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					Issue No. 24                                                                                      Highlights
December 2001

                                                                                                  • The Power of Ambition
                                                                                                  • Holiday Food Hints
                                                                                                  • Match Your Unique Interests to
                                                                                                    Perfect Hometowns
                                                                                                  • On Being Human
                                                                                                  • For the Calorie Conscious
                                                                                                  • Alternate Meanings
                                                                                                  • Discounted Rooms at Well-Known Hotels
                                                                                                  • Stress Relief for the Holidays
                                                                                                  • Fitness
                                                                                                  • Spread Your Bets
                                                                                                  • Tech Tip

                Pursuing Your Own
                                                                                        Life                NAVIGATOR
What is the origin of true ambition? There       important question to ask yourself at the       own ambition take you where you want to
exists only one place to find true ambition,     beginning of the month, the beginning of        go, to do what you want to do, to create
and that is within you—in every thought, in      the week, the beginning of the day.             the life you want to live!
every movement, in every motivation. Your        Because here is what you don’t ever want        (Source: Excerpted from The Power of
ambition is an expression of who you truly       to do—kid yourself. Kid your neighbor, kid      Ambition series by Jim Rohn. Reproduced
are, your own self-expression.                   me, and kid the marketplace, but don’t kid      with permission from the Jim Rohn Weekly
                                                 yourself—fingers crossed—hoping you will        E-zine. Subscribe at:
Self-expression. Isn’t self-expression really    arrive at a good destination when you’re
self-direction? How you think, how you           not even headed that way. You have to ask
move, how you motivate yourself. Ambition        yourself often, AM I? Am I doing the disci-     HOLIDAY HINTS
is a result of self-direction, and self-direc-   plines that are taking me in the direction I
tion is one of the six key principles neces-     want to go? Don’t neglect to ask these          An old hint revisited: If you are driving this
sary for building ambition.                      important questions, questions that help        holiday season and you are subject to
                                                 determine your direction, the set of your       motion sickness, take some ginger or other
Positive self-direction says, “I know who                                                        decongestants to help alleviate the problem.
                                                 sail, your destination.
I am, and I know where I want to go. I’m
accumulating knowledge, experiences,             Is this the direction I want for my life?       For those who will be airborne: If you are
feelings, and philosophies that will help                                                        flying and suffer from middle-ear trauma,
                                                 Is this someone else’s direction?               which occurs during take-off and landing,
prepare me for opportunities that I know
will show up without notice or any help on       Is this a goal I have been ingrained with       ginger will help here too. And if you pack a
my part.” Because you know where you             since my childhood?                             special treat (either fruit or your favorite
want to go, you have already been working                                                        energy bar), you will not feel deprived when
                                                 Is this goal my parent’s, my spouse’s,
on the parts of your personality that will                                                       you refuse the allergenic salted peanuts or
                                                 my boss’, my children’s, or is it MINE?
make you better. Working on your attitude,                                                       chemical-laced pretzels.
working on your health, working on your          Ask yourself these questions and then
time-management skills. Putting it all down                                                      Before heading for the holiday cocktail
                                                 debate them. After you have answered
on paper. And you constantly see yourself                                                        party, eat one egg and take some extra
                                                 these questions within yourself, then take it
in the place you want to be, going in the                                                        vitamin C, B6, and calcium. The egg pro-
                                                 one step further and ask, “What am I doing
direction you want to go.                                                                        vides quality protein and fat, which will
                                                 that is working or not working?” Debate it
                                                                                                 delay the absorption of alcohol into your
                                                 all. Work with your mind to figure out the
Direction determines destination. So here is                                                     bloodstream. That’s why Russian politicians
                                                 best possible direction for you—your self-
a question you must ask yourself, “Are all                                                       drink large amounts of milk before vodka-
                                                 direction. And then ambitiously pursue your
the disciplines that I’m currently engaged in                                                    drenched banquets. The additional nutrient
                                                 own self-direction. Let the power of your
taking me where I want to go?” What an                                                           supplements help to prevent the desperate-
ly hungry feeling that makes the drinks and      They’ll even help you find a new job. It’s       3. Eat off smaller plates!
hors d’oeuvres irresistible. It may even give    fun and FREE.                                    4. Drink a 12-ounce glass of water before
you enough resistance to nibble only on the                                                          eating. It will take up room in your stom-
crudités (raw vegetables) and avoid the
more damaging snacks and beverages.
                                                 INSPIRATION                                         ach and make you feel less hungry.
                                                                                                  5. Wait 10 minutes before snacking.
                                                 This being human . . .
Bring your host a bag of mixed nuts in the                                                           Between-meal snacks are usually
shell, and a couple of nutcrackers as your       This being human is a guest house.                  impulsive acts. A wait before eating
house gift. It’s fun to sit around and crack     Every morning a new arrival.                        them will often make you realize you
nuts open. Kids love this, too. The higher                                                           aren’t hungry after all.
the oil content of any food, the more quick-     A joy, a depression, a meanness,
                                                                                                  6. Keep the right stuff up front. Make
ly it will become rancid, so cracking the        some momentary awareness comes
                                                                                                     such foods as fruits and vegetables
nuts open at the time of consumption             as an unexpected visitor.
                                                                                                     readily available by keeping them in
avoids the free radical problem and also                                                             the front of the refrigerator shelves.
                                                 Welcome and entertain them all!
helps limit the amount you will consume.
                                                 Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
(Source: Betty Kamen, Ph.D. Nutrition Expert)    who violently sweep your house                   HUMOR
                                                 empty of its furniture,
and speaking of nuts . . .                       still, treat each guest honorably.               “Your food stamps will be stopped effective
                                                 He may be clearing you out                       March 1992 because we received notice
Nut allergy? Avoid kissing!                      for some new delight.                            that you passed away. May God bless you.
                                                                                                  You may reapply if there is a change in your
People with a nut allergy can have an ana-       The dark thought, the shame, the malice,         circumstances.”
phylactic reaction if they kiss someone who      meet them at the door laughing,
has recently eaten nuts to which they are        and invite them in.                              —Department of Social Services,
allergic. (An anaphylactic reaction is a seri-                                                    Greenville, South Carolina
ous, often life-threatening allergic reaction    Be grateful for whoever comes,
                                                 because each has been sent                       The Washington Post published a contest
characterized by low blood pressure, shock,
                                                 as a guide from beyond.                          for readers in which they were asked to
and difficulty breathing.)
                                                                                                  supply alternate meanings for various
                                                 —Rumi from The Essential Rumi                    words. The following were some of the
People can have reactions up to six hours
after the kisser has eaten the food. In most                                                      winning entries:
cases, the kisser is a spouse, although          TIPS FOR THE CALORIE                             1. Coffee (n.), a person who is coughed
some children say that they have been            CONSCIOUS                                           upon.
kissed by a relative. One grandparent was
                                                 Avoid Eating Distractions                        2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how
kissed by a grandchild who had eaten peanut
                                                                                                     much weight you have gained.
butter. Some respondents are single people       If you are trying to control the amount of
who have a reaction in a dating situation.                                                        3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever
                                                 food you eat, then you may want to consider
                                                                                                     having a flat stomach.
                                                 reducing distractions during your meal. A
Brushing teeth and using mouthwash are
                                                 French study published in the August 2001        4. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation
ineffective measures for preventing this
                                                 issue of the American Journal of Clinical           while drunk.
serious reaction. [One trick is to place a
                                                 Nutrition reported that women who ate            5. Willy-nilly (adj.), impotent.
few grams of vitamin C—dissolved in a
                                                 lunch while listening to a tape of a detective
small amount of water—under the tongue                                                            6. Negligent (adj.), describes a condition in
                                                 story consumed significantly more calories
as soon as possible after the allergic reac-                                                         which you absentmindedly answer the
                                                 than when eating without distractions, even
tion. This curtails the reaction almost                                                              door in your nightie.
                                                 though their hunger level was the same. So,
immediately for many people.]
                                                 next time you’re ready for dinner, shut down     7. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp.
(Source: 59th annual meeting of the American     the television and turn off the phone!
                                                                                                  8. Gargoyle (n.), an olive-flavored
College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology,                                                          mouthwash.
                                                 Tips to Avoid Overeating
Orlando, Florida, November 2001)
                                                                                                  9. Flatulence (n.), the emergency vehicle
                                                 1. Slow down, chew with purpose: Take at            that picks you up after you are run over
WEB SITE PICKS                                      least 20 minutes to consume a meal.              by a steamroller.
                                                    Taking longer to eat will make you feel                        as though you are eating more. Enjoy the      10. Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding
                                                    conversation and companionship.                   hairline.
Discover perfect hometowns rated to match
                                                 2. Eat only while sitting down. Much extra       11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on
YOUR unique interests.
                                                    food is consumed on the run. Making it            an exam.
Compare the best cities and small towns             a point to sit down while eating will         12. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified
with free colorful reports.                         help you think about how much you                 demeanor assumed by a proctologist
                                                    are consuming.                                    immediately before he examines you.
13. Oyster (n.), a person who sprinkles his       can run 20 to 30 percent. Web site:             California Reservations (800/576-0003)
    conversation with Yiddish expressions.                           Represents 1,500 or so West Coast hotels
                                                                                                  in 100 locations that include not only
14. Circumvent (n.), the opening in the           Hot Rooms (800/468-3500)                        California but also Washington, Oregon, and
    front of boxer shorts.                        Chicago-only service, a pioneer in hotel        British Columbia. The San Francisco-based
15. Frisbeetarianism (n.), the belief that,       discounting that books 30,000 rooms             service claims it can cut 30 to 40 percent
    when you die, your soul goes up on the        annually at savings of up to 40 to 50           off published rates. Web address (its site
    roof and gets stuck there.                    percent off published prices. You pay the       is excellent):
                                                  hotel directly. Web site:
16. Pokemon (n.), a Jamaican proctologist.
                                                                                                  Travelscape (888/335-0101)
                                                  1-800-USA-HOTEL (800/872-4683)                  Formerly known as Las Vegas Reservations
TRAVEL                                            Offers around-the-clock reservations service,   Systems, this 10-year-old service is currently
                                                  as well as discounts of up to 40 and 50         branching out to 800 hotels in 100 U.S.
For Discounted Rooms at Well-Known                percent, working with more than 11,000          locations. Discounts average 25 to 30
Hotels: 13 Top “Hotel Brokers” (or “Hotel         domestic hotels, including most major           percent. Its first-rate Web site helps you to
Consolidators”)                                   chains. You pay the hotel directly. Web site:   create low-cost domestic air-hotel packages.
                                                                   Web site:
These are the newest of the “consolidators.”
For many years, the American hotel industry       Quikbook (800/789-9887)                         (Source:
watched the emergence of discount compa-          Handles 200 or so hotels in Atlanta,
nies in air transportation and cruises, and       Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles,
sternly resisted the trend. Then, about two       San Francisco, and Washington, DC. This         STRESS RELIEF FOR
years ago, the industry succumbed. Faced          service can often slash 25 to 30 percent        THE HOLIDAYS
with a growing glut of rooms resulting from       off a property’s quoted rates. Web site:
the over-building of hotels in the 1980s, they                                                    Our lives are busy all year long. How do we
slowly began assigning a portion of their                                                         fit those things that we do once a year in
space to independent companies for resale         Travel Interlink (800/477-7172)                 an already overcrowded schedule? How do
to the public—quietly, without advertising,       Represents thousands of hotels, primarily in    we fit in more time for shopping, wrapping,
covertly—at discounts ranging up to 50 percent.   Asia and Europe, and offers discounts off       decorating, cooking, planning, partying,
                                                  their published rates that can run as high      travelling? It’s no wonder the holidays bring
Accommodations Express (800/444-7666)             as 30 to 50 percent. Also has significant       additional stress to many.
Began as a booking service for Atlantic           discounts on many land packages.
City; now works with over 1,000 hotels in                                                         Here’s a strategy that I’ve been using suc-
16 cities. Average savings are 20 to 25           Hotel ConXions (800/522-9991)                   cessfully for the last couple of years: From
percent, though they can go as high as            Discounts the rates of 200 hotels in eight      Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, I just say
40 percent. Its excellent Web site is             U.S. cities—New York, Boston, Washington,       no to anything that doesn’t directly produce                            DC, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Los           money. I commit myself to creating the time
                                                  Angeles, and San Francisco. Claims its cuts     and experience that allows me to express
Central Reservations Service                      an average 30 percent, and also states it       my holiday best. Here are some ways that
(800/950-0232)                                    has space in generally sold-out periods.        you can put that strategy to work for you.
This veteran books hotels in Miami,
Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Boston, (800/383-2270)                 Say no to meetings that aren’t holiday
Atlanta, and Chicago, regularly offering          This 5-year-old company has enormous            celebrations.
discounts of at least 15 percent and              reach, offering 56,000 hotels (including        Say no to requests that could be done
frequently as much as 30 percent.                 most major chains) virtually everywhere in      after the holidays.
                                                  the United States. Claims it can save you       Say no to the routines that don’t add to
Express Reservations (800/356-1123)               between 40 and 65 percent, occasionally         or support your holiday experience.
Books only good-quality New York and              more, with biggest savings in shoulder          Say no to the non-essentials.
Los Angeles hotels at discounts that often        seasons. Urges you to use its Web site:
                                                                                                  Say no to the season’s aspects that don’t
approach 30 and 40 percent, depending   
                                                                                                  appeal to you.
on time of year. The hotel is paid directly—
no prepaid vouchers. Web site:           (Internet only; no phone)            Say no to inappropriate and unreasonable                               A brand-new service currently handling only     expectations.
                                                  New York City—with 30 midtown hotels in all
Hotel Reservations Network                        price ranges—but soon to expand to Las          Say yes to gratitude.
(800/96-HOTEL)                                    Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, and       Say yes to allowing others their desired
A big selection of U.S. cities—24, to be          Los Angeles. Claims to save between $20 and     holiday experience.
exact—distinguishes this large, 8-year-old        $60 nightly on rooms. Web site:                 Say yes to taking care of yourself.
company, as does its claim to obtain first-                                  Say yes to wider boundaries and higher
class accommodations for under $100 a
night per room. Average savings, it claims,
                                                                                                  Say yes to the parts of the season you
                                                                                                  enjoy the best.
Say yes to giving thoughtfully and accepting     pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or          By market sector. Instead of singling out
gifts with grace.                                early family history of heart disease—            technology companies, which had been the
Say yes to expressing your best to others.       marathon running is probably compounding          leaders, participate in many market sectors.
Say yes to forgiveness.                          their risk.”
                                                                                                   By holding a diversified mix of companies,
Say yes to fun.                                  Even healthy people can decrease their            you’ll be able to profit as different styles
                                                 risk. For example, taking                         come into favor. In the difficult market of
Handcraft the holiday experience of your
                                                 products to prevent                               2001, for example, small-cap value funds
choice. Here is a success formula for
                                                 platelets from getting                            had an impressive 13 percent gain, through
enjoying the holidays:
                                                 “sticky” following                                August, while large-cap growth funds lost
Let go of what’s not absolutely necessary        a race is advis-                                  25 percent, according to Morningstar.
  And participate with your family, friends,     able. [Natural
                                                 products would                                    Inc., Chicago. As recently as 1998, those
  and colleagues
                                                 include ginkgo or                                 same small-cap value funds suffered a 6
  And smile and laugh a lot                      fish oil.]                                        percent loss while large-cap growth funds
  And practice extreme self-care                                                                   returned over 33 percent.

(Source: Yvonne Chiarelli, professional,         (Source: American Journal of                      (Source: Retirement & Financial Planning
personal, and business coach.                    Cardiology 2001; 88: 35–40)                       Report published by FEDweek)
                                                 Tip: Freshen Up that Water Bottle
                                                                                                   TECH TIP
WORDS OF WISDOM                                  After a workout, the last thing you want to do
                                                                                                   Call-Waiting Annoyances!
                                                 is to sip out of a stale-tasting water bottle.
Any fact facing us is not as important as        The remedy: Add a slice of lemon to your          Have you ever been online and suddenly,
our attitude toward it, for that determines      water. Not only will it add a dash of flavor to   without warning, you find yourself kicked off
our success or failure. The way you think        your H2O, but the citrus juice helps keep a       the Web site that you had waited forever to
about a fact may defeat you before you           plastic bottle smelling and tasting fresher.      finally finish loading? Annoying to say the
ever do anything about it. You are overcome                                                        least! However, as with regular phone calls,
by the fact because you think you are.”          Take the Pain Out of Yard Work                    you can now disable your call waiting with
—Norman Vincent Peale                            To prevent straining your back, stretch
                                                                                                   a special code.
                                                 before and after doing yard work, says            You’ll need to check with your phone compa-
“A bit of fragrance always clings to the
                                                 Jerome F. McAndrews, chiropractor and             ny to find your particular code, but it’s usually
hand that gives you roses.”
                                                 spokesman for the American Chiropractic           something that starts with either an * or #
—Chinese proverb                                 Association, in Arlington, Virginia. A good       followed by two numbers. Let’s say it’s
                                                 move to get you started: Stand up and,            #70 for this example. To disable call wait-
“One of the greatest gifts you can give to
                                                 keeping your knees straight but not locked,       ing, have your Internet dialup begin with
anyone is the gift of attention.”
                                                 bend over until you feel the stretch in your      #70 then the phone number: #70555-1234.
-- Jim Rohn                                      hamstrings. And remember to pick up
                                                 leaves by bending at the knees (think             Now you can safely surf the net knowing
                                                 squats), not at the waist, which will improve     that all those telemarketers are being
                                                 the look of your lawn—and your gluts.             thwarted as you surf!
Running and Cardiac Risk
                                                                                                   Switching Between Screens
Inflammatory and blood markers of cardiac        FINANCES
risk appear to increase the risk of acute                                                          While holding down the Alt Key, press the
                                                 Spread Your Bets                                  Esc button. Doing so allows you to toggle
ischemic events among marathon runners.
Researchers observed significant risk increas-                                                     between screens quickly without having to do
                                                 Rather than invest in a few well-known
es in men (average age 47.6 years) within 4                                                        the usual Minimize/Maximize routine. The
                                                 growth stocks (the ones touted on TV), you
hours after they completed marathon races.                                                         only exception is the desktop screen. You
                                                 should diversify within the equity market.
                                                                                                   must minimize all applications to get there.
Some factors return to normal by next            By market capitalization. In addition to
morning, but coagulation factors remain          familiar names, buy small and medium-
                                                                                                   Questions/Comments to:
high, and platelet aggregation increases.        sized companies, focusing on those with           Evelin Saxinger, Work/Life Program Manager,
There is evidence that some clotting takes       solid earnings.                          or 358-1311
place, although the athletes do not
experience any symptoms.                         By investment style. Purchase value               An online version of this newsletter may
                                                 stocks that might be considered well-priced,      be found at
Researchers conclude: “For people who            at current levels, as well as higher priced       codec/cc/navig-24.pdf
have cardiac risk factors—high blood             growth stocks that are prized for outstand-
                                                 ing future prospects.