; Sheet1 - The County of Santa Clara
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Sheet1 - The County of Santa Clara


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									JURISDICTION      PROGRAM                  CONTACT           PHONE

Campbell          Campbell CERT            Jon Hackley       408-866-2121
                  Cupertino Emergency
                  Response Training
Cupertino         (CERT)                   Marsha Hovey      408-777-3335
Gilroy            CERT                     Yvette Phillips   408-846-0372
Los Altos         CERT                     John Korges       650-947-2681
Los Altos Hills   CERT                     John Korges       650-947-2681
                  Los Gatos/Monte
Los Gatos         Sereno CERT              Kerry Harris      408-354-6843
                  Strategic Actions for
Milpitas          Emergencies (SAFE)       Americo Silvi     408-586-2800
                  Los Gatos/Monte
Monte Sereno      Sereno CERT              Kerry Harris      408-354-6843
Morgan Hill       CERT                     Bob Kelley        408-776-7310
Mountainview      Mountain View CERT       Lynn Brown        650-903-6825

                  Palo Alto Neighborhood
                  Disaster Activities
Palo Alto         (PANDA )                 Barbara Cimino 650-617-3164
                  San Jose Prepared!
San Jose          CERT                     Dr. Earl Stevens 408-277-4598
                  Home Emergency
                  Assistance Teams
Santa Clara       (HEAT)                   John Combs        408-615-4940
Saratoga          CERT                     Christie Moore    408-341-4485
                  Actively Prepare
Sunnyvale         (SNAP)                   Doug Lamar        408-730-7712

Santa Clara County CERT                    Terry Gitlin      408-808-7800
E-MAIL                                   WEBSITE

jhackley@ci.campbell.ca.us               www.ci.campbell.ca.us

CERT@cupertino.org                       www.cupertino.org
Yphillips@ci.gilroy.ca.us                NA
john.korges@ci.los-altos.ca.us           www.ci.los-altos.ca.us
john.korges@ci.los-altos.ca.us           www.ci.los-altos.ca.us

kharris@town.los-gatos.ca.us             NA

safe@ci.milpitas.ca.gov                  www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/citydept/fire/emgmgmt

kharris@town.los-gatos.ca.us             NA
bkelley@pd.morgan-hill.ca.gov            NA
lynn.brown@ci.mtnview.ca.us              www.ci.mtnview.ca.us/citydepts/fd/cert.htm

barbara_cimino@city.palo-alto.ca.us      www.pafd.org

Earl.Stevens@ci.sj.ca.us                 www.ci.san-jose.ca.us/oes/sanjoseprepared

Jcombs@ci.santa-clara.ca.us             http://cho.ci.santa-clara.ca.us/40460.html
christie.moore@cnt.co.santa-clara.ca.us NA

dlamar@ci.sunnyvale.ca.us                www.ci.sunnyvale.ca.us

terry.gitlin@oes.co.scl.ca.us            NA

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