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					Page Two                                                                               Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Orchard Park
                                                             MISSION STATEMENT
   We, the Parish Family of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, recognize that we are on a spiritual journey. Under the guidance of the Holy
   Spirit, we grow as a People of God through Eucharistic celebration, sacramental prayer, apostolic service, continuing faith formation and
   renewal. Aware of our responsibilities to each other, we strive to imitate Jesus through compassion, mercy and love. We seek to be faithful
   stewards, providing a heart and home for the many people of this community.

                                                                                           Catholic Charities Report
                       July 19th, 2009
           Weekday Masses are celebrated in the Chapel
Monday, July 20 - Apollinaire's, bishop & martyr
8:30 am Wayne Courteau - Vaune Gresco
Tuesday, July 21 - Lawrence of Brindisi priest & doctor
                                                                                        T    o today’s date Our Catholic Charities
                                                                                             Appeal total is 63,26034

8:30 am Kitty Gesicki -Husband                                                          Thank You again to all who as supported our
Wednesday, July 22 - Mary Magdalene                                                     Catholic Charities Appeal.
8:30 am Walter Migas - Frank & Rose Mary Bonare
Thursday, July 23 - Bridget of Sweden, religious
8:30 am James N. Schmigel, Sr. - Wife & Family
Friday, July 24 - Sharbel Makhluf, priest
                                                                                           Rectory Hours For August
8:30 am Gilbert Francis - Wife, Arlene
Saturday, July 25 - James, apostle
8:30 am Charles Corbo - Charlie & Sandy Kelly
5:15 pm (Fr. Adolph) Stanley Krakowiak - Wife & Family
                                                                                        S   tarting The Mouth of August on Friday’s
                                                                                            we will be open from 9:00 to 12:00.
                                                                                        Closed in the Afternoon. We will resume Fri-
Sunday, July 26 - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time                                          day hours in September.
8:00am (Fr. Adolph) Rita Skrzeczkowski - Carmella Tarquini
10:00 am (Fr. Bob) Michael Lahiff (Anniversary) - Family                                Rectory Hours:
12:00 pm (Fr. Bob) Bernard J. Lillis (Anniversary) - Joan & Peggy &                     Monday 9:00 to 5:00 (Closed Lunch 12-1)
Richard and Maura
                                                                                        Tuesday 9:00 to 5:00 (Closed Lunch 12-1)
                    The Sanctuary Light Memorial                                        Wednesday 9:00 to 5:00 (Closed Lunch 12-1)
          The Sanctuary candle this week will burn in memory of
                                                                                        Thursday 9:00 to 5:00 (Closed Lunch 12-1)
            Domenic DiLoreto…..Requested by Wife, Agata
                                                                                        Friday 9:00 to 12:00
               READINGS FOR SUNDAY, July 26, 2009                                       Saturday 9:00 to 12:00
           2 Kings 4:42-44         Ephesians 4:1-6      John 6:1-15
                          Sacrament Guide Lines                                               Closing Of The Gyms
COMMUNION TO THE SICK: Anyone who is ill and unable to attend Mass for
a month or longer can call the Rectory. The priests or Special Ministers of Com-

munion to the Sick will be happy to bring the Eucharist to the homebound.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Prospective parents are asked to call the Rectory
                                                                                             he Gyms will be Closed For Cleaning.
three months before the birth of a child. A baptismal class is required before an
infant's baptism is scheduled. Baptismal classes are held on the third Tuesday of       White Gym: Closed July 27th to August 2nd
every other month. Baptisms are held on the first and third Sundays of the month
after the noon Mass.                                                                    Red Gym: Closed August 3rd to August 9th
SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: Requests for weddings should be made at least
twelve to eighteen months in advance of the prospective date. Church arrangements
should be made before other wedding date commitments. No wedding dates are
given over the phone. Pre-marriage preparation is also required.
LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: In order to be a sponsor for Baptism or                            Parish Council News
Confirmation, the individual must fulfill the responsibilities and obligations that

Church law requires. 1) Have received the three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism,
Confirmation, and the Eucharist). 2) If married, the marriage must conform to the           arish Council Meeting will be Monday
regulations of the Catholic Church. 3) Attend Mass every Sunday. 4) Receive Com-            At 7:00pm In The Red School Cafeteria
munion on a regular basis.5) If you have children, they must be attending religious
education classes or be enrolled in a Catholic School. 6) Be a registered Parish-
ioner for at least the past three months. A registered parishioner is one who is
enrolled on the parish census files. To register you need to complete a census card.
The fact that you may have been baptized or married here years ago does not mean
you are automatically registered. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you
cannot serve as a Sponsor in Baptism or Confirmation.
Page Three                                                                                               July 19, 2009

                                                                                        3rd Annual
                                                                                     Flea Fling is back
                                                                                      with a twist!!!!
   O     ur Lady of the Sacred Heart School, a Roman
         Catholic School, has a long and distin-
   guished history of educational excellence serving
   children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight.
                                                                Share this date Saturday, September 19th

   I   t is the goal of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
       School to provide a nurturing Catholic Chris-
   tian environment where all students have the op-
                                                            with your family & friends all are invited to join us.

                                                           This year we are going to rent spaces out for you to
   portunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and in-
                                                                      sell you treasures or crafts.
                                                          We will also have a food stand and tables with things
   I  f you are interested in becoming part of the
      "OLSH" family please call the main office-824-
   8208- for a personal school tour.
                                                                   that people drop off for us to sell.

                                                            We will need people to help set-up, clean-up, and
                                                           work that day. If you are interested please fill out the
                                                                 slip below and returned it to the rectory
         Support Christ the King
             This Weekend

T     his weekend is the annual collection for Christ
      the King Seminary. This is your opportunity to
help support the educate of our future priests, deacons

and lay leaders. Please in vest in the future of your     Phone:____________________________
church by helping the Seminary continue it’s impor-
tant work of ensuring that all who answer God’s call      I will help:
to ministry will never be denied the opportunity to       Setting Up_______
serve. Please give generously and pray for the success
of the Seminary’s mission. For more information on        Cleaning Up_______
the Seminary’s annual appeal, mission or programs,        Working that Day__________
go to or call 652-8900.
                                                          Rent a space:
                                                          $20.00 a space(10X10)___________
         Eucharistic Holy Hour                            $10.00 A table____________

E     ucharistic Holy Hour: will be held in the Chapel
      on Monday 20th at 7:00pm. Presiding will be
Deacon Lawrence Markowski. We are enjoying vaca-
                                                          Checks payable to: OLSH Church

tion time, but Jesus never takes a vacation. He is al-
ways with us, Mt 28:20. We should never take a va-
cation from him: We should take Jesus on vacation                        If you have any question
with us. Pray the rosary every day, attend Holy Mass            please call Patti at the Rectory (824-2925).
besides Sundays. Then our vacation will be truly holy
and happy.
Page Four                                                         Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Orchard Park

                     EVENTS OF THE WEEK OF July 19, 2009 – July 26, 2009
   Sunday      2:00-4:30pm
    July           Bingo
     19          B-1 K-3
              Bell Jar Orange

  Monday       7:00-7:45pm         7:00pm        7:30pm          7:30pm
   July          Novena /       Parish Council Contemplative      Adult
    20          Holy Hour          Meeting        Prayer        Volleyball
                   CPL               RBC          RBTL            RBG

  Tuesday          NO             7:00pm        7:00pm           7:00pm
   July       Senior Citizens    CHRP/Men     CHRP/Women          Adult
    21           Meeting          Meeting       Meeting         Basketball
                    LC             RBL           RBFL             RBG

  Thursday     6:00-8:30pm
    July           TAC
     23          Meeting
   Friday                                                      C: Church                RBFL: Red Bldg. Faculty’s Lounge
    July                                                       LC: Lower Church         RBG: Red Bldg. Gym
     24                                                        CPL: Chapel              RBC: Red Bldg. Cafeteria
                                                               WBG: White Bldg. Gym     RBL: Red Bldg. Library


   Sunday      2:00-4:30pm
    July           Bingo
     26          B-2 K-4
              Bell Jar Green

             BE A CATHOLIC?                                                         Did You Move ????
                                                                                     Are Moving ????
Do you have an unbaptized, older child?
                                                                        Did your Phone Number Change????
Or one who seeks the Sacraments of Eucharist or Con-
                                                                             Are you a New Comer to the Parish
                                                                                  and not registered ?????
Are you interested in becoming a Catholic yourself?                          Are you a Young Adult needing to
                                                                              registered under your self ????
Would you like to complete the Sacraments of Initia-
  tion by being Confirmed?                                                     Are your envelopes not coming
                                                                                   to your home???????
INQUIRY SESSIONS for seekers & families of
seekers are offered on Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30           Do you have any changes to your family status?????
pm & Thursday, September 10th at 7:00 pm.
                                                                   If you answered YES to any of these Question
               Want more information?                                   Please call the Rectory 824-2935.
         Call the Rel. Ed. Office (824 - 8209)
Page Five                                                                                                   July 19, 2009

         PARISH NEWS                                                  St. Vincent De Paul Society

                Attention All Parishioners
                                                                T    he St. Vincent de Paul Society’s mission is to fulfill
                                                                     the two great commandments---love of God and love
                                                                of neighbor. Consistent with that goal we remain actively

I  f you have any keys to any of the buildings and you are
   no longer the Chair-person of the organizations, please
return the keys to the rectory.
                                                                committed to helping those in need of temporary assistance.
                                                                Let us know if we can help.

                Attention All Parishioners                                    Diocese News
W      e are always looking for families to help bring the
       gifts up. Please help the ushers out, If your family
that would like to bring up the gifts please let them know
                                                                Single Parent Family Camp will be held August 23-29 at
                                                                Camp Stella Maris, Livonia, NY. This is a place where sin-
before mass. If The Mass is for your Loved one and your         gle parents and their children can work at strengthening the
family would like to bring up the gifts please let the ushers   family unit, find a place to heal, and receive support from
know.                                                           other single parents who have also suffered the pain of di-
                                                                vorce, separation or death of a spouse in a safe, loving and
                       Usher News                               fun atmosphere. Blending families are also welcome. For

Y    our Summer shirts are in. You can pick them up at the
     rectory Monday thru Friday form 9:00 to 4:30pm and
ask for Patti. If you would like to purchase another shirt
                                                                more information, please call Camp Stella Maris at 585-
                                                                346-2243x104 or Tom Bardo at 716-631-8666.

you can give your order to Patti.                               Job Opening: Keyboardist to accompany congregational
                                                                singing at the 5:00pm Saturday Mass at Saint Bernadette
                  Seniors Citizen News                          Church, Orchard Park, NY. The musician should be famil-

O    LSH Seniors are planning a trip to Fox Wood on Oc-
     tober 19th to October 22nd. Cost is $435.00 a double
for more information please call Ester Cullis 649-6850
                                                                iar with contemporary Catholic music, be able to work well
                                                                with people, occasionally teach new songs to the congrega-
                                                                tion, and be able to plan music in conformity with the litur-
                                                                gical year. Payment is per diem. Contact: Fr. Paul Seil, St.
                                                                Bernadette Church, 5930 S. Abbott Road, Orchard Park,
    To Parish Couples Celebrating                               NY 14127. Information: 716-649-3090.

 50th, 60th or 70th Years of Marriage                           Climate Change Impact. "Today the great gift of God's
                                                                Creation is exposed to serious dangers and lifestyles which
B     ishop Kmiec invites couples who are celebrating their
      Golden and Diamond Anniversaries of Marriage in
2009, to a special Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral on Sun-
                                                                can degrade it.... We must pledge ourselves to take care of
                                                                creation and to share our resources in solidarity." (Pope
                                                                Benedict XVI). Action: Reflect on what lifestyle changes
day, October 18, 2009 at 3:00pm. On this day the entire         you and your family can make. Visit http://
Diocese of Buffalo will join those celebrating their anniver- to learn about the Saint
saries in their joy and in their gratitude to God. During the   Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and our Brothers and
Mass, couples will renew their marriage vows. A reception       Sisters who live in poverty.
will follow at the Buffalo Convention Center. If you are
celebrating your 50th, 60th, or 70th wedding anniversaries
and would like to participate in the special Mass with
Bishop Kmiec, please call the Rectory to register. (824-                       Around Town
2935) or fill the slip out below and put it in the collection   St. John Vianney Lawn Fete: Will be held July 24 thru
basket.                                                         July 27. Music and Fireworks display every night.

                                                                Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Msgr. Baker Court
                                                                #1043 will hold their first summer picnic meeting Monday,
                                                                July 20th in the shelter at the Knights of Columbus Hall on
                                                                South Park in Lackawanna. It will start at an earlier time,
                                                                5:00pm. Please remember your dish to pass, and you may
                                                                want to bring your favorite lawn chair. We look forward to
Marriage Date__________________________________
                                                                seeing all of our members for this fun event!
Page Six                                                                  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Orchard Park

       Religious Education News                                                      SCHOOL NEWS
      Phone: 824-8209 E-mail:                            Phone: 824-8208 E-mail:
The Religious Ed Office is CLOSED for walk-in business
until Mid-August. Phone messages and mail correspon-                                 School Summer Hours for July
dence will be checked regularly.                                                      Monday-Tuesday- Thursday
                                                                                           9:00am to 2:00pm
                        GRADES 1- 6
2009-2010 Registration forms for Elementary (Gr 1-6)                              Our School is accepting registrations
Families have been mailed out. SPECIAL RATES apply if                                 for the 2009-2010 school year.
fee is paid in full by July 31st!                                       If you are interested in visiting the school please contact
                                                                        us at- 824-8208 to schedule a personal tour of the
NOTE: KINDERGARTEN children who will be attend-                         school.
ing public school First Grade in the Fall should regis-
ter now to take advantage of the Special Rate Plan. You
must be a Registered Active Family to participate. IF you               The PTG is looking for Bingo volunteers for next
have questions regarding our Program please call 824-                   year. Some of our hard working volunteers are moving on
8209.                                                                   and we have positions that need to be filled.
                                                                        The most notable vacancies are Bingo Coordinator and
                       GRADES 7-10                                      Kitchen Coordinator. Responsibilities include scheduling
Registration forms may be picked up in the brides room or               and handling supply issues. Bingo is one of the largest
the rectory during the summer months. They may be mailed                fundraisers for the PTG. Money raised from Bingo goes
in or dropped off at the rectory. Have a great summer.                  toward the PTG’s financial commitment for the overall run-
                                                                        ning of the school.
Catechist regathering meeting will take place with a
                                                                        If you would like to volunteer for one of the coordinator
shared dinner at 6:00pm in the white school followed by a
                                                                        positions, or volunteer to work at Bingo, please contact the
presentation by Fr, John Graden OSFS in the chapel. The
                                                                        main office. This is a great way to get your 35 volunteer
topic is "Be Who You are and Be That Well." The evening
                                                                        hours. For more information Please call the School 824-
will be for all Catechists as well as the Confirmation group
Grades 7-10. Please be sure to turn in service project
sheets ASAP. to Mrs. Quinn at Religious Educa-                          OLSH PTG Sweepstakes Party: Sweepstake tickets are
tion. Reminder postcards were sent out to any students who              now available for the annual drawing to be held, Saturday
didn't hand them in.                                                    November 21, 2009. Only 1500 tickets will be sold. Tick-
                                                                        ets are $30.00 each with 26 prizes to be given away. The
                                                                        grand prize is $10,000.00. A ticket includes one admis-
      Spiritual Bouquet Being Prepared for the                          sion, dinner, beer and pop. Bell Jar, floor raffles, Chinese
                 "Year for Priests"                                     auction, silent auction and more will be available.
New York - Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for           You can purchase your tickets at the Rectory, School Of-
Life, announced today that Priests for Life is inviting the laity to    fice or fill out the order form below and drop it in the col-
prepare a massive spiritual bouquet which will be presented this        lection basket. Please mark the envelope SWEEPS and
Fall to all the priests of the country.                                 enclose cash or check payable to OLSH PTG and your
The faithful are invited to pledge prayers, rosaries, chaplets, holy    ticket stub(s) will be mailed directly to you.
hours, and sacrifices for priests, that they may be protected in        Early bird drawings will be held on 7/27, 8/27, 9/27 and
body and spirit, and may grow in holiness and in the fruitfulness       10/27 for $50.00 prizes. The top seller of tickets
of their ministry. This can be done at           will receive $500.00. ( Seller must be a member of the Par-
"Priests are heralds of the Gospel of Life, and are called to stir up   ish or a School Family to be eligible for the $500.00).
the gifts of God's people to build the culture of life. In our day,
when restoring protection for the right to life is the top moral        Name: ____________________________
imperative, the Catholic faithful thirst in a particular way for the           (as it should appear on ticket)
leadership of priests in this arena, and eagerly pray for it," Fr.      Address:____________________________
Pavone added.                                                           City/State:___________________________
Along with pledging a spiritual bouquet, people are invited to          Telephone:__________________________
share their stories about their favorite priests                        Attending event: yes or no