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Chuck - Season 5 - Marketing Promotional Sheet

VIEWS: 2,013 PAGES: 1

                                                                                                            Studio                        Cast
                                                                                                            Warner Bros. Television       Zachary Levi        Scott Krinsky
                                                                                                            College Hill Pictures         Chuck Bartowski     Jeff Barnes
                                                                                                            Wonderland Sound and Vision
                                                                                                                                          Yvonne Strahovski   Vik Sahay
                                                                                                            Executive Producers           Sarah Walker        Lester Patel
                                                                                                            Josh Schwartz                 Adam Baldwin        Mark Christopher
                                                                                                            Gossip Girl                   Col. John Casey     Lawrence
                                                                                                            The O.C.                                          Big Mike
                                                                                                                                          Joshua Gomez
                                                                                                            Chris Fedak                   Morgan Pace         Bonita Friedericy
                                                                                                            McG                                               General
                                                                                                                                          Sarah Lancaster
                                                                                                            Supernatural                                      Diane Beckman
                                                                                                                                          Ellie Bartowski-
                                                                                                            Allison Adler                 Woodcomb
                                                                                                            Just Shoot Me                 Ryan McPartlin
                                                                                                            Family Guy                    Devon Woodcomb
                                                                                                            Matthew Miller
                                                                                                            Las Vegas
                                                                                                            Grown Ups

Love ’n’ marriage. Lock ’n’ load.
They’re facing global threats, battling international enemies and deciding whose night it is to do the dishes.
Chuck and Sarah have vowed for better or worse, but they’re still trained to do or die, and marriage is just one
of their many dangerous missions. Now that Chuck has the money, the resources, the brain and the girl, will the
lovable everyday nerd finally blossom into James Bond? Not so fast. This season brings upgraded challenges and
changes, including a new and improved Morgan who now has the Intersect downloaded to his brain. There goes
the honeymoon.
Fans go undercover on and test their knowledge of all things Chuck with spy games and featured exclusives.
one-hour drama


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