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					Marketing Is Mobile
 Be Accessible In Multiple Channels

              Why Mobile Text is Growing
              and How You Should Use It
                               by Marianne Cellucci,
                    Senior Online Marketing Analyst
         Marketing Is

         Be Accessible In Multiple Channels
         Email is Not Alone.                              Mobile text is different from email and social
                                                          media, but also shares a lot of similarities.
         Social media, video and blogging have clearly
         joined email marketing and websites as major     Marketing Is Mobile will explain what mobile
         components of online marketing methods.          text marketing is, why it is on the rise, and
         And there is another method that is clearly      how you can use it to extend your reach.
         rising as an important marketing channel:
         Mobile SMS Text.                                 Introducing YourSports »

         Mobile text usage is growing for both
         marketers and users, and is becoming a
         gateway for gathering subscribers and
         followers. It helps you engage people in other
         methods such as email and social media.


page 1                                                                     
   Mobile Has

   YourSports: A Study in Mobile Text Marketing
                                                   With Mobile Text Marketing, YourSports can:

                                                   •	   Send timely offers right to the user’s
                                                        mobile device, provided the mobile user
                                                        is an opt-in subscriber
                                                   •	   Create segments by demographic and
   What is YourSports? It is our little example         purchase data
   in Mobile Text Marketing. YourSports is         •	   Deploy graphic mobile coupons that can
   a fictional company that sells athletic              be redeemed at a store
   equipment and apparel, and we use it to         •	   Use QR codes to link to events and
   show how “they” use text to bolster their            promotions
   other marketing programs, and help explain      •	   Integrate with databases that are used
   the topics we cover in this eBook.                   by email, direct marketing and other
   YourSports is a pioneer in sports apparel and
   equipment. In addition to e-commerce, email     As YourSports has found out, everyone needs
   and social media marketing, they use mobile     a mobile marketing plan in 2011, including
   text marketing and mobile coupons to reach      B2Bs. “Marketing Is Mobile” covers the why
   their customers and followers wherever they     and how of using mobile text marketing to
   are, preferably in-store or online, when they   raise engagement.
   are most likely to make a buying decision.
                                                   Why you should go mobile »                                                                               page 2
         Mobile Is

         And YourSports Knows It
         Here’s How YourSports uses Mobile:

         •	   YourSports sends SMS text messages with
              a short code to their subscribers
         •	   Subscribers send to the short code to get
              a discount code or coupon
         •	   Shoppers head to the store or web to
              redeem promotional offers

         Similar to email marketing, mobile text
         marketing requires mobile device users
         to subscribe by texting keywords to a
         certain address or using an online form.
         It doesn’t get much better than this—
         these users are signing up for your
         program because they’re interested in what
         you have to offer!

         See how fast mobile text is growing »

page 3                                          
   Mobile Is

   Faster Than Other Marketing Methods
   Now is the time for mobile marketing. Of         More advanced campaigns present
   the marketing trends that are predicted to       consumers with a coupon on their mobile
   become more prevalent, two are consistently      phone which can be scanned during
   mentioned:                                       checkout at store locations. In addition to
                                                    capturing mobile phone numbers and other
   •	   The integration of mobile (SMS) text        data, marketers benefit through real-time
        messages and mobile coupons in the          response. Recipients can take advantage
        marketing mix                               of text updates and mobile coupons sent
   •	   The wider use of QR codes in print,         immediately to their handheld devices in
        broadcast and online advertising (to be     addition to email.
        covered later)
                                                    See who says mobile is growing »
   Mobile Text Marketing allows marketers to
   reach their audience with Short Message
   Service (SMS) technology to any mobile
   device platform, anywhere, and offer them
                                                    “Smart phones are
   timely promotions. The subscriber then           expected to outsell
   sends a keyword to an abbreviated phone
   number known as a short code. Consumers          PCs for the first time in
   may use SMS texting to provide feedback,
   access a mobile-friendly landing page, receive
   promotional offers, or redeem customer
   loyalty rewards.

                                                                                                     3                                                                               page 4

         One Crowded Bandwagon
         We’ve already seen many predictions that           In fact, predicts that that
         mobile will become more widely used.               spending on mobile advertising will gain
                                                            momentum to reach $1.56 billion by 2013.
         More people are accustomed to receiving text       The prediction looks a lot like the connectivity
         from retailers, promoters, brands and other        bars on your phone, representing a 5 time
         types of businesses. Unlike most other forms       increase in 5 years.
         of communication, it reaches people when
         they are most likely to be in a position to buy.   Consumers are becoming highly receptive to
         This is why mobile is growing so fast.             mobile advertising, including:

                                                            •	   SMS Text Messages
                                                            •	   Mobile Keywords
                                                            •	   Short Codes
                                                            •	   Mobile Coupons
                                                            •	   QR Codes

                                                            That’s why YourSports has jump-started their
                                                            marketing strategy using mobile text and

                                                            SMS. Short Code. What they mean »

page 5                                                                       
   Rules of the

   The Basics of Mobile Text
                                                      •	   Example: “Text PROMO to 00000 to join
                                                           our list for special offers” (where PROMO
   Anybody getting into mobile text marketing              is the keyword and 00000 is the short
   should know a few key terms:                            code)
   •	   SMS means Short Message Service,              •	   A Mobile Coupon is a graphic display
        which is a 160-character message that is           image that can be read by infrared
        sent and received by mobile devices. SMS           scanners. It can bear a bar code that is
        has been in use almost as long as SMTP,            compatible with a store’s IR device, so it
        the protocol used in                                               can apply the discount.
        email, since the 1980s.                                            The coupon can also
                                                                           display the promotional
   •	   A Mobile Keyword is a
                                                                           code if the code cannot be
        unique word that your
                                                                           read at the store.
        customers or subscribers
        will send a text message                                           •	 A QR Code (short
        in order to subscribe to                                           for Quick Response) is a
        a list.                                                            matrix barcode, readable
                                                                           in two dimensions by
   •	   A Short Code is an
                                                                           QR barcode readers
        abbreviated phone
                                                                           and camera phones.
        number the keyword is
                                                           Originally created by the Japanese
        sent to, and they are usually 5 or 6 digits
                                                           for coding parts for their automobile
        in the US. Short codes are often leased
                                                           manufacturing process, and can store a
        for periods of time, as a dedicated code
                                                           lot of information. Try it!
        or a random one. You can also share short
        codes with other companies.                   How you can use mobile text »                        5                                                                                     page 6
         Mobile Text Is A

         For Email and Social Media
         Mobile promotions work best when                  Use text to drive traffic, boost sales, and
         integrated with other channels and tactics. To    increase customer engagement. These
         form a multi-channel approach, your mobile        mobile text tactics will jump-start your overall
         content should be promoted across channels        marketing strategy:
         including online, email, television, print,
         and radio, enabling cross-platform access to      •	  Use text to drive promotions
         information.                                      •	  Make mobile coupons easy to use
                                                           •	  Ask users to subscribe to your email
         For example: If you’re promoting a free               campaigns
         whitepaper download, and it’s available in a      •	 Ask users to follow your social media
         mobile format, mention this on your website,          presence
         within your email newsletter, and in online       •	 Follow up by sending email confirmations
         banner ads.                                       •	 Link to your web properties and
                                                               e-commerce sites
         Using mobile messages allows you to contact       Recipients can receive text updates and
         people who are difficult to reach by email or     mobile coupons that can be redeemed
         social media. You can invite people to join       immediately, making mobile text a great
         your email list, sign up for events, follow you   addition to email and other methods.
         on twitter, and so on.
                                                           (And never, ever use text while driving!)

                                                           How YourSports uses mobile text »

page 7                                                                        
   A Promotion

   Text Invites Response
   Mobile text marketing needs a clear call to
   action, just like email. Here’s how YourSports
   uses it to drive traffic and increase sales:

   1. In this example, YourSports is selling winter
      boots at 50% off, so they create a call to
      action with a keyword and short code, and
      schedule it to send at a later time.
   2. Subscribers receive the message and opt-
      in by sending the keyword.
   3. The coupon arrives in the mobile device
      inbox and displays on the screen.



                                                              7                                        page 8
               The Mobile

               A Clear Purchase Path
                                       4. The interactive coupon can include a map
                                          or product research links.
         4.                            5. Next, the customer visits the store to
                                          redeem the coupon and buy the boots.
                                       6. The coupon is compatible with the store’s
                                          point of purchase system, which reflects
                                          the discount.


page 9                                                 

   Results and Followup
   7. YourSports marketing folks can easily track
      redemptions in real time. Sends, keywords
      responded, and purchases. They know
      exactly how well the promotion worked for
      marketing response and sales.
   8. They also ask subscribers to respond by
      email or social media. It’s all trackable.

   How text drives viral sharing »

             8.                                      page 10
          Make It

          Mobile Text Drives Viral Sharing
          As mentioned above, mobile promotions
          work best when integrated with other
          channels and tactics to form a cross-platform
          strategy. Let’s go back to our boot buyer,
          and see how his subscription to various
          YourSports marketing campaigns allows him
          to receive offers in many different channels,
          including online, email, television, print, and

          YourSports promotes viral sharing this way:

          •	   They promote their offers and events
               across other channels including online,
               email, television, print, and radio
          •	   They link subscribers to their social
               media pages to encourage Likes,
               Follows, and other social connections
          •	   They use surveys to find out more about
               their target audience’s varied interests
          •	   They also include these social links on
               their blog and other websites
          •	   They engage and reward those who
               become their most influential followers

          How to integrate your mobile strategy »

page 11                                           
   Mobile Is

   Mobile is a Gateway Medium
   YourSports uses text to bring people from        •	   Your website, blog and e-commerce sites
   one medium to another using these methods:            collect mobile subscription information
                                                    •	   Social media links to your subscription
   •	   Television and radio ads include appeals         forms for email and text campaigns
        to text a keyword to your short code        •	   Email follows up and confirms mobile
   •	   Print ads and postcards include a QR code        coupon redemptions and purchases
        to link to your mobile websites
                                                    See the benefits to business »                                                                                page 12
    The Benefits To

    Why Go Mobile?
    In today’s multichannel environment, where       YourSports uses mobile text to facilitate a
    people are multi-tasking, having multiple        two-way dialogue with subscribers. In return,
    conversations, using multiple communication      they get:
    tools, you can extend the reach of your online
    and email marketing efforts by synchronizing     •	   Real-time response from campaigns,
    multiple messaging channels. Text allows              including forwards, replies, and coupon
    you to find people in the place they are most         redemptions
    likely to respond.                               •	   Conversations that begins in one channel
                                                          and morph into another
    Mobile and email are a natural fit for each      •	   Support for other channels such as email
    other since both are permission-based, and            and social media, creating multi-channel
    they both require best practices such as              engagement
    segmentation, timing and relevance. There        •	   Integration with their CRM and database
    is also no reason to keep the databases               systems, driving data and analysis for
    separate, if you can integrate one with               their marketing strategy
    another, or have a common database of
    record that both platforms use for their         See the value of mobile text »

    Email and text can be used to follow up
    campaign activities on the other platform.
    Email may be more appropriate for those
    high-finish, informative campaigns, and they
    remain in the inbox for awhile before losing
    visibility. Text is better for the immediate
    response appeal, quick and to the point. No

page 13                                                                              
                Mobile Is

                Easy to Send. Easy to Use. Easy to Track.
                Today, mobile devices are mini personal      YourSports uses mobile text marketing to
                computers with high-speed Internet           drive nine primary business benefits:
                connections, enabling users to use them
                for work in addition to social interaction   1. Improved targeting. Subscribers want to
                and news feeds. As the use of smart phones      receive text
                continues to increase, marketers need to     2. Direct engagement. Send rewards, offers
                reach consumers while they’re on the move.      and reminders
                                                             3. Easily shareable. Subscribers share text
                                                             4. Quick implementation. Text is easy to
                                                                create and deploy
                                                             5. Multi-channel integration. Integrate with
                                                                other ad channels
                                                             6. Higher response. Over 90% of text
                                                                messages are read
                                                             7. Highly measurable. Track response and
                                                                revenue growth
                                                             8. Detailed tracking. Track activities
                                                                through to the end
                                                             9. Cost effectiveness. Low CPM compared
                                                                with traditional marketing methods

                                                             How to raise engagement »                                                                                     page 14
    Reach And

    Raise Response Through Analysis
    Mobile text helps you raise engagement
    using detailed sending, tracking, integration
    and reporting tools. The first three benefits
    directly impact customers:

    1. Improved targeting. Text is a permission-
       based medium, allowing you to reach a
       highly targeted and engaged audience.
       People who subscribe to your Mobile Text
       Marketing program do so because they
       are interested in hearing from you.
    2. Direct engagement. Text is real-time
       and uses dynamic segmentation for
       one-to-one marketing. Marketers can
       directly engage prospects and retain loyal
       customers by offering mobile rewards
       and coupons for in-store sales, online
       promo codes, current and future sales
       promotions, prizes or discounts, and
       event reminders.
    3. Easily shareable. Text subscribers can
       share their activities and loyalty with their
       social network. Usually this takes far fewer
       steps than email, and is more like social

    How to analyze your mobile strategy »

page 15                                      
                Center of

                Mobile Text Drives Online Marketing
                Mobile text marketing invites consumer               online and email to create an integrated
                interactivity and participation across several       marketing campaign. Integrating mobile
                other media channels. The next three benefits        text marketing into the mix adds an
                involve the way text allows flexibility for          element of interactivity and invites
                senders:                                             consumer participation, which traditional
                                                                     media lacks.
                4. Quick implementation. Email often takes
                   a lot of copywriting and several rounds of    6. Higher response. Over 90% of texts from
                   review, while text is more like creating a       SMS messaging campaigns are read by
                   tweet. If you can come up with a subject         recipients, generating average response
                   line, you can write a text. There’s no need      rates of 15% or more. This is because
                   for attachments and graphic templates.           they’re just headlines. You capture what
                                                                    you mean to say in a few words and your
                5. Multi-channel integration. Mobile text           customers get it quickly.
                   marketing easily integrates with other
                   media channels including TV, radio, print,    See the cost effectiveness of mobile text »                                                                                            page 16
          Cost And

          Raise Impact and Reduce Costs
          YourSports uses Mobile Text Marketing
          because it is highly measurable and more
          cost-effective than traditional marketing
          methods. They also reduce overall marketing
          costs by integrating text into their strategy.
          The last three benefits have to do with the
          bottom line:

          7. High measurability. Spends can be
             accurately tracked due to the ability
             for subscribers to respond directly and
             instantly. Email reports often tell you
             who opened and clicked, but to follow
             the click to its end you should integrate
             with web analytics tools.
          8. Detailed tracking. Email reports often
             tell you who opened and clicked, but the
             click is just the start of the path. Text can
             track behavior, straight through to the
          9. Cost effectiveness. Mobile text
             marketing has a much lower cost than
             other marketing channels, including
             email and paid search, due to the low
             per message costs associated with this

          See how mobile impacts business »

page 17                                            
   The Mobile

   How Does Mobile Impact Business?
   Mobile text has tremendous potential for          They wanted a better understanding of:
   improving marketing for the marketers. It all
   sounds good until you think, “Well, what do       •	   Mobile usage and consumption basics
   the customers really think of this?” After all,   •	   Shopping penetration and activities
   what people do with their mobile devices for      •	   Mobile impact on online and in-store
   personal use is not really the concern here.           purchases
   It’s what they do in support of shopping that     •	   Mobile advertising methods and
   matters.                                               effectiveness

   To provide a deeper understanding into            In June 2010, they interviewed 8,384
   this opportunity, Yahoo! commissioned a           U.S. residents ages 13-64 using an online
   study with Nielsen, called Mobile Shopping        quantitative survey about their mobile usage
   Framework: Mobile Devices in the Shopping         and shopping activities. The point was to
   Process.                                          assess the impact of mobile on online and in-
                                                     store purchases.

                                                     View the results »                                                                                  page 18
          Mobile Users

          The Mobile Internet Is Real
          The Mobile Shopping Framework provided
          some interesting feedback about how
          mobile users use the web to browse online.
          Of the 8,384 people interviewed, all use
          the web to access at least one of 12 major
          product categories. They broke down into
          two major groups:

          •	   63% (5,313) used their mobile devices to
               access one of the categories
          •	   37% (3,071) used their PC/Laptop only to
               access the categories

          See what they use mobile devices for »

          Product categories: Apparel & Accessories,
          Dining, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food
          & Beverage, Health, Home Improvement, Mobile
          Digital Content, Consumer Electronics, Travel,
          Beauty & Personal Care, and Auto Parts.

page 19                                           
   What’s In

   Mobile Users Are
   The Mobile Shopping Framework reveals
   surprising information about how mobile
   devices are used in stores. The non-mobile
   users having been left out, the rest of the
   people were asked whether they use their
   mobile devices in stores, and how they do so.
   The answers may surprise you:

   •	   90% of the mobile users have accessed
        mobile web while at a store. And half of
        them use it to shop
   •	   That means approximately 50% of in-
        store mobile web activity is related to
        shopping, or about 32% of the people in
        the total study
   •	   The rest are people who use their mobile
        devices for something else, or don’t use it
        at all
   •	   That means 25% of the people use their
        devices, while 6% (that one out of ten
        who have mobile but don’t use it in the
        store) do not

   See how shoppers use mobile devices »                                   page 20
          The Smart

          They Know What They Want
          According to the previous graphs, more than       foreseeable future. By targeting mobile text
          half of mobile users should be engaged while      ads to these highly engaged users, marketers
          in your store. If users give you permission, it   can reach a receptive audience.
          is possible to know when a subscriber is in
          proximity using geo-location technology.          A mobile strategy will be very effective for
                                                            reaching your customers while they are in
          The upshot is that consumers are highly           your store. Mobile is critical for impulse, time
          attentive to mobile content and their             sensitive buys and when a PC is just not
          enthusiasm for this medium continues              available.
          unabated, and is likely to be sustained for the

                                                            “The key to being
                                                            successful in mobile
                                                            shopping advertising
                                                            is to make sure the ads
                                                            are informative.”
                                                                        - The Mobile Shopping Framework

page 21                                                                       
   What’s The

   Research and Purchase Enablement
   Here are some of the ways shoppers use
   mobile devices while shopping:

   •	   48% of in-store mobile users take a
        picture of a product to send to friends or
        family members
   •	   51% make a purchase after doing
        research on their mobile device, to look
        for a better price elsewhere, and read
        what others say
   •	   20% of mobile users say they always
        look at advertising they recieve while
   •	   16% use their mobile phones for research.
        This is expected to grow to 57% during

   Consumers also say they want mobile ads to
   include price, product features, and benefits.
   Not a bad idea since many stores don’t have
   the shelf space for all of this information.

   What mobile users do while watching TV »                                  page 22

          Mobile Activities While Watching Television
          Another primary place where people
          use their mobile devices is in front of the
          television. The types of activities reported
          while watching TV are pretty compelling. For
          instance: 86% of all mobile Internet users use
          a mobile device while watching their team
          break the game open (between 13 and 24, it’s
          92%). Here’s a breakdown of their activity:

          •	   25% are browsing content related to
               what’s on
          •	   37% are browsing content unrelated to
               what’s on
          •	   33% are using mobile apps like Angry
               Birds or Bubble Wrap
          •	   40% are using social networking apps like
               Facebook or Twitter
          •	   56% are texting with friends or family.
          •	   And many are doing more than one

          The use of mobile devices while watching
          television presents the opportunity for
          content providers and marketers to
          complement their advertising with mobile

          More benefits of mobile text »

page 23                                          
   The Opportunity Is

   Mobile is a Complement to Other Media
   The adoption of mobile Internet browsing          The bottom line: The opportunity is
   and application use to support other              now. Mobile text is a great way to reach
   activities presents a compelling opportunity      interested customers, is cost-effective, and
   for content providers and advertisers alike.      is a complement to other media channels.
   You can complement the shopping, viewing,         A mobile strategy will be very effective for
   and browsing experience on the mobile             reaching your customers while they are in
   platform.                                         your store and on your e-commerce websites.

   •	   Mobile is critical for unplanned, impulse,   Great, now let’s see those QR codes »
        time sensitive buys, when a PC is not
   •	   56% use mobile devices to browse when
        they are not near a PC or laptop
   •	   45% use it for unplanned purchases and
        time-sensitive research
   •	   41% use it for impulse buys                                                                                 page 24
          A Mobile Marketing

          Know The (QR) Code
          With many smart phones you can scan a
          Quick Response (QR) Code—a unique square
          (two-dimensional) barcode that can store
          large amounts of valuable data and generate
          ROI metrics in real time.

          YourSports creates QR codes for their website,
          blog, social pages, products, forms, videos,
          and anything else they can think of. They
          publish the codes in print, online and on
          television, and track views in real-time.

          The QR code on the right is the link to the
          next page with a quick presentation on how
          QR codes work with traditional marketing
          efforts. You can download a QR code reader
          onto your Smartphone. Free QR code reader
          apps are available via BlackBerry® AppWorld,
          Android Market, and the iTunes Store.

          See how QR codes are used »

page 25                                          
   The Code

   Welcome To The Mobile World
   QR codes are most effective at bringing
   customers into your mobile environment
   from other media. When scanned, QR codes
   bring consumers to your mobile-enabled
   properties, so your ads go mobile.

   When you publish the QR code in a magazine
   or poster, a reader with a mobile device can
   scan it and go to the link. QR codes allow
   consumers to immediately access coupons,
   landing pages, product information or other
   data directly from their mobile devices.

   Marketers can use QR codes to display
   product information, special offers, print
   ads, and coupons in just a matter of seconds.
   These interactive and trackable codes can
   also be used for event ticketing, trade shows,
   conferences, contests, direct mail campaigns,
   websites, email marketing, or other marketing
   follow-up communications.

   See who participates in text campaigns »                                 page 26
          Mobile Gets

          People Use It For Engagement
          In 2008, the Direct Marketing Association
          produced Mobile Marketing: Consumer
          Perspectives. This comprehensive survey of
          800 cell phone users revealed the following:

          •	   24% report that they have participated in
               a mobile marketing campaign
          •	   Of the rest, 51% had never participated
          •	   25% indicated they had never received an
          •	   About 4% said they reply to three or more
               offers per month

          The results suggest that if you’re going to
          market to consumers via their mobile phones,
          text messaging is the channel to target.

          Let’s see the breakdown »

page 27                                          
   Mobile Use By

   A Major Marketplace Impact
   The DMA survey also tracked the same 12
   product categories used in the Yahoo! and
   Nielsen study. These are the industries that
   make the most use of mobile text campaigns,
   and they break down as follows:

   •	   44% Entertainment
   •	   21% Food & Beverages
   •	   21% Telecommunications & Mobile
   •	   15% Beauty & Personal Care
   •	   12% Automotive & Transportation
   •	   12% Business Services
   •	   12% Consumer Electronics
   •	   12% Financial Services
   •	   12% Vacation & Travel Services
   •	   7% Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
   •	   7% Real Estate

   Now for the conclusion »                               page 28
          Customers Are Ready...

                         Are You?
          Be A Mobile Marketing Pioneer
          YourSports is a pioneer. They know that their       •	   They know that mobile has the highest lift
          customer engagement can only increase as                 and immediate engagement compared to
          the mobile Internet becomes more popular                 other methods
          and more people become attuned to new               •	   They know that their subscribers can
          behavior. Here’s why they’ve embraced                    get their promotions, coupons, and
          the mobile channel as part of their overall              announcements wherever they are
          marketing strategy:                                 •	   They can track activities and integrate the
                                                                   data with other marketing platforms
          •	   They can reach mobile subscribers on           •	   Text is extremely cost-effective
               whatever days, and at whatever times
               they are most likely to respond                For YourSports, Marketing Is Mobile. Because
          •	   Once subscribers have opted in, text           of the flexibility and enhanced reach,
               makes it easy for YourSports to manage         marketers in every industry should consider
               lists and segment subscribers by               using mobile text, mobile coupons, and QR
               demographic data, mobile platform, and         codes as part of their overall online marketing
               activities such as links, events, purchases,   strategy.
               coupons redeemed, social media
               activities, favorite stores, and so on         Mobile text allows you to reach subscribers
          •	   An interactive email and mobile                where they are, and when they are thinking
               campaign system provides a real-time           about your company. Now is the time to add
               and flexible way for YourSports to extend      or improve your mobile marketing.
               their brand and appeal to their audience
                                                              About Net Atlantic »

page 29                                                                         

        Net Atlantic
   A Pioneer in Email and Mobile Text Marketing
   •	   Net Atlantic is one of the first to deliver   •	   The company provides the highest level
        total engagement with truly multichannel           of certified support services available for
        marketing solutions including email, text          SMB marketers.
        and social media.                             •	   The company provides dedicated,
   •	   In 2010, the company partnered with                detailed consulting services for email best
        StrongMail to provide their on-demand              practices and template design.
        enterprise email marketing and social         •	   The company offers custom tools
        media solutions to small and medium                development including subscription
        sized businesses.                                  forms, surveys, and video emails.
   •	   The company partnered with                    •	   Net Atlantic was founded by CEO Andrew
        Ads+Synergy and NetInformer to                     Lutts in 1995 and has provided email
        provide enterprise mobile text marketing           marketing services since 1999.
        solutions.                                    •	   Net Atlantic is privately held, profitable
   •	   Net Atlantic offers advanced deliverability        and headquartered in Salem, MA.
        tools provided by Return Path.

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