Where Fraud Victims need to go for help by jaynestanley201


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									  Where Fraud Victims need to go
            for help
                                Unfortunately fraud victims are
                                often the forgotten victims in our
                                justice system. There are often no
                                support groups or counselors for
                                them. Nor are there many places
                                where they can go for help.

                               Strangely enough the more complex
                               the fraud is and the more money
                               involved, too often, the less likely
                               the victim is to receive to help. This
                               does not mean that help is not
available. It simply means that fraud victims are looking for help
in the wrong places. In most cases, “getting help” starts with fraud
victims helping themselves.

The first place to go for help if you loose a lot of money in any sort
of scam is not to the prosecutor or law enforcement, but to an
attorney. Find a lawyer who has a lot of experience in the field. In
some cases, these attorneys will only charge for expenses and a
low retainer. In these cases, they will take the largest part of their
fees as a percentage of the settlement.

File such a suit even if the fraudsters are operating outside the US.
You should do that because you might be able to get money from
them if they return to the US or have property or assets here.
Attorney Howard Fensterman sued a group of businessmen in
Abu Dhabi who allegedly stole money from a group of Americans
trying to organize an insurance company there.

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