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					                             17th Sun. in Ord. Time              ART AND CRAFT SHOW
                            “There is a boy here who has five
                                                                 The Art and Craft Show will be Saturday, Oct. 3 in St.
                            barley loaves and two fish; but      Mary’s School gym from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Booth
                            what good are these for so many?”    rental fees are $30 for a single space, $50 for a double
                            Then Jesus took the loaves, gave     space. There will be no admission charge for spectators.
                            thanks, and distributed them to
                            those who were reclining, and also
                                                                 There will be concessions for sale, but not a full meal.
                            as much of the fish as they          For information go to www.stormlakecatholic.com - click
                            wanted. - Jn 6:9, 11                 on the Parish tab. Scroll down to: Art and Craft Show.
      July 26, 2009                                              Also plan to attend the Guild’s Gather Round My Table
                                                                 luncheon the same day for lunch.

SOS WORKERS CORNER                                               PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES MASS
Please note for the upcoming weekend– Saturday,                  Persons with physical and/or cognitive disabilities are
August 1, the following St. Mary’s School families are to        invited to participate in a mass celebrating their
work at the SOS Thrift Store: Tom Snyder family, Dana            importance to the faith community Saturday Oct. 3, 5:30
Larsen family, and Mike Pedersen family. Thank you to            p.m. at St. Mary’s in Storm Lake. Those interested in
all who worked on July 18: Wayne/Bernie Andrews, Joe/            participating or helping please contact Maureen Strader
Shirley Kelley, Jan Utter, Loueen Lange, Ellen and Alex          at 732-7201.
Smith, Shelly and Joshua Scuffham.
                                                                 DEBT REDUCTION– DOWN AGAIN!!!!!
The sanctuary lamp is for the Parish Family.                     A payment of $4,750 was made again last week on the
Please pray for our troops and their families.                   debt. That leaves a balance of $75,250. Many, many
                                                                 thanks to all who have contributed!
Donald and Eunice Main, formerly of Storm Lake, will             LOVE & LIFE
celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with an Open            Our meeting will be held on July 28 at 6:45 pm in the
House at Sunrise Pointe Golf Course in Storm Lake on             convent. We will continue to work on our mission
Sunday, August 2, from 1 to 2 p.m. Please join their             statement, and work on plans to be at the college to make
family in celebrating with them. Don and Eunice now live         a presentation when school gets ready to start. Please
at: Martina Place, 5815 Winwood Drive, Apt. 224,                 come. Also our PRAYER VIGIL will be August 7 in
Johnston, IA 50131.                                              front of Planned Parenthood from 4-6 p.m. We need lots
                                                                 of people to pray.
Find your representative and senator at the switchboard:
202-224-3121. Tell them health care reform should
include: health coverage for all people from conception
until natural death, continue the federal abortion funding
ban, access for all, freedom of conscience, restrain costs                SPONSOR OF THE WEEK:
and apply costs equitably among payers. Sign up for
congressional alerts: ksaile@usccb.org.
                                                                             KUENY CHIROPRACTIC

ACCOMPANIST(S) BADLY NEEDED                                         Thank you to Dr. Gregory A. Kueny and all our
We desperately need the help of those in the parish who             generous bulletin advertisers for their support of
have even a little piano playing ability. We will soon be           St. Mary’s Parish. Please patronize them.
down to two organists for 12 English masses per month. If
we do not receive more help with keyboards, our music
program will suffer greatly. If a parish of our size cannot
produce a sufficient number of musicians, perhaps we have                                  July 18/19
to ask whether we can appropriately celebrate (or
need) three English masses / weekend. Please contact Fr.                        Stewardship Last Week
Bruce asap if you can help – 732-3110.

                                                                  Average Amount needed         $ 17,000
Inventory sales: $5,964.90; revenue earned: $208.94.
Reminder that next week's Thursday order will not be              Total Collection              $ 14,312.37
ready at 12 noon as usual. It will be ready at 3 p.m. the          (Spanish masses)             $ 1,587.18
following week, August 3 there will be no scrip order.            $ 100 Sunday Portion          $    300.00
Thanks for using Scrip!!!!

         Pastor: Rev. Bruce A. Lawler * Associate Pastor: Rev. Jeremy Wind * Deacon: Rev. Mr. Mark Prosser
                              Liturgies and Events This Week
 Monday, July 27                                   Friday, July 31
 7 a.m. Leo Wolff                                  7 a.m. Luella Smith - Anniversary
 10 a.m. - Noon Spanish Prayer Group               6:30 p.m. Coro
 6 p.m. Spanish Prayer Group
                                                   Saturday, August 1
 Tuesday, July 28                                  12 p.m. Isain and Karina - Wedding
 7 a.m. Ruben A. Gonzalez                          2 p.m. Chad and Heather - Wedding
 6 p.m. Marla Rodriguez - 15th Birthday            4-5 p.m. Reconciliation
        Nancy Rodriguez - Thanks                   5:30 p.m. Anne Gallagher

 Wednesday, July 29                                Sunday, August 2
 7 a.m. Bob Nielson                                8 a.m. Luella Smith
 10 a.m. BV Manor CS                               10 a.m. Doc and Marian Bedel
 10 a.m. Meth. Manor Lit CS                        12 Noon Oscar Perez - Good Health
                                                   2 p.m. Lao Mass - Parish Family
 Thursday, July 30                                 6 p.m. Bertha Sanchez, Maria Araujo, and
 7 a.m. Living Members of Guild                       Daniel - Deceased
 6:30 p.m. Coro

                              Liturgical Ministries Schedule
                                   Weekday Ministers             Saturday, 5:30 p.m.          Sunday, 8 a.m.          Sunday, 10 a.m.
                                    July 27-July 31                   August 1                  August 2                 August 2

Ministers of the Altar            Nathan Carlson               Melanie Snyder — A         Bailey Cavanaugh — A     Doug Dimig—A
                                  Colby Snyder                 Alex Smith — S             Joe Sandhoff — S         Mitchell Fritz — S
                                                               Nick Smith — S             Tyler Weber — S          Riley Fritz — S

Ministers of the Word             Mary A. Eckerman             Sara Carlson —1            Wayne Andrews — 1        Denny Launderville — 1
                                                               Julie McKinney —2          Judy Halder — 2          AI Taphorn — 2

Ministers of the Eucharist Bill Kozisek                        Ryan Berg                  Bryan Baumhover          Deb Anderson
                                  Joan Linnan                  Dick Johnson               Julia Behm               Carol Demers
                                                               Pat Johnson                Barry Bittner            Sarah Dimig
                                                               Don Kenyon                 Mary Agnes Eckerman      Kathy Fritz
                                                               Marita Kenyon              Janet Halder             Marion Gibbins
                                                               Jean Miller                Jim Klepetka             Sue Gibbins
                                                               Kathy Pomrenke             Bernard Meyer            Greg Kueny
                                                               Roger Pomrenke             Betty Rohr               Bob O’Brien
                                                               Sue Speers                 Mike Sandhoff            Nella O’Brien
                                                               Pam Tideman                Yvonne Sandhoff          Chris Sitzmann
                                                               Laurie Wilson              Rex Shearer              Jay Sitzmann

Hospitality Ministers                                          Dianne Leonard             Denis Gorde              Brad Eddie
                                                               Cindy Molgaard             Gloria Gorde             Molly Eddie
                                                               Gary Pickhinke             Jill Holton              Dennis Frederick
                                                               Karla Pickhinke            Mike Holton              Jane Frederick
                                                               Dewyne Stucynski           Bud Hott                 Vacant
                                                               Shirley Stucynski          LuAnn Hott               Vacant

Giftbearers                       N/A                          Jeanne Statz               Leo and Madonna Strait   Mary Kay Hudspeth and

Music Ministers                   N/A                                   / Terry                      / Heather             / Erin

Money Counters                    N/A                          Mark/Darlene Lussman       Marilyn Bryant

Good Samaritans                   I - Wayne/Bernie Andrews     II - Vacant                III - Dewyne/Shirley     IV - Troy/Kari
                                                                                                Stucynski                 VanderWoude
HELP NEEDED                                                   SM DRESS CODE
We are still in need of help to install the new playground    As last year, SM logo uniform apparel (polos and sweat-
equipment. Date for installation is August 8 at 8 a.m.        shirts) will be available for order at registration on Au-
Besides installing new equipment, the playground has to       gust 6. Samples will be available to try on. The SM logo
be made ready by removing some of the old equipment           polos are NOT required. However, polo shirts are the
and scraping the pea gravel off to the side. We would         only type of shirt that is allowed. You may purchase
appreciate many individuals helping out with this major       your polo shirts anywhere. The polos must be a solid
addition to our playground. The dedication of the Presen-     color in the age appropriate color(s) and cannot have any
tation Play ground will be later. Give the school a call at   emblems/insignias or cap sleeves. For a complete list-
732-4166 if you would be able to help out.                    ing of the Uniform/Dress Code and Grooming Guide-
                                                              lines, please refer to the handbook (pg. 28-30) available
SCHOOL REGISTRATION                                           on the school website at www.stormlakecatholic.com –
St. Mary’s school registration is August 6 from 9 a.m. to     click on the school tab. The SM logo polo shirts will be a
7 p.m. in the parish center. We are excited about the         better quality shirt this year. Contact Jane Besaw (732-
growth potential we have for the 2009-10 school year.         9047) with questions.
We are asking that if you cannot make it to registration
that day, please call the school before August 10 to con-     ADDRESS CORRECTIONS
firm your child’s attendance. We have created a waiting       St. Mary’s High School graduates – and parents of our
list for two of our elementary classes.                       graduates – make sure we have the most current address
                                                              for our alumni. We spend over $100 in needless address
BRIDGE CLUB THANKS                                            updates through the post office. Please contact Dawn
A big thank you to the St. Mary’s Bridge Club. Each year      Prosser in the Development Office at 732-3110 Ext. 15
the club donates funds to St. Mary’s School. Those funds      or smalumni@iw.net with the current addresses, or to
are used to buy some extra things that we do not include      check our database. Thank you! This money is better
in the budget. The club has informed us they are always       spent supporting our programs!
looking for new members. Contact Al or Diane White if
you are interested in playing bridge.                         WOMEN’S DAY OUT
                                                              Be sure to have your calendars marked for the Gather
SCHOOL WEBSITE                                                Round My Table St. Mary’s Guild Parade of Tables,
Please note the school portion of the website will be         Saturday, Oct. 3 for a luncheon. Before you go, or after
down from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8 for sched-         the program, plan to attend the From Our Hands Art and
uled maintenance through our provider. The parish web-        Craft Show in St. Mary’s Gymnasium. Plan for a full day
site will still be available. Both can be found at storm-     with the luncheon and art fair!
                                                              MEET THE CARDINAL
FORGET YOUR ENVELOPE?                                         It’s not often you have the chance to dine with a Cardi-
You will never have to worry about forgetting your            nal! Plan to purchase tickets to the Bishop’s Dinner for
church offering envelopes or checkbook again – consider       Catholic Education Sunday, Oct. 11 at 4:30 p.m. at the
signing up for automatic withdrawal (ACH) from your           Convention Center in Sioux City. Tickets are $125 each
checking or savings accounts for your church offering.        – with $85 coming back to St. Mary’s School for our
There are several options to choose from regarding fre-       Technology Fund. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, formerly
quency of the payment. Contact Martha Smith in the Fi-        Bishop of the Sioux City Diocese.
nance Office at 732-3110 Ext. 26 or fi-
nance@stormlakecatholic.com for more information.             AMBRY FOR THE HOLY OILS
(Automatic withdrawal is also available for tuition pay-      A new repository for the oil of the sick, oil of catechu-
ments.) We are preparing to order 2010 envelopes and          mens and sacred chrism, constructed of oak and ebony
need a list of any new automatic withdrawal parishioners.     by Dale Wordekemper of Benchmark Woodworks, was
                                                              installed in the church this past week on the pillar near
CEMETERY NEWS                                                 the baptismal font. We are grateful to Jean Cavanaugh
Cemetery clean up will be August 2. Please give the           and family who donated it in memory of Paul, who died
committee at least another week so they can get the mow-      last December. Please remember him in your prayers.
ing trimming done-weather permitting.                         BALL 2010 LEADERSHIP
                                                              We are happy to announce that Ned and Deb Lenhart
JUMP RIGHT IN AND RUN                                         will be joining Dan and Amy Jones as co-chairs for the
Mark your calendars for the Second Annual Jump Right          2010 St. Mary’s Ball and Charity Auction. We appreci-
In and Run Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay and 5K          ate their willingness to work hard to raise much-needed
events Sunday, Sept. 6 along the lakeshore. Walkers also      funds for St. Mary’s School. Mark your calendars for
welcome! Be sure to check the website at stormlakerun-        Saturday, March 27, 2010.

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