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					                                 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
                                         P.O. Box 1470
                                   Grayson, Kentucky 41143
                        (606)474-9589 littleandpreteenmissky@windstream.net

The 2012 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant will be held June 16, 2012 at Madison Central High
School in Richmond, Kentucky. There will be a panel of judges that will score each contestant
during their individual competition with the title of Little Miss Kentucky being awarded to the
young lady that receives the highest combined total as she is scored in Dress, Casual Wear and
On-Stage Question phases of competition.

This is a NATURAL PAGEANT and contestants should look their age. The judges' panel will
be instructed to look for the girl next door NOT a child that is 5 going on 25. This should also
follow through in the photos you submit for the Photogenic competition. Talent and Photogenic
competition is optional for the Little Miss Pageant and is not included in the entry fee. Rehearsal
will be Friday night, June 15, 2012. The specific times for rehearsal, contestant order and the
producer's informational packet will be sent by email to contestants after the deadline date of
May 14, 2012. The photographer's release MUST be signed by each photographer that has taken
a photo that will be placed in the program book. If the photo is taken by a parent or other
individual, the parent or individual should sign the release. Without the release, the photo WILL
NOT be published.

The entry deadline is May 14, 2012. The entry application and other forms are due May 14 --

The Little Miss Kentucky Pageant Committee will work hard to maintain the integrity of this
competition. It is our desire that every contestant walk away with a good feeling about
themselves as well as the Little Miss Kentucky program. Only one young lady will become Little
Miss Kentucky, but it is our hope that all the contestants will develop the desire to continue to
participate in the Little Miss, Pre-Teen Miss, Miss Kentucky Outstanding Teen and Miss
Kentucky programs.

If you have any question contact by phone or email:

Virginia Murphy
Little Miss/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Executive Director
606-474-9589      littleandpreteenmissky@windstream.net

Dee Shufflebarger
Little Miss/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Producer
606-923-0852 centerstagestudio@windstream.net
                                            Little Miss Kentucky
                                 DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: May 14, 2012
AGE DIVISIONS: The age of the contestant will be based on her age as of June 16, 2012. Tiny Miss
Division- Age 3,4 &5 and Mini Miss Division- Age 6,7 &8 year old will compete for Little Miss Kentucky.

ENTRY FEE: Contestants may enter one of two ways. They may be sponsored by a franchised Miss Kentucky
Local Preliminary. Once a young lady wins a local title she is no longer eligible to compete in any other local for
that pageant year. They may also enter as a contestant at-large. Contestants will be announced by their Local
Preliminary Title. Contestants entering at-large will be given an official announcement title. The Little Miss fee for
the Local Preliminary Contestant is $50.00, while the fee for a Contestant At-Large is $100.00.

Beauty: The beauty portion of the competition is included in the entry fee and includes dress, casual wear and on-
stage question. This is a Natural-- No Glitz Pageant. In dress, contestants should choose age appropriate attire. The
dress should not overpower the child. The length and material of the dress are the contestant's choice. Jeweled
embellishments (such as sequins, rhinestones, pearls, beading, bugle beads, etc.) are not allowed on the dress.
However, they are allowed on shoes, jewelry or in the hair. No midriffs should be shown by contestants. In casual
wear, the outfit chosen should be age appropriate and show the personality of the contestant. Attire should be
something the girl would wear to school, to the movies or out with friends. Jeweled embellishments are allowed in
casual wear. The age appropriate onstage question will be asked during the casual wear competition. Although
some makeup is allowed, it should be kept to a minimum. These contestants are children and thus should look like
children. NO hairpieces are allowed. Beauty is judged on natural beauty, modeling, stage presence, speaking ability
and attire. All contestants must compete in this category.

Talent: The talent portion of the competition is $25.00. The talent must be no longer than 2 minutes which is the
time limit of the Miss America Outstanding Teen System. Attire for the talent should compliment your talent choice.
Jeweled embellishments are allowed in talent. Talent music is due for the sound tech by May 14th. Talent is judged
on costume, entertainment value, stage presence, degree of difficulty and overall performance. This is an optional

Photogenic: The fee to enter this category is $20.00. You may submit one 5x7 or 8x10 color or black and white
photo. Contestants may enter additional photos at a cost of $5.00 per photo. NO DIGITALLY ALTERED (touched
up) photos will be accepted. The photos should be age appropriate and contestants should look their age. Photos are
judged on natural beauty, print quality and personality. Photos are due by May 14th since they are judged prior to
the pageant. This is an optional category.

 AD SALES: Each contestant is REQUIRED to sell a minimum of 1 full page of ads. The contestant (from all
Little Miss and Pre-Teen Miss contestants) selling the most pages of ads will be crowned Cover Miss. In addition to
a crown and a trophy, she will have her photo placed on the inside cover of the Little Miss Kentucky/Pre-Teen Miss
Kentucky 2012 Program Book. Full page ads will be $150.00, half page ads will be $75.00, quarter page ads will be
$ 50.00 and one-eighth page ads will be $25.00. Individuals ads may be broken up into smaller sizes as listed or you
may have individuals, groups or businesses purchase a listing for the amount you need to arrive at your $150 per
page but contestants must combine all their ads into full pages. No partial pages will be accepted. Ad sales are due
by May 14th. If the required ad is not received by the deadline, the program book committee will design a full page
ad ( with a set-up fee of $10) and the total $160 payment will be due prior to the pageant. Ads are tax-deductible.
The program book will be printed in color, so photos and ads may be submitted in color.

OTHER INFO: A head-shot photograph must be submitted for the contestant lineup in the program book
with the entry form. The photo may be color since the program book will be printed in color. Further information
will be sent by email--be sure to enter an email address on the entry form
                        Local Winner - Tiny Little Miss Kentucky Entry Form
                       All contestants must be a resident of the state of Kentucky
                                Ages 3, 4 and 5 years as of June 16, 2012

CONTESTANT NAME: _________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: _______________________*Must attach a copy of birth certificate

ADDRESS: __________________________________CITY:___________________ZIP:______

PHONE #:__________________________ALTERNATE PHONE #:______________________

PARENTS NAMES: __________________________EMAIL:___________________________
_____ $50.00 LOCAL PRELIMINARY WINNER for Little Miss
          Title: _____________________________Local Pageant: ______________________
          Local Director: ______________________Contact Number: ___________________
_____ $20.00 PHOTOGENIC ($5.00 for each additional photo) Extra/Total_________________
_____ $25.00 TALENT for Little Miss
             Type of talent (vocal, dance, etc.):______________
_____ Photo for Contestant Lineup w/photo release
I am allowing my child to enter this pageant with the full understanding of the rules and regulations and accept the fact that the
judge's decision is final and uncontestable. I understand that neither SCORE SHEETS nor judge's comments will be given out
following the competition. I certify that the above stated information is correct. Good sportsmanship is a must by the contestants,
her guests and her family. I understand that my child will be disqualified if poor sportsmanship is displayed by her or her party,
or if she does not abide by the rules of the pageant. If she is disqualified or withdraws from the competition at any time, I
understand that under NO circumstances will a refund in part or in full be given for entry fees (including beauty, photogenic and
talent), advertisements or admission. I understand that this is a NATURAL PAGEANT and that contestants must look their age
in attire and makeup. I have read the information sheet and fully understand its content and how they apply to the pageant and my
child. I certify that I am the legal parent or guardian of this child and have the right to act on her behalf. I UNDERSTAND THAT

_______________________________________________                                          ________________________
        Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                               Date

The above person appeared personally in front of me and signed this document on ________________________, 2011/2012

______________________________________________________My commission expires: _____________________

          Signature of Notary Public

RETURN FORM AND ENTRY FEE TO:                                   Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
                                                                P.O. Box 1470
                                                                Grayson, KY 41143

                                          ** DEADLINE MAY 14, 2012**
                          Little Miss Kentucky Fact Sheet

Contestant Name: __________________________________________________________

Birth Date: ____________________________________ Age: ______________________

Parents: __________________________________________________________________


Siblings: __________________________________________________________________

School: ___________________________ Hobbies: ________________________________

Interesting Facts: ___________________________________________________________



Pets: _____________________________ Favorite Foods: ___________________________

Other: _____________________________________________________________________



                    ** RETURN BY MAY 14 **
                                  Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
          P.O. Box 1470 Grayson, KY 41143 (606) 474-9589 littleandpreteenmissky@windstream.net

                                  PHOTOGRAPHER'S RELEASE

______________________________________of _______________________________
        (Name of Photographer)                                   (Name of Photography Studio)

herby certifies that the photograph of _________________________________________
                                          (Name of Contestant)

was taken by me or an employee of my studio. I give permission for the Little Miss
Kentucky/Pre-Teen Kentucky Pageant Committee to reprint this picture in the program book for
their state pageant. I understand that this will be a one-time event, and that I retain all copyrights
to said picture, and that this picture will not be reprinted in any other way by the Pageant
Committee or its affiliates.

_______________________________                   _________________________________
      Signature of Photographer                    Signature of Parent/Guardian of Contestant

______________________________________            ________________________________________
      Photographer's Printed Name                     Printed Name of Contestant

                                  ** RETURN BY MAY 14*
                                   Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
         P.O. Box 1470 Grayson, KY 41143 (606) 474-9589 littleandpreteenmissky@windstream.net

                                   ADVERTISING CONTRACT

Please place the following advertisement in the Little Miss Kentucky/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky
Program Book. I understand that the Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant is a fundraiser for the
Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization, a non-profit scholarship organization that offers
Kentucky young women educational scholarships. My donation is tax-deductible. Make checks
payable to Miss KY Scholarship Organization.

___________full page ad $150.00

___________one-half page ad $75.00

___________one-fourth page ad $50.00

___________one-eighth page ad $25.00

___________donation $________

________________________________________                                      ________________
       Authorized Signature of Purchaser                                                Date

       Name of Contestant Selling Ad

                Payment must accompany ad form in order for the ad to be printed.

**Purchaser Return Form to Contestant

Contestant Return Form with ad page to:              Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
                                                     P.O. Box 1470
                                                     Grayson, KY 41143

                         **AD SALES ARE DUE BY MAY 14**
                               Little Miss Kentucky Pageant
                                       Talent Request

Name of Contestant___________________________________________________________

Type of Talent (Circle one):                 Dance      Instrument    Monologue

                                             Vocal      Other ___________________

Title of music/piece___________________________________________________________

Type of microphone preferred___________________________________________________

Brief explanation of your talent__________________________________________________


                                **RETURN BY MAY 14**

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