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									      Summer News Bulletin                  crafts. Please attend the upcoming board
 Idaho Families with Children from          meeting or email Linda Worden at
                Asia               if you can help.
                                             Charitable Outreach Through Half
   Thank You, Diane and Monica!                     the Sky Foundation

Diane Tappen has completed her term as      We are continuing to support Dang
president of IFCA, and will continue        FuHong through Half the Sky’s Little
serving as a regular board member.          Sisters program. Dang FuHong,
Diane served faithfully during a time of    however, is a little brother. We have
great personal challenge, and we deeply     supported him since his birth in 2005.
appreciate of all she has done to support   His early pictures indicate he was born
IFCA. Monica Clements has graciously        with some kind of cleft condition.
agreed to serve as our new president.       Current pictures show that his lip has
Kristen Gratalo, MeDenne Jones, Donna       been repaired. Our reports from HTS
Tappen, and Linda Worden remain on          are pretty brief, and we have never
the board. Erik Kingston and Jeannie        learned about his treatment for the cleft
Swenson have retired from the board         condition. Only the pictures show that a
after years of creative and thoughtful      lip repair, at least, was made.
service. All this change means we
would welcome new board members.            The translated reports from his nanny
Any IFCA member is welcome to attend        indicate that he is talking and
a board meeting. We are always open to      progressing developmentally in a
input from our members! The next            preschool setting. HTS asks us not to
meeting will be held August 10, at          send out pictures of sponsored children
Monica Clements’ home, from 6:30 to         via the Internet, but we have a binder
8:00 P.M. Please contact Monica at          with all the updates on Dang FuHong, for directions to      which will be on display at the Autumn
her home in Eagle. We will be planning      Moon Festival. The latest HTS report,
the Autumn Moon Festival at this            dated May 13, 2009 is translated as
meeting.                                    follows from the Chinese:

        Autumn Moon Festival                This quarter, FuHong’s physical
                                            development is well.
Our annual Autumn Moon Festival will
be held Saturday, September 19 from                When we organized the children
4:00 – 7:00 at Eagle Island State Park.            to carry out activities through
This is always an enjoyable event for the          which they could exercise their
whole family. Mark your calendar now               small muscles. the children took
and plan to spend the afternoon with us.           turns to toss a ball. When it was
                                                   FuHong’s turn, he picked up the
This event is a potluck. Kid-friendly              ball in front of him anxiously.
foods are welcome—you don’t need to                But after a try, he failed to toss
bring an Asian dish. We always need                the ball into the basket. He stood
volunteers for setup, cleanup, games and           there, frowned and thought about
       the reason. I asked him to have      as dramatically as possible, and sold
       another try. He suddenly knew        candy to add to the entertainment as well
       something. He picked up the ball     as make his living.
       again and lifted it a little. He
       stared at the place of the basket.   The kamishibai cards we have came
       Then he tossed it right toward the   from Each
       basket. When the ball dropped        set of cards is described on this Web
       into the basket, FuHong smiled       site. There is more in-depth information
       happily. He was proud of             about kamishibai as well. We have four
       himself and we are also proud of     sets of kamishibai story cards that can be
       him.                                 used to tell the following stories:

                                                     The Story of Tanabata
 Educational Materials Available to
             Borrow                         This is an Asian folktale that is also
                                            widely known as the story of the
For some years, IFCA has circulated a       herdsman and the weaving girl. It tells
Lunar New Year ―suitcase‖ of                the story of two lovers who are separated
educational materials and art supplies.     and placed in the sky to shine as
We purchased this from the Portland         individual stars, meeting only once a
Chinese Garden for parent volunteers to     year, when magpies form a bridge
use in presenting Lunar New Year            between them.
customs in elementary classrooms. If
you would like to use the ―suitcase‖                 The Mouse’s Wedding
during the LNY season, contact Monica
Clements at           Popular in many countries, this folktale
                                            shows the power of persistence.
Through the generosity of the National
Consortium for Teaching About Asia,                  The Bamboo Princess
we now have additional materials that
can be used in preschool or lower           This is a charming story revolving
elementary classrooms at any time of the    around the particularly Asian images of
year by parents who would enjoy             the moon and bamboo.
presenting Asian culture through folk
tales. Some of you may be familiar with                Nya-on, the Kitten
the picture book, Kamishibai Man, by
the Asian-American author Allen Say.        This is a moon tale suitable for
Kamishibai are picture story cards—         preschool children. An English
perhaps the forerunner of manga—that        language picture book by Kevin
were used by street storytellers in Japan   Henckes, Kitten’s First Full Moon,
before television was widespread. The       recounts another version of this story.
kamishibai man would bicycle around
with his sets of story cards, which he      To borrow a set of kamishibai cards,
displayed in a little wooden stage. As he   please contact Linda Worden at
displayed the cards to a crowd of , or at 362-8482.
children, he told the accompanying story
         Preschool Playgroup                            Summer Reading

If you have a preschool child and can        The Rediscovered Bookshop is hosting a
participate in a playgroup that meets        discussion of Socialism is Great: A
Friday mornings, contact Joelle              Worker’s Memoir of the New China by
Holmquist at                                 Lijia Zhang at their Eclectic Reader’s                  book club meeting on Monday, July 27
                                             at 6:30 P.M. The bookshop is located at
The playgroup meets in Boise and             7079 Overland Rd., in a strip mall near
Meridian every week during the               Cole Rd. Their phone number is 376-
summer. At the end of September, the         4229. Copies of Socialism is Great are
group will meet every other week.            available for $13.50.

Activities for Elementary and Middle              Year of the Tiger is Coming!
             School Youth
                                             Yes, it’s hard to think about Lunar New
IFCA facilitates casual gatherings of        Year in the middle of the summer, but
young people in all grades beyond            the time to prepare our annual party is
kindergarten. Giggling Dragons is            coming. If you are interested in
generally a younger group, while ASIA        participating in any way, please let us
is for fourth grade and up. The activities   know. We could not do it without the
are organized by parents and do not have     many who have volunteered in ways
to have a specific Asian cultural theme      great and small over the years. The
and can merge with other community           LNY party may be the only event
groups. Groups have bowled, visited the      organized specifically for families with
Discovery Center, participated in the        Asian adoptees that some people are able
―Girls’ Night Out‖ program at the            to fit into their busy schedules. The
YMCA, and painted ceramic items at           LNY party is not meant to be a substitute
Artist For A Day. Kristen Gratalo            for studying Asian culture and
organized a Memorial Day bicycle ride        languages. It’s a time when families can
along the Greenbelt, which was a major       belong to a unique group of people who
hit, especially as it ended at the Viking    have a very special adoptive experience
Drive In on State Street for soft-serve      in common. Please contact Joyce
cones and other refreshments.                Mauck at 322-7172 if you can serve on
                                             the planning committee. Let’s greet the
If you are interested in participating,      Year of the Tiger with a great
even in just one event, get in touch! If     celebration!
you would like to organize an event, do
it! The Giggling Dragons has a private
listserve on Yahoo, which you can join
by contacting
ASIA has no listserve, but you can get
involved by contacting Renee Montagne

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