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    Japanese rock gardens, often called “Zen Gardens,” are living, breathing works of art — ever-changing,
    forever evolving, never truly finished, a product of the unending, meticulous care they receive.
    Kitchen & Bath Design News — as this, our 201 1 Market & Media File, suggests — has been conceived
    along similar lines … continually evolving to reflect the vibrant, ever-changing market it serves,
    continually being refined to address the needs of its readers and marketing partners.
    The only monthly business magazine serving the kitchen and bath industry, KBDN
    continues to innovate, broaden its offerings, and reinforce its longtime status as the industry’s
    undisputed leader in reader preference and ad-page dominance.
    It continues to hone its circulation in an effort to target the industry’s most influential product
    decision-makers ... and serve their business-reading needs with a content-rich, graphically impactful
    magazine that delivers timely, comprehensive coverage of the issues they face.
    It continues to extend its stellar, well-respected print brand with a widening array of state-of-the-art
    digital products, providing instant interaction and round-the-clock access to content and marketing messages.
    It continues to enhance its position as a leader in education through the rollout of well-attended, highly
    focused seminars and webcasts, as well as a “Satellite Media Tour” that enables unparalleled outreach
    to consumers through TV and radio.
    And there’s more.
    Entering its 29th year of publishing in 201 1, KBDN continues to offer unmatched marketing
    opportunities through an integrated package of media products, augmented by a wide-ranging
    menu of value-added merchandising programs.
    It continues to offer links to a network of sister magazines in the remodeling
    and home-building sectors, enabling a unique-to-the-trade, cost-effective
    reach across related markets.
    Most importantly, KBDN continues to be an indispensible resource for
    companies seeking to build product brands, uncover new customers and
    generate sales leads.
      As much as things about KBDN change, however, many key attributes
      about the magazine remain the same: Our commitment to quality and
      editorial vitality. Our consultative approach and emphasis on customer
       service. Our goal of delivering value. Our unrivaled ability to deliver results.
        KBDN’s 2011 marketing partners will no doubt appreciate that rock-
        solid constancy as much, or more, as they will all our Zen-like changes.
                                                                                                                                ELIOT SEFRIN
         Thanks, as always, for your business.                                                                     Editorial Director & Publisher

2            2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
optimism, buying clout spell
               in an industry primed for recovery
The outlook is cautiously optimistic — guarded, although generally positive. The     And while these prime specifiers acknowledge a challenging market, the vast
forecast is for recovery — gradual, even halting, in the short-term ... steady and   majority is expressing optimism about business prospects over the next 12
concerted over the long haul.                                                        months. Most remain bullish about their product-purchasing and showroom
                                                                                     expansion plans, as well as their willingness to invest in their company’s growth.
That, in a nutshell, describes the current and projected state of the kitchen and    For example, nearly 41% report that they plan to create a showroom, add displays
bath industry, whose fortunes are closely tied to a housing market that’s facing     or expand their showroom’s size in the next six months. Nearly 80% say they will
a long, uphill climb — even while exhibiting encouraging signs of recovery.          either add or change existing product lines sometime in the next 12 months. (5)
Although challenges no doubt abound, continued recovery for housing is               And where do these professionals get the information they need to understand,
being forecast for 2011.                                                             and respond to, their market?
Sparked by a gradual recovery in the broader U.S. economy, most analysts             Eighty-five percent of surveyed dealers and designers report that kitchen
believe the stage has been set for recession-weary consumers once again to           and bath industry trade magazines are the most useful source for
begin buying homes and undertaking remodeling projects. Home sales and               obtaining information about the products they specify or purchase — followed
housing starts are trending up. Low inflation and favorable interest rates have      by the Internet (76%), trade shows (62%), and manufacturer’s catalogs (60%).
kept affordability at near-record levels. Household formations, stabilizing          An overwhelming (92%) report that trade magazines are “more useful” or “just
house prices and job growth are fueling positive momentum. And pent-up               as useful” as in the past. Over half (57%) indicate that electronic editions are
demand is high. The home-improvement sector continues to be the most                 “extremely useful” or “useful.” On the average, respondents go online 10.7
vibrant niche in residential construction, and kitchen/bath remodeling               times daily, and nearly one out of five (19%) go online 20 or more times a day. (3)
continues to be housing’s “sweet spot” — leading all other market segments in
terms of consumer demand and growth potential.                                       Just as significantly, 76% of readers say that company advertising is either as
                                                                                     important as – or more important than – any other factor in influencing their
THINGS LOOK EVEN MORE PROMISING OVER THE LONG-TERM                                   product purchasing decisions. (4)
Residential remodeling continues to rest on a sturdy foundation — with millions      The prospects of a rebounding industry can’t help but spell good news to
of aging homes in need of maintenance, upgrades and renovations to meet              marketers seeking to build brands and generate sales. The powerful combination
changing product/design trends, family compositions, personal tastes and             of an esteemed trade publication and an audience of active, bullish decision-makers
lifestyles. Homeownership levels remain high. Demographic forces also should         only reinforces the growing potential the market holds.
fuel healthy, sustainable growth.
Reinforcing this multi-tiered foundation is the heartfelt belief among               (1) KBDN Kitchen & Bath Dealer/Designer Survey, June 2010
Americans that their home remains the centerpiece of their life — a personal         (2) KBDN BPA-Audited Circulation Statement, June 2010
                                                                                     (3) Kitchen & Bath Industry Readership Survey, The Wayman Group, Inc., February, 2009
space that reflects who they are ... a place in which to bond with loved ones ...    (4) Harvey ‘Ad-Q’ Study, Harvey Research, May, 2010
a place to relax, retreat, and invest in. Kitchens and baths, at the same time,      (5) Publisher’s Own Data, 2010
remain the heart of the home — stylish, functional spaces that attract the most
attention, drive the latest innovation, fuel the most excitement, and contain the
highest potential for investment.
All this no doubt will create exciting new opportunities for product marketers
savvy enough to target the design and product decision-makers who account
for the vast majority of kitchens and baths designed, sold and installed each
year in the U.S.
These professional dealers, designers, remodelers and “whotailers”
— KBDN’S core circulation — sold an average of 25.4 remodeled
kitchens and 16.3 remodeled baths in their most recent fiscal year, at average
installed prices of approximately $35,500 and $14,000, respectively. Those
numbers are being forecast to increase in the next fiscal year, amid improved
business conditions, to 32.9 remodeled kitchens and 20.5 remodeled baths, at
average installed prices of approximately $38,000 and $15,400, respectively. (1)

                                                                 2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                                                    3
    circulation targets
                       HEART OFsubscriber base
                       and an active, engaged
                                              THE MARKET
    Advertisers targeting the kitchen and bath market need look no further than                                 HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS COMPREHENSIVE
    Kitchen & Bath Design News, whose highly-qualified audience of product                                      MARKET COVERAGE INCLUDE:
    decision-makers reaches the “sweet spot” of a market that remains a critical
                                                                                                                ◆ The kitchen and bath industry’s largest qualified print circulation a
    niche in the residential construction sector.
                                                                                                                  whopping 32% higher than KBDN’s direct competitor. (1)
    KBDN is not a horizontal trade magazine serving the broad-based residential
    construction market. Similarly, it is not an “interior designer” or “architect”                             ◆ The industry’s largest combined circulation of kitchen & bath designers,
    magazine, whose circulation has been diluted by generalists whose practice is                                 dealers, remodelers and ”whotailers”, a critical buying force of
    aimed primarily at the commercial or contract sectors — and who specify products                              more than 28,000 subscribers. (2)
    such as wall treatments, fabrics and furniture.                                                             ◆ A 100% Personal-Direct-Request Circulation, a dramatic statement about
    In contrast, KBDN is a kitchen and bath design magazine, aimed at                                             subscriber demand. (2)
    subscribers whose primary, or exclusive, business is the design, sales and                                  ◆ A 96% One-Year-Qualified Circulation, nearly double the 48.2% reported
    installation of new and remodeled kitchens and baths, and who account for                                     for the competition. No three-year circulation, compared to 10.3%
    the vast majority of kitchens and baths that are designed, sold and installed                                 in three-year circulation for the competition. (1)
    in the U.S.
                                                                                                                ◆ An average of three total readers (including pass-along readers) per
    KBDN is also the only monthly magazine serving the kitchen/bath trade — offering                              print copy of KBDN, comprising a total potential monthly print readership
    advertisers unrivaled presence in the market ... and unmatched potential impressions.                         of 145,764. (4)
    Once again in 201 1, KBDN will reach a powerful audience — 48,264 subscribers                               ◆ Purchase involvement (advising, recommending, specifying or approving the purchase)
    (46,188 print and 2,076 digital; non-duplicated) — with a collective buying                                   in one or more key kitchen/bath product categories among 96% of readership. (4)
    power that totals in the billions of dollars annually. (2) (4)
                                                                                                                KBDN’s qualified circulation also consists of subscribers who are actively
                                                                                                                engaged with the magazine.
                                                                                                                For example, 87% of surveyed dealers and designers report that they regularly
      REACHING THE KITCHEN/BATH                                                                                 read KBDN. (4) Respondents have been reading KBDN for an average of 8.1
                                                                                                                years, and nearly one-third (32%) have read the magazine for 1 1 or more years. (4)
      INDUSTRY’S KEY PRODUCT                                                                                    At the same time, 93% of readers report the editorial topics covered in KBDN are
      DECISION-MAKERS*                                                                                          either moderately or very helpful. (4) And 65% report that KBDN’s oversized
                                                                                                                tabloid format makes the magazine easier to read and/or makes editorial
                                                                                                                material and ads more dramatic and visible. (4)
                                                                                                                Perhaps most importantly, KBDN’s readers respond to the magazine and its
                                                                                                                contents. For example, over the past 12 months alone:
                                                                                                                ◆ 100% of KBDN’s readers report they took specific action — including product
                                                                                                                  purchase, recommending a purchase or visiting the advertiser’s web site — as
                                                                                                                  the result of ads or articles they saw in the magazine. (4)
                                                                                                                ◆ 93% say they return to an issue of KBDN after reading it once — with the
                                                                                                                  average reader surveyed returning to the magazine 2.7 times.(4)
                                                                                                                ◆ The top five actions taken in the past 12 months as a result of seeing an ad or
                                                                                                                  product release in Kitchen & Bath Design News include: visited the advertiser’s
                                                                                                                  web site (84%); recommended the purchase of the product (67%); requested
               K+BB            15,323                        KBDN            28,567                               additional information (64%); discussed the ad/article with someone in the
                                                                                                                  company (61%), and referred the ad/article to someone else in the company (52%). (3)
       Sources: K+BB and KBDN BPA Statements 12/09
                                                                                                                All this paints a compelling picture, and reinforces what savvy advertisers have
       *Figures represent the total sum of each magazine’s BPA-audited circulation of Kitchen & Bath Dealers,   known for years: Kitchen and bath product marketers will derive unparalleled
       Designers, Specialists or Remodelers; Wholesale Distributors/Retailers (‘Whotailers’); Wholesale-Only
       Distributors of Kitchen & Bath Products, and Decorative Hardware & Plumbing Showrooms.                   value and results from their 201 1 investment in Kitchen & Bath Design News —
                                                                                                                reaching the industry’s key decision-makers with a single, cost-effective ad buy
                                                                                                                or a bundled integrated media package.

                                                                                                                (1) K+BB and KBDN BPA Statements, 12/09
                                                                                                                (2) KBDN BPA Statement 6/10
                                                                                                                (3) Harvey Research ‘Ad-Q’ Study, 5/10
                                                                                                                (4) KBDN Dealer Business Practices Survey, March 2010
                                                                                                                (5) Publisher’s Own Data, 2010

4                                                                                          2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
perfect balance &
               in the kitchen & bath market

     Manufacturers’ & Independent Sales Reps of Kitchen & Bath Products
                                                            166 (0.3%)
                             Decorative Hardware/Plumbing Showrooms
                                                             554 (1.1%)
Distributors/Wholesalers of Cabinet Manufacturing & Fabricating Supplies
                                                            568 (1.2%)
                 Wholesale-Only Distributors of Kitchen & Bath Products
                                                             721 (1.5%)
                                                  Countertop Fabricators
                                                         1,329 (2.8%)
 Home Centers, Building Material Dealers, Department or Furniture Stores
                                                           1,761 (3.6%)
                                 Kitchen Cabinet & Vanity Manufacturers
                                                         1,954 (4.0%)
                                  Cabinet Shops/Manufacturing Retailers
                                                          2,149 (4.5%)

                                                  Custom Home Builders
                                                         2,270 (4.7%)

                                         Home Improvement Contractors
                                                        4,242 (8.8%)

                                           Interior Designers & Architects
                                                        4,483 (9.3%)

Wholesale Distributors/Retailers (‘Whotailers’) of Kitchen & Bath Products
                                                         4,758 (9.9%)

Kitchen & Bath Designers/Dealers or Specialists; Kitchen & Bath Remodelers
                                                   23,309 (48.3%)

                              Total Qualified Circulation:
                                                Source: KBDN BPA Statement, 6/10

                                                                     2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                5
    emphasis on
                  CRITICAL ISSUES
                  facing readers
    Kitchen & Bath Design News’ editorial mission is to remain the kitchen and         ◆ Project Case Studies: Photos, floor plans and sketches of outstanding
    bath industry’s most essential business, design and product resource.                kitchen, bath and “other-room” installations — with emphasis on creative
    Aimed at addressing the critical issues affecting readers, and assisting             product usage and innovative solutions to common sales, design and
    those readers in becoming more profitable, KBDN focuses on design                    installation problems, and client requests.
    solutions, product coverage, business management, sales and marketing
    strategies, showroom ideas, consumer buying trends, industry news and              ◆ Industry Update: A synopsis of noteworthy kitchen and bath industry
    new technology. Special emphasis is given to profiles of innovative and              developments, market information, corporate activities, key events and
    profitable businesses that are successfully navigating today’s economic              related coverage.
    challenges, and to problem-solving kitchen/bath projects that spotlight            ◆ Industry Profiles: In-depth portraits of dealers, designers, distributors and
    creative design ideas and innovative product applications.                           other kitchen/bath retail professionals who serve as models of leadership
    FEATURES & DEPARTMENTS                                                               and success.
    Kitchen & Bath Design News is written, edited and illustrated to address the       ◆ Design Update: An examination of creative kitchen and bath design ideas,
    wide-ranging business interests facing the magazine’s readership. Aside from         as well as new and emerging product and application trends.
    the major features and departments highlighted in the 2011 Editorial Calendar,
    each issue of KBDN includes a mix of the following:                                ◆ Green Update: Eco-friendly design ideas, innovations and products
                                                                                         that help promote energy efficiency, water conservation and greener living.
    ◆ Industry Barometers: A monthly report on key business trends, including
      product shipments, remodeling statistics, housing starts, home sales, economic   ◆ Market Pulse: Readers’ views on current and future market conditions, as
      forecasts and related subjects.                                                    well as industry-related issues that impact the way business is conducted.

    ◆ Product Trend Reports: In-depth market information, research and analysis        ◆ Openings: Spotlight on the industry’s newest and most innovative kitchen
      of major kitchen and bath product categories, including sales trends,              and bath showrooms, with insights into what makes them successful.
      consumer preferences, and new features, materials and applications, as well
      as, up-to-the-minute, illustrated information on new products and services.
                                                                                       ◆ New Product: A look at the latest new products on the market today in a
                                                                                         wide range of product categories that run the gamut from cabinetry,
    ◆ Consumer Buying Trends: An examination of the consumer decision-making             countertops and surfacing materials to kitchen and bath hardware, sinks
      process, including research and interviews related to homeowner                    and faucets, bath fixtures, kitchen and bath accessories and more.
      demographics, lifestyles, product needs and buying patterns — as well as the
      underlying factors impacting current and emerging trends.
                                                                                       ◆ Manufacturing & Fabricating: A “magazine within a magazine,” aimed at
                                                                                         cabinet shops, manufacturers and fabricators of laminate, solid surface,
                                                                                         engineered stone and other materials.

                                                                                           PLUS – Showhouse Spotlight; Book Marks; Appointments;
                                                                                              Letters to the Editor; Calendar of Events and More.

6                                                                  2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE

Kitchen & Bath Design News’ industry-leading lineup of columnists consists of
experienced kitchen and bath professionals who are well known and widely
respected as the leading voices in the industry. Their monthly columns are among
the key elements that help distinguish KBDN from all other magazines in the
trade. KBDN’s roster of columnists includes the following market authorities:
                     Hank Darlington                                                       Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD,
                     On PERSONNEL:                                                         On PLANNING AND DESIGN:
                     Effective, profitable, up-to-date                                     Innovative ideas, problem-solving
                     strategies for hiring,                                                approaches, and creative product
                     training, motivating and                                              applications for kitchen and
                     retaining employees.                                                  bath designers.

                     Jim Heaphy                                                            Ken Peterson, CKD,
                     On FABRICATING TECHNIQUES:                                            On BETTERING YOUR BOTTOM LINE:
                     Practical tips on how to fabricate                                    Insightful, nuts-and-bolts strategies for
                     solid surface and other materials                                     increasing profitability and enhancing the
                     for countertops and                                                   business operations of kitchen and bath
                     other applications.                                                   retail/design firms.

                     Bruce Kelleran, CKD, CPA,                                             Sarah Reep, CKD, ASID, CMG,
                     On BUSINESS MANAGEMENT:                                               On INSIDE TODAY’S SHOWROOM:
                     Professional advice on operating                                      Insights into designing, accessorizing
                     a kitchen and bath retail                                             and maintaining an attractive,
                     operation more effectively                                            sales-generating kitchen and
                     and profitably.                                                       bath showroom.

                     Stephen Nicholls                                                      Bryan Reiss, CMKBD,
                     On BUILDING THE JOB:                                                  On SUCCESSFUL SELLING:
                     Solid advice for seamlessly advancing a                               Useful and profitable suggestions for
                     project from conception to completion,                                improving sales techniques, qualifying
                     with a focus on collaboration to get the                              prospects, honing competitive skills,
                     job built right.                                                      and dealing with clients.

Aside from its roster of columnists, Kitchen & Bath Design News also boasts a
pair of special contributors who will once again write exclusively for the maga-
zine in 2011. These leading industry voices include:

                     Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID:                                           Leslie Hart:
                     Widely considered to be the nation’s                                  The former editor and publisher of K+BB,
                     leading authority on kitchen/bath design                              this widely recognized and well-respected
                     and product application, Cheever con-                                 contributor focuses on providing
                     tinues her exclusive association with                                 perspectives on today’s kitchen and bath
                     KBDN through her special series of                                    consumers through her “Consumer
                     quarterly feature articles, entitled                                  Insights” column.
                     “Designer’s Notebook.”

                                                                2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                7
                    COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE
                    targets issues of importance to subscribers
    JANUARY                      FEBRUARY                     MARCH                            APRIL                            MAY                              JUNE
    Kitchen & Bath Market        Annual Directory             Spring 2011 Bath                 KBIS 2011 & National Kitchen     Creative Storage Solutions       New Product Showcase
    Forecast 2011                & Buyer’s Guide              Remodeling Report:               & Bath Conference Report         for Kitchens, Baths              & KBIS 2011 Product Review
                                                              New & Emerging                                                    & Other Rooms
    Expanded Profit Centers:     ‘Designer’s Notebook’        Design Trends                    The Best in Design 2011:                                          ‘Market Insight’ Research
    Home Offices                 by Ellen Cheever                                              NKBA & Top Design                Upgrading Kitchen/Bath           Survey/Part 2:
                                                              KBIS 2011 Pre-Show               Contest Finalists                Showrooms on a                   Dealer/Designer Cost of
    Business Lessons             Portfolio of Innovative      Issue & Pull-Out                                                  Shoestring Budget                Business Report
    from the                     Countertop Projects          Show Guide                       ‘Designer’s Notebook’
    Great Recession                                                                            by Ellen Cheever                 New Customer                     Expanded Profit Centers:
                                                              Color Trend Report:                                               Demographics & Their             Laundry Rooms
                                                              Shades of Style                  The Light Stuff: The             ‘Hot Buttons’
                                                                                               Latest Trends in Kitchen
                                                              ‘Market Insight’ Research        & Bath Lighting
                                                              Survey/Part 1:
                                                              Market Outlook &
                                                              Business Practices
    Product Trend Report:        Product Trend Report:        Product Trend Report:            Product Trend Report:            Product Trend Report:            Product Trend Report:
    Cooking Appliances           Bathroom Hardware            Kitchen Sinks, Faucets           Outdoor Kitchens                 Bathroom Sinks,                  Kitchen Cabinets
                                 & Accessories                & Water Accessories                                               Lavatories & Faucetry
    ‘Product Innovations’                                                                      Product Review: Whirlpools,                                       Product Review:
    e-Newsletter:                ‘Product Innovations’        Product Review: Kitchen          Spas, Saunas & Steambaths        Product Review: Accessible       Toilets & Bidets
    Appliances                   e-Newsletter:                & Bath Ventilation                                                Design/Kitchen Products
                                 Countertop Surfacing                                          ‘Product Innovations’                                             ‘Product Innovations’
                                 Materials &                  Manufacturing/Fabricating:       e-Newsletter: Cooking            ‘Product Innovations’            e-Newsletter: Kitchen Sinks,
                                 Edge Treatments              Tool & Equipment Review          Appliances                       e-Newsletter: Bath               Faucets & Water Accessories
                                                                                                                                Hardware & Accessories
                                                              ‘Product Innovations’
                                                              e-Newsletter: Decorative
                                                              & Functional Hardware

    Int’l. Builders Show 2011    Profiting by Design in the   Profiting by Design in the New   KBIS 2011 At-Show Issue,         KCMA Annual Convention,          Profiting by Design in the New
    At-Show Issue, 1/12-15,      New Economy Seminar/Los      Economy Seminar/Fort             4/26-28, Las Vegas,              5/15-18, Austin, TX              Economy Seminar/Minneapolis
     Orlando, FL                 Angeles Metro Area           Myers, FL Metro Area             908/852-0033                     703/264-1690                     Metro Area
    (202) 822-0200
                                 Business Strategies for      Webcast: Growing Your            Profiting by Design in the New   Profiting by Design in the New   Webcast: Profiting From the
                                 Today’s Economy/Los          Kitchen/Bath Dealership          Economy Seminar/Philadelphia     Economy Seminar/Indianapolis     Green Trend: Designing &
                                 Angeles Metro Area           Through Social Networking        Metro Area                       Metro Area                       Selling Sustainability

                                                                                               Business Strategies for          Business Strategies for
                                                                                               Today’s Economy/Philadelphia     Today’s Economy/Indianapolis
                                                                                               Metro Area                       Metro Area

    Bonus Distribution at        Year-Round Reference Guide   Access to ‘Top-Volume’           Bonus Distribution at            Harvey Ad-Q Study                Access to Kitchen/Bath
    Int’l. Builders Show 2011    & Ad Inquiries               Kitchen/Bath Dealer List         KBIS 2011                                                         Dealers’ New & Expanding
                                                                                                                                Bonus Distribution at            Showroom List
    Three Customer Passes to a   Free Listings in Annual      Product Coverage                                                  KCMA Convention
    KBDN-produced Seminar        Directory & Buyer’s Guide    In KBIS 2011 Pull-Out
                                 and on KBDN’s Web Site,      Show Guide With Bonus
                               Distribution at Show

8                                                                    2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE

JULY                              AUGUST                      SEPTEMBER                        OCTOBER                          NOVEMBER                         DECEMBER
Appliance Guide 2011:             A Pictorial Guide to        2011 Kitchen Cabinet             Downsized Design: Ideas          Fall 2011 Bath                   Most-Asked-About New
A Directory of Suppliers          Innovative Kitchen &        Style & Design Guide             For Creating Space-Efficient     Remodeling Report:               Products of 2011
& Products                        Bath Showrooms                                               Kitchens & Baths                 New Product Trends
                                                              ‘Designer’s Notebook’                                                                              ‘Market Insight’ Research
‘Designer’s Notebook’             Creative Countertop         by Ellen Cheever                 ‘Market Insight’ Research        Value-Added: Growing Profits     Survey/Part 4:
by Ellen Cheever                  & Island Designs                                             Survey/Part 3:                   Through Custom Touches           The Impact of Technology &
                                                              Expanded Profit Centers:         Kitchen & Bath Dealer                                             the Internet on Kitchen &
Designs for Real Life: How        Special Supplement:         Breakfast Bars                   Marketing Strategies             Expanded Profit Centers:         Bath Design Firms
Lifestyle Impacts Kitchen         Eco-Friendly Design:                                                                          Vacation Homes
& Bath Design                     A Comprehensive Guide                                        The Art of the Backsplash
                                  to ‘Going Green’

Product Trend Report: Kitchen     Product Trend Report:       Product Trend Report: Shower     Product Trend Report:            Product Trend Report:            Product Trend Report:
Accessories & Interior Fittings   Bathroom Vanities           Systems, Enclosures & Tubs       Appliances                       Countertop Surfacing             Decorative & Functional
                                  & Storage Cabinets                                                                            Materials & Edge Treatments      Cabinet Hardware
Manufacturing &                                               Product Review:                  Product Review: Accessible
Fabricating/Tool &                ‘Product Innovations’       Windows & Skylights              Design/Bathroom Products         Product Review: Cabinet          ‘Product Innovations’
Equipment Review                  e-Newsletter: Bath Sinks,                                                                     Components                       e-Newsletter: Shower
                                  Lavatories & Faucetry       ‘Product Innovations’            Manufacturing/Fabricating:                                        Systems, Enclosures & Tubs
‘Product Innovations’                                         e-Newsletter:                    Tool & Equipment Review          ‘Product Innovations’
e-Newsletter:                                                 Kitchen Cabinets                                                  e-Newsletter: Bath Vanities &
Outdoor Kitchens                                                                               ‘Product Innovations’            Storage Cabinets
                                                                                               e-Newsletter: Kitchen
                                                                                               Accessories, Interior Fittings
                                                                                               & Storage Aids

AWFS, 7-20-23, Las Vegas                                      Profiting by Design in the New   DPHA Annual Convention           Profiting by Design in the New   Int’l. Builders Show
323/838-9440                                                  Economy Seminar/Seattle          301/657-3642                     Economy Seminar/Houston          2012 Preview
                                                              Metro Area                                                        Metro Area
                                                                                               International Countertop
                                                              Webcast: How to Create a         Expo (ICE), 10/20-22,
                                                              Web Site That Resonates With     Las Vegas 877/464-7732
                                                              Kitchen/Bath Consumers
                                                                                               Profiting by Design in the New
                                                                                               Economy Seminar/New York
                                                                                               Metro Area

                                                                                               Business Strategies for
                                                                                               Today’s Economy/New York
                                                                                               Metro Area
Year-Round Reference              Access to ‘Top-Volume’      Year-Round Reference             Bonus Distribution at DPHA       Harvey ‘Ad-Q’ Study              Access to Kitchen/Bath
Guide & Ad Inquiries              Kitchen/Bath Dealer List    Guide & Ad Inquiries             Convention & ICE 2011                                             Dealers’ New & Expanding
                                                                                                                                Access to ‘Top-Volume’           Showroom List
Access to ‘Top-Volume’                                        Access to ‘Top-Volume’           Access to Top-Volume             Fabricator List
Cabinet Shop List                                             Decorative Plumbing &            Distributor &                                                     Three Customer Passes to a
                                                              Hardware Showroom List           ‘Whotailer’ List                                                  KBDN-produced Seminar

                                                                     2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                                                                 9
                    MAXIMUM IMPACTexposure
                    through cost-effective incentives & year-round
     RATE CARD NO. 29                                                                                                 EFFECTIVE WITH JANUARY 2011 ISSUE

     B L AC K & W H I T E R AT E S ( G R O S S D O L L A R S )
     TABLOID PAGE                                              1X                   3X                   6X                  9X                   12X                 18X
     Full Tabloid Page                                         9000                 8400                 7800                7200                 6600                6000
     1/2 Tabloid Page                                          5700                 5400                 5100                4800                 4500                4200
     1/4 Tabloid Page                                          4400                 4100                 3800                3500                 3200                2900

     STANDARD PAGE                                             1X                   3X                   6X                  9X                   12X                 18X
     7x10 Standard Page                                        8400                 7800                 7200                6600                 6000                5400
     1/2 Island                                                4900                 4600                 4300                4000                 3700                3400
     1/2 Standard Page                                         4200                 3900                 3600                3300                 3000                2700
     1/3 Standard Page                                         3200                 3000                 2800                2600                 2400                2200
     1/4 Standard Page                                         2600                 2400                 2200                2000                 1800                1600
     Note: All 2011 ads in Kitchen & Bath Design News will receive a live link at no additional charge in KBDN’s corresponding electronic edition, e-mailed each month
     to 45,000+ recipients.

     C O LO R R AT E S & C OV E R P O S I T I O N S
                                                   Standard AAAA                         Matched                    4-Color Process
     Per Ad                                        1200                                  1400                       2000
     Per Spread                                    1800                                  2100                       3000

                                                   6X                                    12X
     Cover 2                                       12800                                 N/A
     Page 3                                        12200                                 N/A
     Cover 3                                       9800                                  8600
     Cover 4                                       13500                                 N/A
     Cover 2 Spread                                22500                                 19500
     Note: Cover rates are for full tabloid-size ads, and include four-color process and bleed. Cover positions are on a minimum six-time non-cancelable contract
     basis. Advertisers (non-cover positions) may opt to run ads only in certain states, or to certain components of KBDN’s circulation. In those instances, rates are
     pro-rated, and are based on the circulation that is targeted.

     P R O D U C T & L I T E R AT U R E S H OWC A S E ( G R O S S D O L L A R S )
     SINGLE UNITS                                    1X                  3X                   6X                  9X                   12X
                                                     1400                1300                 1200                1100                 900

     DOUBLE UNITS                                    1X                  3X                   6X                  9X                   12X
                                                     3000                2800                 2600                2400                 2000
     Note: Size of single units is 4-5/8” x 2-1/8”. Size of double units is 4-5/8”x4-7/8”. Four-color available at no extra charge. To be eligible for the Net Rate (reflecting a
     15% commission/discount), KBDN must receive materials in a preferred format (see Mechanical Specifications Section on opposite page). If advertisers pre-
     fer, KBDN will create an ad, if copy and/or photograph is supplied. In those cases, Gross Rates will apply..

10                                                   2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
                                                                                                                        ADVERTISING RATES
                                                                                                                         & SPECIFICATIONS

FURNISHED INSERTS                                                                                               SPACE & MATERIALS CLOSING DATES
Furnished inserts are billed at earned black/white rates. Standard 7”x10” page rates apply to                                          SPACE                MATERIALS
furnished inserts measuring up to 8-5/8”x11-1/2”. Maximum page weight is 80 lb.                                 January                Dec. 1, 2010          Dec. 3, 2010
                                                                                                                February               Jan. 4, 201 1         Jan. 7, 201 1
           2-page (single sheet) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25%       March                  Feb. 1                Feb. 4
           4 or 6 pages, earned rate less special discount . . . . . . . .40%                                   April                  March 1               March 4
           8 or 12 pages, earned rate less special discount . . . . . . . 50%                                   May                    April 1               April 6
           16 or more pages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ask for quote            June                   May 2                 May 6
                                                                                                                July                   June 1                June 3
S H O R T R AT E S                                                                                              August                 July 1                July 6
Advertisers will be short-rated if, within a 12-month period from the date of their first insertion,            September              Aug. 1                Aug. 5
they do not use the amount of space upon which their billings have been based.                                  October                Sept. 1               Sept. 7
                                                                                                                November               Oct. 3                Oct. 6
M E C H A N I C A L S P E C I F I C AT I O N S                                                                  December               Nov. 1                Nov. 4
A. SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) Standards Apply.
B. Preferred Materials:
   1.    Digital File – CD Rom, Disc with color proof.                                                          SPECIAL POSITIONS
   2.    Film Negatives – Right-reading emulsion side down with Chromaline/Matchprint.                          Advertisers running a full tabloid or standard-sized page
                                                                                                                in each of the twelve issues of KBDN during a calendar
S C A N N E D/ D I G I TA L I M AG E S                                                                          year will be entitled to a “permanent home” for their ads,
The submission of electronic/digital files is preferable, provided those files conform to the guidelines        based on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact your
established by Cygnus Publishing. Specifications are available from KBDN’s production manager.                  KBDN sales representative for additional information.
Production charges may be billed, if applicable.

PA G E D I M E N S I O N S                                                                                      CO N T R AC T & CO P Y CO N D I T I O N S
   Tabloid Page: Trim                 10-1/4”x14”                                                               Advertisements are accepted upon the representation
                Bleed                 10-1/2”x14-1/4”                                                           that the advertiser and its agency have the rights to publish
           Live Matter                9-1/4”x13”                                                                the contents thereof. Advertisers and their agencies agree
 Tabloid Spread: Trim                 20-1/2”x14”                                                               to indemnify, defend and save harmless the publisher from
                Bleed                 20-3/4”x14-1/4”                                                           any and all liability for content of advertisements printed.
           Live Matter                19-1/2”x13”                                                               The publisher has the right to reject any advertiser or
 Standard Page: Trim                  7-5/8”x11”                                                                advertisement not in conformity with KBDN’s publishing
                Bleed                 7-5/8”x11-1/8”                                                            standards. Rates are based on the number of insertions
           Live Matter                7”x10”                                                                    used within 12 consecutive months. The publisher will not
   Standard Spread:                   15-1/8”x11”                                                               be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, when
                                      Keep live matter 1/2” from top, bottom and                                such conditions conflict with the regulations set forth on
                                      sides. Allow 7/8” trim on bottom and sides.                               this Rate Card. Advertisers are responsible for all unpaid
                                                                                                                invoices incurred by their representative or agency. No
S TA N DA R D & TA B LO I D A D S I Z E S                                                                       cancellations will be accepted after issue closing dates.
                                       S TA N DA R D PAG E                    TA B LO I D PAG E
                   Spread              14”x 10”                               19-1/2”x 13”                      SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS
                    1 Page             7”x 10”                                9-1/4”x 13”                       Mail insertion orders and materials to:
             1/2 Vertical              3-3/8”x 10”                            4-9/16” x 13”                     Kitchen & Bath Design News
          1/2 Horizontal               7”x 4-7/8”                             9-1/4”x 6-1/8”                    Advertising Production Manager
                1/2 Island             4-9/16”x 7-3/8”                         —                                Tina Kennedy
              1/3 Square               4-9/16”x 4-7/8”                         —                                3 Huntington Quadrangle,
             1/3 Vertical              2-3/16”x 10”                            —                                Suite 301N, Melville, NY 11747
                 1/4 Page              3-3/8”x 4-7/8”                         4-9/16”x 7-3/8”                   telephone: (631) 963-6253
                                                                                                                fax: (866) 385-7282
If and when new rates are announced, advertisers will be protected throughout the                               If sending electronic files 5MB and over, use our
duration of their annual schedules, provided the schedule is placed prior to                                    FTP site:
 the effective date of the rate change. Advertisers contracting for 201 1                                       (See enclosure in back pocket flap of Media
schedules on or before Nov. 15, 2010 will be entitled to 2010 rates                                             File, or visit
(See Merchandising Programs, Page 10, for details).

                                                                                     2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                                   11
                  MARKETING SUPPORT
                  programs & services to bolster ad campaigns
     2011 advertising rates for Kitchen & Bath Design News are structured to reward                 ◆ ‘TOP VOLUME’ CABINET SHOP LIST
     program advertisers for frequent insertions. Advertisers also can take advantage                Advertisers in the July issue (1/4 page or larger) are entitled to receive — via
     of KBDN’s expansive range of RATE-SAVING INCENTIVES and VALUE-                                  labels or e-mail — a list of KBDN’s highest-volume cabinet shops, as well as dealers
     ADDED MERCHANDISING SERVICES, designed to support marketing                                     who report they are involved in cabinet manufacturing and fabrication.
     campaigns and increase the effectiveness of ad programs.
                                                                                                    ◆ ‘TOP VOLUME’ DECORATIVE PLUMBING
     Offered in 201 1 are the following:                                                              & HARDWARE SHOWROOM LIST
                                                                                                     Advertisers in the September issue (1/4 page or larger) are entitled to entitled
     ◆ ‘RATE PROTECTION’ PROGRAM                                                                     to receive — via labels or e-mail — a list of KBDN’s highest-volume decorative
       2010 advertisers using a minimum 3x frequency who contract for their                          plumbing & hardware showrooms.
       201 1 schedules on or before Nov. 15, 2010 — and either equal or exceed
       their 2010 commitment — are entitled to 2010 rates.                                          ◆ ‘TOP VOLUME’ DISTRIBUTOR & ‘WHOTAILER’ LIST
                                                                                                     Advertisers in the October issue (1/4 page or larger) are entitled to receive — via
     ◆ ELECTRONIC ISSUE INCLUSION                                                                    labels or e-mail — a list of KBDN’s highest-volume distributors and “whotailers.”
       All 201 1 ads in Kitchen & Bath Design News will receive, at no additional
       charge, a live link in KBDN’s corresponding electronic edition, e-mailed                     ◆ ‘TOP VOLUME’ FABRICATOR LIST
       each month to 45,000+ qualified recipients.                                                   Advertisers in the November issue (1/4 page or larger) are entitled to receive — via
                                                                                                     labels or e-mail — a list of KBDN’s highest-volume fabricators.
       Advertisers using a minimum 6x frequency will receive an additional                          ◆ COMPLIMENTARY SEMINAR PASSES
       insertion at no charge. 12x advertisers will receive two additional insertions                Full-page advertisers in the January and/or December issues are eligible to
       at no charge. No-charge ad(s) will be published in the issue(s) of the                        receive three complimentary guest passes to a 2011 KBDN-produced
       advertiser’s choice at the conclusion of the scheduled ad program. The cost                   seminar of the advertiser’s choice.
       of the ad program will be amortized over the length of the program. Note:
       Advertisers eligible for the ‘AddedVantage’ Program can opt to receive a                     ◆ ‘AD-Q’ STUDIES
       credit for selected digital products in lieu of the no-charge insertion(s).                   Advertisers in the May and/or November issues (1/4 page or larger) will
                                                                                                     receive an exclusive, free “Ad-Q” study. The study, conducted by Harvey
     ◆ DIRECTORY AND WEB SITE LISTING                                                                Research, measures advertising readership and effectiveness, and permits
       All advertisers will receive a complimentary company/product listing in KBDN’s                companies to compare their ads with those of competitors.
       annual Directory and Buyer’s Guide, published in February 201 1 and
       available online year-round on KBDN’s web site,                       ◆ SALES LEADS VIA E-MAIL
                                                                                                     All advertisers can receive their sales leads via e-mail within hours or days of
     ◆ NEW & EXPANDING SHOWROOM LIST                                                                 reader response. (Contact your KBDN sales representative for information.)
       Advertisers in the June and/or December issues (1/4 page or larger) are
       entitled to receive — via labels or e-mail — an exclusive list of kitchen and bath dealers
       who have indicated that they are planning new or expanded showrooms.

       Advertisers in the March and/or August issues (1/4 page or larger) are entitled
       to receive — via labels or e-mail — a list of KBDN’s highest-volume ($5million+)
       kitchen & bath dealers.

12                                                                            2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
in-depth seminars deliver
              LIVE EDUCATION
              to the doorstep of key industry specifiers
Kitchen and bath product marketers will have an opportunity in 201 1 to serve as              SPONSORSHIP COSTS
co-sponsors of a series of seminars aimed at increasing the design acumen,                    Sponsorships to any of the seminars can be purchased individually or as part of
business management skills and profitability of kitchen & bath dealers, designers,            a series – and can be “bundled” with display ad programs as part of a powerful,
showroom personnel and related industry professionals.                                        integrated marketing program that extends far beyond print. 201 1 seminars
Kitchen & Bath Design News’ 201 1 conference program will once again bring                    are priced as follows:
KBDN “live” to major metropolitan markets through two unique all-day seminars,
co-produced under the terms of exclusive partnerships between KBDN and both                   PROFITING BY DESIGN IN THE NEW ECONOMY
the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and the SEN Design Group.                      ◆ $8,000 for one event
                                                                                              ◆ $15,000 for two events
                                                                                              ◆ $21,000 for three events
ago to positive reviews, is being brought to eight markets — Los Angeles,
Minneapolis, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Indianapolis, Ft. Myers, FL, and the             ◆ $26,000 for four events
New York metro area. Co-produced by KBDN and the NKBA, the seminars are                       ◆ $30,000 for five events
led by well known design authority Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, and provide                    ◆ $33,000 for six events
in-depth strategies for generating additional revenue and increasing profits, in              ◆ $35,000 for seven events
today’s demanding, recession-altered marketplace, through trend analysis, creative            ◆ $36,000 for eight events
design techniques, product applications and visual merchandising.
In addition, the well-received seminar BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR                                BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR TODAY’S ECONOMY
TODAY’S ECONOMY — co-produced by KBDN and the SEN Design                                      ◆ $5,000 for one event
Group — will be piggybacked with the seminars described above as part of a                    ◆ $9,000 for two events
series of two-day INDUSTRY SUCCESS SUMMITS. Led by top educators                              ◆ $12,000 for three events
Ken Peterson, CKD, and Tom Blau, the program will take place in Los
Angeles, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and the New York metro area. It focuses                   Contact your KBDN sales representative for sponsorship rates and information.
on utilizing sound management strategies, sales/marketing techniques and
business tools to improve the performance of kitchen and bath retail firms in today’s
business climate.
                                                                                                 PRELIMINARY 2011 SEMINAR SCHEDULE
SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS                                                                             PROFITING BY DESIGN IN THE NEW ECONOMY
Sponsorships enable industry-leading suppliers to strengthen the businesses of                   February     Los Angeles, CA Metro Area
their customers, receive valuable exposure before key specifiers, and position                   March        Ft. Myers, FL Metro Area
their company as a leading source of education to the kitchen and bath trade.                    April        Philadelphia, PA Metro Area
Seminar sponsors also receive the following valuable benefits:                                   May          Indianapolis, IN Metro Area
                                                                                                 June         Minneapolis, MN Metro Area
◆ Editorial coverage in KBDN in connection with the event, as well as inclusion in
   advertising and targeted direct mail, fax and e-mail promotional pieces, free of charge.      September    Seattle, WA Metro Area
                                                                                                 October      New York, NY Metro Area
◆ The ability to invite customers and prospects to the seminar on a complimentary basis.         November     Houston, TX Metro Area
◆ The right to have promotional literature, tabletop product samples and
   representatives at each sponsored seminar, to interact with attendees.                        BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR TODAY’S ECONOMY
                                                                                                 February     Los Angeles, CA Metro Area
◆ The right to have key products included and described as part of the seminar
   presenter’s audio-visual presentation.                                                        April        Philadelphia, PA Metro Area
                                                                                                 May          Indianapolis, IN Metro Area
◆ Access to attendee lists for post-seminar follow-up.                                           October      New York, NY Metro Area

                                                                                 2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                                       13
                   ONLINE, INTERACTIVE MEDIA
                   enhances product brands & engages prospects
     Many kitchen and bath marketers are combining elements from a widening array of             E-Product Showcases — A multi-sponsored advertising vehicle sent to all or part of
     integrated media platforms to deliver their message in ways that enhance product            KBDN’s 40,000+ qualified e-mail audience. Exposure includes a product image,
     brands, engage prospects, and create instant buying opportunities.                          headline, copy and URL to link to.

     Like Kitchen & Bath Design News — the industry’s leading publication – KBDN’s web           E-Newsletter Sponsorships — In either of KBDN’s weekly or monthly e-newsletters,
     site,, is the most comprehensive, timely and authoritative            or the e-newsletter produced in conjunction with the 2011 KBIS, advertisers can use
     source of industry-related information on the Internet, attracting high numbers of          leaderboard, skyscraper, button or standard banner advertising units.
     specifiers and consumers.
                                                                                                 Custom Online Surveys — Gather proprietary kitchen/bath market intelligence
     The powerful trio of Kitchen & Bath Design News, and                  through a questionnaire aimed at all or part of the KBDN e-mail audience. Topics can
     KBDN e-mail distribution offers the highest level of value to advertisers. Companies        range by product category.
     can strengthen their 2011 marketing campaign by targeting the kitchen and bath
     market with an innovative, cost-effective program that leverages the benefits of            Custom E-Newsletters — Partner with KBDN editors on the creation of an exclusive
     print and immediacy of online. Programs can be customized to address specific               e-Newsletter sent to all or part of the KBDN audience.
     marketing goals.
                                                                                                 ADVANCED SERVICES & SPONSORSHIPS
     BUILD YOUR BRAND                                                                            Webcasts are not nearly as difficult to execute as they may first appear. We’ll provide gives marketers the best opportunity to brand products                the promotion, registration and reminders. We’ll help you deliver the program,
     and services to web site visitors interested in the latest and best the kitchen and bath    introduce the speakers, field audience questions and archive the session for future
     industry has to offer.                                                                      viewing. Cygnus Business Media has implemented hundreds of webcasts over the
                                                                                                 past several years. We’re experienced and happy to help guide you. In addition, blog attracts a high level of traffic – 30,000+ unique visitors per        sponsorships connect you with an audience especially interested in hot topics such
     month and 90,000+ impressions per month. The availability of banner ads,                    as “green design,” while the KBDN Video Network is a great resource for you to
     “welcome ads” and streaming video makes the right                     showcase new products and KBDN Radio enables companies and associations to
     platform for your message. KBDN’s Kitchen & Bath Product Locator cost-effectively           post podcasts on our web site, with optional promotion in all e-Newsletters.
     builds traffic and reinforces product brands.
                                                                                                 Webcasts — Webcasts, also known as webinars or web seminars, are single or multi-
     Banner Advertising — Web banners function the same way as traditional print                 sponsored multi-media Internet events permitting marketers to partner with the
     advertisements. Web banners, however, differ in that the results of ad campaigns can        KBDN editorial team on the content. Webcasts combine audio with PowerPoint
     be monitored real-time, and can be targeted to the viewer’s specific interests.             slides to provide education on new products, key trends and related topics to a
                                                                                                 targeted, highly qualified audience.
     Welcome Ads — A subgroup of ‘eyeblaster’ floating ads, these impactful units are
     overlayed on the home page of the web site and call immediate, exclusive attention          Blog Sponsorships — Partner with KBDN’s ‘blogs,’ and be viewed as an industry
     to advertisers and their message.                                                           leader. Currently being produced is a blog addressing general trends and breaking
                                                                                                 industry news, as well as the ‘Kitchen & Bath Sustainable’ blog, targeting ‘green’
     Video Streaming Ads — This option allows advertisers to embed video in banner ads.          issues impacting the market.

     Kitchen & Bath Product Locator — Enhanced listings and category sponsorships                Video Network — KBDN houses a video network on its web site, on the homepage
     catch visitors’ attention before regular unpaid listings, increasing the chance of          above the fold. Visitors are directed to the Video Network via regular e-Newsletters
     generating click-throughs.                                                                  and stand-alone Video Network e-Newsletters.

     ‘Eyeblaster’ Floating ads — Ads which may appear as a layer on the top of the user's        Podcasts — Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded on the KBDN web site
     current page and expand, or play an animated image automatically or upon user initiation.   (and yours). Sponsors may provide the audio file or KBDN staff members can assist
                                                                                                 with its creation. Podcasts are promoted via stand-alone podcast e-Newsletters and
     Rich Media — Embracing a broad range of digital interactive media, rich media can           in KBDN’s standard slate of regular bi-monthly e-Newsletters
     be downloadable or may be embedded in a web page. Rich media exhibits dynamic
     motion which may occur over time or in response to user interaction.                        KBDN Radio — A podcast technology platform is utilized to execute KBDN Radio,
                                                                                                 in which our editors conduct pre-recorded interviews with corporate and association
     GENERATE LEADS                                                                              officials, and dispense condensed digests of industry news. KBDN Radio is promoted
     Every company in the competitive kitchen and bath market is interested in generating        in e-Newsletters and on the home page of
     leads. Keeping the funnel full of names keeps business in the black. Now you can
     make a big impression on our 40,000+ qualified e-mail audience with a custom                ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS
     e-mail that’s less costly than a postcard. Open rates on KBDN’s e-mail distribution         We accept ads in GIF, JPEG, animated GIF and Flash (SWF) formats.
     are typically 15-20%, far higher than the industry standard; click-through rates, at        Other formats must be tested and approved on a case-by-case basis
     2-3%, are also in excess of industry standards. Y can sponsor our e-Newsletter              (for specs, go to:
     series or work with our online and print teams to create a custom e-Newsletter
     series. Y can also advertise in’s Product Showcase, or
     survey our audience of leading specifiers.

     E-mail Blasts — A single-sponsored advertising vehicle sent to all or part of KBDN’s
     40,000+ qualified e-mail audience.

14                                                                          2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
                                                                                                         DIGITAL MARKETING

Ad Unit                  Dimensions          Approximate          Maximum              Rich       Non-Advertiser            Advertiser
                                             Impressions          File Size            Media      Rate/Month                Rate/Month
Leaderboard              728x90              20,000               40K                  Yes        $1,500                    $1,300
Medium Rectangle         300x250             20,000               30K                  Yes        $1,500                    $1,300
Skyscraper               120x600             20,000               30K                  Yes        $1,600                    $1,400
Display Banner           468x60              20,000               16K                  Yes        $1,250                    $1,050
Display Button           120x90              20,000               10K                  Yes        $800                      $650

Contact your KBDN Sales Representative for information on individual rates and programs.

                                                                                               Contact your KBDN sales representative to see how you
ADVERTISING RATES/OTHER WEB-BASED & OUTBOUND PRODUCTS                                          can achieve Maximum Engagement in the kitchen and
                                        Non-Advertiser Cost         Advertiser Cost            bath market.
Video Network                           $1,700/month                $1,500/month
E-Mail Blast                            $0.40/address               $0.35/address              Digital Solutions Contact
E-Product Showcases                     $900/unit net               $800/unit net              Tim Steingraber
Video Streaming Ads                     $1,700/month net            $1,400/month net           Digital Solutions Manager
‘Eyeblaster’ Floating Ads               $75/cpm                     $60/cpm                    Phone: (847) 454-2723
                                                                                               Fax: (847) 454-2759
E-Newsletter Sponsor                                                                           Cell: (773) 858-4256
Banner or Skyscraper                    $1,500/issue net            $1,200/issue net
Custom E-Newsletter                     $3,500 each                 $3,000 each
Electronic Edition Sponsorship          $2,500 net                  $2,000 net                 Editorial Contact
Webcast Sponsor                                                                                Janice Costa
 • Full Sponsor                         $15,000/webcast             $13,000/webcast            Editor,
 • Co-Sponsor                           $5,000/webcast              $4,000/webcast             3 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 301N
Blog Sponsor                                                                                   Melville, NY 11747
 • Exclusive                            $2,500/month                $2,000/month               Phone: (630) 963-6233
 • Non-Exclusive                        $1,500/month                $1,000/month               Email:
KBDN Radio (Podcasts)                   $3,000/quarter              $2,500/quarter
 • 1-5 Questions                        $500 + $.40/name            $500 + .35/name
 • 6-20 Questions                       $700 + $.40/name            $700 + .35/name
Buyers’ Guide                           Start at $595               Start at $500
Kitchen/Bath Prod. Locator              $250/month net to start     $200/month net to start
Contact your KBDN sales representative for information on individual rates and programs.

                                                       2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE                                                                        15
                                                                                                    EXPANDED MARKET
     reach into
                     RELATED MARKETS
                     through magazines, alliances
     Kitchen & Bath Design News’ parent company, Cygnus Business Media, is a major
     provider of a broad range of business-to-business information services, including
     publications, e-commerce activities, expositions, conferences, custom publishing
     programs, directories, database marketing and more.
     Through KBDN and its sister magazines — Qualified Remodeler and Residential
     Design & Build — advertisers can benefit from a synergy, reach and market penetration
     unmatched by any other trade publishing company. “Package” ad programs enable
     marketers to capture the attention of prime product specifiers with enormous buying
     influence in the following four markets closely allied to the kitchen and bath trade:
     With Qualified Remodeler: Reach 81,977* remodeling-product specifiers, including
     many with active involvement in kitchens and baths. Combined circulation with
     KBDN: 130,173**… with only 10.73% duplication.
     Since its first issue in March 1975, Qualified Remodeler has been an indispensable
     resource for top remodelers. The magazine’s mission today remains the same as it
     did at its inception — to increase the level of professionalism in remodeling.
     130 million + homes in America are constantly in need of renovation and repair.
     Qualified Remodelers expand and remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and great rooms.
     They finish basements. They add second floors and keep homes energy-efficient.
     With Residential Design & Build: Reach some 44,004* custom home builders,
     general contractors, architects, and designers . RD&B, published 9x per year, provides
     a critical link to the design/build community nationwide. Combined circulation with
     KBDN: 92,200** … with only 2.4% duplication
     Residential Design & Build has a strong 75-year history with the residential
     construction market. It specifically engages both architect and high-end builders
     who buy and specify products for custom homes.
     America’s nearly 80 million baby boomers will have a significant impact on housing
     needs now and in the future. Residential Design & Build provides dual reach to both
     sides of the design and build team … making it an extremely efficient media buy.
     In addition, strategic alliances between KBDN and six leading trade associations will
     also create opportunities for kitchen/bath product marketers to reach key decision-
     makers in 2010. KBDN will once again partner with the National Kitchen & Bath
     Association (NKBA) and the SEN Design Group in delivering educational seminars
     to key metro markets. In addition, exclusive partnerships with the Decorative
     Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA), the International Surface Fabricators
     Association (ISFA), the Bath & Kitchen Buying Group (BKBG) and the Marble
     Institute of America (MIA) will result in a series of columns and other editorial
     content aimed at forging connections between specifiers and suppliers.
     * Source: June 2010 BPA
     ** Source: Publishers Own Data

16                                                                       2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
     surveys find KBDN
                                   IN THE TRADE
                     TOPS & reader preference
                     in advertiser
     The proof is in the ad pages — and in the opinions of                        Other compelling survey results further underline
     both leading product specifiers and the decision-makers                      KBDN’s leadership in preference. For example:
                                                                                                                                                       MAGAZINE RATED AS DELIVERING ‘BEST VALUE’
     at companies that market to the kitchen and bath trade.                                                                                            BY KITCHEN/BATH INDUSTRY ADVERTISERS
                                                                                  ◆ 68% of NKBA-member dealers and designers
     Kitchen & Bath Design News, all evidence clearly                               surveyed cited KBDN as the magazine they                             K+BB
     suggests, is tops in the trade. Tops in ad-page market                         consider more vital for keeping them abreast                         16%
     share. Tops in delivering advertising value. Tops in                           of information that helps them run their business. (3)
     reader preference.
                                                                                  ◆ 73% pointed to KBDN as the magazine they
     That’s more, of course, than simply an idle boast. It’s                        rely on more for industry news, columnists’
     something that’s been measurable for years ... and                             advice, product information and business insights. (3)
     which remains the case more so than ever in 2011.
                                                                                  ◆ 68% tabbed KBDN as the magazine they tend to
     As proof, when asked by an independent third-party                             tear out/file articles from, pass along to colleagues,
     research firm which kitchen/bath publication best                              nd/or keep copies of for future reference. (3)
     delivers value for their advertising expenditure, an
     overwhelming 84% of surveyed marketing                                       ◆ 62% selected KBDN as the publication they
     decision-makers said their magazine of choice                                  believe delivers its advertising in a more visible,
     is KBDN. (1)                                                                   reader-friendly environment. (3)                                                                                           84%
     Perhaps that’s a key reason why KBDN retains                                 ◆ 66% reported that KBDN is the most credible                                                                               KBDN
     its indisputable market-share dominance over its                               and respected magazine serving the industry. (3)                   Source: Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), 2010
     major competitor. (2)                                                        ◆ 60% chose KBDN as the magazine containing
                                                                                    articles that are more objective and of                             MAGAZINE RATED AS ‘MOST PREFERRED’
     But there are plenty of other reasons.                                                                                                            BY NKBA-MEMBER DEALERS & DESIGNERS
                                                                                    higher quality. (3)
     For example, according to the latest in a series of                                                                                                  K+BB
     independent, third-party surveys, KBDN emerged as                            This kind of clear-cut competitive edge among                           29%
     the preferred magazine brand among key kitchen/bath                          readers and advertisers is more than simply a source
     dealers and designers. (3)                                                   of bragging rights. It’s one of many reasons why
                                                                                  KBDN continues to fulfill its role as the kitchen/bath
     In fact, when asked to rate KBDN and Kitchen & Bath                          industry’s most essential business resource. And it’s
     Business (K+BB) head-to-head in credibility, quality,                        the primary reason why the lion’s share of the industry’s
     usefulness and preference, NKBA-member dealers                               advertisers make KBDN the preferred choice for
     and designers who receive both magazines over-                               their marketing message.
     whelmingly made a definitive choice — with nearly
     three-quarters (71%) selecting KBDN as the one
     trade magazine they’d choose to receive, if
     they could receive ONLY ONE. (3)
     Sources:                                                                                                                                               Source: Kitchen & Bath Industry Survey of NKBA-Member
                                                                                                                                                              Dealers & Designers, The Wayman Group, Inc., 2009
     1. Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), 2010
     2. Publisher’s Own Data, 2010
     3. Kitchen & Bath Industry Survey of NKBA-Member Dealers & Designers, The Wayman Group, Inc., 2009

                                                          Advertising Market Share, KBDN vs. K+BB

                KBDN 59.5%             K+BB 40.5%                      KBDN 61.7%             K+BB 38.3%                       KBDN 61.8%        K+BB 38.2%                           KBDN 66%                K+BB 34%

                             2000                                                   2006                                                 2009                                                      2010
                                                                                                                                         (Jan.-July)                                             (Jan.-July)
                                                                                                    Source: Publisher’s Own Data, 2010

17                                                                                    2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
                              KBDN WINS HIGH PRAISE FROM
                                  INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS

                   “Kitchen & Bath Design News has earned the respect of all components of our
                         industry — manufacturers, designers, dealers, retailers and specifiers. The
                 publication provides timely, relevant and unbiased information to assist readers in
                                  their quest to grow and achieve success. The insightful editorials
                                                                        challenge and encourage.”
                                                       Dick Titus, Executive Vice President
                                Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA)

                     “Kitchen & Bath Design News is the recognized voice of the kitchen and bath
                     industry — and more. The magazine serves as a strategic partner to assist the
                        industry develop professionally and keep its fingers on the pulse of trends,
                            activities, economic conditions, new products other factors that affect
                                                      the profitability of those in the supply chain.”
                                                    Thomas B. Cohn, Executive Director
                             Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA)

                 “Kitchen & Bath Design News has emerged as a leader in our industry ... and has
                  continued to serve the industry at the highest level. It is an informative voice and
                                       dynamic resource and for the industry and our members.”
                                                                                      Don Sciolaro
                                        National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)

                             “Kitchen & Bath Design News has enriched our industry through its
                            presence, its professionalism, and its ability to adjust to changing times
                                     while holding to unchanging principles and professionalism.”
                                                               Russ Lee, Executive Director
                                International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA)

                    “Kitchen & Bath Design News is the beacon of light for the industry — the most
                           comprehensive and most reliable resource for industry news, product
                            developments, design trends, business management information, and
                                          successful marketing strategies. No one does it better.”
                                                          Ken Peterson, CKD, President
                                                                          SEN Design Group

                             “KBDN has always been the magazine that has the most up-to-date,
                                    fair and accurate information for the kitchen/bath industry.
                                                   That’s what makes a good magazine great.”
                                 Thompson Price CKD, CBD, CR, V.P./Membership
                                              Bath & Kitchen Buying Group (BKBG)

                      “The Marble Institute of America is extremely satisfied with our relationship
                        with Kitchen & Bath Design News, because of the magazine’s influence,
                         reputation, and reach into the kitchen and bath design and retail market.
                                                We are confident that our messages are seen and
                                        considered by the audience we want because of KBDN.”
                                  Garis Distelhorst, Executive Vice President & CEO
                                                               Marble Institute of America

     Cygnus Business Media reaches millions of professionals annually. As one of
     America’s top business-to-business media companies, Cygnus is leading the way
     in providing targeted content to top decision-makers and organizations. The
     company’s corporate initiatives and organizational architecture are built with one
     goal: fully engaging audiences in Aviation, Building & Construction, Public Safety
     & Security, Agriculture vertical markets and a variety of other industries. Cygnus
     Business Media provides comprehensive, integrated advertising and marketing
     programs for some of the world's strongest business-to-business brands.

              W W W.CYG N U S B 2 B .CO M

19                         2011 MARKET & MEDIA FILE
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