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									Welcome !

The current position
     2 November 2007
       The next 15 minutes
• Scope and purpose of this meeting
• What is OneGeology? – a quick
  – The principles and objectives
  – How do we plan to do it?
  – Who’s involved
• The evolution of the project to date
    Scope and purpose of this meeting
•   Scope of this meeting
      –   The management issues (not the technical or
          scientific issues)
•   Purpose
      –   To keep the momentum of OneGeology
      –   To meet objectives at IGC
      –   To develop an agenda and options for the Steering
          Group of Survey Directors at the IGC
  What is OneGeology?
 A project to make web-accessible the best
available geological map data worldwide at a
          scale of about 1:1 million,
 as a Geological Survey contribution to the
      International Year of Planet Earth
                   The principles
    Geological surveys and geoscientists around
    the world have a responsibility to:
•    make accessible the best geological map data they
     have available
•    work towards consistent standards for data and
     access - a consistent data architecture - schematic
•    enhance and increase use and usability of our data
                   The objectives
• Make existing geological map data accessible
     – in whatever digital format is available in the
       participating country
• Transfer know-how to those who need it
• Stimulate a rapid increase in interoperability (ie
  disseminate GeoSciML further and faster)

And do this through an approach that recognizes that different
           nations have differing abilities to participate
                   A crucial point
•   OneGeology is about geological data available in a
    standard data structure first,
•   i.e. making geological map data accessible without
    geological reconciliation
•   The current objective is not about harmonising
    geological units and scientific classification across
    frontiers – that’s something for the longer term
          No              The basic OneGeology proposition

                                                What is the
     Do you want to
                              Yes              format of your

                                    Paper         Raster          Vector

        Have                                                    Convert to
                                        Scan                interchange format
maps/data ca 1:500000 -
    &1:5 million?                                         Serve to
                                                     OneGeology portal
                                                     and provide access

Who is involved? The international bodies
                                          An international consortium of
      International Year of Planet
                                          Geological Surveys
      Earth (IYPE)

      Commission for the                  International Steering Committee
      Geological Map of the World         for Global Mapping (ISCGM)
      (CGMW)                              www.iscgm.org
      International Union of              UNESCO
      Geological Sciences (IUGS)          http://portal.unesco.org/en/

      Co-ordinating Committee for         Commission for the Management
      Geoscience Programmes in            and Application of Geoscience
      East and Southeast Asia             Information (CGI)
      (CCOP) www.ccop.org.th/             www.cgi-iugs.org

      International Lithosphere Program   EuroGeoSurveys
      http://sclilp.gfz-potsdam.de/       http://www.eurogeosurveys.org/
  Who is involved?
67 participating nations
The evolution of the project to date
Humble origins
                Just an idea

February 2006
Collecting support…….

      March - August 2006
Support for OneGeology grows…

          September 2006 – March 2007
International Workshop ….and Accord …

               Brighton, UK

                              March 2007
       The Kick-off Workshop
            Brighton UK
         12 -16 March 2007
An essential meeting to get international sign up and
     agreement to proceed from global bodies and
                  geological surveys
                The Outcome
            “The Brighton Accord”
•   81 participants from 43 nations and 53 national
    and international bodies
•   Unanimously agreed OneGeology should proceed
•   Mission: improve the accessibility of global,
    regional and national geological map data and
    increase its usefulness to society
•   Focus on making accessible existing geological
    map coverage
•   Recognise that this will catalyse scientific
    harmonisation of map data globally.
         The Brighton Accord - continued
•   Priority is access to ~1:1 million data but with links
    and interoperable with applications for societal
    access and wider-resolution mapping.
•   Aims to benefit society and improve the efficiency
    and effectiveness of Geological Surveys.
•   Participants to seek funding to support OneGeology
    and develop strategies to provide mutual assistance
    to build participant capacity.
•   Data distributed will be owned by the originating
    Geological Survey and ideally be available at no
       The Brighton Accord - continued
•   Governance: Steering Group of Geological Survey
    representatives with link to international bodies
•   Must interact with the wider geo-spatial community
•   Secretariat based in the BGS until Dec. 2008
•   Priority: make available interoperable, Internet-
    accessible, scientifically-attributed data
•   Progress at levels appropriate to participants’ capability
•   Geological Surveys to work together to develop
    interchange standard to make their data interoperable
•   Progress to be presented at the International
    Geological Congress in Oslo in 2008
 Progress since Brighton in March 2007
• Successful Technical Workshop in Utrecht in May
• Work on prototype OneGeology portal is underway
• €3.9 million, 21 nation proposal to EC for
  OneGeology-Europe & related proposal sent to NSF
• Many presentations on OneGeology worldwide -
  resulting in recruitment and support
• Preparation work for IGC33 in Oslo being done
  (launch, booth, symposium)
         more on all these items later in agenda!
Summary of 20 months (February 2006 – October 2007)
• 67 Geological Surveys are participating in OneGeology
• 10 global bodies and international geoscience organisations, 2
  major multinational companies and 2 celebrities actively
• Kick-off Workshop successful - a unanimous global Accord
• OneGeology has momentum and has captured the imagination
  of people inside and outside the geosciences
• Several Geological Surveys are supporting with hard resources
• Technical Workshop held in Utrecht in May 2007
• €3.9 million, 21 nation proposal submitted for OneGeology-
  Europe in October
• Prototype OneGeology portal will be available by January 2008

                            “Geological sciences and
                       geological structures do not end at
                        national boundaries. Working on
                        the same planet, geologists need
                           to communicate and share
                       knowledge with each other, and to
                       draw on each other’s experiences.”

Quote from speech by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao 19 June 2007

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