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   Access Bill Nye on any DVD-equipped computer or DVD player.
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   Save valuable classroom time - zero in on the exact content you want with the clips correlated to
science standards!
Bonus Footage:
   More Bill Nye than ever before: includes never-before-seen segments, interviews and demos!
Interactive Glossary:
   Handy definitions of key terms you can access right from the program!
   Interactive Science Quiz on every DVD tests student knowledge.
Accessible Features:
   Bill Nye is more accessible than ever - includes Closed-captioning and Spanish translations!
   Customize you computer's desktop with an original Bill Nye screen saver!
Outstanding teacher support:
   Each DVD includes a complete Teacher's Guide and Lesson Plan, PLUS extension activities and
hands-on classroom experiments and internet links.

Title             Description                                                                      DVD

Amphibians        Being called “cold-blooded” is no insult to these creatures! The Science Guy     77A51VL00
                  explains how amphibians can live both on land and in water, and the mysterious   $49.95
                  process of metamorphosis.
Animal            Bill checks out a millipede that walks by coordinating the movement of its 200   77A56VL00
Locomotion        feet, and other creatures that move around without a leg to stand on!            $49.95

Archaeology       Bill digs into the fascinating science of archaeology, the study of those who    77A01VL00
                  lived before us.                                                                 $49.95
Architecture      Bill uses the “Dollhouse of Science” to demonstrate how architects design        77A36VL00
                buildings. Then, he travels to Japan to learn how pagodas are built to withstand      $49.95
Atmosphere      There’s something in the air as Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about                  77A21VL00
                atmosphere, its five different levels, and how it protects the Earth. Bill soars      $49.95
                into the heavy topic of atmospheric air pressure and radio waves.
Atoms           What’s the “big” deal about atoms? They’re too small to see with our eyes, so         77A02VL00
                what good are they? Bill Nye explains how atoms combine to form molecules in          $49.95
                this fascinating program.
Balance         Bill Nye’s the center of attention when he talks about the center of gravity and      77A03VL00
                its effect on balance.                                                                $49.95
Biodiversity    In any given environment there are hundreds of varieties of plants and animals        77C10VL00
                living together, creating ecosystems. Bill Nye literally sets up office in an         $49.95
                ocean, a forest, and a field to commune with nature and show what happens
                when one link falls out of nature’s chain.
Birds           Fly the coop with Bill Nye the Science Guy as he explores his fascination with        77A31VL00
                birds. Bill shows us how these feathery friends stay airborne, where they live,       $49.95
                and what they eat.
Blood &         Bill Nye becomes a real heartthrob when he talks about that not-so-wimpy              77A04VL00
Circulation     organ, the heart. Valves, blood cells, and the circulatory system work together       $49.95
                to pump it up…the heart, that is.
Bones &         Bill bones up on the things that give the body its shape and movement. He             77A05VL00
Muscles         muscles in to give more than just the bare bones about X-rays, the healing of         $49.95
                broken bones, bone marrow, and the body’s joints.
Brain           In this thought-provoking episode some very tricky optical illusions show that        77A70VL00
                the brain doesn’t always correctly interpret what it sees. Check out Bill Nye         $49.95
                from a whole new angle when he gets an M.R.I. of his brain.
Buoyancy        Bill Nye takes to the sky in a hot air balloon and goes scuba diving in the Seattle   77A06VL00
                Aquarium to explain why objects like boats, helium, and balloons are buoyant.         $49.95
Caves           Join Bill as he explores the fascinating, spooky, bizarre world of caves! You         77A64VL00
                never know what kind of living things you’ll run into in a cave, either.              $49.95
                Surviving in complete darkness requires an array of natural adaptations. Caves
                have their own unique forms of life – it’s a whole different world where the sun
                doesn’t shine.
Cells           Mad scientist Bill Nye CELLebrates the basic unit that makes up all living            77A26VL00
                organisms – the cell. This excellent program zooms in on DNA and creatures            $49.95
                like amoebas and paramecia.
Chemical        Have a blast watching the explosive examples Bill Nye uses to explain that            77A07VL00
Reactions       everything is made of chemicals. Guest star Candace Cameron (“Full House”)            $49.95
                shares the lab with Bill and shows that fire is actually a chemical reaction.
                Together, they extinguish a “tornado of fire.”
Climates        Bill delivers hot sand from Saudi Arabia and bananas from humid Costa Rica,           77A22VL00
                all to explain how different climates are created and how they affect our planet.     $49.95
Comets &        More than just high-speed space chunks, comets and meteors carry important            77A24VL00
Meteors         information about the history of our Universe. A comet or meteoroid has hit           $49.95
                every planet and moon we’ve discovered – in fact, the Earth’s impact with
                comets and meteors may have created the oceans, caused the extinction of the
                dinosaurs, or brought life to Earth!
Communication   Listen up as Bill Nye the Science Guy shows how it’s E Z 2 C the difference           77A71VL00
                between human and animal communication. It’s the signs and symbols that               $49.95
                people use to pass information that sets them apart. See how the expressiveness
                of American Sigh Language enables people with hearing impairments to
Computers       Former Vice President Al Gore helps Bill trace the evolution of these amazing         77A75VL00
                machines, from early models that took up entire rooms to the personal laptop          $49.95
                  that fits in your briefcase.
Deserts           Bill travels to Arizona’s stunning Sonoran desert – and has a close encounter of      77A46VL00
                  the camel kind – while exploring this unique ecosystem and demonstrating the          $49.95
                  special ways its native plants and animals flourish.
Digestion         Host Bill Nye explains to viewers how the body’s digestive system is like a fine-     77A08VL00
                  tuned machine that turns food into energy. Bill demonstrates the process with a       $49.95
                  steam engine that runs on cornflakes.
Dinosaurs         Robin Leach (“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”) and John Ratzenberger               77C03VL00
                  (“Cheers”) drop by to help Bill Nye take a closer look at dinosaurs and what has      $49.95
                  been discovered about the lifestyles of the big and extinct.
Do-It-Yourself    Who knows better than Bill Nye the Science Guy that you can demonstrate big           77A37VL00
Science           scientific ideas with small experiments? Get a lesson in “Do-It-Yourself              $49.95
                  Science” from Bill himself and learn how you, too, can conduct scientific
Earthquakes       Thousands of earthquakes happen each year and Bill Nye the Science Guy                77A63VL00
                  trembles in his boots when he explains what causes them! Find out what makes          $49.95
                  big pieces of the Earth’s crust (the plates) move and what you should have on
                  hand in case of a quake. Bill also visits with scientists who study and measure
Earth’s Crust     Actress Jenna von Oy (“Blossom”) guest stars in this episode, which finds Bill        77A09VL00
                  Nye going to the depths of the earth (literally) to explain how the Earth’s surface   $49.95
                  and its inner mantle differ.
Earth’s Seasons   Bill Nye the Science Guy goes full tilt to give the reasons for the seasons. His      77A62VL00
                  worldly perspective shows why when it’s winter in America, it’s summer in             $49.95
Electrical        Get amped when Bill Nye the Science Guy gets a charge explaining watts up             77A10VL00
Current           with electricity. Learn how electricity makes the world a brighter place.             $49.95
Energy            This spirited episode is sure to rev thins up when it covers water, muscles, heat,    77A18VL00
                  light, sound, and other types of energy that make things go, run, or happen. See      $49.95
                  how to conduct home experiments that will transform potential energy into
                  kinetic energy and use falling water to make energy.
Erosion           The planet looks a lot different than it did when it formed four and a half billion   77A42VL00
                  years ago. Erosion can make slow, almost invisible modifications, or sudden,          $49.95
                  drastic alterations of the landscape. Either way, the forces of erosion will
                  always be at work giving Earth a facelift.
Evolution         Bill Nye compares primordial to present when he dabbles with Darwin and looks         77C05VL00
                  at his genes in this evolutionary program. Explore the surprising similarities        $49.95
                  shared by all living things.
Eyeball           Siskel and Ebert are on hand to give two thumbs-up as Bill Nye the Science Guy        77A29VL00
                  focuses his attention on the body’s window to the world—the eyeball. Bill             $49.95
                  interviews a Seeing Eye dog trainer and a virtual reality designer, and
                  demonstrates how a 3-D movie works.
Farming           Farmer Bill discovers why farmers really dig their soil, and Chris Ballew, of the     77A47VL00
                  rock group Presidents of the United States of America, sings a special version of     $49.95
                  the band’s hit, “Peaches.”
Fish              Take a dive underwater with Bill Nye the Science Guy when he studies fish.            77A54VL00
                  Explore the depths with these submerged creatures and discover how they               $49.95
                  breathe, grow, and survive in the wet.
Flight            With the help of his team of young scientists and some common household               77A11VL00
                  items, Bill Nye demonstrates how airplanes, birds, and helicopters create             $49.95
                  differences in air pressure to develop lift for flying.
Flowers           The Science Guy, with the help of guest Drew Barrymore, shows that flowers            77C09VL00
                  are more than just pretty faces. They make seeds, play a key role in pollination,     $49.95
                 and help plants to reproduce.
Fluids           What do syrup, milkshakes, and air all have in common? They’re all fluids, or         77A81VL00
                 stuff that can bend, squish, flow, move, dodge, or mosey out of the way without       $49.95
                 breaking or separating.
Food Web         Watch Bill Nye become tangled in a complex food web in his quest to                   77A32VL00
                 demonstrate that all living things depend on other living things to survive.          $49.95
Forensics        Join the Science Guy at the scene of the crime as he explores the world of            77A50VL00
                 forensic science. Learn how detectives reconstruct events from the past using         $49.95
                 bloodhounds, fingerprints, and DNA. Did you know that scientists can identify
                 a person using only blood or a flake of skin?
Forests          Follow Bill Nye out on a limb when he goes swinging through the trees in              77A65VL00
                 Washington, Florida, Texas, and California to bring views close to the tallest        $49.95
                 and possible oldest living things in the world. Examine a real forest fire to see
                 what it does to help a forest’s ecosystem.
Fossils          Bill tracks down dinosaur footprints with paleontologist Grace Irby and travels       77C01VL00
                 to the La Brea Tar Pits to see what’s underneath all that tar.                        $49.95
                 Bill illustrates how various types of transportation utilize friction, from the use   77A57VL00
Friction         of traction in trains and the “roll” of ball bearings in skateboards and              $49.95
                 automobiles, to the lack of friction in a hovercraft. A cool home experiment
                 even teaches how to build a hovercraft in your spare time.
Garbage          By digging up the dirt on garbage in ever-expanding landfills from New York to        77A53VL00
                 Florida, Bill Nye exposes the vast amounts of nonbiodegradable waster humans          $49.95
Genes            Did you know that humans have about 80,000 genes? Join Bill as he explores            77A48VL00
                 the chromosomal world of DNA and visits a veterinarian from Seattle’s                 $49.95
                 Woodland Park Zoo who helps save endangered animals using gene technology.
Germs            Using foam models, the Science Guy illustrates the various types of germs and         77A12VL00
                 how they function. The recurring character “Mama Crust” motivates kids to             $49.95
                 brush their teeth, wash their hands, and cut way back on picking their noses.
Gravity          Have you ever wondered what holds the ocean on the Earth? Or what makes the           77C17VL00
                 Earth round? Host Bill Nye provides the explanation for these and other               $49.95
                 questions about the Earth’s gravity.
Heart            Bill will check out this important muscular pump’s function in the body by            77A27VL00
                 pulling nine “Gs” with the United States Army’s Blue Angels and chatting with         $49.95
                 Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez.
Heat             Way Cool Scientist Bill Nye really radiates as the lab heats up in this program.      77C20VL00
                 Bill flies a glider plane on a buoyant natural current of rising hot air.             $49.95

Human            Transportation is on the move, whether it floats, rolls, or flies! Find out how       77A72VL00
Transportation   humans move around for food, shelter, and to meet other humans.                       $49.95

Insects          Get bugged-out and antsy as Bill Nye explores the mysterious world of insects.        77A13VL00
                 Bill talks to special guest Queen Latifah, who’s abuzz about her other favorite       $49.95
                 queens…bees. The lab kids go exploring at an insectorium and go digging for
                 insect fossils.
Inventions       Not all inventions are carefully planned---some of the most valuable inventions       77A60VL00
                 come about by accident! Bill examines the process of inventing, with help from        $49.95
                 actor Samuel L. Jackson.
Invertebrates    You may not believe it, but these “spineless wonders” far outnumber those of us       77C06VL00
                 animals with backbones. Bill shares invertebrates’ unique characteristics and         $49.95
                 explains why we are dependent on them.
Lakes & Ponds    Bodies of water surrounded by land on all sides are called lakes if they’re large     77C07VL00
                and ponds if they’re small. Where does all that water come from? Bill ponders        $49.95
                this and many other freshwater questions in this exciting program.
Life Cycles     Did you know all living things grow, reproduce, and die in cycles? Bill explains     77A49VL00
                life cycles and shows us why many different living things have similar life          $49.95
Light & Color   Bill Nye goes somewhere over the rainbow for an enlightening show as he              77C15VL00
                reflects upon light and color. The program brings out Bill’s colorful nature as he   $49.95
                disco dances to “Stayin’ Alive” with lights blazing.
Light Optics    You won’t believe your eyes when Bill Nye the Science Guy reflects, refracts,        77C14VL00
                bends, bounces, absorbs, and pulls light waves to show how things can be seen        $49.95
                in different ways. Using lenses, mirrors, and water, Bill’s optical illusions are
                sights to behold.
Magnetism       In this attracting and not-too-repelling program, Bill Nye shows all kinds of        77A14VL00
                unexpected places where magnets can be found. In fact, the Earth itself is a         $49.95
                huge magnet! Find out how to make a compass and why opposites attract.
Mammals         They’re (sometimes) big, they’re hairy, and they’re warm-blooded. From               77A67VL00
                human being to moose and from cats to rats, Bill Nye the Science Guy explains        $49.95
                what it takes to be in the mammal family.
Marine          Marine mammals may look like big fish, but Bill Nye the Science Guy explains         77A55VL00
Mammals         how they’re more like humans. Listen closely to hear mammals communicate             $49.95
                underwater and find out how our “relatives at sea” have found ways to live in
                oceans all around the world.
Measurement     Some of our most important tools are those for measuring. Telescopes,                77A77VL00
                spectroscopes, microscopes, stethoscopes, radar, thermometers, scales,               $49.95
                barometers—not to mention the humble ruler—are all used to compare stuff in
                our Universe. We can measure the smallest atom or the largest galaxy!
Momentum        Brace for the impact of this moving program as Bill Nye shows how weight and         77A59VL00
                speed affect momentum. The crash test dummies know a lot about momentum              $49.95
                in a car and the importance of wearing a safety belt.
Moon            Learning about Earth’s natural satellite is an out-of-this-world experience, as      77A15VL00
                loony Bill Nye illuminates the orbit and phases of the moon. The program             $49.95
                features an interview with Harrison Schmitt, the last astronaut to walk on the
Motion          Did you know that nothing can move or stop itself? Everything needs a push or        77A38VL00
                pull—a force—to make it move or stop. Sometimes an object might seem to be           $49.95
                at rest, even when it is in motion. Confused? It’s all relative. Relative motion,
                that is.
Nutrition       You are what you eat! That’s right…everything from your eyeballs to your             77A52VL00
                elbows is made of food! Bill Nye tells us what kinds of nutrients are in each bite   $49.95
                of grub and what foods are best for healthy bodies.
Nye TV Top 11   Bill Nye hosts a countdown of Nye TV’s best music video parodies.                    77C02VL00
Countdown                                                                                            $49.95
Ocean           Get a glimpse of some of the special tools required for ocean exploration and        77C11VL00
Exploration     find out why studying the ocean is so crucial to life on land.                       $49.95

Ocean Life      The Science Guy knows everyone who’s anyone on the ocean’s food chain,               77A16VL00
                from the tiny, meek species at the bottom, all the way to the large, ferocious       $49.95
                species at the top. Bill goes underwater to talk about ocean ecosystems and the
                importance of small organisms such as coral, plankton, and kelp.
Oceanography    Get the current information as Bill Nye explains why oceans are salty and            77A43VL00
                explores the ocean currents.                                                         $49.95

Outer Space     Bill Nye talks about Outer Space—planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Bill    77A23VL00
                visits the Mount Wilson Observatory in California to help illustrate how long it   $49.95
                takes light to travel through the galaxy.
Patterns        Your brain is always collecting information about the world around you, and        77A79VL00
                you deal with that information by finding patterns. To define and describe the     $49.95
                patterns seen in nature, humans invented a special language—math. With
                computers, finding, creating and studying patterns has become faster and easier
                than ever—opening up whole worlds to explore!
Phases of       In this episode, Bill Nye takes viewers on a tour of a steel mill to help          77A39VL00
Matter          demonstrate that matter exists in three phases: solids, liquids, and gases.        $49.95
Planets         Bill goes planet gazing and takes a serious look at Jupiter’s features, Earth’s    77A17VL00
                elliptical orbit, and the distances between planets. Cool home demo shows how      $49.95
                to make Mars soil.
Plants          Science Guy Bill Nye branches out and gets to the root of the matter to explain    77C08VL00
                wild things about plants, such as how they breathe, make food, defend              $49.95
                themselves, and move their seeds around
Pollution       From cleaning our water to cleansing our air, Bill demonstrates how important it   77C12VL00
Solutions       is for all humans to prepare for the future by recycling, researching and          $49.95
                developing innovative solutions to combat this “way UN-cool” worldwide
Populations     A peep of chickens, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, and a crowd of people.    77A68VL00
                What do they all have in common? They’re all populations! Bill Nye explores        $49.95
                how these living groups compete for food, homes, and space.
Pressure        Bill Nye visits Hoover Dam and takes to jack hammering concrete blocks to          77A40VL00
                explore different types of pressure, while special equipment enables him to        $49.95
                scuba dive and explain the effects of pressure underwater.
Probability     There is a good chance this will be one of Bill’s best episodes! In fact, he’ll    77A78VL00
                probably make the complicated concept of probability very simple to                $49.95
                understand, while showing how it allows us to predict events.
Pseudoscience   Bill shows how the cold, hard facts of science can be used to test ideas, myths,   77A61VL00
                and inexplicable happenings, along with Way Cool Scientist Bernard Leikind of      $49.95
                the Skeptics Society.
Reptiles        Join Bill Nye for adventure, thrills, and scaly encounters that would make         77A33VL00
                Indiana Jones squeamish when he explores reptiles. Witness reptilian epicurean     $49.95
                delights when a snake eats a mouse, and ponder the possible link between
                dinosaurs, reptiles, and birds.
Respiration     In this breathtaking episode Bill Nye the Science Guy gets aerobic about the       77A28VL00
                importance of respiration when he jogs, bikes, swims, and scuba dives.             $49.95
                Discover how to measure how much air each breath contains and make a model
                lung in a nifty home experiment. See a demonstration of how cigarette smoke
                can infiltrate and injure lungs.
Rivers &        Get wet with Bill Nye the Science Guy as he follows the flow of rivers and         77C04VL00
Streams         streams. Bill tracks the origins of these bodies of water and shows us what        $49.95
                impact they have on our lives.
Rocks & Soil    You won’t take it for “granite” when Bill Nye unearths the solid facts on          77A18VL00
                volcanoes, landslides, tectonic plates, rivers, and weather, and their varied      $49.95
                effects on the creation of rocks and soil. Check out how to unearth fossils in
                sedimentary rocks and soil and discover why there’s a piece of quartz in
Science of      Even before people used words, they used music to communicate. The music           77C19VL00
Music           we listen to today is the result of years of experimentation with sounds. Each     $49.95
                musical note and every tone of each instrument is, in fact, a unique sound wave.
                Getting the exact sound waves in the pattern you want—now that’s way cool
Simple        Bill Nye careens around a roller coaster and furiously pedals his bike on the          77A19VL00
Machines      “Tour du Science” to show that simple machines doing complicated things can            $49.95
              be found everywhere.
Skin          What’s the largest living organ on the human body? Answer: Skin. Bill Nye              77A30VL00
              explains the naked truth about the organ that regulates our body temperature,          $49.95
              protects our inner parts, and provides us with the sense of touch.
Smell         The human sense of smell helps us interpret our environment and react to the           77A69VL00
              things around us by letting us know when new smells are nearby. Other                  $49.95
              animals, like dogs, use their sense of smell even more than we humans do.
              Noses receive a smell, then the olfactory part of the brain decodes the many
              messages it gets and lets you know that, yes, your feet are truly smelly.
Sound         Bill’s pickin’ up good vibrations when he joins rock group Soundgarden in the          77A34VL00
              recording studio as they track their song, “Kickstand.” Bill and pals unleash the      $49.95
              power of sound as they tap, sing, and band sound waves to eardrums
Space         Join Bill as he explores the “final frontier” and shows the tools humans invent to     77A45VL00
Exploration   explore space. Did you know it takes 100 tons of fuel for a rocket to orbit the        $49.95
              earth? Meet Dr. Linda Horn, a NASA scientist who’s helped develop the
              Cassini spacecraft. Destination: Saturn! Way Cool!
Spiders       The Science Guy introduces the most misunderstood creature, the spider. He’ll          77A66VL00
              cure the most intense case of arachnophobia by showing how cool spiders really         $49.95
              are, and how these eight-legged predators spin their webs and balance our
              ecosystem by preying on pesky insects.
Spinning      Bill Nye the Science Guy tells us what the Earth, a big storm, and a rolling ball      77A74VL00
Things        have in common. Discover why some things spin and others don’t.                        $49.95

Static        Why do socks stick together when taken from the dryer? Learn the shocking              77C13VL00
Electricity   truth in this program on static electricity. Bill bumps into actress Elaine Miles at   $49.95
              the Laundromat, where they experiment with electron buildup and get zapped by
              sock static.
Storms        It’s easy to see why some people hate storms. They’re big, loud, and often             77A73VL00
              accompanied by rain. But without storms to distribute heat, the tropical regions       $49.95
              of the earth would be too hot to inhabit—and the subpolar regions too cold.
              Besides, a good storm puts on a great show!
Structure     From the “Bungee Zone” in British Columbia to New York Harbor’s Verrazano              77A76VL00
              Narrows Bridge (one of the longest suspension bridges in the world), our               $49.95
              daredevil host, Bill Nye, goes to any length to prove the structural principals of
              tension and compression.
Sun           Bill sheds light on solar flares, eclipses, sunspots, fusion, and solar energy, and    77A44VL00
              visits an enormous solar energy farm outside Sacramento, California, to                $49.95
              demonstrate how the sun is the source of energy for all living things on Earth.
Time          Bill shows how humans measure time with the help of “Beverly Hills 90210”              77A80VL00
              heartthrob Ian Ziering and comedian Ellen Cleghorne. When he’s not                     $49.95
              demonstrating how to make a water clock, Bill is explaining Einstein’s Theory
              of Relativity.
Volcanoes     Bill takes a look at the hot-hot-hot world of volcanoes: what they are, how            77A25VL00
              they’re formed, and the different types that exist.                                    $49.95
Water Cycle   Using a whimsical model made of a tiny staircase, wind-up penguins, and a              77A20VL00
              bicycle tire, Bill demonstrates the phases of the water cycle; evaporation,            $49.95
              condensation, precipitation, and collection. Science kids hit the streets to show
              us some easy things all of us can do to keep the water supply clean and
              healthy—after all, it’s the only water we’ve got.
Waves         Bill explores sound waves, light waves, seismic waves, energy waves, and even          77A58VL00
              “the wave” that’s so popular with stadium crowds! We’ll visit a doctor’s office        $49.95
                  to check out an X-ray machine and find out why those heavy lead jackets are
                  required attire when X-rays are taken.
Wetlands          Bill Nye sloshes across American wetlands and shows us how swamps bogs, and            77A35VL00
                  marshes help control floods, naturally filter water, and provide good homes to         $49.95
                  lots of living things, especially wildlife.
Wind              There’s a lot more blowing around than hot air when Bill Nye the Science Guy           77C16VL00
                  goes parachuting and sailing to show the relationship between the Sun, Earth,          $49.95
                  wind, and weather. Bill visits a wind farm and checks out “way cool”
                  windsurfers to show some of the ways to harness the power of the wind.

                                           Eyes of Nye Series

       Title                                           Description                                          DVD
Addiction: Disease      Is addiction a disease? Or is it a chosen behavior? Hear from scientists         77C40VL00
or Behavior?            who are studying the brain, psychology, social factors, and genetics. Meet       $49.95
                        people who live with substance abuse issues. Then have students decide
                        for themselves.
Antibiotics: Man vs.    Investigate the ongoing battle between man and microbe. Learn how                77C46VL00
Microbe                 antibiotics work, and find out how germs continually evolve to evade – and       $49.95
                        survive. Watch as experts finally come clean about the way hand-washing
                        affects germs.
Astrobiology: Does      Does extraterrestrial life exist? How do scientists search for life in outer     77C38VL00
Extraterrestrial Life   space? Consider the methods behind the fascinating possibility or                $49.95
Exist?                  extraterrestrial life.
Cloning: The Science    How are clones created? What is the difference between therapeutic and           77C41VL00
Behind the              reproductive cloning? Explore the biology and ethics behind cloning.             $49.95
Human                   Research has shown that racial differences are only skin deep. Then why          77C45VL00
Characteristics &       do humans look so different from one another? Bill will go to any length         $49.95
Adaptations             to find scientific answers-even if it means having his own DNA analyzed.
Genetic Diversity:      Bill discusses the evolutionary advantages and risks of sexual vs. asexual       77C50VL00
Sexual Reproduction     reproduction. Students will learn about the scientific theories and evidence     $49.95
                        that seek to explain why we reproduce sexually, how it affects genetic
                        diversity, and what sexual selection is.
Genetically Modified    Is genetic engineering safe? It may be too soon to tell, but that doesn’t        77C47VL00
Foods: Benefits &       stop Bill Nye from exploring the benefits and risks. Students will hear          $49.95
Risks                   from traditional wheat breeders, from researchers who analyze organic and
                        pesticide-free crops, and from corporations engaged in genetic engineering.
Global Climate          Find out how scientists measure climate change, see how carbon dioxide           77C49VL00
Change: Earth’s         affects the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, and hear about the role of        $49.95
Atmosphere Heats        fossil fuels. It’s all part of Bill Nye’s in-depth look at the possible causes
Up                      of global warming.
Nuclear Energy:         Join Bill Nye as he weighs the risks and advantages of using nuclear power       77C42VL00
The Costs and           as an alternative source of energy. Visit a nuclear reactor and a proposed       $49.95
Benefits of             nuclear waste site and hear from experts.
Alternative Choices
Population: Human       Compare population issues around the world, from demographics to social          77C44VL00
Demographics            and cultural aspects, and see how education and industrialization can affect     $49.95
                        human population. Students will hear about Third World issues, look at
                     worldwide consumption trends, and analyze mass media education efforts.
Pseudoscience:       Bill shows students how to examine out-of-this-world claims through the        77C39VL00
Looking for          eyes of a scientist – by looking for evidence and proof. He exposes            $49.95
Evidence and Proof   techniques used by psychics, demonstrates the science of walking on
                     flaming coals, and considers “The Case of the Extraordinary Claim”.
Sports: Science in   Learn about the physics behind sports, take a look at the mental aspect that   77C43VL00
Action               world-class athletes bring to their efforts, and explore why people play and   $49.95
                     watch sports.
Transportation:      Bill Nye is in the driver’s seat as he explains the environmental impact of    77C48VL00
Traffic, Fuel        America’s car culture. Students will learn how computers can simulate          $49.95
Consumption and      traffic flow, find out about fuel-efficient alternatives, and discover what
Air Pollution        individuals can do to reduce traffic-related air pollution.
                             Way Cool Games
             Exclusive interactive features in every DVD game!

Hundreds of standards-based questions provide non-linear randomized play, multiple
plays with different questions, and long-lasting fun.
Allows for 20-30 minutes of play time, for two teams or two players.
On-screen scoring keeps the challenge and interest high!
Printable teacher resources.
Links to additional questions and resources online.

                               Life Science Games

             Structure and Function in    77C97VL00
             Living Systems               $49.95
             Reproduction and Heredity    77C98VL00
             Regulation and Behavior      77C99VL00
             Populations and Ecosystems   77D01VL00
             Diversity and Adaptation     77D02VL00

                            Earth Science Games

             Earth Structure and          77D03VL00
             Processes                    $49.95
             The Solar System and         77D04VL00
             Space                        $49.95
             Earth History, Resources,    77D05VL00
             and Environment              $49.95

                           Physical Science Games

             Force and Motion             77D07VL00
             Energy Transfer              77D08VL00
             Matter                       77D09VL00

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