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									     Online model block diagram

       Online model           EMMA

ZGOUBI                EPICS

other codes...
                   EMMA GUI beginnings
                        main controls   individual magnets
Simple mockup
produced using Matlab

Type values in input
boxes or use mouse

Link to EPICS;
permanent or one-off

Can call ZGOUBI
(through Python)
                           To do
• Get link to ZGOUBI working
   – PyZGOUBI runs OK in Windows, but not through Matlab yet
   – Maybe should do the GUI in Python? what do people think?
• Parse and plot ZGOUBI results, perhaps in separate tabs
   – Tune/ToF curves
   – Orbits
• Collect and display diagnostics from real machine
• More controls
   – corrector magnets
   – RF
   – etc.

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