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					                                                                               U.S. Department of Housing
Tenancy Addendum                                                               and Urban Development
Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance                                              Office of Public and Indian Housing
Housing Choice Voucher Program
(To be attached to Tenant Lease)

1.   Section 8 Voucher Program                                              owner may not raise the rent during the initial
     a.   The owner is leasing the contract unit to the                     term of the lease.
          tenant for occupancy by the tenant’s family with            c.    During the term of the lease (including the initial
          assistance for a tenancy under the Section 8                      term of the lease and any extension term), the rent
          housing choice voucher program (voucher                           to owner may at no time exceed:
          program) of the United States Department of                 (1)   The reasonable rent for the unit as most recently
          Housing and Urban Development (HUD).                                    determined or redetermined by the PHA in
     b.   The owner has entered into a Housing Assistance                         accordance with HUD requirements, or
          Payments Contract (HAP contract) with the PHA               (2)   Rent charged by the owner for comparable
          under the voucher program. Under the HAP                                unassisted units in the premises.
          contract, the PHA will make housing assistance
          payments to the owner to assist the tenant in          5.   Family Payment to Owner
          leasing the unit from the owner.
                                                                      a.    The family is responsible for paying the owner
                                                                            any portion of the rent to owner that is not
2.   Lease
                                                                            covered by the PHA housing assistance payment.
     a.   The owner has given the PHA a copy of the lease,            b.    Each month, the PHA will make a housing
          including any revisions agreed by the owner and                   assistance payment to the owner on behalf of the
          the tenant. The owner certifies that the terms of                 family in accordance with the HAP contract. The
          the lease are in accordance with all provisions of                amount of the monthly housing assistance
          the HAP contract and that the lease includes the                  payment will be determined by the PHA in
          tenancy addendum.                                                 accordance with HUD requirements for a tenancy
     b.   The tenant shall have the right to enforce the                    under the Section 8 voucher program.
          tenancy addendum against the owner. If there is             c.    The monthly housing assistance payment shall be
          any conflict between the tenancy addendum and                     credited against the monthly rent to owner for the
          any other provisions of the lease, the language of                contract unit.
          the tenancy addendum shall control.                         d.    The tenant is not responsible for paying the
                                                                            portion of rent to owner covered by the PHA
3.   Use of Contract Unit                                                   housing assistance payment under the HAP
     a.   During the lease term, the family will reside in the              contract between the owner and the PHA. A PHA
          contract unit with assistance under the voucher                   failure to pay the housing assistance payment to
          program.                                                          the owner is not a violation of the lease. The
     b.   The composition of the household must be                          owner may not terminate the tenancy for
          approved by the PHA. The family must promptly                     nonpayment of the PHA housing assistance
          inform the PHA of the birth, adoption or court-                   payment.
          awarded custody of a child. Other persons may               e.    The owner may not charge or accept, from the
          not be added to the household without prior                       family or from any other source, any payment for
          written approval of the owner and the PHA.                        rent of the unit in addition to the rent to owner.
     c.   The contract unit may only be used for residence                  Rent to owner includes all housing services,
          by the PHA-approved household members. The                        maintenance, utilities and appliances to be
          unit must be the family’s only residence.                         provided and paid by the owner in accordance
          Members of the household may engage in legal                      with the lease.
          profit making activities incidental to primary use          f.    The owner must immediately return any excess
          of the unit for residence by members of the                       rent payment to the tenant.
     d.   The tenant may not sublease or let the unit.           6.   Other Fees and Charges
     e.   The tenant may not assign the lease or transfer the         a.    Rent to owner does not include cost of any meals
          unit.                                                             or supportive services or furniture which may be
                                                                            provided by the owner.
4.   Rent to Owner                                                    b.    The owner may not require the tenant or family
     a.   The initial rent to owner may not exceed the                      members to pay charges for any meals or
          amount approved by the PHA in accordance with                     supportive services or furniture which may be
          HUD requirements.                                                 provided by the owner. Nonpayment of any such
     b.   Changes in the rent to owner shall be determined                  charges is not grounds for termination of tenancy.
          by the provisions of the lease. However, the                c.    The owner may not charge the tenant extra
                                                                            amounts for items customarily included in rent to

                                                                                         Form HUD-52641-A(12/2006)
Previous editions are obsolete                       Page 1 of 5                             ref Handbook 7420.8
           owner in the locality, or provided at no additional                  (b)   Any criminal activity that
           cost to unsubsidized tenants in the premises.                              threatens the health or safety of,
                                                                                      or the right to peaceful
7.   Maintenance, Utilities, and Other Services                                       enjoyment of their residences by,
                                                                                      persons residing in the
     a.    Maintenance
                                                                                      immediate vicinity of the
     (1)   The owner must maintain the unit and premises in
                accordance with the HQS.
                                                                               (c) Any violent criminal activity on
     (2)   Maintenance     and    replacement    (including
                                                                                      or near the premises; or
                redecoration) must be in accordance with
                the standard practice for the building                         (d) Any drug-related criminal
                concerned as established by the owner.                                activity on or near the premises.
                                                                    (2)   The owner may terminate the tenancy during the
     b.    Utilities and appliances                                            term of the lease if any member of the
                                                                               household is:
     (1)   The owner must provide all utilities needed to
                  comply with the HQS.                                         (a) Fleeing to avoid prosecution, or
                                                                                      custody or confinement after
     (2)   The owner is not responsible for a breach of the
                                                                                      conviction, for a crime, or
                  HQS caused by the tenant’s failure to:
                                                                                      attempt to commit a crime, that
                  (a) Pay for any utilities that                                      is a felony under the laws of the
                       are to be paid by the                                          place from which the individual
                       tenant.                                                        flees, or that, in the case of the
                  (b) Provide and maintain any                                        State of New Jersey, is a high
                       appliances that are to be                                      misdemeanor; or
                       provided by the tenant.                                 (b) Violating a condition of
     c.    Family damage. The owner is not responsible for                            probation or parole under
           a breach of the HQS because of damages beyond                              Federal or State law.
           normal wear and tear caused by any member of             (3)   The owner may terminate the tenancy for criminal
           the household or by a guest.                                        activity by a household member in
     d.    Housing services. The owner must provide all                        accordance with this section if the owner
           housing services as agreed to in the lease.                         determines that the household member has
                                                                               committed the criminal activity, regardless
8.   Termination of Tenancy by Owner                                           of whether the household member has been
     a. Requirements. The owner may only terminate                             arrested or convicted for such activity.
           the tenancy in accordance with the lease and             (4)   The owner may terminate the tenancy during the
           HUD requirements.                                                   term of the lease if any member of the
     b.    Grounds. During the term of the lease (the initial                  household has engaged in abuse of alcohol
           term of the lease or any extension term), the                       that threatens the health, safety or right to
           owner may only terminate the tenancy because                        peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other
           of:                                                                 residents.
     (1)   Serious or repeated violation of the lease;              d.    Other good cause for termination of tenancy
     (2)   Violation of Federal, State, or local law that           (1)   During the initial lease term, other good cause for
                 imposes obligations on the tenant in                          termination of tenancy must be something
                 connection with the occupancy or use of the                   the family did or failed to do.
                 unit and the premises;                             (2)   During the initial lease term or during any
     (3)   Criminal activity or alcohol abuse (as provided in                  extension term, other good cause includes:
                 paragraph c); or                                              (a) Disturbance of neighbors,
     (4)   Other good cause (as provided in paragraph d).                      (b) Destruction of property, or
     c.    Criminal activity or alcohol abuse.                                 (c) Living or housekeeping
     (1)   The owner may terminate the tenancy during the                             habits that cause damage to
                 term of the lease if any member of the                               the unit or premises.
                 household, a guest or another person under         (3)   After the initial lease term, such good cause
                 a resident’s control commits any of the                       includes:
                 following types of criminal activity:
                                                                               (a) The tenant’s failure to accept the
                 (a) Any criminal activity that                                       owner’s offer of a new lease or
                       threatens the health or safety of,                             revision;
                       or the right to peaceful
                       enjoyment of the premises by,                           (b) The owner’s desire to use the
                       other residents (including                                     unit for personal or family use or
                       property management staff                                      for a purpose other than use as a
                       residing on the premises);                                     residential rental unit; or

                                                                                       Form HUD-52641-A(12/2006)
Previous editions are obsolete                        Page 2 of 5                          ref Handbook 7420.8
               (c) A business or economic reason                                manager, when notified, to honor
                   for termination of the tenancy                               court orders addressing rights of
                   (such as sale of the property,                               access or control of the property,
                   renovation of the unit, the owner’s                          including civil protection orders
                   desire to rent the unit for a higher                         issued to protect the victim and
                   rent).                                                       issued to address the distribution or
                                                                                possession of property among the
                                                                                household members in cases where a
    e. Protections for Victims of Abuse.                                        family breaks up.

            (1) An incident or incidents of actual or                      (5) Nothing in this section limits any
                threatened domestic violence, dating                           otherwise available authority of an
                violence, or stalking will not be                              owner or manager to evict or the
                construed as serious or repeated                               public housing agency to terminate
                violations of the lease or other “good                         assistance to a tenant for any
                cause” for termination of the                                  violation of a lease not premised on
                assistance, tenancy, or occupancy                              the act or acts of violence in question
                rights of such a victim.                                       against the tenant or a member of the
                                                                               tenant’s household, provided that the
            (2) Criminal activity directly relating to                         owner, manager, or public housing
                abuse, engaged in by a member of a                             agency does not subject an
                tenant’s household or any guest or                             individual who is or has been a
                other person under the tenant’s                                victim of domestic violence, dating
                control, shall not be cause for                                violence, or stalking to a more
                termination of assistance, tenancy, or                         demanding standard than other
                occupancy rights if the tenant or an                           tenants in determining whether to
                immediate member of the tenant’s                               evict or terminate.
                family is the victim or threatened
                victim of domestic violence, dating                        (6) Nothing in this section may be
                violence or stalking.                                          construed to limit the authority of an
                                                                               owner or manager to evict, or the
            (3) Notwithstanding any restrictions on                            public housing agency to terminate
                admission, occupancy, or                                       assistance, to any tenant if the owner,
                terminations of occupancy or                                   manager, or public housing agency
                assistance, or any Federal, State or                           can demonstrate an actual and
                local law to the contrary, a PHA,                              imminent threat to other tenants or
                owner or manager may “bifurcate” a                             those employed at or providing
                lease, or otherwise remove a                                   service to the property if the tenant is
                household member from a lease,                                 not evicted or terminated from
                without regard to whether a                                    assistance.
                household member is a signatory to
                the lease, in order to evict, remove,                      (7) Nothing in this section shall be
                terminate occupancy rights, or                                 construed to supersede any provision
                terminate assistance to any                                    of any Federal, State, or local law
                individual who is a tenant or lawful                           that provides greater protection than
                occupant and who engages in                                    this section for victims of domestic
                criminal acts of physical violence                             violence, dating violence, or
                against family members or others.                              stalking.
                This action may be taken without
                evicting, removing, terminating                   f.    Eviction by court action. The owner may only
                assistance to, or otherwise penalizing                  evict the tenant by a court action.
                the victim of the violence who is also
                a tenant or lawful occupant. Such
                eviction, removal, termination of
                occupancy rights, or termination of
                assistance shall be effected in                   g.    Owner notice of grounds
                accordance with the procedures                    (1)   At or before the beginning of a court action to
                prescribed by Federal, State, and                            evict the tenant, the owner must give the
                local law for the termination of                             tenant a notice that specifies the grounds for
                leases or assistance under the                               termination of tenancy. The notice may be
                housing choice voucher program.                              included in or combined with any owner
                                                                             eviction notice.
            (4) Nothing in this section may be
                                                                  (2)   The owner must give the PHA a copy of any
                construed to limit the authority of a
                                                                             owner eviction notice at the same time the
                public housing agency, owner, or
                                                                             owner notifies the tenant.
                                                                                     Form HUD-52641-A(12/2006)
Previous editions are obsolete                      Page 3 of 5                          ref Handbook 7420.8
      (3)   Eviction notice means a notice to vacate, or a
                  complaint or other initial pleading used to      15. Changes in Lease or Rent
                  begin an eviction action under State or local
                                                                         a.    The tenant and the owner may not make any
                                                                               change in the tenancy addendum. However, if the
                                                                               tenant and the owner agree to any other changes
9.    Lease: Relation to HAP Contract                                          in the lease, such changes must be in writing, and
If the HAP contract terminates for any reason, the lease                       the owner must immediately give the PHA a copy
terminates automatically.                                                      of such changes. The lease, including any
                                                                               changes, must be in accordance with the
10. PHA Termination of Assistance                                              requirements of the tenancy addendum.
                                                                         b.    In the following cases, tenant-based assistance
The PHA may terminate program assistance for the
                                                                               shall not be continued unless the PHA has
family for any grounds authorized in accordance with
                                                                               approved a new tenancy in accordance with
HUD requirements. If the PHA terminates program
                                                                               program requirements and has executed a new
assistance for the family, the lease terminates
                                                                               HAP contract with the owner:
                                                                         (1)   If there are any changes in lease requirements
11. Family Move Out                                                                   governing tenant or owner responsibilities
The tenant must notify the PHA and the owner before the                               for utilities or appliances;
family moves out of the unit.                                            (2)   If there are any changes in lease provisions
                                                                                      governing the term of the lease;
12. Security Deposit
                                                                         (3)   If the family moves to a new unit, even if the unit
      a.    The owner may collect a security deposit from the
                                                                                      is in the same building or complex.
            tenant. (However, the PHA may prohibit the
            owner from collecting a security deposit in excess           c.    PHA approval of the tenancy, and execution of a
            of private market practice, or in excess of                        new HAP contract, are not required for agreed
            amounts charged by the owner to unassisted                         changes in the lease other than as specified in
            tenants. Any such PHA-required restriction must                    paragraph b.
            be specified in the HAP contract.)                           d.    The owner must notify the PHA of any changes in
      b.    When the family moves out of the contract unit,                    the amount of the rent to owner at least sixty days
            the owner, subject to State and local law, may use                 before any such changes go into effect, and the
            the security deposit, including any interest on the                amount of the rent to owner following any such
            deposit, as reimbursement for any unpaid rent                      agreed change may not exceed the reasonable rent
            payable by the tenant, any damages to the unit or                  for the unit as most recently determined or
            any other amounts that the tenant owes under the                   redetermined by the PHA in accordance with
            lease.                                                             HUD requirements.
      c.    The owner must give the tenant a list of all items
            charged against the security deposit, and the          16. Notices
            amount of each item. After deducting the amount,       Any notice under the lease by the tenant to the owner or
            if any, used to reimburse the owner, the owner         by the owner to the tenant must be in writing.
            must promptly refund the full amount of the
            unused balance to the tenant.                          17. Definitions
      d.    If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover
            amounts the tenant owes under the lease, the           Contract unit. The housing unit rented by the tenant
            owner may collect the balance from the tenant.         with assistance under the program.
                                                                   Family. The persons who may reside in the unit with
13. Prohibition of Discrimination                                  assistance under the program.
In accordance with applicable equal opportunity statutes,          HAP contract. The housing assistance payments
Executive Orders, and regulations, the owner must not              contract between the PHA and the owner. The PHA pays
discriminate against any person because of race, color,            housing assistance payments to the owner in accordance
religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status or            with the HAP contract.
disability in connection with the lease.                           Household. The persons who may reside in the contract
                                                                   unit. The household consists of the family and any PHA-
14. Conflict with Other Provisions of Lease                        approved live-in aide. (A live-in aide is a person who
      a.    The terms of the tenancy addendum are                  resides in the unit to provide necessary supportive
            prescribed by HUD in accordance with Federal           services for a member of the family who is a person
            law and regulation, as a condition for Federal         with disabilities.)
            assistance to the tenant and tenant’s family under     Housing quality standards (HQS). The HUD minimum
            the Section 8 voucher program.                         quality standards for housing assisted under the Section 8
      b.    In case of any conflict between the provisions of      tenant-based programs.
            the tenancy addendum as required by HUD, and           HUD. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
            any other provisions of the lease or any other         Development.
            agreement between the owner and the tenant, the        HUD requirements. HUD requirements for the Section
            requirements of the HUD-required tenancy               8 program. HUD requirements are issued by HUD
            addendum shall control.
                                                                                            Form HUD-52641-A(12/2006)
Previous editions are obsolete                            Page 4 of 5                           ref Handbook 7420.8
headquarters, as regulations, Federal Register notices or
other binding program directives.
Lease. The written agreement between the owner and the
tenant for the lease of the contract unit to the tenant. The
lease includes the tenancy addendum prescribed by
PHA. Public Housing Agency.
Premises. The building or complex in which the contract
unit is located, including common areas and grounds.
Program. The Section 8 housing choice voucher
Rent to owner. The total monthly rent payable to the
owner for the contract unit. The rent to owner is the sum
of the portion of rent payable by the tenant plus the PHA
housing assistance payment to the owner.
Section 8. Section 8 of the United States Housing Act of
1937 (42 United States Code 1437f).
Tenant. The family member (or members) who leases
the unit from the owner.
Voucher program. The Section 8 housing choice
voucher program. Under this program, HUD provides
funds to an PHA for rent subsidy on behalf of eligible
families. The tenancy under the lease will be assisted
with rent subsidy for a tenancy under the voucher

                                                                       Form HUD-52641-A(12/2006)
Previous editions are obsolete                           Page 5 of 5       ref Handbook 7420.8

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