center on Friday, July 17.
Our visit was at the invitation of the facility’s superintendent. The evaluation was in connection
with a periodic survey that the facility is required to complete in order to meet their required

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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standards. We are preparing a written report that will be delivered this week to the facility. We
do not perform inspections of this facility or provide other code enforcement services at the
Center as it is a state facility. Although this visit was what we call a “courtesy inspection,” we
appreciated the opportunity to perform a review and discuss ways of enhancing fire safety and
emergency preparedness at the facility.

Fire Station 2 Parking Lot Completed
The concrete work at Fire Station 2 has been completed. The concrete will be tested one week
after the last pour has been made. If test results are favorable, small vehicles will be able to
drive on the concrete. Larger vehicles will need to wait 28 days from the date of the last pour.

Automobile Collision at Maguire and Russell Streets
On Wednesday, July 15, Fire Department personnel from the “B” shift responded to a motor
vehicle collision at Maguire and Russell Streets. What they did not realize at the time of the
dispatch was that they were being sent to an incredibly tragic and complex vehicle collision.
The on-duty crews, augmented by off-duty personnel recalled to help cover the fire stations,
were at the scene almost six hours. Their duties included the extrication of one of the drivers,
the coordination of two helicopter air ambulances, the complicated recovery of the remains of
the other driver, the various scene challenges associated with a high-speed vehicle collision,
and the myriad of tasks that needed to be performed in order to accomplish their objectives.

Fire at UCM Administration Building
On Friday, July 10, Fire Department personnel – supplemented by two fire engines and crews
from the Johnson County Fire Protection District – responded to a fire in the UCM
Administration Building. The fire began when workers using cutting torches to disassemble air
handling equipment ignited dust within equipment and associated duct work. Although fire
damage was minimal since equipment burned was destined for salvage, the smoke produced
by the fire spread throughout the building. Fire Department personnel used large fans to
remove the majority of the smoke. Some smoke was evacuated by the air handling
components that were not destined for removal. UCM public safety officers and firefighters
searched the building to ensure occupants were all accounted for and able to evacuate.

City Manager Report 07/27/09
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