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									                                    The Primary School
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                         

The foundation for future success in university and life is laid in the ISF Primary School with a curriculum emphasizing
academic, social, physical and ethical growth. Students in the ISF Primary School thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations
and ongoing emotional and academic support in surroundings that make it easy for students to learn and concentrate.

The Lower Primary...Kindergarten—Grade 2
During these early years, children become more aware of themselves and the world around them. They develop attitudes toward
learning, and the foundation for academic achievement is laid.

Our World
Teaching students to become global citizens, the ISF Lower Primary curriculum
provides students with a rich opportunity to appreciate commonalities while they
celebrate their differences. Language and mathematics instruction in English provide
important skills for the future, while daily language lessons in German provide an
authentic context for discovery of culture and customs. A qualified staff of dedicated
professionals looks after the needs of each student in the ISF Lower Primary and
generates student excitement and curiosity for future learning.

Foundation for Academic Achievement
The ISF Lower Primary grades prepare each child for a formal school setting by introducing basic learning concepts upon which
future education builds. Reading, phonics, language, mathematics, and German comprise the heart of the ISF Lower Primary
curriculum. Science, social studies and computing are integrated into the curriculum as of Grade 2.

The foundation for language development is a central focus of the ISF Lower Primary. The ‘Ginn Reading’ program is used to
aid students in gaining fluency and confidence in reading. The SABIS® Phonics and Handwriting program, in conjunction with
‘Letterland,’ is used to teach students letter shape and formation and sound recognition. The language program expands students’
ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through theme work, as well as encourages them to contribute actively to class
discussion. Songs, stories, and pictures are used to help stimulate imagination and spark curiosity.

                                           Mathematics is a second focus in the ISF Lower Primary curriculum. Students learn
                                           number value and formation; shapes, sets and classification are also mastered along
                                           with ordinal numbers. Students’ excitement in applying their mathematical skills
                                           comes as they learn how to tell time and do addition and subtraction.
Language instruction in German either as a foreign language or as a mother tongue completes the main focus of the ISF Lower
Primary curriculum. Reinforcing the curriculum in language and math, the German curriculum teaches colors, numbers, letters
and sounds. Celebrating our international host country, the Lower Primary German program teaches traditional songs, rhymes,
                                          games and festivals.

                                           Developing a Positive Attitude Toward Learning
                                           The ISF Lower Primary program balances academic development with social,
                                           physical and emotional maturation. Art, music and physical education classes
                                           stimulate a healthy, eager, and happy attitude toward future learning.

The Upper Primary ...Grades 3-6
The curriculum of the ISF Upper Primary offers a challenging, well-rounded
program emphasizing academic and personal growth. The academic coursework is
integrated, sequential, and age-appropriate in skills, knowledge, and values.
Academic objectives include providing a well-rounded education based on a mastery
of English, German and math, training students in logical reasoning and critical
thinking while generating excitement for lifelong learning. These skills are taught in
a nurturing and supporting environment.

Students completing the Upper Primary curriculum at ISF will have a mastery of the
basic concepts and core knowledge required to succeed at learning the challenging material at the Secondary level.

The English program in the Primary School at ISF develops the following skills: (1) decoding language from the printed word
(phonics); (2) comprehending what is read; (3) developing an ever-expanding vocabulary, and (4) reading from multi-cultural
literary sources. Our objectives in English are to instill a lifelong love of reading and to develop effective writing skills.
Additionally we strive for a mastery of grammatical structure, correct spelling, confident skills of expression and good

The ultimate goal of teaching mathematics is to help students develop an ability for mathematical thinking and an appreciation
of the power and use of math. In the SABIS® Educational System, math is considered a ‘language’ applicable in all societies
and cultures, and a critical part of the educational process.

The math curriculum at ISF provides a challenging program which involves reinforcement in subsequent years. The objective
of the math program is to help students attain an understanding of mathematical concepts and master computational skills and
problem-solving techniques that will enable them to understand the more abstract concepts in the secondary school.
The German program in the ISF Primary School is a two-track system of German
including German for native speakers or German as a foreign language. German is
required for students at all grade levels. Both programs provide the students with a
solid background in grammatical structures, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills.
Students new to Germany and the German language are typically able to function in
the language after three to four years in the ISF Primary German program.

Beginning in Grade 1 and continuing throughout the next five grade levels, the ISF
Primary School science curriculum offers children varied opportunities to become
involved with basic scientific concepts, process-oriented techniques, and challenging problems for investigation. There are two
major components in the curriculum: a physical sequence, guiding students through examination of the physical world and a life
sequence focusing on the biological world.

Social Studies:
Starting in Grade 2, students learn about what is most familiar to themselves, their families and their communities. As their
environments expand, studies include geography and world history with local German content. Map and globe skills, the use of
charts and graphs, chronology, critical thinking, and research are some of the components in our integrated skills approach to
social studies.

                                           Weekly classes in art, music, computing and physical education round out the
                                           curriculum in the ISF Primary School for those in Grade 2 and above. Serving to offer
                                           students a liberal arts education, these classes encourage students to develop as well-
                                           rounded individuals. Student talent is showcased throughout the year through art
                                           exhibits, concerts, and numerous sporting events.

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          Is ISF the right school for your child?
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                             

ISF provides a superior learning environment in a caring international community. In co-operation with the SABIS® Educational
System, ISF provides a cohesive, motivational and exciting program for all students,
offering a unique approach to international education in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area.

Entrance Requirements
ISF, as a member of the SABIS® School Network, is academically oriented without
being highly selective. The criterion for acceptance in a grade is academic attainment,
rather than age, although age acts as a limiting factor.

There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Kindergarten (3 to 5 years of
age), although students for KG1 must turn 3 by June 30th in the year they will enter the program. They must also be able to speak
and follow simple instructions, as well as be toilet-trained. Prospective students at Grade 1 and 2 levels are interviewed and
tested. All other prospective students through Grade 13 take diagnostic tests in the core subjects of English and mathematics as
well as German, if applicable. Additionally, for students wishing to enter grades 10-13, diagnostic tests in a selected science and
social science, plus a third language, if applicable, are taken for placement.

Diagnostic tests help to determine if the students have attained the minimum expected standard for each subject and at each grade
level. The school makes final placement decisions.

New students entering ISF may have areas identified as requiring academic support. ISF offers Intensive classes in English and
mathematics to help strengthen a student’s educational base in these subjects and to prepare them to join a regular class as quickly
as possible.

                                            Efficiency and high standards cannot be achieved or maintained if individuals are not
                                            held accountable for their actions and decisions. Hence, every individual at ISF is
                                            held accountable. Administration bears the responsibility for setting, meeting, and
                                            maintaining high standards, and both teachers and students are held accountable for
                                            achieving the objectives laid down in the syllabuses.

                                            Well-defined networks of support are in place to help each individual meet the
                                            demands of accountability. Students are given the tools and the support that assist
                                            them in realizing their full potential.
Assessment at the ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main helps identify student mastery of essential concepts before
they move on to new material. The frequent and thorough testing helps to ensure the understanding of concepts taught and helps
prevent the formation of learning gaps.

Assessment at ISF takes four forms: (1) Continual Assessment Tests (CAT) which are monthly assessments in all academic
subjects for those in grades 1-4. This series of tests is integrated into the normal timetable and administered over a period of one
week. (2) SABIS® Academic Monitoring SystemTM Tests (SABIS® AMSTM). These
are multiple-choice, computer-scored examinations in grades 4-12. They test
information in English and math and are administered on a weekly basis. (3) Periodic
Exams: Taken on a weekly basis, these written tests include a mixture of multiple-
choice and short answer questions. Students sit two to four periodic exams per term
in each subject in grades 5-12. (4) End-of-Term Exams (‘Finals’): These exams are
written three times yearly and include information taught over an extended period of
time. ‘Finals,’ as they are commonly referred to, contain both multiple-choice and
short answer questions and are taken in all subjects in grades 5-12.

Frequent assessment, along with a comprehensive reporting system, allows school
officials to monitor students’ performance and pinpoint gaps that need to be filled in order to secure a solid foundation on which
to build further knowledge. The testing prepares students for sustained mental effort over long periods of time. Testing also
reinforces knowledge and prepares students successfully to face and tackle difficult situations under time pressure.

Communication with the School
Should parents have questions or concerns about any aspect of their child’s life at school, they are requested to communicate
directly with the Administration, rather than with the individual class or subject teachers.

Parent-Teacher Relations:
The policy at ISF regarding parent-teacher communication is unique. When parents have a concern, a problem, or seek
information about their child, they meet with the Academic Coordinator. The Coordinators have a complete, overall picture of
the child’s academic and non-academic record and can give the parents all the information needed. If a problem is identified, it
is investigated thoroughly and objectively. A solution is proposed and implemented. This approach is extremely efficient and
avoids the problem of incomplete information.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held biannually for students in grades KG-13.

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                               Distinguishing Features
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                          

• Part of a Worldwide Education System and Philosophy          • Door-to-Door Transport
• School Services                                              • ISF Food Service
• Extended Day Care                                            • Parent Network
• Mother-Tongue Language Support

Part of a Worldwide Education System and Philosophy
The SABIS® Educational System is the product of the experience and effort of
dedicated educators who have developed and refined the system, providing a truly
international education geared toward achieving academic excellence. The
comprehensive, dynamic curriculum is updated, as necessary, to keep it relevant to
the international community, the present year, and the global community.

School Services
ISF employs a full-time nurse for its Health Center, as well as Personal and Career counsellors. Students have access to all of
these services throughout the academic day. Additionally, ISF advising classes in grades 5-9 meet weekly with the counsellors
and/or nurse to discuss contemporary themes.

Extended Daycare Program
ISF offers an extended daycare program for Primary students both prior to and following the class day. This program provides
adult supervision of the students in the morning from 8:00 until the start of the school day at 8:20 and from dismissal of the
academic day at 15:20 (grades 1-4) or 16:05 (grades 5-6) until 18:00. In the afternoon, students may also be engaged in a variety
of other organized activities.

Mother–Tongue Language Support
A mother-tongue support program is available in a number of languages for students wishing to maintain their first language
while attending ISF. Taught by qualified mother-tongue language teachers, such programs in the past have included French,
Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Greek for primary and secondary students.
School Transportation
Transportation to and from ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main is possible via a number of means. For those opting
for public transport within the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area, the S-Bahn stop (Sindlingen) brings students within a short walk of
the campus.

‘Door-To-Door taxi service’, offering a private taxi service to interested parents, is made available by a private company and
provides an alternative to public transportation. A ‘Point-to-Point bus’ service is also available for those families living in areas
where there is sufficient demand.

A hot lunch service is available daily for students having purchased tickets in
advance. Sodexho, the world’s largest international catering company, provides and
serves a well-balanced, nutritious mid-day meal. Parents receive a monthly menu
offering three meal choices per day.

Sodexho additionally offers Imbiss-style foods from its Kiosk. Visitors, parents, and
students may purchase food and drink on a cash-basis (€) at set times daily.

ISF Parent Network
The ISF Parent Network is an organization representing parents of the ISF student body. Coordinated by a ten-member, elected
board, the ISF Parent Network plays an active role in life at ISF. In its central role as a communication facilitator between home
and school, the ISF Parent Network meets monthly. The ISF Parent Network provides a supportive, welcoming environment for
those ISF families new to the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area. The ISF Parent Network publishes a quarterly newsletter, sponsors
social events for parents and students, communicates regularly with the ISF Director, and contributes actively to the international
atmosphere of the school.

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                 Education for a Changing World
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                      

The ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main – founded by the city of Frankfurt, the State of Hesse, and multi-
national corporations – offers world-class education from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 13. The purpose-built, state-
of-the-art campus in Frankfurt-Sindlingen is located in the heart of the Rhein-Main area. ISF Internationale Schule
Frankfurt-Rhein-Main facilities include a 300-seat theater, indoor, semi-Olympic sized swimming pool and tennis
courts in addition to advanced music, art, and academic facilities.

ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main is a member of the SABIS® School Network, an educational
organization which manages schools worldwide, currently educating 40,000 students in 50 schools. SABIS® schools are
distinguished by their implementation of the SABIS® Educational System, a unique system of education that offers a
rigorous, internationally-oriented, college-preparatory curriculum, emphasizing the core subjects of English, mathematics
and world languages.

Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main is an accredited member of NCA (North Central Association of Colleges and
Schools CASI Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement) and CITA (the Commission on International and
Trans-Regional Accreditation). Additionally, ISF is a regular member of the European Council of International Schools

ISF offers its students these options for their route to university:

        • ISF High School Diploma           Grade 12
        • US Advanced Placement Exams       Grade 12
        • British AS/A-Level Exams          Grade 13
        • International Baccalaureate       Grade 12

Singly or in combination, these qualifications prepare ISF graduates for university study around the world.
Our mission…
ISF will be recognized as a provider of top quality education to a
highly diverse student body. ISF will strive to help all students
achieve their full potential, prepare them for success in college,
equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and
strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values. ISF will maintain
high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout its

At ISF, the students are also encouraged to adopt the following

         • Always try
         • Do your best
         • Manage yourself
         • Treat others with respect
         • Cooperate and actively help others
         • Respect the property and rights of others

Achieving academic excellence and acceptance to top universities is a priority of the ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-
Main. Students and parents who share the values and aspirations of the school are at the right school. Together with the support
of parents and the willingness of students to work, ISF spares no effort to ensure that each and every student achieves his or her
full potential.

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                                The Secondary School
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                                 

Offering competitive leaving certificates upon graduation in G12 or 13, the ISF Secondary School begins its university
preparation in Grade 7. Emphasis is placed on English, mathematics and German. A third language, French or Spanish, is added
from Grade 7. Secondary students at ISF, in addition to mastering academic content, develop skills in abstract reasoning and
critical analysis, which are vital to the process of lifelong learning.

IGCSE, AS- and A-Level, AP Examinations and the International Baccalaureate Diploma
Secondary school students at ISF are prepared for external exams taken throughout grades 7-13. Sitting the IGCSE, AS-Level
and A-Level examinations of the British system of education and the TOEFL, PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, and Advanced Placement
(AP) examinations of the American education system, ISF students are prepared to meet the requirements of the most demanding
universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, the Middle and Far East, and

ISF students in grades 11 and 12 can also be prepared for the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). The IB Diploma is
accepted at universities worldwide.

The Secondary School Curriculum
The Secondary School curriculum at ISF covers a broad range of subjects. Some of the most distinctive features include:

In grades 7-9 the English program focuses on establishing skills in composition, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary,
grammar and oral response. Class readers with a historical content are used to provide a valuable context in which to study and
perfect these skills. Literature is introduced gradually to develop critical analysis skills and an appreciation of the world’s literary
genres. Course work in grades 10-13 focuses on preparation for the IGCSE in First or Second Language English and Literature,
as well as AP English and A-Level exams in English Literature.

Math in the Secondary School is taught as an integrated discipline,
allowing for fluidity across boundaries between different branches of
math. Starting in Grade 7 students are taught algebra, set theory, and
computing; in grades 8 and 9 the study of algebra and computing is
continued along with the study of geometry. From grades 10-13
students may continue in one of two tracks—math for Arts and math for
Science—both leading to high level qualifications upon completion.

ISF requires the study of German either for native speakers or as a
second language for all its students in grades 7-13. In a language
program designed to mirror that of the state of Hesse, the German
program at ISF focuses on writing, reading comprehension, grammar,
spelling, and vocabulary at both native and foreign levels. The native-
German course integrates the study of classical German literature starting in Grade 7 and continuing through grade 13. ISF
students in German Foreign courses sit IGCSE exams as early as the end of Grade 10 with the AS/A-Level and AP exams to
follow in later grades when the individual student has reached the appropriate standard.
Science as a survey course is offered at ISF in grades 7-9. Students in these grades
focus on the study of life, earth, physical sciences, and mathematical methods. In
grades 10-13 ISF offers a three-track science curriculum in biology, chemistry, and
physics in modern laboratory facilities. Students sit IGCSE, AS/A-Level and AP
exams in grades 11, 12, and 13.

Social Sciences:
Grades 7-9 at ISF focus on the study of history from ancient civilization to the 20th
century. Students gain knowledge and understanding of these time periods through
the texts used. Project work in each term allows the students to further explore areas
of special interest. Additionally, local German content in history, politics, and institutions is integrated into German lessons in
grades 7–9. Grades 10-13 offer a three-track social science curriculum consisting of history, geography, and economics leading
to IGCSE, AS/A-level, and AP exams.

Beginning in Grade 10 students choose between French or Spanish as their third language. These courses maintain the focus of
other language (English/German) classes at ISF. IGCSE exams in these third languages are written after 4 years of study with
AS/A-Level and AP exams to follow.

                                            Art, music (vocal and instrumental), computing and physical education round out
                                            the academic program in the Secondary School at ISF. These survey courses are
                                            required in grades 7-9 (PE to Grade 10) and expose the students to the liberal arts,
                                            giving them a broad base of subjects to choose from in grades 10-13. IGCSE, AS/A-
                                            Level and AP examinations are available in art and computing in grades 10-13.

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                     ISF Student Life Organization
ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main                                                 

        Tell me, and I forget
        Teach me, and I remember
        Involve me, and I learn.
                —Benjamin Franklin
The schools in the SABIS® School Network firmly believe that education has
the power to change the world. The SABIS Student Life Organization®
(SABIS® SLOTM), a distinctive and integral part of ISF Internationale Schule
Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, gives students the opportunity to develop ‘life’ skills that
empower them to make a substantial commitment, not only to their own personal
development, but to that of their community.

The SABIS® SLOTM is the students’ mini-society. Each individual is encouraged to contribute to help create an
atmosphere of respect and care. The specifics of the SABIS® SLOTM program are implemented by a prefect system.
Prefects who are carefully selected – not elected – manage the SABIS® SLOTM. All students are encouraged to join in
Student Life and to take an active part in their education, academic and non-academic. By working in co-operation with,
and complementing the efforts of, the administration and academic staff, prefects add even more value to themselves.
Prefects help to raise the general standard all around them; they promote high social and moral values; they encourage
participation in a wide range of additional activities and sports.
Through the SABIS Student Life Organization® at ISF, students are helped to
become responsible and caring citizens through learning in order to:

•   Encourage positive attitudes
•   Improve general standards
•   Promote constructive thinking
•   Experience real-life work and responsibilities
•   Improve their communication and social skills

The SABIS Student Life Organization® at ISF is an important part of every
classroom. Teams comprised of a Class Prefect and Group Leaders provide
immediate help to their classmates. After a teacher has presented a concept and an accompanying exercise, these prefects
check the work of students in their groups and assist the teacher in locating and filling learning gaps.

The SABIS Student Life Organization® at ISF sponsors a multitude of different weekly activities both during the
school day and after school. These activities include many team sports in co-operation with the school’s German ‘Sport
Verein’, arts and crafts, ballet and dance, drama, band, choir, private music lessons, Tae kwon do, yoga and much more.

Involvement in all aspects of life at ISF helps students acquire and refine skills, attitudes, and attributes that give them
an advantage in college and beyond. Top universities from around the world are eager to attract and accept those students
who have acquired a broad base of such abilities and experiences.

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