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									                      Worthing Homes, Davison House, North Street, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1ER
                      T: 01903 703 100 E:

HOME NEWS                                                                                              Summer 2011

is the new
Worthing Homes
gas contractor                                                               Contents
                                                                             2    Dear fellow resident
                                                                             2    Hille Cook – new tenant director
                                                                             2    Walkabout update
After a long and involved tender process we are pleased                      3    Resident scrutiny takes another
                                                                                  step forward
to announce that BSW Heating has been awarded the                            4    Constructive comments and praise
Worthing Homes 10 year gas contract. A Residents’ Panel                      5    Money advice service
                                                                             6    The Community House update
member was on board throughout the process, to ensure                        7    Did you know you can report
your opinions were considered giving you the best service.                        a repair online?
                                                                             7    RedAssure – Full of Life Festival
BSW Heating has been in business for over 49 years, and has a long           8    Purse pleasing prize draw
history of assisting housing associations and councils with their gas        8    Free football sessions
maintenance and service contracts. They are based in Surrey and              9    Supported housing – news
started working with Worthing Homes on 1 June.                               9    Graphics for All group
                                                                             10   Community section
Their engineers wear dark blue uniforms, displaying the BSW logo.            13   Lost keys - can be costly
All engineers carry ID and comply with all of the usual practices in your    13   Benefit Take-up Officer
home as outlined in our ‘Contractor Code of Conduct’ (a copy of which        14   Prize word search
is available on request).                                                    15   FREE computer courses
                                                                             15   Staff news
                                                      Continued on page 3…                             NEXT
                                                                                                    ISSUE OUT
                                                                                                      END OF
HOMENEWS                                                                                                              1
Dear fellow resident
When Worthing Homes came
into existence 12 years ago
many changes were made; we
were no longer just tenants,
we had representation on the
board, we had a say, expressed          Bernard Notley,   WALKABOUT
                                        Vice Chair
our opinions and helped make            Worthing Homes
Then things changed even more. A Tenant
Participation Officer was appointed to promote ways       Please see below the findings from
for every resident to become involved at a level that     walkabouts recently carried out.
suited you.
The Resource Centre opened and slowly flourished to        MARCH         Mendip Road, Chiltern Crescent,
become an asset for the whole community.                                 Cotswold Road
A team of mystery shoppers began reporting in 2007         General: Rubbish including a mattress, broken cot
on the service given to residents and the Residents’       in garden, fridge in garden, various intercoms not
Panel has grown both in size and effect. Next we           working, damaged fences, cars parked on grass.
have resident scrutiny empowering us even more (see
article on page 3).
                                                            APRIL        Westbrook Way, Southwick
We now have a community house and a community
                                                           General: Rubbish including car tyres. Car repairs
garden, we are no longer just residents we have the
                                                           being done, overgrown grass, cover to Southern
opportunity to be involved. Take it.
                                                           Water valve missing, future of play area equipment.

Hille Cook                                                  MAY          Ringmer Road, Radnor Road and
                                                                         Harefield Avenue
NEW Tenant Director                                        General: Pavement in poor condition. Overgrown
Welcome to Hille Cook                                      alleyways and overgrown hedges.
our newest tenant director.
                                                          All issues raised from the walkabouts are either
Hille has been a resident
                                                          dealt with by Worthing Homes or past to the local
since 1994 when Worthing                                  authority/appropriate agency. For example Highways
Borough Council managed                                   Department, the police and Southern Water.
her home.                                                 We really hope you will be able to join us on the
Hille says “as a resident, several reasons made me        walkabout in your area. The walkabouts are not
want to be involved as a tenant director. Mostly          exclusively for Worthing Homes residents, so feel free
because our homes and neighbourhoods, the                 to invite your neighbours.
environment where we live, is the one thing that
                                                          You will have an opportunity to inspect the local area,
affects everyone, including our young people as they
grow up. Living in a neighbourhood is being part of a     highlight any issues about the upkeep of the area,
community, and being part of a community is about         whether good or bad and meet members of Worthing
getting involved and taking opportunities to speak out    Homes staff.
and be listened to.                                             NEXT WALKABOUT will be at 2pm on
We live in difficult times now, but Worthing Homes         Thursday 28 July and will cover: Maybridge Square,
has positively grown and developed its role as              Maybridge Crescent, The Avenue, Melville Way,
landlord by listening to and learning alongside            May Close and Bridge Close. We will meet at the
residents. I am very pleased to be part of a team that             green area in Maybridge Square.
includes landlord and residents working together.“
2                                                                                                  HOMENEWS
Resident scrutiny
takes another
step forward
Last year many of you got involved in helping
us to develop our new service standards.                 interested residents in late March. We considered
You may have attended one or more of our                 how we could develop a scrutiny process that will be
                                                         the most effective for Worthing Homes and involve
service interest group meetings or been
                                                         and include as many of you as possible.
involved in one of the other events we held.
                                                         These residents have agreed to undertake some
The reason we developed these new standards
                                                         training and work with us to develop a system of
was to allow residents to check how well we are
                                                         co-regulation at Worthing Homes.
delivering our services and to discover where we need
to make improvements. We are now forming a new           The group agreed to establish a shadow Scrutiny
resident Scrutiny Committee to lead on this work.        Committee initially with its first meeting to be held
This committee will report directly to our Board of      in late July. It is planned that a formal Scrutiny
Directors and be the resident part of co-regulation.     Committee formed of residents will be in place by
Co-regulation is the term used by the Tenants Services   April 2012.
Authority which is the new way for us to work            Accountability to you our residents is key and
together with you.                                       developing structures to enable this will be part
We needed to recruit to this committee so we             of this initial work. More news on how this is going
held a meeting with our Residents’ Panel and other       in the next edition.

…continued from front page    BSW HEATING is the new gas contractor
If you have any problems with any of the gas
appliances in your home you should call BSW direct                 Freephone: 0800 158 5690
on: Freephone 0800 158 5690 or 0208 763 5333 if           or 0208 763 5333 if you are using a mobile
you are using a mobile. This number should be used        E-mail:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the call will not
cost you anything if you phone from a land line.         We know that this will be a big change as Paine
                                                         Manwaring has been the gas contractor for nearly 20
BSW will also carry out the annual gas safety check      years. If you have any concerns or would like any
on gas appliances and the gas pipework in your home.     further information, please feel free to call the
At the same time, they will service the gas appliances   Worthing Homes maintenance support team on:
owned by Worthing Homes and any resident’s gas fire.     01903 703 101.
This will make them run more efficiently, saving you
money on your gas bills. They will also service any      We are sure BSW will prove to be an efficient and
smoke alarms so you do not have to give access to        customer-focused contractor and we look forward
another contractor to do this.                           to working with them. Your opinions are the ones
                                                         that matter most, so if you would like to give us any
All of these checks are to protect your health and
                                                         feedback on their service in the future, you can do so
safety and anyone living with you. It is important,
                                                         in person, or:
therefore, if you receive a letter from BSW, with
an appointment for the annual gas safety check,          Telephone: 01903 703 101
you let them in on the appointed date. If this is not    E-mail:
convenient you need to rearrange the date. This can      Website:
be done by:                                                       (using ‘Contact Us’)
HOMENEWS                                                                                                          3
Constructive comments and praise!
Thank you for continuing to provide                     We also continue to receive praise and compliments
Worthing Homes with feedback about                      from many of our residents. We have received 10
                                                        compliments since 1 April 2011 about many of our
our services which we value. This includes
                                                        different teams.
compliments and comments as well as some
complaints. We take these very seriously and
use complaints, and compliments, to help us                 Praise about the efficient
identify areas where we can improve.
                                                            service received from
Our records on complaints, compliments and
comments runs from 1 April in any year through
                                                            P H Beck regarding a water
to 31 March the following year.                             leak. A very efficient and
Since 1 April 2011 we have received 5 complaints in         satisfactory outcome
total. Two of these complaints have been resolved
and both were found to be fully or partly justified
– thus highlighting areas where we can continue
to try to do better. The other 3 complaints are still
being investigated.
Some of the lessons learnt are detailed below,
and these have lead to changes in our practices
                                                         Compliment received about
to improve our services in the future.                   a Neighbourhood Housing
                                                         Officer. Resident found him to
     Better understanding                                be very friendly and caring also
     by our staff about rent                             extremely helpful, polite and
     increase information and                            efficient in his work
     the importance of making
     this clear to our customers
     as appropriate
                                                        If you would like to contact us to let us know
                                                        about the service you have received, whether
                                                        positive or negative, we would be delighted to
                                                        hear from you.

Ensuring that we communicate
with you and keep you informed                            You can contact us by telephone, email,
                                                          letter or face to face (see page 16) or
of ongoing progress with any                              you can use the contact form that is
particular issue, such as liaison                         on the website which can be found in
with external contractors                                 the ‘our organisation’ and ‘feedback’

4                                                                                             HOMENEWS
Money Advice Service
gives free, fair advice to all
                                                          A new nationwide service was launched
                                                          in April to provide free, fair advice to help
                                                          everyone make the most of their money.
                                                             The Money Advice Service will help
                                                               you make the right financial decisions
                                                                   and act on them, by giving
                                                                   personalised advice online at
                                                            over the phone on 0300 500 5000 and
                                                            face-to-face across the UK through a
                                                            national network.
                                                            The service is free and here to help you with
                                                            practical money advice, whatever your financial
                                                            Later this year, the Money Advice Service will
                                                            launch an online health check, which will provide
                                                            a personal action plan to help identify money
                                                            priorities and make a plan for the future.

                              ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
The following information details some of the preventative and enforcement action taken between January
to end of March 2011.
92 cases were dealt with of which 55 were ‘new’ cases. The new cases fell into the following categories:
2 alcohol and solvent abuse     3 criminal behaviour
1 damage to property            1 domestic violence and abuse
3 drugs                         2 intimidation
17 multiple causes              21 noise
3 pets and animals              2 rubbish and misuse of communal areas
Of these 9 cases were given advice only. 36 cases are under investigation.
3 cases were served with a notice of seeking possession. 2 cases were evicted and 32 cases were closed
during this 3 month period as they were resolved or inactive.
1 feedback form was returned following case closure. The resident felt the level of service received was good
and the action taken stopped the problem completely.
For more information about anti-social behaviour go to our website: or contact
your Neighbourhood Housing Officer or Support Co-ordinator, alternatively you can pick up a leaflet from
our office at Davison House.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                        5
Take one talented artist, a
group of keen youngsters, a
couple of lovely sunny days
and a whole lot of paint and
what have you got? Mess!!!
During the school holidays, the
display boards from the front of
the house were taken down and
repainted by groups of children
and young people in a design
produced by Amanda Callis,
who runs Krafty Kids on Monday
afternoons. The new boards
show some of the activities that
                                                                    The house will continue to be
go on at the house and look                                     open all summer and we are planning
really fresh and welcoming. We have kept one of the                a range of activities for all ages.
original boards on the side of the house, as this was
one of the first projects completed at the house and                Please call 01903 215 799
is part of its history.                                                          email
Amanda also worked hard with a smaller group                  or check the Worthing Homes website
to change a rather boring looking shed into a piece
of art!                                                  living-in-the-community/the-commu
Being Easter, chocolate had to be involved
somewhere in our activities (any excuse!) so we         You will soon be able to keep up with what is
had chocolate basket making sessions and to work        happening at the community house through our
it all off, took part in a fun day at Dominion Road     own website which is being put together by some
Recreation Ground (Kitty’s Field) run by Worthing       volunteers and young people who come to the house.
Borough Council and Adur District Council.
                                                        See you there soon!
Luckily, the Health Trainers Kay Bradley and Mandy
                                                        Sue and Leigh-Anna
Hastier are still doing a drop at the community
house every other Monday and have been keeping
an eye on us and encouraging us to eat more
healthily in future!

    Community House 25 Dominion Road Worthing Telephone: 01903 215 799
    Community House,            Road,                            5 799
6                                                                                                HOMENEWS
Did you know you can
report a repair online?
To make life that little bit easier we have an
online repairs reporting system you can use
anytime to report non-urgent repairs.
We have recently made some amendments to the
system to make using it even easier.
To report a repair on line all you need to do is go to home, and then
click on ‘Online repairs reporting’ which can be found
in the ‘useful links’ box (shown below) on the right
hand side of the screen.
                           T will take you into the
                           repairs reporting section.
                           Click on the online repairs
                           reporting website link
                           a the bottom of the page
                           a this will open up a new
                           and                             to us. You can even upload a photo
                           window with the repairs         of the problem area to send in with your report.
                           reporting section.              Your online report will be acknowledged as soon as
All you need to do is click on the area you need to        it is received, and our maintenance team will then
report, fill in your details and send the report through   contact you to discuss within 48 hours.

          RedAssure is delighted
             to announce the                                 “     It’s the first time I’ve
                                                                   been away with total
                                                                   peace of mind that
 “Full of Life Festival 2011”                                      Dad has help at the
   at the Assembly Halls, Worthing                                 press of a button in
                                                                   his own home.
      on Thursday 15 September.

RedAssure has taken over
the baton from Worthing
Neighbourhood Care Alliance
Network, who previously
organised this fantastic event.
Full of Life is for people of
all ages, so come along and
enjoy taking part in games,                                           mind, at
                                                             Peace of m
workshops, and other activities.                             the touch of a button...
Find out what’s happening in                                  RedAssure is a complete local support    Other services include:
                                                              service which gives you and your
your area and get to meet representatives from local          family peace of mind, a simple press
                                                                                                           Smoke detectors
                                                                                                           Fall detectors
                                                              on the red button connects to your
businesses and charity groups at information points           phone line for direct access to help,
                                                                                                       •   Epilepsy sensors
                                                                                                       •   Bed Sensor
                                                              24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
around the exhibition hall. Guests will also be able
to relax in the especially designed pamper zone,    

organised by Debbie Stevens from Wellbeing events.           For more information about all our services
                                                             call now to speak to one of our friendly team:

Look out for further information in the local press.         Tel: 01903 703 103

HOMENEWS                                                                                                                         7
2011 Purse pleasing                                        Are you 7-18 years old?
                                                           A Worthing Homes resident?
prize draw                                                 Like playing football for free?
                                                           Here is a list of the regular

     WIN £250
                                                           Worthing weekly sessions. There
                                                           are also football tournaments
                                                           and school holidays sessions.
You may remember in February we                               FOOTBALL SESSIONS
encouraged you to pay your rent on time                        DAY         VENUE
and keep to this until the end of March. In                                                                       TIME
                                                              Monday St Andrews Hi
return we offered a prize draw with a first                                                 gh School,            4.50-
                                                                           Sackville Rd, Worthing
prize of £250 and 5 other prizes of £50.                      Tuesday The Rosie Yo
                                                                                          uth Centre,
Of course many of you pay rent on time so this draw                       Littlehampton Road, Wor
offered a reward to you. It did provide an incentive                                                    thing     5-6pm
                                                                          (girls session)
to pay on time for those who are not always able             Thursday The Rosie Yo
to. The draw has proved very successful with a high                                       uth Centre,
                                                                         Littlehampton Road, Wor
proportion of you ensuring you were eligible to be                                                     thing     6-7pm
entered. This was an excellent result, the rent arrears                  (under 14s)
figure for 2010/11 is 1.9% (net of housing benefit),        Thursday The Rosie Yo
                                                                                         uth Centre,
which will place us amongst the high achievers in                       Littlehampton Road, Wor
                                                                                                      thing      7-9pm
the housing sector.                                                     (under 16s)
                                                            Friday     Tarring Park, Tarring, Wor
    The winners of the prizes were:                                                                  thing
    £250 prize was won by Linda of Limbrick Lane                                                                6-7pm
                                                           Friday     Tarring Park, Tarring, Wor
    £50 prizes were won by: Mr W, and Mr H of                         (teenagers)
    Littlehampton, Mr S of East Worthing, Mr M of                                                               7-8pm
                                                           Saturday Durrington Hi
                                                                                        gh School,
    Central Worthing and Miss W of West Worthing.                    The Boulevard, Worthing
                                                                     (Playing Fields)
A number of you who entered the draw pay by                                                                     11.30am
Direct Debit, a simple and worry free way to                             Remember
ensure your rent is always paid on time. Direct              FREE for Worthing Homes is siden
Debits are available weekly as well as monthly.                                              ts.
Maybe now is the time to switch. Please contact           For more information or to sign up
your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for further            to the Brighton and Hove Albion Football
information or call into Davison House.                   in the Community Cup Final Project
Ensuring we have efficient systems for collecting the     get in touch with Ruth and Laura in
rent allows us to continue to provide you with high       Resident Involvement on 01903 703 177
quality services.                                         or e-mail

Thank you for sponsoring me
Sam Curran a Worthing Homes’ resident of Maybridge Square completed
the London Marathon in 6 hours 36 minutes on 17 April.
Sam says “I ran for Diabetes UK, in memory of my dad who died 4 years ago due
to health complications associated with diabetes. It was an amazing experience and
such an emotional day. I just wish to thank everyone who sponsored me including
Worthing Homes and all my neighbours and family”.
So far Sam has raised £2,200 and is still collecting. Sam is not planning to run anymore
marathons this year, but hopes to run the Gosport half marathon in November.
8                                                                                                         HOMENEWS
Brougham Easter tea
What a turn out! Brougham Easter
tea party was a real hit.
Over 30 residents enjoyed the delights
of entertainer Victor Munroe (see picture
below), hot cross buns and an Easter egg
raffle. Brougham Road resident, Judith
Leaney, made a wonderful Easter cake whichh
was donated as our door raffle prize and was
won by another Brougham Road resident.

Bingo is back at Brougham
Brougham Road Complex (East Worthing) is pleased
to announce that bingo is back in the lounge at
2pm every Tuesday.
Everyone is welcome, so please come along and support us.
We need more players to raise the prizes and keep this fun
afternoon going. If you would like more information please
contact Yasmin or Gemma, Support Co-ordinators at Brougham
Road Complex on 01903 229 260.

                                                      of what we do. We
                                                      all started out with
                                                      little or no experience
                                                      and now achieve
                                                      some very fine work.
                                                      We would like to
                                                                            b    l          l
                                                      encourage new members so please pop along any
                                                      Thursday afternoon between 1-5pm for a cuppa and
                                                      a chat”.
                                                      Last year the group received £1,000 funding
                                                      from Worthing Community Partnership which has
The Graphics for All group who meet at the
                                                      paid for a superb colour printer and a series of
Resource Centre at Worthing Homes every               teaching sessions from local artist Steve Carroll
Thursday recently held an exhibition in               (
Worthing library.
                                                      If you would like more
Bruce Thompson, Chair of the Graphics for All group   information please contact
said “as a group we have come a long way. We held     Resident Involvement at
the exhibition because we wanted to raise awareness   Worthing Homes on 01903 703 177.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                  9
Tree lugging –
hands-on removing
Japanese Spindle                                                                                         Volunteers
                                                                                                         having fun
                                                                                                         up rubbish
                                                                                                         fly-tipped in
                                                                                                         the garden

Cortis Avenue
Wildlife Garden
Sanctuary UPDATE                                                                             Salvaging a greenhouse
                                                                                             for the garden
In the last issue of Home News we told
you about the community garden project                   Voting is on line until 31 July at:
at Cortis Avenue Wildlife Sanctuary.           
The Co-operative’s Big Community Vote 2011 has now       New coop members can also sign up online and vote
short-listed the project for the £2,000 Sussex Award.    straight away.
The volunteers’ co-ordinator Hille Cook, says “winning
                                                         Saturday 9 July, 10am – 4pm is the next hands-
would mean the group can buy some desperately
                                                         on day at Cortis Avenue Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are
needed garden equipment”. Residents can help the
                                                         thinking of growing-your-own, there is a free session
project to make a big difference for many years to
                                                         on how to choose and look after fruit trees. Come
                                                         and lend a hand or just ask questions and see the
                                                         difference a community garden makes to people
                                                         and wildlife. For more information see Facebook
                                                         ‘Cortis Avenue Wildlife Garden,’ or contact Hille
                                                         on 0796 8574 910.
                                           garden                                 A special big thank you to
                                           and vote                               Rabbit Skips who removed
 Common Blue, Red                          i
                                           in The Big                             the mountains of rubbish for
 Admiral butterfly and                     C
 Cinnabar moth (photos
                                                                                  free helping the garden to
 taken at the garden)                      Vote 2011”.                            grow for everyone.

10                                                                                                HOMENEWS
Articles should be sent to Ruth Crack at the address on page 16 or e-mail Please let Ruth have your articles for the
autumn magazine by 15 August. The community pages are for you to tell
other residents about any gardening, money, or energy saving tips, share a
favourite recipe, advertise a community or fundraising event.

Parklife Community Action Group
Months of hard work have finally paid off for
the Parklife Community Action Group which
has now been awarded funding to refurbish
the Chiltern Crescent/Cotswold Road play
                                                           WE DID IT!
area in Durrington.
                                                           go ahead and refurbish the park – it just proves that
With the support of Worthing Homes the Parklife            perseverance can pay off”.
Community Action Group which is headed by Carla
Harvey and Mo Barber have worked tirelessly trying         Nicky Fiondella, Housing Manager for Worthing
to secure funding to refurbish the play park and           Homes says “it’s such fantastic news. This community-
skate area.                                                led group have worked so hard to secure funding for
                                                           their local park, and have shown just what can be
 Funding has now been secured                              achieved with a little help and a lot of determination.
 for over £105,000 from:                                   We hope this achievement will encourage and inspire
 • The Big Lottery                                         other communities to work together and make a
 • Viridor Credits                                         difference”.
 • The Youth Opportunity Fund                              As you can imagine there is now lots to do; such as
 • Worthing Action Group                                   appoint a contractor, order the equipment, remove
A tender is being put together and then Parklife jointly   the old equipment and install the new. It is hoped
with Worthing Homes will select a contractor to carry      the works will be finished in the autumn and then a
out the work. Once a contractor has been appointed         celebratory launch event will be held.
the new equipment can be ordered and the old               Thank you to everyone who has given their support.
equipment removed.                                         Now the fun begins!
Carla Havey, Chair of Parklife Community Action                  Follow ‘Parklife Community
Group says “we are thrilled we now have the funds to             Action Group’ on facebook.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                           11
Paul McDonald a resident of Worthing Homes
for 10 years used to play around on trains and
at stations. When Paul was 12 he fell under a
train at Angmering station and tragically lost
his right arm. Paul was lucky to survive as he
was dragged under the train.
Since 2005 Paul has been working with Network
                                                        DJ/band event music workshops in various areas
Rails dangers campaign “No Messin” which held free
                                                        and at Ivy Arch Studios in Worthing. Paul says “this
sports and music workshops around the country at
                                                        campaign has come a long way since the beginning in
events showing young people how to use music DJ
                                                        the hope of reducing national statistics of trespassing
equipment whilst telling them his story and warning
                                                        by young people which are in their millions. This
them of the dangers of trespassing on railways.
                                                        results in hundreds of accidents and deaths by under
In 2008 Paul decided to set up his own campaign         16s on the rail network”.
called “Change Tracks”. He launched “battle of the
                                                                 More information can be found at
bands” events with over 20 bands including youth
bands to fund a short 8 minute hard hitting DVD. The
DVD is shown at schools at assembly alongside his
presentations. After 3 years of campaigning Paul is
expanding the campaign to other areas by holding

       Worthing Open Houses art trail
 I am a resident of Worthing Homes and live at
 4 Lewis Court. I am participating in the Worthing
 Open Houses Art Trail on 18/19, 25/26 June and
 2/3 July.
 Opening times are 11am-5pm and refreshments will be available
 and everyone is welcome.
 On display will be a selection of modern graphic artwork
 and chakra designs. The artwork is available for sale at
 reasonable prices.
 Pulse buses run from the town centre to Carisbrooke Drive
 in Durrington. A map for directions can be found on Please see my full gallery
 of work on
 Richard Elphick
 Flat 4, Lewis Court, Carisbrooke Drive, BN13 3RJ
 Mobile: 0777 6490 863

12                                                                                                HOMENEWS
                                                 LOST KEYS
                                                 – can be costly
                                                 In the last edition we informed you Worthing
                                                 Homes only keeps spare keys to communal
                                                 entrances and these can be obtained from
                                                 Worthing Homes reception at Davison House
                                                 for £5.50 each.
                                                 We would also like to point out if you live in
                                                 supported housing replacement communal door keys
                                                 are only available from your Support Co-ordinator.
                                                 If Worthing Homes needs to arrange a lock change to
                                                 your front door the costs will be:
                                                 Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm – £58
                                                 Out of hours Monday-Friday 5pm-8.30am
                                                 (weekends and bank holidays) – £90.

                                                 It never hurts to ask –
                                                 it could BENEFIT YOU!
     Sussex Oakleaf operates across                        Are you on a low income?
    Sussex, providing housing support                  Not sure what you’re entitled to?
 services to vulnerable people. Although           Never claimed as you hate filling in forms?
    our main focus is in mental health,                 Struggle to get out and about?
   we also provide floating support and            Housing Benefit could help with payments towards
    a drop-in service specific to those            your rent, and Council Tax Benefit could help
  individuals who may be or, have in the          reduce how much you pay towards your Council
  past, suffered from either alcohol and/         Tax bill.
   or substance misuse issues and are             You may be entitled to these benefits if you are on
   currently living in the Mid Sussex or          a low income, or even if you are working.
      Worthing, Adur or Arun areas.
                                                                Worthing Borough Council now has
     Our south coast office is conveniently                      a “Benefit Take-up Officer” Rebecca
             situated in Worthing.                              who
                                                                w is located at the Town Hall,
  We can support people (18+ years of age)                      Worthing.
    in and around their tenancies for up to                      Rebecca can either come and see
  18 months, this may also include benefits,        Rebecca,      you
                                                                 y at your home or arrange a
                                                   Benefit Take- p
                                                                 private appointment at the Town
    budgeting, debt management, access             up Officer
   to education, training and employment                         Hall to complete the application
         and accessing local services.            form needed to claim these vital benefits.
     If YOU think you would benefit from our       Rebecca can be contacted on: 01903 221 259 or
   support, please call either Petra Brown or     email her at
  Mathew Walker on 01903 218 188 for more             “Claim if in doubt, don’t go without”
    information or to request a referral form.    Remember… you can access information about your
    Alternatively, our drop-in takes place        Housing and Council Tax benefits 24 hours a day
       every Friday from 9.30-1pm at              using our secure on-line self-service.
    Addaction, 3rd Floor, Burfree House,          To register for this free service visit
          Teville Road, Worthing        

HOMENEWS                                                                                                13
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Have a go at finding all the seaside related items listed below.
Words can go horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Words may overlap and share one or more letters.
                          P      O    S      T     C     A      R     D      S     T     M      P     S     B
crabs                     A      M    U      S     E     M      E     N     T      S     U      T     E     E
towel                     S      O    U      V     E     N      I     R     A      N     O     D      A     A
shells                    B      U    C      K     E     T      F     N     C     W      E     W      G     C
punch and judy
souvenir                  S      P    A      D     E      I     D     H      E     C     S     D      U     H
bucket                   W       A    V      E     S     C      A     L     K     W      Q     O      L     B
boat                      F      I    S      H     A     N      D     C     H      I     P      S     L     O
ice cream
                          J      E     I     S     D     O      H     S     H      E     L      L     S     A
swimming                  A      N    T      J     N     A     M      U      S     S     E      L     S     T
                          G      L    U      K      I    C      E     C     R      E     A     M      P     B
seagulls                  E      D    E      R     O     C      K     P     O     O      L      S     A      I
                          Y      Y    S      U     N     C      R     E     A     M      K     A      D     N
fishing                  W       S    W      I     M     M      I     N     G      S     U     N      E     G
                          T      O    W      E     L     U      C     R     A      B     S     D      I     O
fish and chips
                        Please fill in your details on the coupon below and send in the whole page to the
waves                   address on page 16 by 15 July. The first correct entry drawn will win £20 of high street
rock pools              vouchers. The competition is open to all ages.
sea                     The winner of the Spring Home News word search was Mrs Collier
deckchairs              of Cotswold Road. Well done.
sun cream


                         Telephone number:



14                                                                                                  HOMENEWS
FREE computer courses in the Resource Centre*
Are you a beginner and would like to:                                  As a total beginner
                                                                     I enjoyed everything I
 • Develop basics keyboard and mouse skills                        learned, especially e-mail.                 The course is very
 • Identify the main computer components                                                                 well planned and taught. It is
                                                                                                         almost a “one-to-one course”.
 • Create, save, find and print letters etc                                                                   I felt very at home.
 • Manage your files and folders                          Amber explained
 • Search for information on the world                everything very carefully
                                                                                              Doing this course
   wide web                                              and is very patient.
                                                                                      has got me out of my flat, I suffer
 • Complete online forms and print                                                    from agoraphobia but I made the
   information                                                                     effort to go as I really wanted to learn
                                                      It was very friendly and    how to use the computer, I am now very
 • Set up an e-mail account                                                             confident using my laptop and
                                                     easy going – I learnt loads!
 • Or just refresh your memory on how                                                     I have made new friends.
   it all works!

If you are interested in the 8 week beginners
or if you know the basics and would like
to do an intermediates computer course
please get in touch with Ruth in Resident
Involvement on 01903 703 177
Don’t forget we also have a drop in computer
session from 12.15-3.15pm every Wednesday
for all abilities with the same tutor.
* Worthing Homes residents will be given priority on courses.

                                                    STAFF NEWS
 We would like to say thank you and good bye to:                         taken up a permanent position with Greenspace and
 Lucy Balmer, our RedAssure Manager, has left to                         Homespace.
 take up new challenges and we wish her every                                                 Valerie Challenger has joined as the
 success. Liz Allamby will also be missed as she has                                          Resident
 left to take up a new job. Both Lucy and Liz have                                            Involvement Manager. Valerie is
 been valuable members of the RedAssure team.                                                 responsible for resident involvement,
 Linda Brockhurst has now retired from her role                                               customer profiling and the Community
 as a cleaner. We also sadly say goodbye to Paula
                                                                         Valerie Challenger   House.
 Meager and David Bettiss from our Supported                             Laura Stafford has also joined the
 Services team and we thank them for all they did                        resident involvement team as the new
 in supported housing.                                                   Resident Involvement Co-ordinator.
 We would also like to welcome
                                                                         We have also welcomed a number
 some new members of staff.                                                                                           Laura Stafford
                                                                         of people as sessional workers at our
                   Debby Holden has joined
                   D                                                     thriving Community House and they will undertake
                   as the new RedAssure
                   a                                                     a variety of activities with local children and young
                   M                                Debby Holden         people. They are Daniel Evering, Debbie Mott,
                   Louise Titlow who was temping in
                   L                                                     Hannah Smith, Joanne Smyth, Luke Tonks and
   Louise Titlow
                   maintenance until recently has now
                   m                                                     Emma Wallace.

HOMENEWS                                                                                                                               15
     HOME NEWS                                                              WHAT’S GOING ON IN
                                                                            THE RESOURCE CENTRE
                                                                             (opposite the Town Hall)

                    RMAT ON
     Davison House, North Street, Worthing, BN11 1ER
Repairs/day to day maintenance/emergency repair
line outside office hours:            01903 703 101
You can report your repairs online at ‘your home’ under useful
links box.
Supported services/RedAssure:                01903 703 103
                                     PENSION ADVICE
Housing services:                               01903 703 102      Every Tuesday from 9.30am-12.30pm on an appointment
                                                                   only basis. Please ring 01273 364 740 to make an
Greenspace/Homespace:            01903 243 847

Planned maintenance:               01903 703 104                   COMPUTER DROP-IN                   Every Wednesday from 12.15-3.15pm. Open to the
Finance:                                         01903 703 105     community and for all abilities and ages just pop in and
Resident involvement/Resource Centre: 01903 703 177                have a chat with Amber or ring 01903 703 177 for more
Community House:                                 01903 215 799
Tenant Directors:
                                                                   ENGLISH AND MATHS CLASSES THROUGH
Bernard Notley:                                  01903 233 171     ADULT AND COMMUNITY LEARNING
Mark Richardson:                                0754 5930 213      Various classes in the week. For more information ring
Hille Cook:                                     07968 574 910      01903 703 565.
CHIEF EXECUTIVES OFFICE:                                           GRAPHICS FOR ALL (digital art and image processing)
Ann Watkins PA to The Directors                  01903 703 110     Group meet Thursday afternoons from 1-5pm.
EDITOR:                                                            ADVICE ON LOCAL HEALTHCARE SERVICES
Ruth Crack                                       01903 703 118     AND WASTE PREVENTION
Reception and main switchboard:                 01903 703 100      Alcira Ferrari is a qualified community health champion,
Fax:                                             01903 703 111     health trainer and community worker. Alcira holds a
                                                                   surgery listening to people’s health concerns and gives
                                                                   advice, information and promotes the NHS health
Email:                         programmes.
Typetalk exchange: dial 18001 (followed by the full number         Alcira is also a qualified Waste Prevention Adviser for
                        including the code you wish to call).
                                                                   West Sussex County Council and gives advice on home
HOME NEWS is published by Worthing Homes and                       composting, food waste, cotton nappies, smart shopping
is distributed free to all customers.                              and recycling. Advice is free so why not come down to
Please contact us if you would like HOMENEWS in:                   the Resource Centre at Worthing Homes from 2-4pm on
Braille, large print, on CD or in another language.                the first Thursday of the month and talk to Alcira.
                                                                    The rooms at the Resource Centre are available to
      If you have any comments on the newsletter                     rent. For more information please ring Resident
       please contact Ruth Crack on 01903 703 118                  Involvement on 01903 703 177 or look at our website
         or email                 involved

16        Printed on chlorine free paper certified by The Forest Stewardship Council using vegetable inks.     HOMENEWS

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