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									   Kiari R.Kinnie
Thompson Elementary
    Power Point
     5th Grade
  Cities and towns
  New York's population centers reflect early transportation routes, with
                      railroad paralleling the Erie Canal .
The largest city in the state and the most populous city in the United States
     is New York City, which comprises five counties, the Bronx, New York ,
     Queens, Brooklyn, and Richmond .New York City is home to more than
          two-fifths of the state's population. The ten largest cities are:
                     1.               New York City (8,143,197)
                                    2.           Buffalo(279,745)
                               3.               Rochester (211,091)
                                4.               Yonkers (196,425)
                               5.               Syracuse (141,683)
                                     6.           Albany (93,523)
                          7.                New Rochelle (72,967)
                          8.               Mount Vernon (67,924)
                           9.                   Schenectady(61,280)
                                          10.      Utica(59,336)
    About New York
New York is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and
Northeastern regions of the United States, and is the
country's third most populous state. It is bordered by
Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and
Pennsylvania, and shares a water border with Rhode
Island as well as an international border with the
Canadiann provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
In 2006, New York was the
largest state in population after
  California and Texas,with an
estimated population of
  19,306,183.This represents an
increase of 1.7% since the year
 2000.It includes a natural
 increase since the last census
of 601,779 people
New York covers 54,556 square miles and ranks as 27th largest state by size.
The Great Appalachian Valley dominates eastern New York, while
 Lake Champlain is the chief northern feature of the valley,
which also includes the Hudson River flowing southward to the Atlantic Ocean.
The rugged Adirondack Mountains, with vast tracts of wilderness,lie west of
the valley. Most of the southern part of the state is on the Allegheny plateau,
which rises from the southeast to the Catskill Mountains.
                    State Parks
New York has many state parks and two
major forest preserves. Adirondack Park,
roughly the size of the state of Vermont and
the largest state park in the United States,
was established in 1892 and given state
constitutional protection in 1894. The
thinking that led to the creation of the Park
first appeared in Georgia Perkins Marsh’s
Man and Nature, published in 1864.
New York ranks 46th among the 50 states in the amount
of greenhouse gases generated per person.This efficiency is
primarily due to the state’s relatively higher rate of mass transit

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