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                                                                                                                                                             Published for the USC Faculty & Staff

                                                 U N D E R G R A D U A T E                   /    I N T E R D I S C I P L I N A R Y

            May 18, 1998
                                                 Strengthening the Bond Between
                                                 USC and Hebrew Union College                                                                                             Good Neighbors
                                                                                                                                                                          Campaign Funds
                                                                                                                         by Carol Tucker
                                                                                                                                                                          14 Community

                                                                                                                                         hen Alfred E. Gottschalk
                                                                                                                                       became dean of the fledg-           Partnerships
                                                                                                                                       ling Hebrew Union College-
                                                                                                                                       Jewish Institute of Religion       byCarol Tucker
                                                                                                                         campus in the Hollywood Hills in 1958, he
        1998 commencement                                                                                                envisioned an alliance with USC that             Raphael, 13, has been kicked out
           coverage is on                                                                                                would strengthen both institutions.              of school several times, but he
        pages 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.                                                                                               A decade later, Gottschalk’s dream           does have one interest that keeps
                                                                                                                         became a reality: He moved the Los               him out of further trouble: the

                     6                                                                                                   Angeles campus to 30th and Hoover
                                                                                                                         streets, next to the USC University Park
                                                                                                                         Campus, beginning an academic exchange
                                                                                                                                                                          theater. Raphael sees every pro-
                                                                                                                                                                          duction at the 24th Street
                                                                                                                                                                          Theater and frequently helps out
                                                                                                                         between the two schools that has grown           with productions – running the
                                                                                                                         and prospered. Now, the two institutions         lighting or rehearsing lines with
                                                                                                                         jointly offer one of the country’s strongest     the actors.
                                                                                                                         Judaic studies programs.                             Kids like Raphael are the rea-
                                                                                                                             “We have a wonderful academic reci-          son the 24th Street Theatre will
                                                                                                                         procity agreement between HUC-JIR and            present a free Saturday series of
                                                                                                                         USC that has led to a broadening of both         youth and family programming
                                                                                                                         institutions’ teaching missions and              in the University Park neighbor-
                                                                                                                         involvement in the larger community,”            hood. Beginning this fall, the pro-
                                                                                                                         said President Steven B. Sample. “We are         gram, “Something for Everyone,”
                                                                                                                         close partners in our core mission of pro-       is one of 14 USC-community part-
           High-tech tools                                                                                               viding the best possible education to the        nership projects that will receive
        can help keep low-tech                                                                                           students at our respective institutions.”        $400,000 in grants from the USC
            buses on a roll.                     At Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, near USC:             The academic partnership, which              Good Neighbors Campaign this
                                                 President Steven B. Sample; Lewis Barth, dean of HUC-JIR’s Los
                                                 Angeles campus; and Morton Owen Schapiro, dean of the College
                                                                                                                         began with a meeting between Gottschalk          year.

                  16                             of Letters, Arts and Sciences, which includes the School of Religion.                              continued on page 4       The 1998 USC Neighborhood
                                                                                                                                                                          Outreach grants will be formally
                                                                                                                                                                          announced on Wednesday, May
                                                                                                                                                                          20, by President Steven B. Sample

                                                 Annenberg School’s                                                                 of journalistic standards at the
                                                                                                                                    flood of electronic information, as
                                                                                                                                    the Columbia Journalism Review
                                                                                                                                                                          and Jane G. Pisano, senior vice
                                                                                                                                                                          president for external relations
                                                                                                                                                                          and Good Neighbors Campaign
                                                 On-line Journal Steps Up                                                           and the American Journalism
                                                                                                                                    Review have done with traditional
                                                                                                                                                                              In its fourth year, USC Neigh-

                                                 to the Electronic Plate                                                            news outlets.
                                                                                                                                        “On-line journalism presents
                                                                                                                                    terrific opportunities and serious
                                                                                                                                                                          borhood Outreach will provide
                                                                                                                                                                          grants, ranging from $11,750 to
                                                                                                                                                                          $40,000, derived from $453,154
                                                 by Ed Newton                               uncontrolled electronic network         potential problems,” Cowan said.      pledged by faculty and staff to
                                                                                            that has been unleashing a tidal        “I thought the best way to discuss    the 1997 Good Neighbors Cam-
                                                 Rumormonger Matt Drudge was,               flow of chat, creating a                                                                         continued on page 12
                                                 as is his custom, spreading gossip         myriad of business oppor-           “On-line journalism presents
 Inside                                          on the Internet the other day.             tunities and, according to
                                                 This time it was about a certain           some, revolutionizing the terrific opportunities and serious
 U S C I N TH E C O M M U N I T Y           3    Cabinet official who was suppos-            practice of journalism.
                                                 edly growing very restless in his              Onto this shifty terrain                potential problems.”
 E N G I N E E R S T R AD E C A R E E R S   13   job. There was also, delivered to          now steps the Online
                                                 browsers with the intriguing label         Journalism Review, the                           – G E OF F R EY C O WA N
 CALENDAR                                   14   “Contains Graphic Description,”            Annenberg School for
                                                 yet another lurid account of               Communication’s new
 F O R T H E R E CO R D                     15   Paula Jones’ alleged encounter             electronic magazine. The brain- the developments that were tak-
                                                 with Bill Clinton.                         child of Annenberg Dean ing place and to critique the prob-                   A USC student assists two 9-year-
                                                     The day’s Drudge Report was            Geoffrey Cowan, it’s an ambitious lems was with a journalism                  olds in an after-school program at
                                                 just another entry in the vast,            attempt to direct the hard scrutiny               continued on page 11        Weems Elementary School.
VOLUME 17             NUMBER 30
          A Lively Symposium Honors a Master of Robotics
                                                                                                                 George A. Bekey, left, celebrated his 70th birthday in a
                                                                                                                 most scientific fashion, with a May 1 and May 2 sympo-
                                                                                                                 sium, “Computing the Body, Embodying the Brain,” and a
                                                                                                                 banquet. Researchers from around the world made pre-
                                                                                                                 sentations in the eclectic fields to which Bekey has con-
                                                                                                                 tributed – robotics, analog and hybrid computation, sys-
                                                                                                                 tem identification and control, human-machine systems,
                                                                                                                 neural networks, biomedical rehabilitation and human
                                                                                                                 operator models. Since coming to USC in 1962, Bekey has
                                                                                                                 helped found and run the Engineering Computer
                                                                                                                 Laboratory, played a crucial role in the creation of the
                                                                                                                 department of biomedical engineering, served as the
                                                                                                                 first chair of electrical engineering systems from 1968 to
                                                                                                                 1972, served a second term from 1978 to 1982, served as
                                                                                                                 chair of the computer science department from 1984 to
                                                                                                                 1989 and was director of the USC Robotics Institute from
                                                                                                                 1984 to 1989. He has published more than 180 papers, co-
                                                                                                                 authored a text, co-edited several books and was the
                                                                                                                 founding editor of the Institute of Electrical and
                                                                                                                 E l e c t ronics Engineers’ Transactions on Robotics and
                                                                                                                 Automation. Bekey is the Gordon Marshall Professor of
                                                                                                                 Computer Science, director of the USC Center for
                                                                                                                 Manufacturing and Automation Research and director of
                                                                                                                 the Robotics Research Laboratory. Here, colleague, col-
                                                                                                                 laborator and friend Michael A. Arbib, professor of com-
                                                                                                                 puter science, presents Bekey with a birthday present. s
                                                                                                                                                             – Bob Calverley

                                                                                                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

$3.5 Million Gift to USC/Norris                                                                                                                        Chronicle
to Establish Six Endowed Chairs                                                                                                                                           Editor
                                                                                                                                                                    Christine E. Shade

                                                                                                                                                                     Associate Editor
                                                                                                                                                                     Melissa Payton

                                                                                                                                                                   Contributing Editors
Director Peter Jones says the center is well on its way to bringing                                                                                         Zsa Zsa Gershick Brenda Maceo

                                                                                                                                                                      Staff Writers
scientists and physicians together in the pursuit of a cure for cancer.                                                                                        Bob Calverley Ed Newton
                                                                                                                                                               Meg Sullivan Carol T cker

by Monika Guttman                                                          “Our priority now is to use new endowed chairs as a means                               Contributing Writers
                                                                       of re c ruiting and retaining distinguished physicians and scien-                       Eva Emerson James Lytle
                                                                                                                                                              Monika Guttman Jon Nalick
A $3.5 MILLION G I F T f rom the Kurt and Erma Rose Tru st             tists,” said Peter Jones, director of the USC/Norr i s                                     Mary Ellen Stumpfl
will help to establish as many as six new endowed chairs at the        C o mp rehensive Cancer Center. “With the addition of the Dr.
U SC / No rris Comprehensive Cancer Center.                            No rman Topping To w e r, we have doubled the size of the                                    Staff Photographer
                                                                                                                                                                      Irene Fertik
    The gift will also fund a new program to recognize those           US C /No rris. We are well on our way to fulfilling our vision of
who have included the USC/Norris in their wills.                       bringing scientists and physicians side by side in the pursuit of                             Calendar Editor
    The Rose bequest will prove to be among “the most impor-           a cure for cancer. ”                                                                           Inga Kiderra

tant gifts the Norris has ever received,” predicts Bill Wat son ,                                                                                                    Business Manager
                                                                                                                                                                      Wanda Hicks
di rector of development.                                              THE FINANCIAL SECURITY OF ENDOWED CHAIRS e n a b le s
    T h e re have been nine chairs established at the USC/Norr is      physicians or scientists to pursue ideas that might seem risky                              Distribution Manager
since 1994, said Watson, and the goal is to have 22 fully fund-        or to strike out on a re se a rch course that is long and perh a p s                            Eric Ediger
ed chairs.                                                             d ifficult to fund through regular grant applications.                              Executive Director, USC News Service
    “Endowed chairs help ensure the future of the cancer cen-              Another important element of the Rose gift will be the                                     Eric Mankin
ter,” Watson said.                                                     establishment of the Kurt and Erma Rose Heritage Circle, said                 University of Southern California Chronicle
    The first $3 million from the bequest will be divided into         Watson. The Circle will identify and contact individuals who                  (ISSN 1053-573X) is published weekly on
                                            $500,000         “lead     have made bequests to USC/Norris in their wills. The Circ le                  Mondays, September through April (except the
                                                                                                                                                     week of Thanksgiving, two weeks before and after
                                            gifts” toward the          will establish a recognition area in the hospital and host an                 Christmas, and the week of spring break); and
“Our priority now is to use new              $1.5 million needed       annual event at USC/Norris to honor donors.                                   biweekly May through June, by the University of
                                                                                                                                                     Southern California, News Service, KAP 246, 3620
                                             to fully fund a chair.        “ We will bring them into the Cancer Center and show them                 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089-2538.
endowed chairs as a means of                “This gives individ-       firsthand the important work their gifts will support,” said                  Printing by Rodgers and McDonald. Periodical
                                                                                                                                                     Postage Paid at Los Angeles, California.
                                            uals who may not be        Wa tso n .                                                                    Subscriptions Weekly delivery of 33 issues a year.
recruiting and retaining distin-            able to give more              P a rt of the impetus for the Circle, said Watson, was the                U.S. delivery by Periodical Mail is $25.
                                                                                                                                                     Advertising For display advertising rates, call
                                             than $1 million the       bequest from Kurt and Erma Rose, individuals who had not                      Wanda Hicks, 740-2215.
guished physicians and scientists.” ability to endow a                 contacted USC/Norris before their deaths. “We’ve had dozens                   Postmaster Send address changes to University of
                                                                                                                                                     Southern California Chronicle, University of
                                            chair in their name,”      of individuals step forw a rd and let us know we’ve been given                Southern California, News Service, KAP 246, 3620
                              – PETER JONES he said.                   revocable trusts in their wills,” Watson said. “We hope to re c-              S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089-2538.
                                                The endowment          ognize them and others who may not yet have identified
                                            of a chair re q u i re s   themselves so we can demonstrate the importance of their
that a gift of capital – $1.5 million, in this case – be invested      gifts to us.”
so that the re tu rn on the investment supports the research of a          The Kurt and Erma Rose Heritage Circle will be dedicated                         On the Internet:
succession of medical scientists. The principal of the gift            June 14 at 3 p.m. at USC/Norris. For more information, please                        News_Service/chronicle.html
remains in place in perpetuity to support the chair and suc-           contact Debra Watson at (213) 764-0700. s
ceeding holders.

2                                                                                                    UN I V E R S I T Y O F S O U TH E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
            This column spotlights USC’s community service efforts. Articles by Carol Tucker.

 Presidential Fellows Give a Boost to Healthy Lifestyles
  For Colleen Babineau, watching                   Under the USC Leadership            expect when they visit the doc-
  the Norwood Street Elementary               Institute, the Presidential Fel-         tor, while a team of nursing stu-
  School kids and their families              lows program provides leadership         dents gave blood-pressure
  laughing and talking as they ate            development for students in              checkups and provided health
  snacks was a gratifying sight.              the professional and graduate            information.
      That’s because the families             schools. Students are required to             “Our communities are in dire
  weren’t eating donuts or cup-               develop a project benefiting the          need of this type of information.
  cakes. Instead they were munch-             Los Angeles community. This              Many children didn’t know how
  ing on carrots, broccoli, bananas,          year, students could also organize       to brush their teeth or have basic
  peaches and other vegetables and            an international project with            nutritional information,” said
  fruits.                                     support of the Center for Inter-         Babineau, who works as a special-
      “It was really fun to see fami-         national Business Education and          ist in USC Civic and Community
  lies sit down and have healthy              Research in the Marshall School          Relations. “We may not change
  snacks,” said Babineau, one of              of Business.                             people’s thinking overnight, but      Showing kids that snacks can be both delicious and nutritious was one goal
  three 1997-98 Presidential Fel-                  Along with nutritional advice,      this was a way to introduce fami-     of the USC Preventative Health Care Neighbor Outreach Project.
  lows who coordinated the USC                the families received basic infor-       lies to healthy living.” s
  Preventative Health Care Neigh-             mation about dental hygiene and
  bor Outreach Project. “They                 over-the-counter medicines. The
  couldn’t get enough. They were              USC students sought to present             Program Gives Lanterman Students Work Training
  even taking (the fruits and veg-            basic health information in a fun
  etables) home.”                             way, Babineau said. For in-                NOT SO LONG AGO, developmentally disabled
      The families were learning              stance, the children created               people were kept isolated in homes or institutions.
  basic information about nutrition           human figures out of their fruits           But times are changing.
  during a small health fair orga-            and vegetables, and played a                   Following a nationwide trend, USC is helping
  nized at Norwood on March 7 by              game to learn the difference               to groom developmentally disabled high school
  Babineau, a graduate student in             between candy and pills.                   students for mainstream jobs.
                                                         The Norwood fair was a              The university is participating in a school-to-
                                                     collaboration with the              work training program that provides Frank D.
  “We may not change people’s                        schools of dentistry, phar-         Lanterman High School students with the skills
                                                     macy and social work and            and experience they need to get jobs after they
  thinking overnight, but this was USC Civic and Commun-                                 graduate. Lanterman is a special education school
                                                     ity Relations. Families par-        in the neighborhood north of the University Park
  a way to introduce families to                     ticipating were primarily           Campus.
                                                     drawn from the Los                      “The trend is to bring severely disabled and
  healthy living.”                                   Angeles Police Depart-              trainable mentally retarded people into the work-
                                                     ment Southwest Division’s           ing world and the community,” said Gerard Barnes,
                        – C O LE E N BA B I N E A U  Hispanic Outreach Program.          a special education teacher in Community Based
                                                         With the Norwood                Instruction (CBI) at Lanterman and a graduate of
                                                     event under their belts,            USC’s Master of Professional Writing Program.         Douglas Garcia, right, helps out in the athletic
  social work and public adminis- Babineau and Choi organized a                              “For many, it’s a hard adjustment,” said Barnes, department in Heritage Hall. “It’s been great having
  tration; Jinah Choi, a Ph.D. stu- full-scale health fair April 18 at                   who became interested in working with the dis- him,” said administrative assistant Jill Dennis.
  dent in the School of Pharmacy; the True Life Presbyterian                             abled while volunteering in Best Buddies, a student
  and Chanel Ko Wiederkehr, a Church in Lincoln Heights,                                 program that lets USC students mentor Lanterman students.
  Ph.D. student in the School of attracting about 150 children,                              “Yet, when they come out of the program, they’re more independent, more sure of themselves, and
  Dentistry.                                  largely from Chinese families              they have skills they can use in volunteer or paid positions. It’s really remarkable to see the changes,” he
      Other 1997-98 Presidential who attend the church. For the                          said.
  Fellows who participated in the Lincoln Heights event, the col-                            Two Lanterman students, William Cleveland and Mike Williams, began volunteer work this spring in
  project were Allen T. Chien, a laboration was expanded to                              the Facilities Management Services’ satellite office at the Health Sciences Campus. They work in the shop,
  doctoral student in the School of include the School of Medicine                       sweeping, painting, cleaning up and “just really helping out,” said Ruth Fajardo, manager of human
  Dentistry, and School of Medi- and the School of Nursing.                              resources in Facilities Management Services.
  cine student Robert G. Watkins.             Watkins told youngsters what to                Cleveland and Williams are dropped off by a Lanterman bus at the University Park campus, then hop
                                                                                         on a tram to HSC. They practiced this run 10 times before starting their volunteer jobs, Barnes said. But
                                                                                         now the tram drivers know them, and the commute is easy.

                                                                                         HSC FACILITIES MANAGEMENT often needs help with trades work, painting or moving jobs, said
                                                                                         Mark May, assistant director of building trades. Recently, the students helped paint the warehouse.
                                                                                         “We have our more experienced people work with them,” he said. “It seems to be a great work expe-
                                                                                         rience for them. It also allows USC and our department to further help with the community.”
                                                                                             Another student, Douglas Garcia, has been helping the athletics department in Heritage Hall
                                                                                         since fall. This is a favorite assignment for the youths, who often get to meet USC football play-
                                                                                         ers and other athletes. Garcia has been helping with office work, such as labeling envelopes, and
                                                                                         working in the equipment room. “He’s been a delight. He does a very careful job and it’s been
                                                                                         great having him,” said Jill Dennis, athletics administrative assistant.
                                                                                             Other nearby organizations participating in CBI include Mount St. Mary’s College and USC Head Start
                                                                                         at St. Vincent’s Elementary School.
                                                                                             The Lanterman students go through a rigorous training and screening process before they are
                                                                                         assigned to jobs. CBI also works with the employer to ensure a good match between the student’s inter-
                                                                                         ests and the workplace environment. For instance, Garcia wanted to work in an office, while Cleveland
                                                                                         and Williams preferred being outside, Barnes said.
                                                                                             As volunteer workers at USC, the Lanterman students are learning skills such as being on time, dress-
                                                                                         ing properly, taking direction and working with others. When they graduate, the students will have rec-
                                                                                         ommendation letters from USC or other organizations where they volunteered.
  A USC nursing student takes a resident’s blood pressure at an April 18 health              “The goal is that after graduation, the students can find part-time paid work or volunteer work, and
  fair at the True Life Presbyterian Church in Lincoln Heights. About 150 children       bring into the job the same skills they learned at USC,” Barnes said. s
  – most of them from Chinese families who attend the church – learned what to
  expect during a visit to the doctor.

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                3

Flying High With a First-Place Finish                                                                                        Thurgood Marshall Award

                                                                                                                             USC’s Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs hosted its third
                                                                                                                             annual Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Leadership Awards Banquet on
                                                                                                                             Tuesday, April 28, at the Faculty Center. Edwin M. Smith, an expert on
USC’s undergraduate team recently won first prize in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Electric
                                                                                                                             international and foreign relations law, received the center’s
Plane Design/Build/Fly Competition, held in April in Wichita, Kan. This was the first year that USC has entered the com-
                                                                                                                             Distinguished Faculty Award in recognition of his intellectual contribu-
petition, which tests speed and maneuvering of model radio-controlled aircraft. The USC team scored 1,042 points to
                                                                                                                             tions to USC and the African American community of Los Angeles.
win first place, while the second-place team scored only 516 points. In taking first place, USC’s team defeated teams from
                                                                                                                             Smith, left, holds the Leon Benwell Professorship in Law and
other outstanding schools, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois. Team mem-
                                                                                                                             International Relations in the School of Law. Timothy Pinkston, assis-
bers – shown hoisting their winning entry high – were, from left: David Sandler, Kevin Helm, Stuart Sechrist, Nathan
                                                                                                                             tant professor of electrical engineering systems, presented the award to
Palmer, QiHuan Chen, Ryan Romo, Philip Haworth and faculty adviser Ron Blackwelder, professor of aerospace engi-
                                                                                                                             Smith, who delivered an address on civil rights.
neering. Not shown is team member Jacob Evert.

An Academic Partnership That Grows Stronger Each Year                                                                      School of Religion.                       ative, interdisciplinary solutions
continued from page 1                                                                                                          For undergraduates, the               to some of the needs I
                                                                                                                           process is seamless. The courses          expressed,” Adler said, adding
and      then-USC       President                                                             When USC and HUC-            are taught by HUC-JIR faculty             she also enjoyed “a tremendous
Norman Topping, is expanding                                                              JIR first began its academic      on the USC campus, and stu-               amount of individual attention.”
even further this fall. HUC-JIR                                                           alliance, USC had only one       dents have full access to HUC-                The partnership has been
is adding 12 courses and two                                                              faculty member teaching in       JIR’s extensive Judaica research          equally important for HUC-JIR
faculty members, and USC stu-                                                             Judaic studies, recalls Jack     library. “With more than 100,000          graduate students in the Irwin
dents will be able to minor in                                                            Crossley, director of the        volumes, the Frances-Henry                Daniels School of Jewish
Jewish American studies or in                                                             School of Religion. The          Library is one of three major             Communal Service. Over the
traditional Judaic studies.                                                               HUC-JIR faculty intro-           Judaica research libraries in             past 30 years, nearly 550 students
    HUC-JIR – founded in Cin-                                                             duced courses such as Jews       Southern California,” Barth said.         have graduated from the school,
cinnati in 1875 and now with                                                              in the Modern World and              The Judaic studies classes –          said Director Steven Wind-
campuses in Jerusalem, Los                                                                graduate seminars in Jewish      especially popular ones, such as          mueller. The majority have
Angeles and New York – is one of                                                          ethics, which became avail-      “The Holocaust,” “Jewish                  obtained dual degrees from
the world’s leading institutions of                                                       able to upper-division USC       History” and “Jerusalem: Jewish,          HUC-JIR and USC by taking
higher Jewish learning. Because                                                           students.                        Christian and Muslim ‘Holy                concurrent courses in the schools
of its partnership with USC,                                                                  Over the years, more         City’” – draw a heterogeneous             of social work, gerontology and
more than 500 USC undergrad-                                                              Judaic studies courses were      group of students. Most are not           public administration, and, most
uates take Judaic studies courses                                                          added that fulfilled general     Jewish, but all gain a better             recently, the Annenberg School
                                         Sociology professor Barry Glassner will direct
through USC’s School of                                                                    education requirements,         understanding of Judaism, said            for Communication.
                                         the Institute for the Study of Jews in
Religion and HUC-JIR’s Jerome            American Life. The new USC think tank and
                                                                                           and students could major in     Reuven Firestone, HUC-JIR’s                   “These students have the
H. Louchheim School of Judaic            research center will focus on the evolution of    religion with an emphasis in    professor of medieval Jewish              opportunity to earn a degree in
Studies. In conjunction with             the Western Jewish community within               Judaic studies.                 studies and director of the               professions such as social work,
HUC-JIR, USC offers a Ph.D. in           American society.                                                                 Jerome H. Louchheim School of             and then walk into the Jewish
religion and social ethics, with a                                                  FOR THE FIRST TIME this                Judaic Studies and the Edgar F   .        community, fully knowledge-
concentration in Judaic studies.                                              fall, USC students will be able to           Magnin School of Graduate                 able and prepared to take a
    Moreover, graduate students                                               minor in Jewish American stud-               Studies.                                  leadership role in that commu-
in HUC-JIR’s Irwin Daniels               said. “It has been a remarkable ies as a new concentration in the                     Firestone recalled one stu-           nity,” Windmueller said. “Both
School of Jewish Communal                relationship – for the students American Studies and Ethnicity                    dent who was raised Catholic and          programs have helped each
Service can receive a double             and faculty, as well as for institu- Program, or in traditional Judaic            learned her maternal grandmoth-           other.”
master’s with several USC pro-                                                           studies through the               er was Jewish; she wanted to
fessional schools, including social                                                      School of Religion.               learn more about her grandmoth-           TODAY, HUC-JIR is helping USC
work, gerontology, public admin-         Because of HUC-JIR’s partnership Also this fall, 12 new                           er’s heritage. “There are a lot of        develop the new Institute for the
istration and communications.                                                            undergraduate courses             myths everybody has about                 Study of Jews in American Life.
The joint programs groom stu-            with USC, more than 500 USC                     in Judaic studies and             everybody. The classes break              The institute will be a think tank
dents for professional leadership                                                        Jewish American stud-             down stereotypes and bring peo-           and research center focusing on
in Jewish communal service.              undergraduates take Judaic studies ies will be added;                             ple together,” he said.                   the evolution of the Western
                                                                                         HUC-JIR has hired                     Many students in the joint            Jewish      community        within
LEWIS BARTH, dean of the                 courses.                                        two new faculty mem-              Ph.D. program have gone on to             American society. Initially, the in-
HUC-JIR Los Angeles campus,                                                              bers to accommodate               prominent careers as rabbis and           stitute is planning lecture series,
described the relationship with                                                          the expanded number               leaders in the Jewish communi-            conferences and exhibitions.
USC as “absolutely extraordi-                                                            of courses.                       ty. Among them are Rabbi                      “Having HUC-JIR right
nary.”                                   tional development, the local            Because of the high quality of           Daniel Gordis, dean of students           across the street is an extraordi-
    “From the days of Norman             community and the greater faculty and curriculum provided                         at the University of Judaism.             nary resource,” said Barry
Topping onward, there has been           Jewish community.”                   by HUC-JIR, the “alliance                    Another is Rachel Adler, a facul-         Glassner, sociology professor
outstanding cooperation, both on             The “academic reciprocity,” enables USC to be top-notch in                    ty member with the first joint             and director of the institute.
the highest levels of administra-        as Sample describes it, began an area that would be difficult for                  appointment at USC and at                 “The HUC-JIR faculty have
tion and between professors here         with HUC-JIR professors teach- us to do alone,” said Morton                       HUC-JIR. She specializes in               been instrumental as we’ve
and in the School of Religion as         ing Hebrew language and a few        Owen Schapiro, dean of the                   modern        Jewish    thought,          been organizing the institute,
well as other academic depart-           Judaic studies courses to USC College of Letters, Arts and                        Judaism and gender.                       and defining and implementing
ments at the university,” Barth          students.                            Sciences, which includes the                     “I felt I received very cre-          its mission.” s

4                                                                                                                   U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
                         Physician Foresees a ‘Medical Utopia’
  Procedures that were impossible only a decade ago are
  now routine. And diseases that are now fatal may soon
  segue into chronic illnesses. A medical economist looks
  at the future of U.S. health care.
  by Monika Guttman                         of bioengineering.                         only a 1 in 2,000 chance that if
                                                 “I think what we look for-            someone has had re c u rre n t
  IMAGINE A WORLD where                     ward to now is a completely                headaches and the physician
  the deadly effects of chronic             new paradigm, a completely                 orders an MRI that it will find
  diseases like Alzheimer’s and             new way of thinking about                  a treatable tumor or an-
  cancer have been eliminated.              medicine,” he said. “Instead of            eurysm. “We’re just not going
      In this medical utopia, a             dealing with the conse-                    to be able to do a $1,000 MRI
  baby’s genetic profile is deter-          quences of disease by replac-              on every patient who has an
  mined at birth and then med-              ing a hip or doing an angio-               occasional headache, because
  ical interventions abolish his            p l a s t y, we will be thinking           the cost per case discovery
  or her genetic mutations, leav-           instead about avoiding dis-                will be $2 million, “ he said.
  ing the child to mature with-             ease, about preventing human                      S c h w a rtz, who is also a fel-
  out chronic or life-threatening           suffering, about making cer-               low at USC’s Pacific Center for
  disease. Instead of dying in              tain we intervene early                    Health Policy and Ethics, is
  their 70s, 80s or 90s, most               enough so that these diseases              quick to note that most peo-
  adults would live to be 130.              of all sorts will be tre a t e d           ple in the U.S. do not re a d i l y
      Such a world is not that far          without the expensive inter-               accept the idea of rationing.
  a w a y, predicts William B.              ventions that we now are                   “If it’s me or my family, I want
  Schwartz, professor of medi-              engaged in.”                               the test even if the chances
  cine and a renowned medical                                                          a re only 1 in 2,000,” he said.
  economist, in his upcoming                                                           “What this means is we’ve got
  book Life Without Disease:                UTOPIA, HOWEVER, IS STILL                  to confront the issue publicly.
  The Pursuit of Medical Utopia.            DECADES AWAY                               We’ve got to help the public
  “We are on the verge of a rev-                                                       understand that there is a
  olution in molecular biology               This utopia, Schwartz cautions, is        wide range of benefits fro m
  and molecular medicine that                still decades away. Getting there,        these expensive technologies
                                                          he predicts, will be         and ask the question, ‘Are
                                                          very expensive and           you willing to pay the bill for
  “We are on the verge of a revolution will require difficult                           the one in 2,000 chance that
                                                          decisions and re-            you’ll be helped?’ If so, we’ve
  in molecular biology and molecular                      source allocation as         got to let health care costs go
                                                          health care rationing        up sharply. If the answer is
  medicine that brings the hope of con- becomes a certainty.                           that we’re not willing to pay
                                                                                                                                  William B. S ch w a rt z ,p ro fessor of medicine, offers a new slant on health
                                                                “ Without ques-        that bill, then we’ve got to
                                                                                                                                  care in his book ,w h i ch will be available soon. He contends that future
  trol and even prevention of some of tion, in the next 10                             limit the availability of this
                                                                                                                                  advances in medicine that may improve health and extend lifespans – by
                                                          to 20 years, as we           c a re and the public has to re c-
                                                          develop these new            ognize and accept that re -                decades – will also have social and political consequences.
  the medical plagues we now face.”
                                                          methods of clinical          a l i t y. ”
                          – W I L L IA M B . SC H WA RT Z
                                                          i n t e rvention    –
                                                          gene therapy or                                                         that medicine can’t do every-            will bring new and diff e re n t
                                                          ways of neutraliz-           THE RISE IN HEALTH-CARE costs              thing for every b o d y. In his          p roblems.
                                                          ing the effects of           in the past several decades is             book, Schwartz predicts public                 “Even if we are successful
  brings the hope of control and             the abnormal proteins which               l a rgely attributable to ad-              p rotest will be carried out             in eliminating most illnesses
  even prevention of some of                 mutant genes induce – we’re               vances in health care, he                  mainly in the court system,              and maintaining quality of life
  the medical plagues we now                 going to have a long period in            notes. “As a physician, I re-              which will be forced to deter-           until 120 or 130 years of age,
  face,” he said.                            which therapy is quite costly,”           member very clearly how 25                 mine acceptable levels of                which I think is very likely,
       Schwartz, formerly chair of           he said. “This is because these           years ago people were totally              physician care. “We act with             t h e re ’s a dark side: If people
  the department of medicine at              therapies will not be fully               disabled by the pain of hip                our HMOs and the govern-                 a re living healthfully and hap-
  Tufts University, expects such             e ffective at first and we’ll             disease, totally bedridden or              ment as if we can have it both           pily to 120, they’re not going
  a vision of the future will take           spend a lot of money trying               going around with a walker                 ways – cost containment and              to want to die. There will be
  many people by surprise.                   them out. Partly it is due to             b e f o re hip replacement sur-            i m p rovements in quality of            p re s s u re to prolong life even
       “Many physicians over 40              the fact that, initially, we’re           gery became commonplace. I                 care,” he said. “It just isn’t           f u rt h e r, to prevent aging. It
  who have been out of medical               going to convert a number of              remember when lens implants                possible.”                               will have enormous social and
  school for a number of years               diseases that are now fatal into          were not feasible and people                   E v e n t u a l l y, in 40 or 50     political consequences.”
  a re n ’t aware of the enormous            longstanding, chronic diseases.           w e re struggling with their               years – well within the life                   Still, Schwartz looks for-
  accomplishments in genetic                 Many forms of cancer that kill            vision in a major way, and                 expectancy of today’s young              ward to what he sees as the
  medicine in recent decades,”               quickly will be converted into            w h e re retinal detachments               adults – the cost of medicine            e n o rmous pro g ress of the
  he said. “The only reason I feel           chronic diseases that are very            regularly caused blindness;                should go down, not up, he               f u t u re .
  comfortable speaking about it              expensive. “                              prior to angioplasty, coronary             maintains. “The deeper our                     “I’ve been in medicine for
  is that I’ve spent over a year                  That means, he said, that            a rt e ry disease created in-              insight into the molecular               a good many decades,” he
  studying the new research and              society will have to learn to             tractable pain. “                          character of medicine, the eas-          said with a smile. “I’ve been
  talking with experts.”                     accept rationing of medical                    Although the advances are             ier it’ll be to devise therapies         v e ry excited about the med-
       Schwartz calls Life Without           c a re, particularly care that            expensive, he said, “I do feel             which are absolutely responsi-           ical advances of the last
  Disease the “culmination of a              yields small benefit but is nev-          we have improved the quality               ble and inexpensive.”                    decades, as a laboratory sci-
  lifetime of work.” In his clini-           ertheless very costly.                    of life enorm o u s l y. ”                                                          entist and as a clinical consul-
  cal and laboratory re s e a rc h                                                          Despite    experience   in                                                     tant. What I really re g ret is
  and in his economic re s e a rc h          FOR EXAMPLE, Schwartz noted,              recent years with HMO and                  NEW AND DIFFERENT                        that I won’t be around for the
  over many decades, he has                  Magnetic Resonance Imaging                federal Medicaid attempts at               PROBLEMS MAY ARISE                       next 30 or 40 or 50 years to
  found that one of the driving              (MRI) can be very helpful or              rationing care, says Schwartz,                                                      see a period of change in
  f o rces of recent medical                 even life-saving for someone              most of the public has not                 S c h w a rtz acknowledges that          medicine that will make pre-
  p ro g ress has been the advance           with a head injury. But there is          come to terms with the fact                achieving a medical utopia               vious changes pale.” s

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                      5
    With Good Humor and Wisdom, USC’s 115th Commencement
    Speaker, Bill Cosby, Delivers a Rousing Send-Off to Graduates
                                                                                                                                                                                 PAG E 6 & 7 P H O T O S : LE E S A L E M

May 8, 1998, Alumni Park             you. “I’m burned out.” Burned             if I had my own apartment.” I
                                     out. OK, what did you do? You             said, “I don’t understand.” She
CONGRATULATIONS to those had one class, Tuesday and                            said, “Well, a lot of people in the
of you who have graduated. Thursday. Three hours. So what                      dorm want to talk about their life,
Congratulations to those who did you do? Well, you went in and                 and their life is really messed up,
have not fulfilled the full commit- you sat down. The professor                 and I had to talk to them, and by
ment, but who are fooling your worked. You got up and left. You                the time I finished listening at 5
parents by walking anyway – did that T          uesday and Thursday,           o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t
more news at 11! Congratulations then you had four hours off before            study. So I could do a lot better if
to those of you who graduated you had another class. Two hours,                I had my own apartment.” So I
magna cum laude, summa cum you went in and you sat down,                       said OK. She took two steps and
laude, cum laude ... and then the took notes, then you had a mid-              said, “Can I have a car?” I said,
75 percent: Thank you, lawdy. term exam. Now whose fault was                   “Your campus is only four square
And their “thank you, lawdy” that? Well, we’re not going to                    blocks!” She said, “Well, Dad,
parents, who will take a “thank mention that because it was only               you don’t understand. Our library
you, lawdy” to get rid of your 30 percent. So you manipulated                  is the pits and I have to drive to
bills.                               your way through, which is OK.            Boston, and they have a lot more
                                                Your parents want to           bars – uh, libraries – in Boston.”
                                                know how you’re                    And we watched her and we
“Those of you who are graduating                doing. You said fine.           nurtured her; we paid for a lot of
                                                That’s a hell of a word,       mediocrity. She pulled the 1.7 up       Heather. Heather, actually, I’m           over! You’ve done it!” He said,
from any college in life for the first fine.                                     to a 2.0. We were so happy we           sorry, I have to tell the truth.          “Well, I’m nervous.” Why would
                                                   What does fine               sent her for the summer to              Heather never went here.                  you be nervous? You have
time, this is it.”                              mean? Well, let’s go           Nassau. Just to celebrate! That         Heather works for the FBI and             achieved that which your parents
                                                into the Bible. God            was her reward for having a 2.0.        the CIA. And she was put here to          have been harping on you all your
                                                saw that God had cre-          Poor Heather [Zachary, USC              make you all turn around and go           life. They said, “Get a college
    Those of you who are graduat- ated certain things, and when                valedictorian] probably got a job       back in to school again.                  education.” Well, you’ve done it!
ing from any college in life for the God saw the things that God cre-          somewhere that summer. But our              Ladies and gentlemen, it’s too        Why are you nervous? You’ve
first time, this is it. You can’t use ated, God said, “That’s good.”            daughter would not have liked           late to tell you all this, and that’s     heard your president tell you: You
anything else as an excuse. This God made trees, looked at it and              Heather because Heather would           the best time to tell you some-           have a fine education! Why are
is your diploma. Your parents real- said, “It’s good.” According to            be the truth. Our daughter, when        thing, because you’ll have an             you scared? ‘Cause you’ve lost
ly don’t care if you don’t have a university standards, good is a 74.          she was in undergraduate school,        excuse. You happen to be, what-           control. Maxed out on your credit
job. That’s not it. Their commit- What is fine? You guys are in trou-           would probably have wanted to           ever you are at this time in your         cards, no more help. Oh, you’re in
ment to you is over; you can max ble, I’m telling you. These peo-              beat Heather up. Nobody likes           life, the result of your own prod-        big trouble. Think about all of the
yourself out to death for the rest ple behind you are smilin’, but             Heather; there’s a lot of people        uct. You have put yourself out,           days, think about your college cal-
of your life. They’re not going in they ain’t laughing! They want              out there who think Heather is          and you are now trying to sell            endar days. God, what a great
their pocket anymore!                you out of the house; your sisters,       not the real world. Heather is not      yourself. I saw the people stand          time you had for four or five years,
    Now, let’s examine what this your brothers want you out. They              the real world. I’m sorry, Heather,     from the School of Music – yes,           man. How many days off did you
is and why they’re surrounding fixed a wonderful home without                   you gotta face up to it. I would get    there you are. Quincy [Jones,             get in September, how many days
you here.                            you.                                      bodyguards if I were you.               honorary degree recipient], look          off in October? How many in
    What did you do that was so                                                Heather, coming in here, showing        at ‘em, they want jobs, that’s why        November? God bless you,
fantastic? Think about your high I REMEMBERCLEARLY one of                      us up – she could have fallen           they stood up. They don’t like            December is a throwaway! Half
school days. Measure the hours our daughters finishing her fresh-               asleep if she wanted to.                you, Quincy; they don’t like your         of January is gone, you’re back in
spent in your high school days man year. She finished it because                [Pretending to be a student:] “I        music, they just want a job, that’s       school again, and then comes
against the hours spent in your the school said it was over. We                don’t know what the hell her            all. You hear them, don’t you             March and April, wow, let’s throw
college days. You worked harder found out she had a 1.7 GPA. She               problem is. Then to flaunt her in        Quincy? Take every name!                  that ... We go on a spring break!
in high school ... and you took cried a lot. She said she was sorry,           front of my parents on the day                                                    For what? Sitting for three
longer to graduate. Think about and then as she was leaving the                that I’m celebrating my thank you,      LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, it’s                hours Tuesday and Thursday?
yourselves and what you said to room, she looked at me and she                 lawdy day.” Heather, why don’t          time for you to turn your life            And damn it, you tell me
these old people surrounding said, “Dad, I could do a lot better               you leave now. Please excuse            around. It’s not really that impor-       you’re burned out? You got
                                                                                                                       tant; I met a young black man             e v e ry right to be scare d .
                                                                                                                       walking down [here], and I said,          Because if that happened
                                                                                                                       “How are you feeling?” He said,           beyond these walls, there is
                                                                                                                       “I’m nervous!” I said, “Why? It’s                               continued on page 7

Philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg, 1998 commencement speaker Bill Cosby and President Steven B. Sample share a
moment before the May 8 ceremonies. On the dais, Sample welcomed Annenberg as “one of the greatest Trojans of all.”
Annenberg, who turned 90 on March 13, accompanied his wife, Leonore, who received an honorary degree. Through          Bill Cosby with Elizabeth M. Daley, dean of the School of Cinema-Television.
their foundation, the Annenbergs have given USC $153 million over the years. Cosby and his wife, Camille, have also    Cosby can now include his USC doctorate of fine arts, honoris causa, along with
given millions of dollars to educational causes.                                                                       his many other honorary degrees.

6                                                                                                               U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
  Cosby Wows ‘Em                            change in him. They’re going to
                                            make a change in him and his
  continued from page 6

 no spring break, you bunch of
                                            family around the world while he
                                            makes a change in the world and
                                                                                                Heather Zachary, 1998 Valedictorian
 bums!                                      the world makes a change and it
     Yeah, you’re scared and                goes round and round. No matter              May 8, 1998, Alumni Park
 you’ve got every right to be               where you go, there’s always
 scared! Your parents are fright-           someone who can step on your                 CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. Today,
 ened, more than ever before,               parade while you’re making the               after years of hard work, we have finally
 because now you might come                 change. You can be that big, pres-           succeeded. We are graduating from an
 back. For all of our intelligence          ident of the United States, and              esteemed university, and each of us is
 that God gave us, we are the only          not make a change in the world.              poised on the brink of even greater accom-
 things on the face of this Earth           Israelis and the Palestinians,               plishments as the future rapidly draws
 who allow our children to come             fighting forever and ever and ever            near.
 back, time and time again. A frog          – just trying to make a change.                  On this day, success in college means
 will kill tadpoles that try to re-         War doesn’t really change much.              many different things to many different
 enter the house. Bears will kill           Lot of cleanup afterwards. Build             people. For some of us, it means that we
 and maul their young to keep               up and then tear down. So what is            achieved an impressive GPA. For others, it
 them from coming back in the               the change? How can you make a               means that we led a sports team to victo-
 cave. But we allow them to come            change? Very simple: in you. It’s            ry. For many of us, it means that we made
 back in, with diplomas higher              not the role – I haven’t preached            a difference in the quality of life either on
 than we have. Many of these par-           any sentence or paragraph that               campus or in the community. And for every
 ents don’t have a college educa-           leads you to go out and right the            single one of us, success means getting a
 tion, and they spent on you                world, no. Just change yourself,             USC degree and becoming a member of
 $180,000 and you want to come              that’s all. Find out what you know           the Trojan Family.
 back home. Hell, we could have             can be strengthened and do it,                   Like on graduation day, success outside of my closest relationships. Without them, I certainly
 bought you a house five years               and ask for no applause. I’m not             college can have multiple meanings. All of us hope would not have had as much fun in college.
 ago!                                       asking you to go to jail, or stand in        for at least some degree of economic success in             Friend relationships are not the only ones
                                            front of the FBI and the CIA,                our careers. Graduating                                                             that have added to
 HAVE FUN, MAN, be rich about               South African government; I’m                from ‘SC puts us in a                                                               my personal satisfac-
 yourselves, you are your own               just saying make a change in                 wonderful position to             “[Faculty members] have given me                  tion at ‘SC. Because
 product. I can’t help you; you go          yourself. I’m not asking you to              achieve this goal.                                                                  p rofessors here are
 get a job wherever you can. Just           like Asians, or Irish or Africans;           However, being truly           advice, helping me to chart the path of so actively involved
 don’t be an intern for anybody,            I’m just saying make a change in             successful means so                                                                 in undergraduate ed-
 because that’s a French word for           you. And make it honest, that’s              much more. If I had to my future. And even today, they continue ucation, I have been
 slave. I swear to God –                                                                 pick the most impor-                                                                able to make lasting
 don’t be an intern. Tell                                                                tant lesson that my              to serve as encouraging mentors as I               ties with several fac-
 them to name you                   “How can you make a change?                          four years at USC have                                                              ulty members. They
 something else, but                                                                     taught me, it is that              look to tomorrow with excitement                 have helped me to
 don’t be an intern.               Very simple: in you. Just change                      you can never enjoy                                                                 g row in sophistica-
 Those of you who have                                                                   true success until you                    and apprehension.”                        tion both within the
 this old b.s. about “I        yourself, that’s all. Find out what                       feel a sense of satisfac-                                                           c l a s s room and out-
 just want to see if I can                                                               tion that can only be                                                               side it. They have
 earn a living” – you          you know can be strengthened and                          derived from personal relationships.                     given me advice, helping me to chart the path
 can! Get a job! Move in                                                                     I haven’t always defined success as I do of my future. And even today, they continue
 with the same people             do it, and ask for no applause.”                       today. Before I came to USC, relationships to serve as encouraging mentors as I look to
 you lived in the dorm                                                                   were not nearly as important to me. In fact, t o m o rrow with excitement and appre h e n-
 with! Those of you                                                                      had I gone to any other university, I might s i o n .
 who do not live in the United all.                                                      never have known what I was missing.                        In much the same way that USC has facilitated
 States of America, we know you             And the last thing, if you can’t             However, the friendly atmosphere at USC vir- these bonds with faculty, the university has
 plan to never come back. Give us do that, and this is dead serious,                     tually forces us into making relationships with enabled me to develop meaningful relationships
 the money now. We don’t want to because this one causes a chain                         other people. Through the immense structure with administrators. Few schools around the
 chase you around, sending out reaction that goes all around the                         of activities and student life, I have met country can boast of the same level of involve-
 letters, please give – we know you world and you will have made a                       friends who will always have a special place in ment and support that administrators here
 took the education, you’re going change, and a big one: Pay off your                    my heart. Some of my freshman-year neigh- provide for students. In terms of recognition,
 some place and we’ll never hear student loan. I swear to God,                           bors from Dean’s Hall remain my best friends they are the unsung heroes of USC.
 from you again unless some- think about it! If you pay off your                         today. Similarly, had I not participated in clubs           Through my ties to the university, I have
 body’s busted for drugs or fallen student loan, you enable another                      on campus, I would have missed out on many of also made bonds of friendship to many in the
 in some river somewhere.                person to pick up the loan and get                                                                             surrounding community. USC’s commit-
     Look at the graduates from an education! Look at the change                                                                                        ment to public service actively encour-
 1948, only four of ‘em left. That’s you’ve made! You did that! You                                                                                     ages such relationships, and I am a hap-
 you out there 50 years from now – stopped politicians from saying,                                                                                     pier and more successful person today
 only four of you will show up. You “We ought not have a loan                                                                                           because of them.
 won’t find Heather because she because they don’t pay it back.”                                                                                             As I prepare to head to the East Coast
 works for the CIA and the FBI; You are young people, you say                                                                                           for law school, I lament the fact that I
 she’ll be at another university, 4.0- that we old people have ruined                                                                                   will soon be leaving USC. However, I con-
 ing herself. And where did they the world – all right, pay off your                                                                                    sole myself with the knowledge that my
 get the name “Heather?” They damned student loan! Allow                                                                                                ties to the university will always remain.
 pulled it out. Heather sounds like those coming behind you the                                                                                         USC is a unique university in a unique
 4.0. You know, Jocelyn? 2.6.            opportunity to enter. Those folks                                                                              environment. Here I have learned the
     All right, I’m getting ready to out there in the Class of ‘48, meet                                                                                importance of relationships, and for the
 leave now, but two notes for you with them. Shake their hands.                                                                                         rest of my life I will benefit from this
 here: This whole blown-up thing Don’t ask ‘em what it’s like, just                                                                                     discovery.
 about making change in the ask ‘em how do they feel. Things                                                                                                Any one of us here today could tell a
 world. “I just hope that I can were different back then, way                                                                                           story about how our ties to others have
 make a change in the world.” OK, back then. Jackie Robinson had                                                                                        already contributed to our accomplishe-
 you’ve thought about it, haven’t played one full year for the                                                                                          ments in ways we never anticipated.
 you. That’s rough. If you’re going Brooklyn Dodgers. Marian                                                                                            Over the past four years, I have come to
 to make a change in the world, Anderson had not yet done her                                                                                           see that there is often a clear connection
 think about all the things you number in Carnegie Hall. That’s                           The valedictorian gets a hug from Bill Cosby. Soon after between our relationships and the level of
 have to do. President Clinton is the Class of 1948. Lot of changes.                      speaking, Cosby peeled off his robe to reveal his CNTV success we attain. Though we like to call our
 trying to make a change in the             Ladies and gentlemen, it is                   sweatshirt. In his speech, he ribbed Zachary about her ster-                                  continued on page 15
 world. There are people around beautiful after I speak at these                             ling academic career; she laughed and took it in stride.
 him who are going to make a                             continued on page 15

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                     7
                                          A Joyous Day of Academic Celebration – U
by Melissa Payton                     Cosby had the once-nervous
                                  graduates and their parents in
IRREVERENCE got tossed into       stitches throughout the ceremo-
the usual mix of pomp and tra-    ny, mugging and gesturing to
dition at USC’s 115th com-        the crowd even when he didn’t
mencement Friday, May 8, as       have the floor.
keynote speaker Bill Cosby            “Everyone expected an
delivered a memorable talk that   uptight speech, but this was dif-
was part stand-up comedy and      ferent,” said an approving Roza
part Sunday sermon.               Matevosian of La Crescenta,
    Cosby, wearing a black-and-   getting a B.S. in dental hygiene
gold School of Cinema-            for her second bachelor’s
Television baseball hat with tas- degree. “I enjoyed it; it gave me
sel, exhorted graduates to have   the chills, especially when he
fun and “just change yourself,    talked about challenging your-
that’s all.” Pay off your student self and being honest with your-
loan and thank your professors,   self.”
he added in a rambling 40-            When Cosby wasn’t shaking
minute speech that touched on     things up, honorary degrees
his own difficulties with a less-  were awarded to a scientist, a
than-studious daughter.           business leader, a philanthropist        LEE SALEM
    “You guys are in trouble, I’m and a musical legend. Valedic-
telling you,” he told graduates.  torian Heather M. Zachary
                                              spoke about the              AT THE END of the ceremony,
                                              importance of rela-          Sample conferred degrees on
Rose Beattie, an undergraduate                tionships, echoing a         8,300 bachelor’s, master’s and
                                              theme sounded a              doctoral degree candidates as a
vocal major, opened the ceremony by few minutes earlier                    crowd of nearly 50,000 – par-
                                              by President Steven          ents, friends, faculty, staff and
singing the national anthem; Kyle             B. Sample, who mar-          students – watched under over-
                                              veled at the “intense        cast skies.
Barisich, an undergraduate major- loyalty” of the                             Cosby himself received an
                                              Trojan Family to             honorary doctor of fine arts
ing in vocal performance, led the             USC’s institutional          degree, which he solemnly dis-
                                              values.                      played to the crowd from his
singing of the alma mater at the end.             “Stay in touch           perch on the platform stage as
                                              with your fellow             Sample wrapped up the cere-
                                              graduates, with your         mony.
                                              friends and your                “We’ve got to keep this guy
“These people behind you are favorite professor,” Sample said.             under control!” Sample said in
smilin’, but they ain’t laughing! “Take advantage of the connec-           mock exasperation early on
They want you out of the tions you’ve made during your                     when Cosby began clowning.
house; your sisters, your broth- on-campus years at USC, and               “Dr. Currie, that’s your job,” he
ers want you out. They fixed a build new Trojan connections in              told Board of Trustees                   who sat next to Cosby.
wonderful home without you.”      the coming years.”                       Chairman Malcolm R. Currie,                  In his speech, Cosby teased
                                                                                                                    valedictorian Heather Zachary, a
                                                                                                                    political science major with a 4.0
                                                                                                                    GPA and a long list of accom-
    A Sampling of Satellite Speakers                                                                                plishments in her four years at
    • At the cinema-TV ceremony, “E.R.” executive producer John We l l sw a rned graduates, “There will be              “Heather is not the real
    frustrations. You will be staring at a Xerox machine in the belly of some rundown production building           world. ... I’m sorry, I have to tell
    at Disney wondering just how long it’ll take to pay off $40,000 in educational loans when you’re mak-           the truth. Heather never went
    ing 300 bucks a week. Or trying to find out where to find a cappuc-                                               here. Heather works for the FBI
    cino for a hysterical director at 2 a.m. in Salt Lake City in the pour-                                         and the CIA.”                               In Their Own Words:
    ing rain. But your time will come. And when it does, what you’ve                                                    Zachary, reached at home
    learned here ... will shine through. We want to make something                                                  later in Vancouver, Wash., said             • Cara Ramos, graduating with a B.A. in so
    beautiful, important, moving, out of nothing. Silver nitrate spread                                             she didn’t mind being ribbed                to graduate school in social work, plus I’v
    on thin layers of emulsion. It is an insane thing to want to do. But                                            by Cosby. “It was hilarious.                Belize native, who works as an assistan
                                         this is your legacy now.”                                                  Everybody was saying, ‘Heather,             not help feeling nostalgic. “I’ve had a wo
                                                                                                                    are you OK?’ But I thought it               the friendships will last a lifetime.”
                                                                                                                    was great. You have to have a
                                      • After receiving an honorary                                                 sense of humor. I talked to him             • Cort Escherich has a degree in busin
                                      doctor of music degree at the                                                 afterward and said, ‘We at the              Consulting, an information design consul
                                      main ceremony, Quincy Jones                                                   FBI are starting a file on you.’             allowed me to get an awesome job,” said
                                      urged School of Music graduates                                               He laughed and he gave me a
                                      at their satellite ceremony to                                                big hug. He was just really                 • Vivien Lu: “This is a new start in life for
                                      fight racism and intolerance. “Go                                              nice.”                                      start my career again.” A dentist in China
                                      out and find a song to love, a                                                     Cosby, who wrote the best-              try to pass the state dental board exams n
                                      poem that touches your heart,               John Wells of “E.R.”              seller Fatherhood, often took the           area.
                                      and take time to let the whisper                                              point of view of a parent vexed
                                      of God into your heart,” he said.                                             by free-spending, complaining,              • Jennifer Lewis won the School of Urb
                                      “Music is the Esperanto of the soul. ... After 550 years of Western           angst-ridden youngsters.                    Whitnall Award, graduated with a master
                                      music, with all of that diversity, the youth of the entire world made             “Congratulations to those of            Peace Corps. “I want to give back somethi
                                      the choice of listening to music from the Mississippi Delta and               you who graduated magna cum                 work in the Ukraine for the Peace Corp
                                      Chicago.”                                                                     laude, summa cum laude, cum                 safety program.
                                                                                                                    laude ... and then the 75 per-
    Composer and producer Quincy Jones.                                                                             cent: Thank you, lawdy. And

8                                                                                                             U N I V E R S I TY O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
USC’s 115th Commencement, May 8, 1998

           Above left, President Steven B. Sample welcomes the graduates and their fam-
           ilies. Above, the recessional of red-robed Ph.D. recipients. Far left, Lawford
           Anderson, president of the Academic Senate, holds the ceremonial mace as he
           leads the faculty into Alumni Park. Near left, Anton M. Simeonov with 1-year-
           old Kalina in front of Tommy Trojan. Simeonov received his Ph.D. in chemistry.
           Below, Paul L. Robinson’s wife, Angelia, helps him with his robe. Robinson,
           from Riverside, received his Ph.D. in geography. Near right, both Delfine
           Anderson and Carolyn Allen returned to school when they were 50-plus. Now
           they each have a master’s degree in professional writing. Top right, Alberto
           Behar gets congratulations from his special friend, Melinda Sheginar. Behar
           received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Far right, bottom, Marta Jean Larson
           gives a final Trojan salute now that she has her B.A. in psychology.

                                                                                                                                    PA G E 9 P H O T O S : I R E N E F E R T I K

                                                                                                Corp.; Leonore Annenberg,
                                                                                                philanthropist and art collector;
                                                                                                Quincy Jones, musician and
                                                                                                entrepreneur; Edward C. Stone,
                                                                                                director of the Jet Propulsion
                                                                                                Laboratory; and Cosby.
                                                                                                   Despite his public antics,
                                                                                                Cosby has a serious side as an
                                                                                                educator and philanthropist. He
                                                                                                has a doctorate in education
                                                                                                from     the    University     of
                                                                                                Massachusetts, and he and his
                                                                                                wife have donated millions of
                                                                                                dollars to educational causes.
                                                                                                   A poignant moment came
                                                     their ‘thank you, lawdy’ parents,          when Sample welcomed “one
                                                     who will take a ‘thank you,                of the greatest Trojans of all,”
                                                     lawdy’ to get rid of your bills.”          philanthropist     Walter      H.
sociology, has a bright future. “I’ve applied           After a lengthy send-up of a            Annenberg, who turned 90 on     Annenbergs have given USC                          received their diplomas and cer-
  e just been promoted at work.” Still, the          typical student’s relaxed class            March 13 and accompanied his    $153 million over the years,                       tificates and heard speakers
 t counselor at Southwest College, could             schedule and brief academic                wife, Leonore, on the com-      including the largest single gift                  ranging from stars of entertain-
onderful time at USC. I know that some of            calendar, Cosby said indig-                                                        to USC ever: a $120                        ment and captains of industry to
                                                     nantly:                                                                            million donation in late                   their own deans and school vale-
                                                        “You tell me you’re burned              At Cromwell Field, toddlers soon 1993 to establish the                             dictorians.
 ess and a job lined up with Anderson                out? You got every right to be                                                     Annenberg Center for                           Assemblyman Roderick D.
 ting firm. “USC has given me support. It’s           scared. Because ... beyond these           discovered that the big, bouncy         Communication.                             Wright (D-48th Dist.) told
 d the Sherman Oaks resident.                        walls, there is no spring break,                                                      Annenberg,       who                    School of Social Work graduates
                                                     you bunch of bums!”                        pole-vault landing cushion made rode an elevator to                                that “good social work doesn’t
   me. I came from China two years ago to               Cosby turned serious at the                                                     reach the platform                         cost, it pays. ... The value of
  , she now has her D.D.S. degree and will           end when he described the                  a great jungle gym. They jumped before the ceremony,                               social work is that for every
 next month, then start her practice in this         graduates as “beautiful flowers,                                                    walked     down the                        potential inmate kept out of
                                                     human flowers, from your par-               and bounced and whooped while Doheny                  Memorial                     prison, we save $30,000. For
                                                     ents. You are God’s children,                                                      Library steps under his                    every child kept out of foster
 an Planning and Development’s Gordon                whomever your God may be.                  their tired parents sat on the edge own power when it was                          care, we save $4,000 to $6,000
  ’s in urban planning and plans to join the         Make a change in yourself;                                                         over.                                      per month. Moreover, for each
 ng for all I’ve received,” she said. She will       enjoy your life.”                          of the cushion.                            After the ceremony,                     of those persons we keep out of
 s’ environmental protection and nuclear                                                                                                the graduates fanned                       the system, we have taxpayers
                                                     HONORARY DEGREES were                                                              out to satellite cere-                     and homeowners and intact
                                                     awarded to Roy A. Anderson,                mencement platform. Through monies conducted by their aca-                         families.”
                                                     chairman emeritus of Lockheed              their     foundation,     the demic units, where they                                             continued on page 10

         U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                  9
It Was a Day Filled With Pride                                                 In the Speakers’ Own Words:
continued from page 9

ALL DAY, EMOTIONS, ran high            their jobs in the 1990s aerospace       • Jane Pisano, senior vice president for external affairs and dean of the School of Public Administration,
as graduates celebrated with           crash and were receiving mas-           at the public administration satellite ceremony: “Building community is the challenge of the 21st centu-
their families, lining up for a        ter’s degrees with a specializa-        ry at the city, region, state, nation and world level. We are diverse. The challenge is to celebrate that
final picture next to Tommy             tion in multimedia and creative         diversity and at the same time, become one...That’s the goal. Achieving it is easier said than done, but I
Trojan, finding their satellite         technology. At 3 p.m., she was at       know this: At the heart of a multicultural society are differences over cultural values that must be
ceremonies or taking a break on        the School of Engineering grad-         resolved. And that conversation about values will go on through your entire lives.”
a campus bench.                        uate ceremony, which she had
    Some parents had multiple          organized. As she read the              •Christopher Logue Henry, student organization president, speaking at the School of Social Work satel-
ceremonies to attend – and mul-        names of graduates, she came to         lite ceremony: “We didn’t enter this field because we thought it would be easy. We followed our con-
tiple duties, like Margery Berti,      son Davide Berti, who was               victions and decided to respond to unmet human need. Neglected and abused children, perople with HIV-
assistant dean for academic            receiving his master’s degree in        related disease, people with mental illness and those stricken with poverty deserve to be treated with
affairs in the School of               computer science.                       dignity and respect.”
Engineering. At 10:30 a.m. she             “My voice was cracking. I
watched her son Massimo                knew I had to get it together, so       • William D. Foote, developer and a founding member of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate
“Max” Berti receive his bache-         I took a couple of deep breaths         Development, at the School of Urban Planning and Development satellite ceremony: “Your environment
lor’s degree in exercise science.      and I got to call his name,” she        is far more complex than that of the generations preceding you. In some ways it’s more fragile. In other
At 1 p.m. she hosted a ceremo-         said. “After that, we went over         ways it’s more stable, given what we’ve learned – I think mostly by trial and error.” Foote told the grad-
ny at the Seeley G. Mudd               and got in line to take a picture       uates “the revolution in information and telecommunications technology can change the pattern of real
Building for 27 engineering and        with Tommy Trojan. It was a             estate development and population migration of the future.”
computer professionals who lost        long day.” s

 Contributing to this story were Bob Calverley, Zsa Zsa Gershick, Ed Newton, Meg
 Sullivan and Carol Tucker.

Below, the Legington family: proud parents Robert and Gloria, with Tiffany Nicole
Legington, who received her B.S. in industrial and systems engineering. Right, the
School of Journalism satellite ceremony.

                                                                                               PA G E 1 0 P H O T O S : I R E N E F E R T I K

                                                                                                                A WWW USC Commencement Event
                                                                                                       USC’s 115th commence-
                                                                                                       ment was broadcast with
                                                                                                       video and audio on the
                                                                                                       World Wide Web, and
                                                                                                       around Southern Califor-
                                                                                                       nia on the Pacific Bell
                                                                                                       Digital TV Network and on
                                                                                                       local cable’s L.A. Channel.

                                                                                                       Right, co-anchors Kristine
                                                                                                       E. Dillon, associate vice
                                                                                                       president for student
                                                                                                       affairs, and Terry Anzur,
                                                                                                       assistant professor of journalism, interview Dean Morton Owen Schapiro of the
                                                                                                       College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the beginning of the broadcast.

                                                                                                       Below, students and staff of the USC ITV Network, working under the
                                                                                                       supervision of Jason Chan, production manager, run the broadcast from a
                                                                                                       temporary control room in Associate Provost Jerry Walker’s offices. John
                                                                                                       Supra, manager, consulting services, and Tom Seago, systems analyst, both
                                                                                                       in the Information Services Division, said the 200 slots accommodating
                                                                                                                                                              viewers of the
                                                                                                                                                              Webcast filled up
                                                                                                                                                              and stayed full as
                                                                                                                                                              computers from as
                                                                                                                                                              far away as India,
                                                                                                                                                              Indonesia      and
                                                                                                                                                              Colombia checked
                                                                                                                                                              in and out of the
                                                                                                                                                              USC Website. To
                                                                                                                                                              date, more than
                                                                                                                                                              10,000    viewers
                                                                                                                                                              have visited the
                                                                                                                                                              site. s
Sure, 2-month-old Antony César’s mother, Sherry Beckman, may be getting her M.F.A from the
School of Cinema-TV, but he’d just like to nap a little longer.

10                                                                                                                             U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
  First Issue of OJR Attracts                                                          toned, clutterless office on the
                                                                                       ground floor of the Annenberg
                                                                                                                                 succeeded in speeding up the
                                                                                                                                 news cycle, as well as providing       QUICK TAKES
  20,000 Readers continued from page 1                                                 School. Outside, the “news-
                                                                                       room,” a grid of about two dozen
                                                                                                                                 reporters greater and more imme-
                                                                                                                                 diate access to research data. The     • Jack E. Turman, assistant
                                                                                       computer stations, is in full swing.      increasing competitiveness has         professor of biokinesiology and
  review.”                                  ing. He reported Newsweek’s fail-          It’s here that the rest of the on-        also spawned some shoddy jour-         physical therapy, has been
      It has a deceptively broad            ure to report. But other journalists       line program is housed: the               nalism, OJR writers have pointed       named the American Physical
  mandate. In three months of               were on the beat. ... With or with-        Annenberg News Service, with              out, as reporters rushing to beat      Therapy Association’s out-
  operation, OJR has, among many            out the Internet and Drudge, the           about 70 students providing daily         the competition have failed to         standing new teacher of the
  things, looked at Internet censor-        story would have detonated and             stories for the Los Angeles Times         fully check out their stories.         year. The Margaret L. Moore
  ship in Cuba and China, analyzed          frenzy would have ensued.”                 Web site and other electronic                 “We need to train journalists      Award for Outstanding New
  the latest software to create Web             On the other hand, there has           outlets, and the High School              in using this new technology,”         Academic Faculty Member has
  pages, done edgy features on on-          been a lot of legitimate investiga-        Journalism Project, training              Pryor said. “It’s essential to their   been given each year since
  line publications like Salon              tive reporting on the Internet             younger journalists to use the            jobs.”                                 1989 to honor excellence in
  Magazine and Tabloid, reported            regarding Lewinsky, Jones,                 Web.                                          P ry o r’s co-editor, Robert       teaching and research. Turman
  on the use of the Internet in             Clinton, Starr and the rest.                                                         Scheer, longtime columnist and         teaches Neuroanatomy and
  Katmandu and, of course, tracked              “Some of the best reporting             SO FAR, OJR has been, by                 correspondent for the Los Angeles      Principles of Disease and also
  the progress of the Monica                last month on the investigations            Internet standards, a success.           Times, was absent from the edi-        studies the neurological devel-
  Lewinsky story on the Internet.           of Bill Clinton never made it to            The first issue attracted as many         torial meeting this day. But           opment of mammalian brains.
  The magazine can be found at              newsprint,” said another article,           as 20,000 readers, according to          Patrick Dent, an Annenberg             Turman, who was nominated
  http://www.ojr.org.                       by OJR contributing writer Matt             tracking statistics. It was a Top        journalism graduate and OJR’s          by his students and peers, said
                                            Welch. He cited in particular the           Five recommendation on the               technical director; Joshua Fouts,      he was surprised and pleased to
  THE REVIEW’S first “issue” –                                                                        Yahoo Web site. And         program manager; and Pryor             receive the award, which
  as with most on-line publica-                                                                      the feedback, other         briskly plowed through an agen-        includes a $1,500 prize. “I’m
  tions, OJR sends out a monthly                                                                     than some gripes about      da that included decisions about       very happy for the department
  block of stories but publishes “We can afford to be independent – technical readability,                                       what stories to assign, what writ-     and the university. It’s also nice
  new, timely articles throughout                                                                    has been largely posi-      ers to employ and how much to          to be recognized as a basic sci-
  the month – included a story by to say it the way we think it is.”                                 tive.                       pay (usually $200 to $250 for a        entist,” he said. Turman will re-
  David Corn, Washington editor                                                                          Advertisers have        700-word story, with higher fees       ceive the award at a conference
  o f The Nation, acknowledging                                               – L A R RY P RY O R    tried to buy space on       for more ambitious pieces).            in Orlando, Fla., on June 7.
  that the Lewinsky story, “the                                                                      the Web site, but the           A package of censorship sto-
  first     made-by-the-Internet                                                                     editors have elected to     ries was about to bow, as well as      • The first Academic Senate
  scandal,” had put on-line jour-                                                                    keep OJR free of com-       OJR’s up-to-date coverage of the       Distinguished Service Awards
  nalism on the map.                         stories by Murray Waas in Salon, mercial influences. “We can                         felony trial of computer hacker        were presented to Tim Gus-
      But Corn challenged some showing that a key Whitewater afford to be independent – to say                                   Kevin Mitnick. (Pryor: “Hacking        tafson, associate professor of
  widely held notions about the witness was receiving cash pay- it the way we think it is,” Pryor                                is an exciting element of the Web      English, and Barbara J.
  Lewinsky story.                            ments from conservative million- said.                                              that we don’t want to ignore.”)        Solomon, vice provost for fac-
      Everybody knows by now aire Richard Mellon Scaife and                                 Pryor, a 35-year veteran of the          OJR’s watchdog role has            ulty and minority affairs, at a
  that it was on-line reporter that a principal in the so-called Los Angeles Times and a former edi-                             turned up more good than bad,          reception Thursday, May 7.
  Drudge, the former manager of a “Troopergate” scandal had tor of the Times Web site, likes                                     Pryor suggested.                       Gustafson, who is also director
  CBS store in Burbank, who broke embroidered the tales he told to the global approach. “In our first                                 “The more involved I get           of the Program in American
  the story about alleged presiden- newspaper reporters.                                issue, we published a list of 50         with on-line journalism, the more      Studies and Ethnicity, was hon-
  tial indiscretion, no? No.                     Of course, OJR has a lot more names to know [in the Internet],”                 impressed I am with the quality,”      ored for his work with under-
  According to Corn, all Drudge did on its mind than just Drudge and he said. “Then we got deluged                               he said. “There’s a lot of evidence    graduate students and for his
  was report the rumor that Lewinsky. Weekly editorial with e-mail telling us how provin-                                        that it’s getting stronger. We want    role as a faculty master in
  Newsweek had delayed publication meetings in the Annenberg office cial we were. Why are all the peo-                            to recognize that.”                    Birnkrant Hall. Solomon, who
  of its own story that Clinton had of Executive Editor Larry Pryor ple on the list Americans? Don’t                                                                    attends Academic Senate
  engaged in an affair with a 23- have a global cachet as the discus- we know the Web is worldwide?”                             WELCH’S MARCH 31 story –               meetings as a liaison with the
  year-old intern.                           sion rambles through about 30                  So OJR put out its interna-          “Stop the Presses – Print the          Provost’s Office, was honored
      “Drudge did not do any leg- stories in various stages of devel- tional list last month, ranging                            Madness!” – contended that a           for her work on behalf of facul-
  work,” Corn wrote. “He did not opment.                                                alphabetically from George               number of top investigative            ty and her “tireless efforts in
  engage in primary news gather-                 The setting is Pryor’s gray- Adams, editor of a satirical Hong                  reporters, like former Los             working with members of the
                                                                                        Kong Web site, to James Winter, a        Angeles Times reporter Murray          Senate.” Senate members
                                                                                                  Canadian communica-            Waas, tired of the complacency         praised her work on the faculty
                                                                                                  tion studies professor         of the mainstream press, have          handbook and proposed retire-
                                                                                                  who puts out a weekly          joined Web magazines. The sit-         ment plan in particular.
                                                                                                  on-line magazine. (The         uation at newspapers like the
                                                                                                  U.S. list ranged, not          Times has “driven a number of          • Gene therapy pioneer W.
                                                                                                  alphabetically but in          quality reporters from print to        French Anderson has been
                                                                                                  rough order of impor-          digital, fostering a handful of        named to the Oklahoma Hall
                                                                                                  tance, from Bill Gates to      Web sites that investigate and         of Fame. Anderson, a native of
                                                                                                  Leah Gentry, editor of         break legitimate stories,”             T ulsa, and five others including
                                                                                                  the Los Angeles Times Web      Welch wrote.                           country singer Reba Mc-
                                                                                                  site.)                             It’s a phenomenon that print       Entire, will be inducted into
                                                                                                       “We see our role as       reporters are reluctant to             the hall on Nov. 18 at Tulsa’s
                                                                                                  being watchdogs,” Pryor        acknowledge, Pryor said. News-         Performing Arts Center. Ander-
                                                                                                  said, “but we want to be       papers have even refused to rec-       son is a professor of biochem-
                                                                                                  helpful to the public, giv-    ognize important breaking stories      istry and molecular biology in
                                                                                                  ing them the reliable          that appear in on-line publica-        the School of Medicine and
                                                                                                  places as well as the unre-    tions, he said, and mainstream         director of the Gene Therapy
                                                                                                  liable ones, which they        journalists tend to write off the      Laboratories. The author of
                                                                                                  might want to avoid. Or        Web as the turf of cults and           more than 200 articles and four
                                                                                                  where they might go            rumormongers.                          books, he has won a number of
                                                                                                  with the awareness of              “On-line journalism may be a       prestigious awards, including
                                                                                                  what they’re getting           new medium,” Pryor said. “That         the King Faisal International
                                                                                                  into.”                         doesn’t mean that it’s unreliable      Prize in Medicine and the
                                                                                                       OJR editors also see it   or that it lacks credibility.” s       National Hemophilia Foun-
                                                                                                  as providing a service for                                            dation’s Dr. Murray Thelin
                                                                                                  journalists in a new field.                                            Award. Anderson was a finalist
                                                                                                  “We really want to be                                                 for the American Institute for
                                                                                                  helpful to on-line jour-        Online Journalism Review can          Public Service’s 1995 Jefferson
  OJR’s executive editor, Larry Pryor, with print journalism student Carey Stone in the news- nalists,” Pryor said. The           be found at:                          Award for public service by a
  room which sports about two dozen computer stations. The Annenberg News Service, Web, with its 24-hour                               http://www.ojr.org               private citizen. s
  which provides stories for the Los Angeles Times Website is also housed here.                   accessibility, has already

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                              11
New Programs Join Some Old Friends
continued from page 1
                                                                                                                             Kid Watch ($25,750)
paign. Of the total, $393,364 was       Schools. Up to 1,000 elementary        Program, which stimulates their
pledged to Neighborhood Out-            students receive 40 hours of           creativity and intellectual ability           Funded for the second year, Kid Watch is now 350 volunteers
reach.                                  tutoring or small-group instruc-       while filling the time void.                   strong and growing, providing a safe haven for children attend-
    A nonprofit corporation              tion. Awarded for the second           Funded for the fourth year, ASEP              ing the USC Family of Five Schools as they walk between
founded in 1993, Neighborhood           year, this Neighborhood Out-           offers after-school classes, taught           home, schools and other neighborhood institutions. A survey
Outreach funds USC-community            reach grant augments the work-         by qualified USC students, in per-             shows that, as a result of Kid Watch, residents believe their
partnerships that make a posi-          study funds by supporting site         forming arts, visual and language             children are safer, crime has decreased along Kid Watch corri-
tive, visible impact in the neigh-      coordinators at each school as         arts, physical education, comput-             dors, and a sense of community is being restored. The
borhoods surrounding the Uni-           well as a training coordinator         er literacy and other subjects.               Neighborhood Outreach grant will support an administrative
versity Park and Health Sciences        and training materials. USC            This year, the program’s arts com-            assistant and social work graduate students to conduct a pro-
Campuses.                               Readers is a partnership of the        ponent will be expanded                       gram evaluation. The grant also covers T-shirts, materials and
    “USC Neighborhood Out-              USC Volunteer Collaborative and        through a new partnership with                other costs. The pro-
reach is helping to create and          the USC Family of Five Schools.        the Los Angeles County Museum                 gram is a partnership of
maintain important USC-commu-                                                  of Art and another spring session             the Department of
nity partnerships,” Pisano said.                                               with the J. Paul Getty Museum.                Public Safety, the USC
“Through the grant awards, we           Clean and Restore Our                  USC student instructors will be               Family of Five Schools,
are providing a real incentive for      Environment ($40,000)                  trained in classroom manage-                  the Los Angeles Police
USC faculty, staff and students to                                             ment, and half of all classes will            Department Southwest
work with our neighbors. This           Last year, Clean and Restore Our       be team-taught by two USC stu-                Division and the Los
kind of face-to-face interaction        Environment (CARE) created a           dents. Partners are USC Civic and             Angeles Unified School
changes perceptions the commu-          “zero-tolerance” zone around           Community Relations and the                   District Police Depart-
nity and the institution have           the University Park neighbor-          USC Family of Five Schools.                   ment.
about each other.”                      hood – removing graffiti within
                                        24 hours in the streets surround-
The majority of the programs            ing the USC Family of Five             Web Masters/Info Masters
target the USC Family of Five           Schools. This year, CARE will          1998 ($15,408)
Schools, which are Foshay Learn-        decrease the number of “can-
ing Center and 32nd Street/ USC         vasses” available to graffiti van-      This partnership of the Leavey
Magnet Center, and Norwood              dals by using a number of meth-        Library and the USC Family of
Street, Vermont Avenue and              ods that make a wall or structure      Five Schools continues the Web
Weemes elementary schools. The          inaccessible to them. CARE will        Masters project begun last year,
proposals that received Neigh-          continue to employ local at-risk       offering instructional, technolog-
borhood Outreach funding for            youth and adults, providing            ical and career-planning expertise
1998-99 and their amounts are:          them with job training and lead-       at USC to a nucleus of 20 teachers
                                        ership skills. The grant helps sup-    from the five schools. The teach-
                                        port staff positions such as a pro-    ers will be trained in Internet and        took community youngsters for             Intersession Enrichment
USC Readers Work-Study                  gram coordinator, crew leaders         Web authoring skills, which they           “A Walk on the Wilde Side.” This          Program ($23,500)
Program ($33,731)                       and at-risk youths who receive         will then share with their peers.          year, there’s “Something for
                                        paid internships. Partners are the     The grant funds staff support for          Everyone,” a free Saturday series         Funded for the fourth year, the
Spurred by President Clinton’s          Division of Business Affairs and       the program, which this year will          of theater workshops for neigh-           Intersession Enrichment Program
twin goals of increasing funding        the Youth Empowerment Project.         emphasize       enhancing      each        borhood kids and their families.          (IEP) provides innovative courses
to higher education and promot-                                                school’s Web sites with informa-           The series will consist of 16 pro-        for students in the USC Family of
ing education in communities,                                                  tion about colleges, admissions            fessional performances over               Five Schools who are off track.
the federal government has              Afterschool Enrichment                 procedures and pre-college place-          eight months, designed to teach           This year, IEP has revamped its
made new work-study money                                                      ment testing.                              local youths about the arts and           curriculum with input from
available to students who do
                                        Program ($38,950)                                                                 meet one of the School of                 William McComas, assistant pro-
community work. The USC                 How can children fill those                                                        Theatre’s goals: creating Los             fessor of science education, and
Readers Work-Study program              unstructured hours between             Something for Everyone                     Angeles’ first international youth         his graduate students. McComas
was developed last spring to            school and dinner time? Some           ($31,541)                                  theater festival. This festival is        and his students will help IEP
engage USC students as “read-           1,000 Family of Five Schools chil-                                                planned for 1999 at the                   with planning, delivering and
ers,” or one-on-one literacy            dren each year reap the benefits        Last year the 24th Street Theatre          University Park Campus. The               evaluating its series of science
tutors, in the USC Family of Five       of the Afterschool Enrichment          and the USC School of Theatre              grant will help pay for directors         and mathematics classes. The
                                                                                                                          to produce the series, production         program is a partnership of the
                                                                                                                          and publicity assistants, and the-        School of Education, the Edu-
                                                                                                                          ater rental space for 16 produc-          cation Consortium of Central Los
     Mission Science ($36,000)                                                                                            tions.                                    Angeles and the USC Family of
                                                                                                                                                                    Five Schools.
     This hands-on science workshop for youngsters teaches fundamental science concepts through fun
     and creative projects. Funded for the second year, Mission Science is being expanded to Weemes and                   Lincoln Heights Tutorial
                                                                         Vermont elementary schools. The
                                                                                                                          Program ($24,886)                         Partners in Friendship
                                                                         Neighborhood Outreach grant will                                                           ($15,500)
                                                                         support upgrading and rewiring of                Seeking to provide academic
                                                                         science classrooms and provide per-              assistance    for    Asian/Pacific         Troy Camp, a tried-and-true
                                                                         manent exhibition and storage                    American immigrant and refugee            Trojan tradition, will get a boost
                                                                         space at the two schools. A 1997-98              children in the Lincoln Heights           from a Neighborhood Outreach
                                                                         grant funded the rewiring of a class-            area, USC Asian Pacific American           grant. This summer camp, orga-
                                                                         room at 32nd Street/USC Magnet                   Student Services has joined for-          nized and run by USC students,
                                                                         Center. The funds will also provide              ces    with    Lincoln    Heights         provides many inner-city children
                                                                         stipends for up to four teachers to              Neighborhood Community Out-               living near USC with their first
                                                                         run the Mission Science workshops                reach. The Lincoln Heights Tutorial       outdoor wilderness experience.
                                                                         and work-study wages for USC stu-                Program builds on last year’s pro-        Established in 1948 in Idyllwild,
                                                                         dents and Math, Science and                      gram, adding an interactive com-          Troy Camp provides this experi-
                                                                         Technology (MaST) High School                    puter learning component. The             ence at no cost to the children’s
                                                                         students to work as science instruc-             program offers a series of after-         families. Each year, USC student
                                                                         tors. Mission Science is a joint effort          school enrichment classes for first-       volunteers raise $30,000 to
                                                                         of the School of Engineering and                 through sixth-grade students in           finance the program. With the
      These children from 32nd Street/USC Magnet Center are working on a 32nd Street/USC Magnet Center,                   schools near the Health Sciences          grant money, each Family of Five
      science project. This year’s funding for Mission Science will add with Vermont and Weemes ele-                      Campus. USC students tutor the            school can send 28 children to
      Weemes and Vermont elementary schools to the project.              mentary schools.                                 grade-school children in subjects         camp, freeing up Troy Camp vol-
                                                                                                                          such as math, science, physical           unteers to expand the project’s
                                                                                                                          education and the arts.                                   continued on page 13

12                                                                                                                 U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
  Partners With the Community                                                          S O U T H E R N               C A L I F O R N I A
  continued from page 12

  education and outreach efforts.
  The Troy Camp executive board
                                            funded program, Operation Safe
                                            House. Project Forward Bound –
                                                                                       Engineers Trade Old Careers for
  will continue to raise funds for
  the expenses of student coun-
  selors, transportation and other
                                            which offers job training, arts
                                            and crafts, social skills and one-
                                            on-one mentoring for at-risk local
                                                                                       New – 27 Earn Master’s Degrees
  camp activities. Partners are the         youths – is a collaboration of the         by Bob Calverley
  Office of Student Activities and           department of occupational sci-
  the USC Family of Five Schools.           ence and therapy and the                   It was a Kodak moment captured
                                            Salesian Boys and Girls Club,              on CNN and flashed around the
                                            Unity House, Soledad Enrichment            world.
  Street Law Program                        Action (SEA) Lincoln Heights, and              Ron Osborne, 59-year-old
  ($11,750)                                 the Los Angeles County Pro-                grandfather who had been laid off
                                            bation Department.                         from three jobs in the past dec-
  Founded in 1992, Street Law                                                          ade, proudly bearing the school
  teaches inner-city high school                                                       flag and leading the procession of
  students about legal literacy and         New Stories/New Cultures                   engineering graduates through
  respect for law and its institu-          ($37,500)                                  the throng in Archimedes Plaza
  tions, as well as offers advice                                                      on commencement day.
  about higher education. This              Teaching children about their                   Ron Osborne, recipient of a
  partnership between the USC               ethnic culture, and how stereo-            master’s degree in computer sci-
  Law School and Wo o d ro w                types and the media affect our             ence with a specialty in multime-
  Wilson High School Administra-            self-definitions is the premise of          dia and creative technologies,
  tion of Justice and Law Magnet            New Stories/New Cultures. The              finally free of aerospace uncer-
  provides an annual Mentor Day             program is an after-school enrich-         tainties and employed in the
  and classroom lectures taught by          ment series to help grade-school           entertainment industry by
  law students. The program will            children make critical choices             Panasonic in Torrance, authoring
  be expanded to include more               about images depicted in the               digital videodiscs at a new
  mentor days and field trips as             media and create new personal              Panasonic plant in Torrance.          Ron Osborne carries the School of Engineering’s flag at commencement. Once
                                                                                                                             a laid-off engineer, Osborne now has a new master’s degree and a position
  well as technology for computer-          stories and cultural “scripts.” The            “This totally keeps me away
                                                                                                                             with Panasonic in Torrance. The graduation of the class of multimedia fellows
  ized research at Woodrow Wilson           interdisciplinary curriculum com-          from aerospace,” said Osborne.        was covered by CNN and reported in a front-page May 12 Wall Street Journal
  and for high school students to e-        bines narrative theory, anthro-            “A DVD holds 16 gigabytes, two        Work Week column.
  mail their mentors.                       pology and occupational sci-               full-length movies with directors’
                                            ence, using activities, film and            notes. This technology is tying
                                            television excerpts, and other             the entertainment industry to         Training Partnership Act.                  missile program, and again in
  Project Forward Bound                     forms of expression. The pro-              computers.”                               “This is the most expensive            1996, when the university where
  ($27,000)                                 gram also incorporates a com-                                                    retraining program the city of Los         he taught was about to file for
                                            munity health component. The               WHAT HAS HAPPENED to the              Angeles has ever done,” said               bankruptcy. Now at age 65, with
  Project Forward Bound builds on           partners are the department of             Southern California engineering       Williams. “This is also the most           plans to work at least another
  the occupational therapy pro-             occupational science and thera-            and computer professionals who        successful retraining program the          decade, he’s doing consulting
  gramming developed at the                 py, along with Foshay, Vermont,            lost their jobs in the 1990s con-     city has ever done.”                       work and negotiating with two
  Salesian Boys and Girls Club and          and Weemes schools and                     traction of the aerospace industry,       All but three of this year’s 27        institutions for a teaching post.
  at Unity House through last               Esperanza Com-munity Housing               a contraction that continues          graduates have found jobs in their             Underwood sees multimedia
  year’s Neighborhood Outreach-             Corp. s                                    today?                                new profession, says IMSC career           as the technology of the future.
                                                                                           “We’ve been turning them          placement coordinator Nancy G.             “If you don’t want to run with it,
                                                                                       into taxpayers,” said Chrys-          Sweeny.                                    you had better get out of the
                                                                                       ostomos “Max” Nikias, associ-             William Lo was engineering             way,” he said. “This technology
                                                                                       ate dean of USC’s School of           manager for the now-defunct                isn’t just expanding, it’s explod-
                                                                                       Engineering and director of the       Micropolis Corp. when he was               ing.”
                                                                                       school’s Integrated Media             laid off in 1994. Now he’s a pro-
                                                                                       Systems Center (IMSC). “With          ject manager consultant helping                TO QUALIFY for the program,
                                                                                       help from private industry, we        to develop a hand-held computer                the students must be Southern
                                                                                       created a graduate-level pro-         to collect and transmit health-care            California-area engineers and
                                                                                       gram to retrain engineers and         data, and he’s making more                     computer scientists who were laid
                                                                                       computer scientists for jobs in       money than he did before.                      off in the past four years. They
                                                                                       the rapidly growing multimedia                                                               receive fellowships that
                                                                                       and creative technologies in-                                                                cover tuition, fees, books,
                                                                                       dustry.”                              “This will be a $40 billion                            campus parking, gasoline
                                                                                           In a special small ceremony                                                              and even child care. And
                                                                                       on commencement day, USC              market by 2000 and $65 billion all of the graduates receive
                                                                                       honored the 27 multimedia fel-                                                               job-placement assistance
                                                                                       lows, the second class to success-    by 2010...”                                            from Sweeny.
                                                                                       fully complete the program. Each                                                                IMSC, which is a
                                                                                       received a certificate attesting to               – C H RY S O S T OM O S ‘ MA X’ N I K IA S  National Science Foun-
                                                                                       his or her specialization in multi-                                                          dation engineering re-
                                                                                       media and creative technologies.                                                             search center, is currently
                                                                                       All 27 earned a USC master’s              “My career in disk-drive man- seeking funding to retrain addi-
  Island Explorers ($38,484)                                                           degree in electrical engineering      ufacturing was diminishing, but tional engineers and computer
                                                                                       or computer science.                  now I’ve moved to a higher sciences for the burgeoning mul-
  Island Explorers, a pilot program in 1996-97, will sail again this                       “I love being around success-     level,” Lo said. “IMSC gave me timedia industry.
  year with an expanded, multidisciplinary and multi-grade ocean                       ful people,” said Jasper Williams,    the chance to progress with Los                      “While the aerospace industry
  science curriculum targeting four of the Family of Five schools.                     senior management analyst with        Angeles, where multimedia and continues to shed jobs in Southern
  The curriculum focuses on the marine resources and environ-                          the city of Los Angeles and the       creative technologies are a rapidly California, multimedia and cre-
  ment of the San Pedro Channel and Santa Catalina Island. At the                      Private Industry Council, who         growing force in entertainment, ative technologies are growing
  same time, it introduces grade-school children to the basic con-                     spoke to the new graduates. The       software, health care and mobile rapidly as consumer electronics,
  cepts of marine pollution and recycling, with opportunities for                      IMSC retraining program, the          communications.”                               entertainment, publishing, com-
  hands-on, volunteer activities. Important components include                         brainchild of Nikias, is co-spon-         To engineer Joe Underwood, puters and telecommunications all
  training teachers in using the curriculum and taking teams of                        sored by USC, the Los Angeles         the 1990s have been a wild roller- converge,” said Nikias. “This will
  parents and children to the USC Wrigley Institute for Environ-                       Private Industry Council and the      coaster ride. In 1990 he lost his be a $40 billion market by 2000
  mental Science on Catalina Island. The program is a collabora-                       Labor Employment Training             job working on a space-based and $65 billion by 2010. The mul-
  tion of USC Sea Grant, the USC Social Science Research Institute                     Corp. It receives funds through       interceptor. It happened again in timedia industry will need a lot of
  and Foshay, Vermont, Norwood and Weemes schools. s                                   Title III of the federal Job          1993, when he was working on a highly trained talent.” s

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                 13
                                                                                                                       open house at the

Calendar...in brief                                                                                                    Philip K. Wrigley
                                                                                                                       Marine Science
                                                                                                                       Center at Big
                                                                                                                       Fisherman Cove on
                                                                                                                       Catalina Island. The
                                                                                                                       open house runs
                                                                                                                       from 2 to 4 p.m. and
FOUR SECRETARIES ON                      purchased by Wednesday, May            selections of plein air paintings      includes a waterfront
FOREIGN AFFAIRS                          20, at the Los Angeles World           from the California Art Club – is      tour and moray eel
On Friday, May 22, from 9:30 a.m.        Affairs Council, 911 Wilshire          currently in the museum’s              feeding; a video pre-
to 12:15 p.m., Warren Christopher        Blvd., Suite 1730. For USC ticket      Rotunda. The Natural History           sentation and a mini
(U.S. secretary of state, 1993-97),      information, call 740-2167; for all    Museum is at 900 Exposition            science lecture; an
Lawrence Eagleburger (1992-93),          other tickets, call 628-2333.          Blvd., Exposition Park.                opportunity for
George Schultz (1982-89) and                                                    Admission is $8 for adults, $5.50      guests to touch star
Alexander Haig (1981-82) – men           BOOKISH ADVENTURES                     for students and seniors, and $2       fish, anemones and
with firsthand knowledge of the           The Emeriti Center Retiree             for children 5 to 12. Museum           other sea creatures; and a tour of         The touch tank at the Wrigley Marine
development and implementa-              Book Club meets again for a lit-       hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,           the USC Catalina Hyperbaric                Science Center. See the “Sharks and
tion of U.S. foreign policy –            erary lunch at noon Thursday,          Tuesday through Sunday. For            Chamber. The program contin-               Starfish” listing for more.
review some of the most critical         May 28. Carolyn Heine, acade-          more information, call 763-            ues through Sept. 9. Also
foreign policy issues facing our         mic records and registrar, leads a     DINO; for related programs and         throughout the summer, a large
nation today. Former State               discussion of two Civil War-era        workshops, 763-3534.                   number of leopard sharks call              valid ID, $4.25 for seniors 60 and
Department spokesman                     novels, Russell Banks’ Cloud-                                                 the Wrigley Marine Science                 older, and $3.75 for children 4 to
Hodding Carter moderates the             splitter and Jane Smiley’s The All-    GROW YOUR BUSINESS                     Center home. They are quite                12; admission (3-D) is $7.25,
discussion, “A Changing U.S.             True Travels and Adventures of         Beginning Thursday, May 21,            docile, and visitors are invited to        $5.75, $5.25, and $4.75, respec-
Foreign Policy for a World in            Liddie Newton. Lunch at the            from 6:30 to 10 p.m., the USC          swim or snorkel with them in               tively. For more information, call
Transition.” This 15th annual            Faculty Center is $11. Reser-          Business Expansion Network             the cove – daily from 10 am to 2           744-2014.
Report of the Secretaries of             vations are requested; please call     offers 12 consecutive sessions of      p.m. Reservations are required
State takes place in Bovard              310-645-9453.                          “FastTrac to Business Growth,”         for the swim and can be made               RADIO DAY S
Auditorium. But if you can’t                                                    a training program designed to         by calling 310-510-0811.                   Sunday, May 24, at 7:30 p.m.,
make it in person, it is being           JEEPERS, CREEPERS, WHERE’D             provide owners with assistance                                                    KUSC (91.5 FM) broadcasts a
videotaped for later broadcast on        YA GET THOSE GERMS?                    in expanding their businesses –        RYMAN STUDENT ART                          KCET simulcast: the annual
PBS stations across the U.S. (as         Where can you step back in             in areas such as sales and mar-        The Ryman Program for Young                National Memorial Day Con-
part of the Peabody Award-win-           time or step into an invisible         keting, accounting and finance,         Artists provides training in draw-         cert. Since its debut in 1990, the
ning series “Annual Report of            universe? At the new interactive       and strategic planning. Partici-       ing and painting to talented high          concert has touched the hearts
the Secretaries of State”) and for       exhibit opening at the Natural         pants are also provided with           school students. These full-               and minds of millions of
distribution to 150 foreign coun-        History Museum on Saturday,            one-on-one consulting. All             scholarship classes taught by              Americans seeking to honor
tries via the U.S. Information           May 30 – “Microbes: Invisible          entrepreneurs with a City of Los       working artists are held on                those who served the nation in
Agency’s WorldNet satellite.             Invaders ... Amazing Allies.” An       Angeles business license are eli-      Saturdays over a 12-week peri-             time of war. This broadcast fea-
Topics for discussion include:           exploration into the smallest life     gible. The program costs $250          od. See the results at the student         tures an array of world-class tal-
“Africa: A New Relationship              forms on Earth, “Microbes”             and takes place in Suite 1 of the      exhibit going up on Monday,                ent, military performing groups
After the Clinton Visit?”; “The          takes visitors into a world            Business Expansion Network,            May 18, in the Helen Lindhurst             and the renowned National
Americas: What Role for the              unseen by the human eye, a             University Shopping Center,            Fine Arts Gallery, on the first             Symphony Orchestra. The
U.S. After the Santiago                  world of bacteria, viruses, fungi      Jefferson and McClintock. For          floor of Watt Hall. The exhibit             unique mix of music and dra-
Summit?”; “Asia: The Financial           and protozoa – which both sus-         more information, call 743-1726.       continues through Friday, May              matic readings airs live from the
Crisis and Its Impact on the             tain life and cause devastating                                               29. Gallery hours are Monday               west lawn of the Capitol in
U.S.”; “Europe: Competitor or            disease. Exhibit highlights            COMPUTER WORKSHOPS                     through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.           Washington, D.C. And, on
Global Partner After Monetary            include three-dimensional holo-        y If you need to learn or              Graduation and an opening                  Sunday, May 31, at 7 p.m., the
Union?”; “Iraq: A Postponed              grams of Ebola and E. coli             improve your Internet naviga-          reception are scheduled for                program “Xerox Presents Music
Conflict With the United                  microbes floating in space; a           tion skills, here’s your chance.       Thursday, May 21, from 6:30 to             From USC,” with Larry Liv-
States?”; “Mexico: From Drugs            simulated kitchen filled with           Information specialists from the       8 p.m. For more information,               ingston, airs a USC Symphonic
to Trade”; and “Russia: How              microbes at work in foods such         Norris Medical Library lead two        call 629-ARTS.                             Winds concert, directed by H.
Will Yeltsin’s New Government            as yogurt, cheese and bread;           workshops on the subject:                                                         Robert Reynolds, in works by
Affect Relations With the U.S.?”         games illustrating the body’s          “Basic World Wide Web” at 1            TWO STORIES ON                             Gustav Holst, Cindy McTee and
Admission is free to USC facul-          natural and antibiotic defenses        p.m. Thursday, May 21, and             SEVEN STORIES                              Mozart. For more information,
ty, students and staff, but seating      against harmful microbes; a re-        “Searching the World Wide              An old bull elephant tells the             call 743-2165.
is limited and tickets must be           created ancient Egyptian tomb          Web” at 10 a.m. Friday, May 29.        dramatic story of Africa’s
obtained in advance. Tickets are         and a medieval Parisian cata-          The workshops are held in the          Elephant Kingdom in Kenya’s                THE THIRD WEDNESDAY
$15 to the public and must be            comb, chronicling the history of       microcomputer classroom on the         Amboseli National Park. When               May 20 is the third Wednesday
                                                    infectious diseases; and    upper level of Norris Medical          drought threatens the survival of          of the month, which means
                                                    presentations of new        Library, 2003 Zonal Ave.               the family group headed by his             Hancock Memorial Museum is
                                                    frontiers in medical        Admission is free, but pre-regis-      cousin, the matriarch Torn Ear,            open for open tours. Designed
                                                    research, including         tration is required – call 342-1968.   they must search for dwindling             after the Villa de’ Medici and
                                                    gene therapy and the                                               food and water as around them              built in 1909, the Hancock man-
                                                    creation of synthetic       y Len Wines, chair of the Emeriti      other elephants succumb.                   sion once graced the corner of
                                                    drugs. An exhibit of a      Center, answers questions and          Directed, written and produced             Wilshire and Vermont. Now, the
                                                    different sort –            solves problems – if they’re relat-    by Michael Caulfield, Africa’s              original memorial rooms and fur-
                                                    “Treasures of the Sierra    ed to your Macintosh computer.         Elephant Kingdom is the inaugur-           nishings – including items from
                                                    Madre,” featuring 30        The Macintosh User Group               al large-format film from                   the Mexico City palace of
                                                                                meets at 11:45 a.m. on                 Discovery Channel Pictures and             Emperor Maximilian and
                                                                                Wednesday, May 27, in Leavey           shows daily at the IMAX                    Carlota – which were saved from
                                                   “Virtual Invaders,” in the   Library, Room B. Admission is          Theater through June 30. Also              the wrecker’s ball in 1937, are in
                                                   new exhibit opening          free. Be sure to bring at least        playing is Into the Deep, a three-         the east wing of USC’s Allan
                                                   May 30 at the Natural        two formatted high-density             dimensional glimpse into the               Hancock Building, Trousdale at
                                                   History Museum, is a vir-    disks for shareware and public         kelp forests of the Pacific. Show           Childs Way. If you can’t make it
                                                   tual reality game that
                                                                                domain software. For more              times are noon, 2,4,6 and 8 p.m.           to this historic-cultural monu-
                                                   simulates the continu-
                                                   ous defenses of the
                                                                                information, call 937-4082.            for Africa’s Elephant Kingdom; and         ment on May 20 or another third
                                                   body’s immune system                                                10 and 11 a.m., 1,3,5,7 and 9 p.m.         Wednesday, tours by appoint-
                                                   against infections. Here,    SHARKS AND STA R F I S H :             for Into the Deep. The IMAX                ment are also available: Monday
                                                   a teenage visitor tries to   UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL                  Theater is at the California               through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4
                                                   block cartoon-like virus-    Every Saturday throughout the          Science Center, 700 State Drive            p.m. Admission is $4, $3, $2, free
                                                   es from invading healthy     summer, beginning May 23,              in Exposition Park. Admission              for children 12 and under. For
                                                   tissue. See the “Jeepers,    USC’s Wrigley Institute for            (2-D) is $6.25 for adults, $4.75           more information, call 740-5144.
                                                   Creepers” listing.           Environmental Studies hosts an         for students 13 and older with a                              continued on page 15

14                                                                                                               U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998
  FOR THE RECORD                                                                                                                                      Bill Cosby Sends the                   The Valedictorian
              The following are newly listed positions at the university as of May 17, 1998. For
                                                                                                                                                      Graduates Up and Off                   Shares Her Thoughts
                                                                                                                                                      continued from page 7                  continued from page 7
              previously listed positions visit the Employment Office or USC’s job-listing Internet Website.

                                                                                                         H05266 , H05265 - USC Care (Grade I)
                                                                                                                                                      c e remonies because I see             accomplishments in the acad-
   Job Openings
                                                     New Jobs (UPC)                                                                                   nothing but beautiful flowers,         emic sphere and the career
                                                                                                       Administrative Services Coordinator (JC
   It is the university's policy that employees                                                          111027) - Req H03798 (50%) - Cancer
   who are laid off receive priority in being
                                                     • PROFESSIONAL/ADMINISTRATIVE
                                                                                                         Center (Grade H)                             human flowers, from your par-          world our own, we are clearly
                                                     Development Director-Specialist - Req. 06778
   relocated to other positions for which               - University Advancement/Development                                                          ents. You are God’s children,          dependent upon others. Look
                                                        Consortium (JC129331/Grade M)                  •ADMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL/
   they qualify. When applying for a posi-
                                                     Public Communications Specialist (Director of       TRADES SUPPORT                               whomever your God may be.              into the life of any of us grad-
   tion, please refer to the job title, grade
   level and requisition number. The Jobs               Public Information) - Req. 06623 - Music       Office Assistant I (JC111111) - Req H05202 -    Make a change in yourself;             uating today, and you will see
                                                        (JC129119/Grade K)                               Pharmacy (Grade D)
   Still Available sections below have been          Administrative Services Coordinator I             Administrative Assistant (JC 111019) - Req     enjoy your life. And just              an encouraging mentor, a lov-
   edited for space and do not necessarily              (Network Coordinator) - Req. 06819 -             H04645 - Must be literate in EXCEL and       remember that your honesty             ing spouse, understanding
   represent an exhaustive listing of open-             Marshall School/Center for Effective             capable of analyzing data - Cell &
   ings. For complete job listings, visit the           Organization (JC111027/Grade H)                  Neurobiology (Grade G)                       is owed to those who love you          friends, or supportive parents.
                                                                                                       Program Assistant (JC 133007) - Req H05201 -
   Employment Office at 3535 S. Figueroa              Degree Progress Counselor - Req. 06859 -
                                                                                                         Pharmacy (Grade G)                           and will go down any dark              This is certainly true for me.
   St., Room 100, on the University Park                Academic Records & Registrar
   Campus, or 1975 Zonal Ave., KAM 409,                 (JC137119/Grade H)                             Project Assistant (JC 135007) - Req H04240 -   alley to protect you, as long as       Even as a freshman, I was
                                                     Editor/Writer I - Req. 06550 - Dentistry            OB/GY (Grade G)
   at the Health Sciences Campus. For more              (JC129011/Grade H)                             Receptionist (JC 111007) - Req H04593 -        you tell them the truth.               challenged by professors who
   information, call 740-7252 at UPC or              Student Programs Advisor I - Req. 06454 -           USCP/ Cardiothoracic Surgery (Grade D)                                              pushed me farther than I ever
   342-1010 at HSC. Job listings may also be            Gerontology (JC137611/Grade H)
   found on the Internet Website at:                 Assistant Strength Coach - Req. 06636 -           • CLINICAL/TECHNICAL/LICENSED                  I FORGOT ONE THING, I’m                thought I could go. But my
                                                        Athletics (Grade 00/Negotiable)                Research Associate - Req 04218, H04219,        sorry. Some of you, to be kind,        friends were also there,
   www.usc.edu/go/jobs. An employee                                                                       H04220 - Ph.D or M.D. in molecular biolo-
   representative for disabled persons is                                                                 gy, biochemistry or virology (Grade 00)     kind of slick ed a couple of           pulling me back into reality
   available on the employment staff.                • ADMINISTRATIVE/ACADMEIC/
                                                                                                       Research Associate - Req H03966- Pharmacy
                                                                                                          (Grade 00)                                  courses. The faculty, the pro-         when I was headed for the
                                                     Budget/Business Technician - Req. 06671 -
   Equal Opportunity and Affirmative                     Public Relations (JC113507/Grade G)            Research Associate - Req H03835 -              fessors, many of them love             edge. My family has always
   Action Policy                                     Student Services Assistant - Req. 06439 -            Medicine/Cardiology (Grade 00)
   The University of Southern California is             Social Work (JC137517/Grade G)                 Research Laboratory Technician II (JC          what they’re doing. They               stood behind me and loved
   proudly pluralistic and firmly committed to        Clerical/Secretarial/Office Support                   185015) - Req H2943 - Cancer Center         don’t do it necessarily for a liv-     me, no matter where I was
                                                     Receptionist - Req. 06672 - Public Relations         (Grade F)
   providing equal opportunity for outstand-
                                                        (JC111007/Grade D)                             Research Laboratory Technician II (JC          ing; they do it because of the         going. And my boyfriend
   ing men and women of every race, creed                                                                 185015) - Req H03603 - Med/Pulmonary &
   and background.                                                                                        Critical Care (Grade F)
                                                                                                                                                      love they have, because they           traveled with me, through
                                                     • FACILITIES SUPPORT
      This university is also firmly committed        Grove Worker - Req. 06709 & 06710 -               Research Laboratory Technician II (JC          want to give. And so, in your          the good times, and the bad.
   to complying with all applicable laws and                                                              185015) - Req H04144, H03976 - Pharmacy/
                                                        Business Affairs/Property Sales, Dev. &
                                                                                                          Molecular Pharmacology & Toxicology         four or five years here, you                Don’t close the book on
   governmental regulations at the federal,             Management (Grade 00/$11,960)
   state and local levels which prohibit dis-        Technical Audio Visual Technician II                 (Grade F)                                   may have taken a course and            these relationships that have
   crimination, or which mandate that spe-              (Assistant Video Coordinator) - Req. 06637 -                                                  just decided “I’ll just do this        helped you to succeed as you
                                                        Athletics (JC173011/Grade F)                   • HEALTH-RELATED STRUCTURE
   cial consideration be given, on the basis of                                                        Staff Perfusionist (JC 187911) - Req H04660,   much and let it slide,” and you        head on to write a new chap-
   race, religion, national origin, gender, age,                                                          H04658 - USCP/ Department of
   Vietnam veteran status, disability, sexual        New Jobs (HSC)                                       Cardiothoracic Surgery (Grade HI)           didn’t work.                           ter in your life. After this cere-
   orientation, or any other characteristic          • PROFESSIONAL/ADMINISTRATIVE                     Physical Therapist (JC 187707) - Req H04169,       Professors look at students        mony is over, I encourage you
   which may from time to time be specified           Program Manager (JC133015) - Req H04185 -            H04543, H04544 - Biokinesiology &
   in such laws or regulations. This good-              Opthalmology (Grade K)                            Physical Therapy (Grade HF)                 like that and sometimes feel           to walk up to your family,
                                                                                                       Account Representative (JC 189115) - Req
   faith effort to comply is made even when          Project Director (JC 135019) - Req H052 Gene
                                                                                                          H04486 - USCP/Surgery (Grade HD)            they didn’t do it. The professor       friends and loved ones and
   such laws and regulations conflict with               Therapy Labs (Grade L)
                                                     Administrative Services Manager (JC 111033) -     Perfusion Assistant (JC 187907) - Req H04659   feels, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t       thank them for the part that
   each other.                                          Req H05214. Manage the HGT website -              - USCP/Department of Cardiothoracic
       USC strives to build a community in              Genen Therapy Labs (Grade J)                      Surgery (Grade HC)                          get through.” All I’m asking           they had in your success. I
   which each person respects the rights of          Project Specialist (JC 135011) - Req H04647 -     Medical Secretary (JC 111083) - Req H05264 -   you to do – write a note and           know that this is what I
   other people to be proud of who and                  Cell & Neurobiology (Grade I)                     USC Care Medical Group (Grade HD) s
   what they are, to live and work in peace          Systems Liason Specialist (JC 165819) - Req
                                                                                                                                                      tell that professor he or she did      intend to do. I would never
   and dignity, and to have an equal oppor-                                                                                                           well, but you didn’t, but you          be up here today if it weren’t
   tunity to realize their full potential as indi-                                                                                                    still respect that person,             for some of you out there
   viduals and members of society. To this
                                                                                                                                                      because you’re out with us             listening.
   end the university places great emphasis             To learn about employment opportunities through the
   on those values and virtues that bind us                                                                                                           now.                                        Thank you and congratu-
   together as human beings and members of              Internet:                                                                                         Thank you all very much            lations to all of you. s
   the Trojan Family.                                                   www.usc.edu/go/jobs                                                           for having me, enjoy yourself,
                                                                                                                                                      and congratulations. s

  Calendar                                           scholarly technology, discusses                   Hastings Auditorium, Hoffman                   Grand Rounds continue on             y The Arcadia Discussion Series
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                                                     Highway for Researchers” on                       Zonal Ave. For more informa-                   Labor Controversies HUAM,            with “Space: the Ultimate
  BEHIND THE SATIN CURTAIN?                          Monday, May 18. The focus of                      tion, call 626-457-4180.                       Tocolytics, Salivary Estriol, and    Frontier” by Seymour Lampert,
  On Friday, May 22, through                         this seminar – at noon in the                                                                    Fibrinectin” by Kathleen M.          professor emeritus of mechanical
  Sunday, May 24, leading scholars                   Conference Room of Norris                         y On Tuesday, May 19, at 1:30                  Berkowitz, from the Division of      engineering. Scientific aspirations
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  Pornography” at USC – examin-                      nection and its implications for                  guished professor emeritus of                  Hematology Division. Both lec-       ic goals, what issues are most
  ing the phenomenon across dis-                     USC’s academic community. For                     business and pharmacy, on                      tures are at 10 a.m. in              likely to influence the nation’s
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  for Russian and Eurasian                           Tuesday, May 19; Jairo Gomez                      and Critical Care Medicine pre-                fellow from the School of Medi-
  Studies, the conference takes                      and Anahit Matevosyan, from                       sents “Respiratory Issues in Burn              cine, leads “Case Discussion”        y “Human Gene Therapy” is
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  A. Silvester, vice provost for                     lectures are at 12:15 p.m. in                     y The Obstetrics and Gynecology                764-3913.                            sion to all events is free. s

U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998                                                                                                                                    15
S O U T H E R N                C A L I F O R N I A

High-Tech Tools for Low-Tech Transportation:
Systems Analysis Gives Bus Service a Boost
Real-time information about vehicle
locations and passenger transfers
could help drivers stay on schedule.
by Bob Calverley                       (MTA) bus lines to see if ITS
                                       technologies could benefit

               igh     technology      transfer passengers.
               could improve low-            “ITS could save about 20
               tech bus serv i c e ,   seconds per passenger per
               say USC engi-           t r a n s f e r,” Dessouky said.
neers. But the habits of bus           “Such minuscule gains proba-
drivers and passengers will            bly wouldn’t justify the
have to change.                        expense of installing the new
     “ We want to see if intelli-      technology, but we think the
gent transportation systems            impact of ITS technologies
(ITS)         technologies    can      on the rest of the system
i m p rove bus scheduling,”            might yield more significant
said Randolph Hall, associ-            benefits and savings. That’s
ate professor of industrial            what we plan to investigate
and systems engineering at             next.”
the School of Engineering                    ITS technologies could
and associate director of the          certainly make drivers more
s c h o o l ’s Center for Ad-          effective and speed the trans-
vanced Tr a n s p o rtation Te c h -   fer of passengers, but both
n o l o g y.                           drivers and passengers would
     “Most bus schedules have          first have to change their              Randolph Hall, left, and Maged Dessouky, professors of industrial and systems engineering, wanted to see if
a lot of slack in them. If you         ways, said Diane E. Bailey,             intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology could improve bus scheduling. After testing several such
could reduce the slack                 assistant professor of industri-        systems, they believe benefits and savings are indeed possible.
through better control, you            al and systems engineering.
could provide better service                                               “Even if a low-cost solu-                Drivers should be able to                  erally catch up if they fall

without having to purchase                  n another USC study,       tion could be found, it’s not                accomplish this because both               behind schedule.
more buses.”                                Bailey and her students    clear that passengers, espe-                 USC studies indicate a surpris-               Hall believes that ITS tech-
     Hall and Maged Des-                    recently rode Orange       cially elderly ones, would                   ing amount of slack in bus                 nology could arm drivers with
s o u k y, assistant professor of                                      resort to the information dis-
                                            County Tr a n s p o rt a t i o n                                        schedules.                                 the information to better pace
industrial and systems engi-           Authority (OCTA) buses to       play when a driver is there to                   Dessouky said it has general-          their buses and adhere to the
neering, tested global posi-           observe drivers as passengers   answer their questions,”                     ly been assumed that, once                 schedule.
tioning systems (GPS) that             boarded and debarked at 300     Bailey said.                                 behind schedule, a bus contin-                “It’s not just efficiency, but
p recisely track buses with            stops.The two factors most          Bailey said displays could               ues to fall further behind – caus-         also a matter of public safety
satellites, mobile data term i-        likely to delay buses at stops, p rovide infor-mation about                  ing other buses on the same                when passengers have to wait
nals that enable drivers to                                                          shops,     parks,              route to bunch together.                   at a bus stop after dark,” he
send passenger data to other                                                         and other places               Passengers see this phenome-               said.
drivers and control centers,           ITS technologies could certainly make of interest along                      non when, after a long wait at a
and electronic fare boxes                                                            routes, but the                bus stop, two or three buses all           OCTA HAS BEGUN instal-
that help reduce board i n g           drivers more effective and speed the          interaction be-                show up at once.                           ling GPS technology on its
time.                                                                                tween     drivers                  “We found that bunching                buses, and the researchers pre-
     According to Hall, buses          transfer of passengers, but both drivers and passengers –                    does not occur with long-head-             dict that the price of the tech-
are trying to mimic the “hub                                                          an     import a n t           way buses,” Dessouky reports.              nology will continue to drop.
and spoke” systems in which            and passengers would first have to             social function –              “ T h e re ’s sufficient slack for         They believe GPS might be
airlines funnel many flights                                                          would suffer.                 subsequent buses to slow down              most useful when a bus breaks
into a single airport at rough-        change their ways.                                “It    would               or catch up.”                              down, giving authorities the
ly the same time so that pas-                                                         clearly detract                   Headway is the time or                 exact location of the bus before
sengers can connect to desti-                                                        f rom quality of               distance between buses, so a               a replacement vehicle is dis-
nation flights with minimal            they found, were passengers life if accompanying policies                    long-headway bus is a good                 patched.
waiting. When incoming                 asking questions and passen- were to forbid discussion with                  distance ahead of the next                      All three researchers strongly
flights are delayed, airlines          gers in wheelchairs getting on the driver, or if drivers were                scheduled bus on that route.               believe that bus systems are
must decide whether to hold            or off the bus.                 instructed to direct passenger               Long-headway buses are most                worthy investments, especially
or release the connecting                  According to Bailey, bus- queries to the system instead                  common in suburban areas or                in Southern California.
flights.                               stop information kiosks with of responding in person,” she                   late at night.                                 “We’ve been oversold on
     “Bus systems now face the         displays to answer passen- said.                                                 “Southern California has a             trains,” Hall said. “People in
same kinds of dispatching              gers’ most common questions                                                  lot of long-headway buses.                 Los Angeles have the impres-

decisions,” Hall said, “but            might save drivers some time,             relatively simple and              OCTA service is almost entirely            sion that trains are much better
they lack the inform a t i o n         but they would be expensive               inexpensive      tele-             provided by long-headway                   than buses. For far less money,
they need to make them –               to install at all stops.                  phone call-box sys-                buses,” Hall said.                         you can provide greater benefits
real-time information regard-              Bailey said that passengers           tem could warn dri-                    When Bailey and her stu-               with buses.”
ing vehicle locations and the          are more likely to ask ques- vers when a wheelchair pas-                     dents rode eight OCTA bus                      The USC studies were
number of passengers intend-           tions at minor stops than at senger is expected to board                     routes, six of the buses began             funded by the Californ i a
ing to transfer.”                      major ones. Furt h e rm o re , further along the route. This                 their routes late and two                  P a rtners         for    Advanced
                                       they usually ask questions information could let the dri-                    began on time, but only one                Transit Highways at UC
HALL AND DESSOUKY used                 while boarding, so informa- ver try to gain the extra time                   bus finished late – one of the             B e r k e l e y, Caltrans and USC’s
simulations of Metro p o l i t a n     tion displays aboard buses before stopping to pick up                        two that started on time,                  S o u t h e rn California Studies
Tr a n s p o rtation Authority         would be ineffective.           the wheelchair passenger.                    showing that drivers can gen-              C e n t e r. s

16                                                                                                            U N I V E R S I T Y O F S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A C H R O N I C L E May 18, 1998

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