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                                    MMA’s Outlook for 2010
                                    Franconia Mennonite Conference
                                    November 12-13, 2010
                                    Rebuilding may seem a lofty aim today. While slowly improving,
                                    economic conditions remain a challenge, and many people in our
                                    country and around the world still suffer from the recession’s effects.
                                        Yet, spiritually and practically, we need to act on our trust that
                                    the future matters to God who is building a kingdom despite all odds.
                                        MMA is ready to help individuals, congregations, and faith-
                                    based organizations rebuild the parts of their financial situation that
                                    need a stronger foundation or need “remodeling” based on new
                                    economic realities.
                                        Just like Nehemiah and his fellow Jews who resolved to build
                                    the wall of Jerusalem, our prayers for divine presence can move in
                                    rhythm with our actions to move forward with humility and courage.

                                    MMA’s Sharing Fund was               pastors and other church
                                    able to extend its annual            staff. For congregations, the
                                    budget to offer financial            plan is a means to practice
                                    assistance to people with            mutual aid and work for justice.
                                    employment difficulties. With            MMA works with other
                                    the help of congregations, the       denominations as well to
                                    special Faith in the Future          provide administration for both
                                    Grant offered more than              health and retirement plans.
“We his servants will start         $60,000 to support people with
rebuilding…”                        reduced income in 2009.              Mennonite Financial Federal
– Nehemiah 2:20                                                          Credit Union and MMA
                                    Today, one of the few financial      created new joint offices in
                                    guarantees is fixed annuities.       Harrisonburg, Va., and
                                    Fixed annuities offer a stable       Goshen, Ind. These offices that
                                    return and income stream in          offer complete financial services
                                    retirement. MMA offers               already exist in Florida, Ohio,
                                    annuities with competitive rates     and Pennsylvania.
                                    to prepare for your later years.          Among its services,
                                                                         Mennonite Financial offers bank
                                    MMA has introduced a new             accounts to churches and credit
                                    product that offers convenient       cards that rebate income to
                                    diversification for small            faith-based organizations.
                                    investments. Ask about the           The credit union recently
                                    special ways this product and        launched a new green home
                                    annuities benefit others.            improvement loan to reduce
                                                                         energy costs.
                                    MMA worked with Mennonite
                                                                         How do you manage finances
                                    Church USA to create The
                                                                         together as a couple? Or pass
Mennonite Financial and MMA joint   Corinthian Plan, an employee
office opening, Goshen, Ind.                                             on stewardship values to your
                                    benefit plan that increases
                                    access to medical care for
children? Pastors, how do you       Waiting on health care reform            In 2009, MMA worked with
manage ministry and money?          to be implemented shouldn’t          the Interfaith Center on
     These topics and more are      stall decisions about health         Corporate Responsibility to
covered in MMA’s new                insurance. Learn about MMA’s         engage six large credit card
educational seminars and            new Medicare supplement              issuers in efforts to correct
classes to deepen the practice of   plan and group health                abusive practices.
weaving financial habits with       insurance plan in 2010. To
faith and values. Watch for the     help reduce your medical costs       MMA and Mennonite
one-day Stewardship                 while improving care, find           Financial are coming together
University events coming to         Dr. Glen Miller’s new book,          under one name, Everence,
Lancaster, Pa., Augusta County,     Empowering the Patient, in           which we expect to begin using
Va., and Minneapolis/St. Paul.      MMA’s online bookstore.              by the end of 2010. Visit MMA-
                                                                to learn more about
                                    Having clear goals and a sense       the new name and how it aims
                                    of purpose are powerful tools to     to reach new generations within
                                    help you integrate your faith        our church in the years ahead.
                                    with your financial decisions.
                                    MMA representatives offer
                     MMA offers     Your plan for stewardship, to
                     a Teaching
                     Children       aid you in steering your finances    We would be glad to assist you
                     about Money    toward your life’s passions and      with the stewardship resources
                     seminar.       your values.                         and services mentioned in this
                                                                         report. For more information,
                                    MMA led efforts to address           please contact your local MMA
                                    predatory credit card                office, visit, or
                                    practices by financial service       call us at (800) 348-7468.
                                    firms, which are a risk to people
                                    in financial difficulty.             Report prepared August 12, 2010

 Dear friends,
 As a financial services organization, MMA’s vision is to help people and groups integrate faith into
 their financial decisions.
     This work has become critical during the recession when many people – and congregations and
 church institutions – are searching for a firmer financial foundation. In this process, we’re committed
 to be agents of hope and healing.
     While some say the worst of the financial crisis is behind us, MMA will guide people toward
 transformation no matter where our economy leads us.
     We’re expanding local offices to provide complete financial services with stewardship education
 and mutual aid options. MMA expects new opportunities for partnerships with churches and area
 conferences to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives.
                            Our affiliations across denominations, church groups, and Anabaptist-
                        owned businesses also provide opportunities for learning and collaborating to
                        broaden communities of faith. Our recent affiliation with Mennonite Financial
                        to provide banking services will reinforce a faith approach to finances among
                        young adults.
                            MMA is committed to remain a source of financial sustainability and
                        strength, so we can assist the church and its members. As we help rebuild
                        financial stability for others in 2010, we acknowledge everything we have is
                        God’s, and those resources are here to benefit everyone and our world.
 Larry D. Miller
 President and CEO

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