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MBA Agreement - Fordham University


									                  Fordham GBA/FCLS Agreement

      Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) and
Fordham College of Liberal Studies have a special relationship. Within this
special relationship, Fordham GBA and Fordham College of Liberal Studies
have carefully examined their two curricula to assist Fordham College of
Liberal Studies students planning to continue their education at Fordham
GBA to reduce the length of their M.B.A. degree program.

       The M.B.A. degree program at Fordham GBA consists of 20 courses
(60 credits). GBA’s residence requirement stipulates that all students must
take a minimum of 15 courses (45 credits) at Fordham to obtain their degree.
Accordingly, FCLS graduates accepted to Fordham GBA have the
opportunity to reduce their program by up to 5 courses (15 credits) through
course waivers.

       In addition, there are 3 prerequisite courses (9 credits) that must be
satisfied. FCLS graduates accepted to Fordham GBA may waive all three.

       There are two ways to waive GBA courses: complete equivalent
coursework at an accredited college or university with a grade of B or better
within the six years prior to admission to Fordham GBA, or sit for a waiver
examination during the first trimester of M.B.A. studies. GBA courses
eligible for waiver and the corresponding Fordham College of Liberal
Studies courses that meet GBA’s definition of “equivalent coursework” are
listed on the other side of this page.

      Further information and guidance is available from the Fordham
College of Liberal Studies Dean’s office and the FCLS offices of Fordham
GBA (North Hall).

Patrick J. Holt, Associate Dean, FCLS – Tarrytown    914-332-8309

Francis Petit, Assistant Dean, GBA   914-332-6011
Fordham Course                             FCLS Course
Eligible for Waiver                        Required for Waiver
BE6210 Managerial Economics         ECEU 1100 Basic Macroeconomics
                                    ECEU 1200 Basic Microeconomics

DG6810 Mathematical Methods         MTEU 1108 Mathematical Methods in
In Business                         Business
                                    MTEU 1203 Applied Calculus I

DG 6820 Statistics                  ECEU 2140 Statistics
                                    ECEU 2142 Statistical Decision Making

AC 6111 Fundamentals of             BAEU 2010 Introduction to Financial
Accounting                          Accounting
                                    BAEU 2011 Introduction to Managerial

BL6301 Business Law I               BAEU 2031 Legal Framework of Business
                                    A new course that will assist students in
                                    meeting this requirement may become
                                    available in the Spring of 2006.

FN 6411 The Financial Environment   Two courses from:
                                    BAEU 3040 Financial Management
                                    BAEU 1006 Personal Financial Management
                                    ECEU 3636 Money and Banking
                                    ECEU 3739 Financial Markets
                                    ECEU 3740 Issues in Financial Markets

IC6911 Information Systems          CSEU 1250 Computer Applications
                                    One additional Computer Science course
                                    above CSEU 1250

Continued on the reverse side….
MG 6613 Fundamentals of Management   BAEU 3019 Fundamentals of Management
                                     BAEU 3035 Organizational Behavior
                                     PSEU 3300 Industrial/Organizational
                                     BAEU 3024 Case Studies in Management

MK 6710 Marketing Management         BAEU 3020 Principles of Marketing
                                     BAEU 3028 Corporate Marketing
                                     BAEU 3027 Marketing Research
                                     BAEU 3025 Advertising

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