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build self esteem


									Builing Self Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as the way a person feels and thinks about him or
herself. It is believed that self-esteem is developed during the
childhood years. It is largely affected by how one has been treated by
the people surrounding him or her particularly his or her parents.

Many individuals suffer from low-esteem. When someone has low self-esteem
it affects all facets of his or her life. Low self-esteem can have
adverse effects in ones confidence, ability to build and maintain
friendships and romantic relationships, career development or work
performance. It could also lead to unhappiness and a generally
unsatisfactory life. Self-esteem is rooted in ones belief in ones self.
When ones doubts or has u uncertainties when it comes to his or her
capacities then he or she is likely to be suffering from low self-esteem.

Statistics are unavailable but it is estimated that millions of people
around the world are suffering from low self-esteem. It affects even
those in developed and industrialized countries such as the United States
and United Kingdom.

Fortunately for these individuals, there are many ways to build self-
esteem. One of the most effective of these ways is to have a positive
self image. A positive self image simply means an agreeable or favorable
view of ones self including ones talents and abilities and physical
attributes. In other words, to have a healthy self-esteem one must be
able to like or love him or herself. If you do not like yourself you
simply cannot have high self esteem.

Another way to avoid having low self esteem is to get rid of negative
thoughts. How do you this? The most important thing is to be able to
recognize a negative thought as it enters your mind. One cannot simply
will a negative thought away. The most effective way to dispel negative
thoughts is to replace them with positive ones. If, for example, you are
beginning to have doubts. Then simply replace these doubtful thoughts
with thoughts of confidence and belief.

It is important that you change the negative thought immediately and not
let it linger in your mind. If a negative though stays in the mind for a
long time then there is the possibility that it could turn into a habit.
In which case, it would be very difficult to dispel or get rid of it.

Another powerful way to deal with negative thoughts and thus build self-
esteem is through positive affirmations. These are words that suggest
positive beliefs and ideas and are meant to be read or recited
repeatedly. One of the most popular affirmation goes like this: In every
day, in every way I am getting better and better. If you are having
negative thoughts and are suffering from low self-esteem then try to say
this affirmation to yourself several times throughout the day.

Finally, you can also improve your self-esteem by hanging out with
positive and supportive friends and relatives. This is probably the most
effective way of improving ones self-esteem. The words of encouragement
and even praises of these individuals can do wonders to your self-esteem.
Their love and understanding is definitely more powerful than any
affirmation or positive thought. Sometimes just knowing that somebody
believes in you makes you believe in yourself also.

Just follow the guidelines above and soon, your self-esteem will

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