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									    *** How to Get HIGH DOLLARS for Selling Your Timeshare ***
Here is just one simple idea of how you can get a much higher price for selling your timeshare
than through "normal" channels. It's not something that will do itself, like a web page, and it will
take some time and effort, but the end result can be extra thousands of dollars in your pocket. I'll
give a step by step summary.

1. Call the local police or city hall in the area of your timeshare and ask them this, "What do I
need to do to be legal to park on a public street in a car and put a for sale sign on the top of the
car or in it's window?" Get whatever they tell you in writing and do it in preparation for the sale.

2. Find a local escrow or closing company that will accept your information pre-sale and be
ready for a quick closing. At the same time, check on the Internet to contact those few
companies that will finance or refinance timeshares. Get this all set up in advance before you do
the next step. Better yet, if you goal is to get rid of your timeshare, consider carrying any
balance yourself.

3. Take your timeshare vacation at either your appointed time or try to exchange it for a peak
season week internally within the resort.

4. On your first day of arrival get a car. Since you usually check in during the afternoon or
evening have a good nights sleep.

5. The next morning, before people start arriving for their timeshare demonstration sales
pitches, park your car across the street with a sign meeting the police or city magistrate's
requirements for parking and post a sign saying something like, "Make your best deal and I'll sell
mine for $1,000 less!" Make the sign really visible, in colors and interesting.

6. Sit in the car and wait.

7. Some people coming in will stop to see what you're about. Explain to them what you have,
and that if they decide to buy, they will have so many days to cancel and get their deposit back.
Tell them that if they bring back a completed sale contract and want yours you will sell it to them
for less than the best deal they get.

8. Check their contract, negotiate a little more if you need, come to an agreement and get to the
closing company and use the finance company if you need to.

9. You sell your timeshare much closer to resort prices, they get their money back and a good
deal at the same time.

10. What can the resort do? Absolutely nothing. If they try, you've already established legal
permission to be there doing what you're doing. Will they try to throw you out of the resort of
give you problem? Look for it and be ready to bring suit against them for liable, threats,
discrimination, etc. The likelihood is that they will NOT do anything if you stand up to their
complaint to you understanding that you can go after them for a heap of cash if they don't fulfill
their contract with you for a relaxing and pleasant vacation experience. Besides, how many
people can you turn off toward sales if you sit outside in your car with a protest sign if they do
and how much will that cost them? You do have power if you're willing to use it.
We deal with timeshare donation and do things to maximize a donors tax dollar return. In a
donation, if a credit of more than $5,000 is going to be taken it must include a licensed
appraisal. We will give you specific IRS laws on how to get the highest valuation for your
donation, even if you can’t sell it for $1 on eBay.

These are all tactics meant to get you as much for your timeshare as possible. Now we
understand this may not be your cup of tea, but an enterprising owner can probably become a
little more creative and do something more than sit at home and wait for the crock of gold to fall
in their lap.


Dr. Ken Rich is a on the board of Community Health Training, Inc., a non-profit organization
(NPO) that accepts timeshare title as a direct donation instead of reselling it. Details on the
process can be found at .
He can be contacted at .

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