; examples of authorization letter
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examples of authorization letter

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This is an example of examples of authorization letter. This document is useful for conducting examples of authorization letter.

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									Letter of Authorization - Example

(Company’s Letterhead)__________________________________________________

Letter of Authorization


To Whom It May Concern:

      (Company Name)                           hereby authorize (insert the applicable AT&T
company) to administer the Telcordia Technologies’ LARG (LIDB Access Routing Guide) and/or
CNARG (Calling Name Alternate Routing Guide) database on       (Company Name)’s behalf.
      (Company Name)                           OCN(s) is/are



                          Return Completed Letter to:
                          AT&T-10 State and AT&T California
                          Fax:     714-680-3958
                          Email:   ls8652@att.com

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