Progress Report for PPP Measures by elemnopey


									Progress Report for PPP Measures

         Country:             Mozambique

         Project title: HIV/AIDS Workplace Programmes along the Value Chain of
                               the Harbour of Beira

         Project number: 04.1003.5-103.10                Term:
                                                          Nov2007 – Oct2010
         Contract number:      81098655

         Name of the German/European company:            Contact:

                                                         Telephone number:

         Name of the company/partner in the partner
         Cornelder de Mocambique s.a.r.l.
         PO Box 236
         Beira, Moçambique

         Reporting period: 30/04/2007 to 31/10/2008      Report number: CdM 02/2008

         Date:              17/11//2008

         Signature of the contact at the German/European company:

Please attach at least five relevant photos to this report as an annex.

1.    Brief description

      The aim of the project is to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and to improve the access to
      continuous prevention, counselling, testing and treatment measures for actors operating
      along the value chain of the harbour of Beira.
      At the beginning of the project a workshop with 24 relevant cooperation and subcontractor
      companies of Cornelder will be organised. More than 10 companies will sign a workplace
      policy and implement a workplace programme with the support of the project manager.
      Focal persons at each company and peer educators will be identified and trained.
      Workshops for approximately 1.000 permanent employees and their family members (up to
      10.000 persons) will be organised. They will include theatre groups, information on
      HIV/AIDS prevention, counselling and treatment. Testing campaigns will either be held on
      site or participants will be referred to surrounding health stations. The project will also
      extend to other stakeholders of the harbour like ship crews, truck drivers and entertainment
      sector employees including sex workers. For those persons, special information sessions
      will be conducted and they will be motivated to undergo testing and treatment. Around 10
      activistas coming from the entertainment and informal sector will be trained. Through a
      close link of the project manager to HIV/AIDS government structures, the supply of
      antiretroviral drugs as well as access to continuous counselling and medical care will be
      secured for people in need in and around the harbour of Beira.

2.    Current project context

2.1   Degree to which objectives have been achieved, as shown by the indicators

      Project objective: The aim of the project is to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and to
                         improve the access to continuous prevention, counselling, testing and
                         treatment measures for actors operating along the value chain of the
                         harbour of Beira.

      Result 1:           Companies operating in the environment of the harbour have committed
                          themselves to an HIV/AIDS (and general health) workplace programme
                          and policy).

Result 1: Companies operating in the environment of the harbour have committed
themselves to an HIV/AIDS (and general health) workplace programme and policy).


Indicators                               Achievement of indicators, and corresponding
                                         activities conducted so far
    • A planning worshop with the           •   One planning and information workshop
       participation of 24 companies            for representatives of the 24 companies,
       and other relevant stakeholders          located along the value chain of the
       has been held by 12/2007.                harbour including CdM, has been
                                                conducted at the CdM conference room
                                                on the 15th of January 2008. 18
                                                directors and top- middle managers
                                                from the 24 companies participated in
                                                this workshop. We are organising to
                                                hold more workshops

    • More than 10 companies                    17 Memorandum of Understanding have
       committed themselves to                  been distributed to the top management
       implement a workplace                    of the companies operating in the port.
       programme by signing an                  Up to the end of October 2008, 15
       HIV/AIDS workplace policy by             references of understanding have been
       01/2008.                                 signed.
                                                Two companies have not yet signed

                                            •   15 of the companies have already a
                                                signed HIV/AIDS policy and are in the
                                                process of implementation and are at
                                                various stages in this process
                                                (according to the activity plans).

    2. Result: The project is well established in the harbour setting and well linked to national
         HIV/AIDS efforts and structures.

Rating2: A

         •     A reporting system where               •    A reporting system has been set up
              Cornelder reports HIV/AIDS                  with ECOSIDA and Núcleo Provincial
              related data to the national                de Combate SIDA. (CNCS Sofala),
              Business Coalition against                  which is the local governmental
              HIV/AIDS (ECOSIDA) which then               organization, responsible for
              reports to the national AIDS                HIV/AIDS. The discussions about the
              council (CNCS) has been                     reporting system and Data analysis
              established by 01/2008                      have taken place with the related

         •     An agreement between CdM and           •    An agreement between CdM and the
              relevant stakeholders on                    private clinic in Beira (AVICENA) has
              facilitating access to and supply of        been signed which guarantees the
              HIV/AIDS-treatment has been                 facilitation of access to and supply of
              decided upon 03/2008                        HIV/AIDS treatment for CdM
                                                          employees living with HIV/AIDS. For
                                                          HIV+ employees of the other
                                                          companies access to ART treatment is
                                                          guaranteed through the national
                                                          health system.

             • HIV/AIDS harbour task force            •    The taskforce is in the establishment
                including representatives of the          process as related parties are being
                participating companies, as well          conducted. The HIV/AIDS harbour
                as medical sector                         taskforce indicator or has already
                representatives is established            been discussed in conducted
                by 12/2008 and meets every six            workshops and will be further be
                months.                                   discussed in all following workshops
                                                          until an HIV/AIDS harbour task force is
                                                          established latest 12/2008.

3. Result: The Workplace programmes for employees are implemented

Rating3 : A

         •      An HIV/AIDS health focal         •     Until now 20 focal persons and 59 Peer
               person has been identified and        Educators have been identified and have
               trained at each company by            been trained. The 15 companies in the port
               06/2008                               have at least a focal point person and a peer

                                                 •      8.000 brochures have been ordered and
                                                     reproduced. The themes of these brochures
         •      Materials are reviewed and
                                                     are: STIs and HIV/AIDS; women and HIV as
               developed by 07/2008
                                                     well as VCT

                                                 •      7 training sessions have been conducted
                                                     in the first year. 3 of the training sessions
         •      The first training session for       were for peer educators, 2 training session
               all employees has been held           were for Focal Persons and one was for
               by 08/2008                            stevedores from every participating
                                                     company. There was a Directors and
                                                     Companies Representatives’ workshop in
                                                     which 21 companies participated. We have
                                                     also held awareness sessions with most
                                                     workers in the port

         •      A testing campaign has been      •     Information and sensibility trainings for
               conducted for all employees by        VCT have been conducted in the first
               09/2008                               workshops. Testing campaigns have been
                                                     conducted for all companies that have
                                                     signed and have implemented an HIV/AIDS
                                                     work policy by the beginning of August

                                                 •     The first Intensive Voluntary Counseling
                                                     and Testing (VCT) campaign has been
                                                     conducted in August 2008. The program
              • 80% of employees underwent           was aimed at 15 companies in the Port. 12
                 voluntary testing by 12/2008        companies successfully participated. Out of
                                                     the test the results are summarized below:
                                                 •     Estimated Total Number of workers in
                                                       the 15 companies:2286
                                                 •     Provission for testing (60%): 1150
                                                 •     Number of workers tested: 1188
                                                 •     % tested workers: 103.30%
                                                 •     Positive: 230
                                                 •     % positive: 19.36%

4. Result: Families of the permanent staff are sensitized towards prevention of HIV/AIDS,
          tuberculosis and malaria and towards living healthy with HIV/AIDS and use the
          testing and treatment services

Raitng4: A

              • 60% of employees households                •     The GTZ consultant is working on a
                 have taken part in training                    good practice collection to see how to
                 session by the end of the                      include family members in the WPP

              • 80% of family members who                  •    Later
                 participated underwent
                 voluntary testing by the end of
                 the project.

5. Result: Non-permanent staff as well as truck drivers, entertainment sector employees are
          informed on HIVAIDS

Rating5 : A

              • By 4/2008 a network mapping                 •    The GTZ consultant Helen O’Sullivan
                 and a baseline-study (including                has finished the network mapping and
                 KAPB survey) on informal and                   a baseline a study in here second visit
                 low-income sector companies                    in November as scheduled. She
                 concerning their situation,                    started with a network mapping and a
                 needs and possibilities with                   baseline-study in March 2008.
                 regard to HIV/AIDS has been
                 conducted and clarified further
                 actions within this sectors and
                 quantification of the following

2.2      Major deviations from the original results/indicators

         If there have been any effects (either positive or negative) on the objectives / results / indicators,
         please give details of the reasons behind them. If there is a need for action, e.g. an alteration to the
         existing contract (term, cost sharing, etc.), please refer readers to section 4 of the report and explain
         it there.

      Though there was a financial delay at the start of the project, the activities are now up to date as we
      have fast tracked the programme up to the end of our first year. This has been achieved successfully
      as we have touched the Resource (63% of the workers undergo VCT) which was scheduled in
      August 2008.

      The project had been delayed because of the late funds which arrived on the account of CdM on the
      31th of January 2008, though the official start of the project was the 30th of November 2007.
      Therefore the project results according to the indicators could have delayed by about 3 months in the
      first year. In spite of these delays, activities are already planned in order to catch up with the initial
      indicators within this year.

2.3   Partner inputs / contributions by third parties

      Please explain briefly whether any third parties have provided inputs in accordance with the original
      plans and what they are.

      Until now no company has given any monetary contribution to the project. Most of the companies
      contribute by giving free time and fee location for their peer educators and focal persons to
      participate in the workshops. Now the companies have also organised free time for general workers
      to attend our Information Communication and Education (ICE) Sessions (about 6405 worker have
      participated as an accumulated figure, with the help of PSI and HAI who offered a Theatre group for
      30 sessions each in August )

3.    Evaluation of achievement of objectives

      (Please give a brief summary and a critical evaluation of what can be derived from the achievement
      of results and indicators. If there are any particular risks, they should also be noted here. If there is a
      need for action, please refer readers to section 4 of the report and explain it there as specifically as

      The project´s progress is satisfactory and consistent as we have managed to meet the deadlines of
      most of our activities as scheduled even after the 3 month delay. We have also managed to touch
      around double the expected number of workers in our first VCT Campaign. The project is now
      running in accordance to initial programs.

4.    Need for action

      (Please give details of proposed actions on the part of GTZ derived from sections 2 and 3 above or
      from other findings. Your proposals may relate to specific recommendations, provision of funds /
      reallocations or other changes to the contract).

      Though the progress of the project is satisfactory, there is need for a project manager assistant. This
      is because as the project is aimed at adding more companies and stretching to informal workers and
      families of workers in the second year in accordance to the contract, the tasks that have to be carried
      out (Accounting, monitoring, training, organisation, paperwork and fieldwork amongst others tasks)
      increase rapidly.

      Practical experience in this project has show that more money is spend in the category Other Cost
      (information Material =15000.00€) than in the category Other costs (Medical Services=45000.00€).
      We recommend the transfer of 20000.00€ from the medical services to the information material

4.1   Consequences and need for action by the German company/
      company in the partner country

      The communication between GTZ Maputo and the CdM – GTZ PPP project is running well, as a
      result, it is currently not necessary for more actions, but of course administrative coordination among
      all parties involved.

4.2   Consequences and need for action by GTZ


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