Carol_Ludwick by CarolRL1

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									       Carol Ludwick
       (773) 852-8575

       Height: 5’ 8”
       Weight: 135
       Eye color: Blue

       Munsters of the Midway                      Lily           Possibility Playhouse
       Husbands, An Owner’s Manual                 V.O./Mary      Traveling show
       Sharpies                                    Christina      Viaduct Theatre
       Harry’s Halfway House; Festival winner      Elaine         The Side Project Theatre
       Eat Cake                                    Ellen          Cornservatory Theater
       Scenes from an Italian Notebook: Book II.
           A Minor Variation                       Maggie         Prop Thtr.
           Go on Home, Stupid                      Momma
           Waiting for Chelsea                     Jane
           Finding the Thread                      Camille
       Just a Slice                                Ellen          Gorilla Tango Theater
       A Letter for Santa                          Jenny          Prop Thtr; n.u.f.a.n. ensemble
       The Canning                                 Lisa           Prop Thtr; n.u.f.a.n. ensemble
       Mind the Gap (improv)                       ensemble       Bar Deville
       Level E Graduation Showcase                 ensemble       Second City Training Center, Chicago
       Palimpsest                                  Patient        Jupiter Film Company
       Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon            Background     Paramount Pictures
Green Shirt Studio
       Meisner Level 1 (ongoing)                                  Sommer Austin & Andrew Gallant
Second City Training Center, Chicago
       On Camera with Matt Miller                                 Matt Miller
       Acting and Scene Study; Level 1                            Garrett Prejean
       Acting and Scene Study Levels 2 - 4                        Michael Pieper
       Improv Program Graduate (Levels A - E)                     Assorted Instructors
       Scenic Improv                                              Rachael Mason
Acting Studio Chicago
       Getting Started in the Biz                                 Lindsay Glickstein
The Annoyance Theater, improv classes
       AP2 / AP3 / AP4                                            Rich Sohn / Rebecca Sohn / Susan Messing
StoryStudio Chicago (partial list)
       Screenwriting                                              Danny Kravitz
       Creative Writing I, II                                     Jill Pollack
       Wine & spirits writer, professional photographer, avid sailor, djembe drummer, good with animals.
       Super powers: finding rock star parking spots and turkey gobbling.

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