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									  Eyre & Western Region
To all site leaders and staff, we hope the next two weeks provide a    CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME                                                                                                      cont….
really good opportunity to have a break from your very important       To the following school appointees:
but intense work. Schools and preschools are very busy places          Ken Rowley
that provide our young people with great learning opportunities        Principal – Pt Neill Primary
with a strong sense of care for individual’ wellbeing. The huge        Stephen Errock
majority of students that we see on our visits look well engaged in    Principal – Lincoln Gdns Primary
their learning and relaxed with their peers and teachers. A            IMPORTANT DATES
significant indicator of this caring leadership.
                                                                                       PECS 2 DAY WORKSHOP
On a more specific level, we have been really impressed by
leaders’ willingness to engage in improved planning processes. It
                                                                             23rd & 24th July – Pt Lincoln Regional Office
seems that we have been wanting more specific direction about                     Registrations: Kerri Steele @ Pt Lincoln RO
planning and DECS has acknowledged that it hasn’t been a                                  RUNNING RECORDS
system strength. We are linked to current research and this is          13th 22nd August & 3rd Sept – Whyalla Regional Office
proving very useful in our learning in this area. Next term                     Registrations: Ann-Marie Shaw @ Whyalla RO
(August 10) an internationally recognised researcher of school              BEGINNING TEACHERS CONFERENCE
planning, Douglas Reeves, will be speaking in Adelaide about                           21st August – Pt Lincoln RO
leading change in school & preschools. Site leaders are invited to             Registrations: Tammy Williams @ Pt Lincoln RO
the event and as well, Regional Directors & Assistant Regional         NAIDOC WEEK 5th -12th JULY
Directors will have a separate half-day session with Reeves for        Whyalla –
further learning. It would seem from Reeves’ latest book that we       5th     - Service @ Lutheran Church 11am
are at least on the right track.                                       6th     - March Nunyara - Civic Park leaving 10am
The ‘validation’ process, involving many of our sites will provide             - Flag Raising / Traditional Welcome /
an opportunity to more intensively get better at our planning for                Opening of NAIDOC Week /
student improvement and incorporate what we learn from Reeves                    Kangaroo Sausage Sizzle
and other researchers.                                                 10th    - Fun Day @ Civic Park 10am – 2pm
So, have a great break!                                                        - Formal Dinner
Rowena, Chris & Brian                                                  Port Lincoln –
                                                                       6th     - Opening Ceremony 10am start
EDUCATION WORKS – WHYALLA                                                      - March Yacht Club along foreshore
A huge thank you and congratulations to all                                    - Raising Flag & Sausage Sizzle
the Whyalla leadership for their thorough                              7th     - Art Exhibition Civic Hall all week
and sensitive work with their staff and                                8th     - Elders Luncheon 12noon
communities during the consultations of                                9th     - Family Sports Day @ Mallee Park Spot Complex 11am
Education Works.                                                       10th    - NAIDOC Ball @ Mallee Park 7pm
Although the result was negative, education
                                                                       REGIONAL CALENDAR FOR JULY & AUGUST
has certainly been brought to the forefront of
everyone’s minds for a while.                                          JULY
                                                                       20 Week 1      21                                                  23                                                  24
A special thanks to Dianne Dinedios, Terri Bray, Karryn-Lee                                                 Whyalla Preschool Cluster Mtg     PECS 2Day Workshop Pt
Paech and the Planning Committee for their untiring efforts in                         Exploring Teaching              4:30pm                       Linc RO                                        PECS 2Day
                                                                                     Approaches 4 - 6:30pm Exploring Teaching Approaches Exploring Teaching Approaches                              Workshop
progressing the project as well as it could be.                                            Ceduna AS           4 - 6:30pm Kimba AS         4 - 6:30pm Kirton Pt PS                                 Pt Linc RO
                                                                       27 Week 2      28                         29                                       30                                  31
We are keeping a register of people interested in Leadership
positions in the Eyre & Western Regional Office.
If you are interested in a position as Principal, Preschool Director   AUGUST
                                                                       3 Week 3      4                           5                                        6                                   7
or a Non-school based Leadership positions (i.e. Regional                                 Exploring Teaching
                                                                                         Approaches Ceduna AS
Coordinator positions) could you please fill in the attached                         Whyalla Principal                                                        Exploring Teaching Approaches
proforma and email it to                                Mtg 8-9:30am           Exploring Teaching Approaches Kimba AS                 Kirton Pt PS

                                                                                                                                                               Running Records
                                                                       10 Week 4      11                         12                                       13                                  14
CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME                                                                                                                                        Whyalla RO
                                                                                       Communications            4:30 Whyalla Preschool                            Regional                         Regional
To the following regional appointees:                                                Workshop - Whyalla RO                   Cluster                            Leadership                         Leadership
Susan Holland (0.8)
                                                                       17 week 5      18                         19                                       20                                  21
Disability Coordinator
                                                                                      Exploring Teaching                                                                                Beginning Teachers
Jocelyn Charleston (0.5)                                                             Approaches Ceduna            Exploring Teaching                     Exploring Teaching Approaches Conference @ Pt Linc
                                                                                              AS                 Approaches Kimba AS                               Kirton Pt PS                 RO
Disability Coordinator
Alison Sturt (0.4)                                                      Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves,
Disability Coordinator                                                 some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. - Sam Ewing

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