Online annual report – the interactive PDF by elemnopey


									Online annual report – the interactive PDF

Key features and advantages:
Extremely fast download speed
Easy on-screen navigation and readability
Display table of contents and access information
Adjustable page size for easy on-screen viewing
Key word search facility within the report
Download report as a PDF for viewing at a later time
Share the report with others
Ability to print report

                  The Simpler Regulatory System (SRS) Act has              Our product takes a standard PDF of your final
                  raised the importance of online financial reporting.      and audited annual report, created from an original
                  Securityholders can now opt to view annual reports       Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress file and renders
                  online only. This option provides companies with         it as a fast viewing interactive PDF suitable for
                  significant cost savings. However, companies              the internet. This solution removes the need for
                  must provide their securityholders with a quality        Acrobat Reader software.
                  user experience.
                                                                           We have three options for the interactive PDF:
                  User satisfaction is determined by three key criteria:
                  download speed, on-screen readability and ease
                  of navigation.
Online annual report – the interactive PDF

Option 1 – Classic layout                                                                         Option 2 – Streamline layout                                                      Option 3 – Impact layout

              Menu bar and functionality at top of screen.                                                       Menu bar and functionality on left of screen.                       Menu bar on right of screen. Functionality at bottom of screen.

     Navigation                                                                                        Navigation                                                                      Navigation


                                                                                                        Zooming                                                                        Zooming


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