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					University of California—Los Angeles
Diana W. Hilberman, Dr.P.H., Director
Health Policy and Management Program
Department of Health Services, School of Public Health
P.O. Box 951772
10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90095-1772
Phone: 310-825-7863
Fax: 310-825-3317

Program Information
The program in health policy and management was established at the UCLA School of Public Health in 1960. The
Department of Health Services offers a two-year MPH program in Health Policy and Management with tracks in health
care management or health care policy, a three-year MPH/MBA program in health services management jointly
sponsored with the Anderson Graduate School of Management, a one-year postdoctoral MPH for individuals with a
prior M.D., Ph.D., J.D., or other doctorate, and an Executive style MPH Program for working health professionals with
five or more years of full time work experience (Please see program description in the Executive Programs section of
this directory). The two-year MPH track in health care management, the MPH for Health Professionals, and the
MPH/MBA programs are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services
Administration (ACEHSA). The Program in Health Policy and Management offers a strong generalist program,
preparing graduates for positions in a variety of segments of the health industry. Close ties with the UCLA Geffen
School of Medicine provide students a deeper understanding of health care and medicine.

Curriculum Description
The MPH program is 21 months in length, requiring 84-quarter units or 22 classes. A 400-hour internship in the
summer between the first and second year provides the student with the opportunity to apply newly learned concepts.
Required Health Services classes for the two year entry level MPH in Health Policy and Management include:
Managerial Accounting for Health Organizations, Financial Management, Health Services Organization and Financing,
Microeconomics of the Health Sector, Ethical Principles of Public Health, Information Systems and Process
Improvement, Managerial Theory, Health Services Management Practice, Managed Care, Health Care Marketing,
Health Care Law, and Evaluation Methods. In addition, students take a core public health curriculum including
epidemiology, community health sciences, biostatistics, and environmental health.
    The MPH/MBA program is 30 months in length and requires 132 units or 33 classes, of which 48 units are in the
School of Public Health and the remainder in the Anderson Graduate School of Management. A summer internship and
a six-month team-based consulting project and report are required. Both programs offer a thorough grounding in the
organization, finance, delivery and strategic preparation of health services and public health organizations. The one-
year MPH is designed for those individuals wishing to broaden their understanding of the health services sector while
still using their original functional skills areas. The one-year program requires 12 classes or 48 units to complete.

Admission Procedures and Requirements
Students are admitted for the fall quarter of each academic year. Students for the joint MPH/MBA degree program
apply concurrently to both the School of Public Health and the Anderson Graduate School of Management. The
minimum requirement for admission is a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a 3.0 GPA
during the last two years of study. Applicants to the School of Public Health take the Graduate Record Examination
(GRE). MPH/MBA applicants submit the GMAT. A well-rounded undergraduate curriculum, including courses in
science, math, physical and social science, and humanities is strongly recommended. Health-related work experience is
strongly considered. The preferred date for receipt of applications for the following fall quarter is December 15.
Opportunities for admission and financial aid are reduced for applications received after this date. The final deadline to
be considered for Fall term admission is February 15th. Address inquiries to Nanette Ramzan, Student Affairs Officer,
at the program address.

Opportunities for Financing
Financial aid is available through federal traineeships and through university sources (contingent upon government
funding). Students who meet the university criteria for financial need may be considered for loans. Admission decisions
are made independently of financial aid decisions. Once a student is accepted, the Department will make every effort to
assist in making the necessary financial arrangements.

Opportunities After Graduation
Many opportunities for career positions are available throughout California and the nation as employers seek highly
regarded UCLA MPH graduates. Our strong base of alumni, which supports and advances recent graduates of the
program, can be found in Southern and Northern California and across the country, especially in Washington DC. The
Department of Health Services and the Health Policy and Management Alumni Association maintain a job data bank,
available to students. Many students take advantage of the University Career and Placement Center. While students
take ultimate responsibility for their career choices, the Program and its strong alumni network provide employment
counseling, information on job opportunities, and entry level opportunities for our graduates.

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